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Pali Dotchev

You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one

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Pali Dotchev

Pali had been having fun on her day trip with her Papa. They had gotten her Owl (even if it did scare her a little), and in a box in the bags with her Papa was her wand. Though he had to keep that for safe keeping he said. After they had gone to the Leaky Cauldron for lunch, Papa had met some of his old friends and had settled in for a pint with them. It would be rude not to he said. Which Pali could understand. She always liked being with her friends. Papa seemed happy, and he had given her money to go and get an ice cream. It was a win win situation and she wouldn't even have to tell her Mum. 


So she had left all her baggage and her Owl with her Papa and his Pint and moseyed on.  


Eventually (after stopping to look at a hundred and one things on the way there) she had reached the ice cream parlour. Though now there was a problem. There seemed to be about two hundred and three flavours up on the board and Pali was the worst decision maker ever. 


Her small curly haired frame stood there, gawking up at the menu board wide eyed. She would never be able to pick what she wanted. 

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Eleanor Malverne

Today Haxflay the house elf was running errands for the Malvernes, picking up potions ingredients and some reference books for Eugene. Eleanor had predictably begged to join her, and her parents had relented. Ellie nominally had the weekends off from Pre-Hogwarts Primary, and with both her parents working, what better way to spend a summer Saturday?


A better question, though: Why was it so bloody hot? And why had Eleanor committed to wearing her emerald green cashmere sweater? (For the #aesthetic, obviously). Even so, the girl squirmed under her sweater in the heat. She had forgotten how the hustle of the crowds could generate more heat, beyond the cool interiors of Malvernium.


They stopped outside Slug and Jigger's Apothecary. "Haxflay," she asked, "do you think I could split off for a bit, while you finish the shopping? Only it's so hot, I just thought I'd stop by Fortescue's for some ice cream." She hoped adding this touch would soften the house elf's already cottony heart.


It did.


Bell jingling announcing Ellie's arrival, she stopped next to a girl whom she had never met. She was looking at Fortescue's gargantuan flavor list, one that had intimidated Eleanor in the past. Although now she knew her favorite, having established it two summers ago during a period of intense investigation, she could remember the feeling of awe the menu inspired. Still, the girl looked well-adjusted enough, by Eleanor's standards. She had seen the girl around PHP, although she had never deigned to talk to her.


The ice cream parlor would be her chance to evaluate her, one-on-one. See what she was about. Ellie glanced to her left, and said, "I'm getting the coconut and lavender twist with shaved lemon peel on top. How about you?" Only the ice cream in the shop could match the sugary sweetness in Eleanor Malverne's tone.

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Pali Dotchev

Pali still hadn't decided. And then all of a sudden one of her PHP classmates was beside her and talking to her. A new friend wow. Pali's face lit up with the excitement of it all. Though that was nothing new. She was always easily excited. 


Her head whipped around, her dark wayward curls flipping with them. "Oh hi!" her eyes flipped up to the board, then back to Eleanor. She was overwhelmed. So did what she always did when she was overwhelmed, decided to burn it off physically. Bouncing on the spot she lifted a hand, waving to Eleanor. "I'm Pali!"


"Um.." When the girl prattled off her ordered Pali frowned just slightly. It seemed a little fancier than what Pali was going to go for. "I think I'll get chocolate with rainbow sprinkles!" That seemed really nice to her. She'd like that.

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