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Willa Mercier

Fire Werk Part 2

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Willa Mercier

Willa had been plotting her revenge for some time. Plenty of prospects had crossed her mind. She’d even picked up a pack of ton tongue toffee’s before thinking they were too recognisable. If she was going to get Aiden she was going to get him good. She would get her revenge for the cruel trick he’d played on her


She had been exiting a book store when she’d seen it, a large colourful display proudly announcing the joke fireworks which were held inside. They had all sorts, fireworks that let of a rancid stench, firework that backfired, even a firework that would cause its user to erupt in boils, something Willa thought was a little mean. She picked one which would cover it user in glitter which would take a few days to completely disappear. Aiden would be pink and sparkly and hopefully would learn not to set fireworks off on people in the future.


The next challenge was how to get Aiden to agree to meet her to set them off. She cornered him after one of their shared lessons with a false apology for her anger during their last encounter. She’d told him she’d brought him a firework to make up for it and asked him to meet her at the lake that night.


She now waited nervously, hoping Aiden would turn up and not simply alert a teacher to her presence here after curfew. She felt like the fireworks were a beacon in her bag drawing every responsible person, adult or prefect, to her. She’d brought a real firework for herself to light, wanting to actually enjoy the show this time. Both were the classic red and gold colour the fake one only distinguishable by the dab of glitter on its tip. Unless Aiden decided to carefully inspect his firework before igniting it he shouldn’t be able to tell the difference.


A figure moving towards her made the nervous butterflies in her stomach suddenly grow to the gigantic winged horses that pulled the Beauxbaton carriages. Was that a prefect come to give her detention for being outside after curfew? As it drew closer she flashed a nervous smile at what was clearly Aiden. Hopefully he’d take her nerves for worry at being caught rather than the prank she was planning to play. “Hey,” she said quietly “thanks for coming. I wanted to apologise for how I acted last time, I was just shocked.” She hadn’t been shocked, she’d been furious. “I realised afterwards you need water to start the firework, so you couldn’t have set it off on me.” He could have. Willa bet he’d had a wet cloth or something hidden up his sleeve.


“I thought we could have a proper show this time. I got you a replacement firework and one for myself too.” She pulled the glitter tipped fake firework out passing it to Aiden. “I’m going to break a rule as an apology for blaming you for what happened.” Willa gave Aiden what she hoped was an apologetic smile, hoping he wouldn’t see through her deceit.

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