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Alecta Swarm

Swarm, Alecta

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Alecta Swarm

I, Alecta Swarm, have read the Rules & Guidelines.

Name: Alecta Jude Swarm
Blood Status: Pureblood
Are you new to VH? (Yes/No): Back from a great slumber. Could say I'm both.
What do you want to learn the most from this school? (in character): "Stuff."
What do you want to learn the most from this school? (out of character): Learn to find my way around the new site. Also flesh out Alecta and get some RP's in before sorting.
A few things your character likes doing in his/her free time: She's obsessed with the concept of time and everything related to it and in that aspect also dabbles in the subject of invisibility. She has an affinity for bees and likes to watch them work on their beehives. 

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Alecta Swarm

Alecta Jude Swarm
Pre-Hogwarts Primary, VH38
I know that bees defy time (their brain ages in reverse).

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Alecta Swarm


ruthless ː  meticulous ː  inquisitive ː  envious ː  stubborn


In order to avoid a black and white description of Alecta's personality, I will not describe her five words on their own, but rather tell you a story and you will probably be able to see how they intertwine. Plus, that way you'll be able to better understand why she is who she is and how she may or may not fit into your future plots. Okay? Okay, let's do this.


Alecta lives in a small house with her mom Brenda and her stepdad, who she lovingly calls Beewill. She's really fond of him and his bees, which he told her are now hers as well, because they are an official family, as Alecta likes to call them. She'd also tell you, that because Beewill adopted her and they have the same last name, they will have to be a happy family forever with no choice whatsoever of backing out. Their house is located in a village called Higher Bockhampton, which is in Dorset and both her mom and Beewill are beekeepers. Higher Bockhampton is a small village with a great number of simpleminded backwards people, as her mom likes to say. Alecta completely agrees with that description, though she didn't always think so. Her mom didn't either. 


Alecta still vividly remembers, when she and her mom first moved here seven years ago, how people brought them pie and other sweets and how they would smile at them simply because they wanted to be friendly. Life was good back then. Alecta even had a friend. A best friend. But now the villagers would barely speak to them, kids avoided her like the plague and her best friend was gone.


How that happened you ask? Well, those five personality words up there played a huge role in it. Things escalated quickly and before Alecta even realized what was happening, it was already too late to fix it. Granted, the situation shouldn't have blown out of proportion like that, but in a small village, things often get rather ugly rather fast. 


So here's a story about how Alecta's meticulous attention to details in a combination with her inquisitive nature, led her on a path of envy. And also how her stubbornness to hold a grudge, brought her isolation and caused her to become apathetic or at times even unforgivably ruthless.



Becoming Alecta!


Alecta was seven years old when it happened and if you ask her, she'll still say it was not her fault that the cat got hurt. If you just got really super worried about the cat, don't be, the cat is fine now. But cat being fine is actually the main reason for the calamity and the ruined lives that ensued. You see, Alecta had a pet toad. Well, it was actually her mom's toad, but Alecta claimed her and mom didn't mind. You could say that she was really proud of that toad, mostly because every other kid in their village wanted to hold old Maggie despite her gross look, but also because none of them had a pet and it put her in the spot light. Until her best friend got a kitten. 


First of all, this could all have been avoided, if only Alecta kept her nose out of other people's buisness. But she didn't. She just had to know what that little brat down the street was up to, and for that she payed dearly. She even made it into a game that she and her best friend often played. It was a spy game. That boy down the street was up to something and the one who found out what that was first, would win. Naturally Alecta was going to win, because it was already known that her best friend was rubbish at this game. That's why they've played it so often. And she did indeed win. She stalked the boy, wrote down a tone of observation notes and soon it was pretty obvious to her what he was doing. He was hiding a little baby kitten in their barn. And the best part, Alecta even found out his mom was allergic to cats. That was like a cherry on top when she presented the solution to her best friend, who applauded with admiration, but was also concerned about the mom. Apparently allergic people could swell up and die. That was the only reason why they've ratted the boy out to his parents. There was a lot of screaming, a few angry looks and promises of revenge, but none of that mattered to Alecta. She was proud of herself. Mission accomplished.


