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Devlin P. Whitehorn

Seminar: If You Can Dodge a Bludger...

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Kelby Matos


Kelby had finally managed to get her broom off the ground, and thankfully, no longer looked like an idiot in front of everyone who may have been potentially watching. Her cheeks flushed red as she realized this was truly the tough part. Now, she needed to hold on tightly to her broom as manage to continue on through the hoops. The idea seemed simple enough when each of the hoops were one after another, but it took the first year a few moments to realize that they were shrinking periodically. Why did this fly thing always have to be so complicated? Why did she always get herself into these messes?

With a grimace, the first year attempted to push through, hoping to keep that sick to her stomach feeling at bay as she pushed through.




phase two || post three || word count: 135

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Eli Benoit

Post 1, 74 words

Phase 1


Eli waffled. While he wanted to try a prototype broom, he also knew that it wouldn't actually be the best practice if he wanted to play quidditch in the future. He did want to play quidditch, but he also thought flying a prototype would make for a cool story. Self control? Delayed gratification? The boy was 11.


With an indecisive "aaahhhh," he closed his eyes, spun, and picked the broom he pointed at.




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Alecia Yates

Post 1 | Phase 1


The amount of quidditch seminars for the term seemed to be endless. Alecia was learning how to play the game better and was even thinking about joining a team someday. For now, she had to figure out how to get off the ground safely. That shouldn't of been difficult right? Boy was she wrong since several of her peers seemed to be having a difficult time getting off the ground. Shrugging off the thought of them forgetting how to mount a broom and fly, she mounted a broom and attempted to kick off into the air.



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