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Mati Kildare

A horse is a horse, of course, of course

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Mati Kildare

He wasn't going to go suuuper deep. At least, that's what Mati said to himself as he wandered past the edges of the forbidden forest, the rising sun painting everything golden. His robes and hair were damp and glittering with dew, and his trainers were soaked, but the Hufflepuff's grin was firmly in place. He was going to go find a wiggen-something tree so he could see the bowtruckles that Professor Qin told him about!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was tucked under one arm, and his wand was held out in front of him as if he would actually be competent enough to defend himself if he were attacked by something.

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Winter was looming.


He had enough food hidden to get him through at least half of winter of course, like always, he would make his food stretch more than what he should.


Galloping our of the Forrest full speed, he was still on the hunt for the fox that evaded him the day before.  That was of course that came to a abrupt halt once a child from the castle came quickly into view.

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Mati Kildare

Something was crashing loudly through the forest, but the echoes off the trees made it hard to decide what direction it was coming from. "I don't think that's a bowtruckle," he whispered, eyes scanning the forest for a visual cue... and then it stopped. "Ummm..."

He clutched the textbook closer to him and started looking for signs of any animals. Walking carefully and quietly, he approached a large tree, "well... this looks like a den or something?" He cracked open the book, looking up regularly to make sure nothing could sneak up on him.

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