However, the event wasn't as insignificant as she thought at the time. Just because of that spy game, her world took a complete 180 only a few days later, after her best friend rang their doorbell. But she didn't know that yet. At first Alecta's eyes widened as she glanced at the furry ball in her best friend's arms, but even a second later she didn't really think much of it. So she was allowed to keep the kitten. No big deal. 


But it was a big deal. A very big deal, because all of a sudden her toad Maggie became completely invisible and so did Alecta. All that mattered to every other kid and also her best friend, was this little fuzzy ball that now ate away at everyone's free time. All they did was play with that thing and all that they've talked about from that moment on, was how the kitty drank milk and jumped and slept and pooped and Merlin knows what else. And Alecta didn't really know what to do about it. Whenever she suggested that they do or talk about something else, she was shut down. She completely lost her best friend and she truly resented her for that. How could she replace her with something so basic as a cat? That sparked a desire in her to get even. Nobody puts Alecta in a corner like an old rag doll that you don't want to play with anymore and gets away with it unharmed. Vindictiveness, combined with jealousy drove her to do what she did next.


Living in a muggle village, Alecta knew she wasn't allowed to play with magic. Or talk about it. Or basically give out any indication that it existed. Magical items were strictly forbidden outside the house and so was the use of magic, but that applied only to her mom, because Alecta didn't know how to do magic yet. Still, they all needed to be really careful and for most of the time they were. That day however, was different. Alecta fell from her popularity throne and she wanted back on it asap. For that, she needed the kitten to disappear.


It must have been some weird twist of fate (or magic), that it was that particular day, that Alecta made magic happen for the first time. She ran into the house and grabbed a potion bottle, which she later found out, didn't even contain any potion. Then she made a distraction so she could be alone with the kitty, poured potion on it, said the magic words and viola, kitty completely changed colors. Now Alecta had a cat too. 


The spell wore off after an hour every time, so she kept doing that for a few days and her popularity kept growing back to the heights it used to be at. Mysteriously her kitty would appear only in the day time when it was time to play and her best friend's kitty only in the nighttime when it was time to sleep. Alecta even started a rumor that her best friend's kitty was taken away and that it was all lies that she even has it anymore. The rumor was just beginning to catch on, when suddenly something went wrong. Her best friend played that spy game on her and saw how she poured "potion" on the cat. Alecta saw her peering over a small bush, got confused and said the spell words wrong and all of a sudden kitty didn't move anymore. They've yelled for Alecta's mom and screamed a lot and then her mom came and she fixed the cat. Her best friend was in shock and kept yelling that they were witches and Alecta's mom kept trying to convince her that she didn't see anything and that the cat was just tired from the heat.


Alecta tried to fix the situation by outing every secret she knew about her best friend, hoping that the other kids would change their minds and step on her side instead. They didn't. She was a witch after all and there's nothing worse than that. True or not the rumor was out and there was no way to put it back into the box again. The ministry wouldn't help or allow to obliviate her former best friend, because it didn't pose a real threat and could cause damage to her brain for nothing, so that was it. No proof and yet all of a sudden they were outcasts. Grownups of course didn't truly believe what the kids were saying, but how can her mom Brenda be friends with parents whose children torment her child? In her mind the parents were at fault for raising such imbeciles to believe in magic in the first place. No matter if it was the truth or not. So yeah, no pie, no smiles and no friends anymore. Also no cat.


P.S. if anyone is actually reading this and wants to claim the spot of the best friend, please do ❤️ or a spot of any other kid in the village. Could be an interesting plot.

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Alecta Swarm


The Basics
Alecta Jude Swarm
House: PHP, VH38
Birthday: July 31, hmmm
Hometown: Higher Bockhampton, Dorset
Pureblood/half blood/muggle born: Pureblood
Five words that best describe your character: ruthless, meticulous, inquisitive, envious, stubborn


Hair Color:
dark brown
Hair Style: whatever
Eye color: blue
Height: average
Other distinguishing details: small scar vertically through her right eyebrow, caused by a rock


Father's name:
she does not know
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Pureblood
Mother's name: Brenda Noelle Swarm (mom)
Brief description (occupation, blood, etc): Pureblood, beekeper 
Siblings (names and descriptions):
 none or she doesnt know
Other key family members: stepfather William George Swarm (Beewill), muggle, beekeper

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