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Reid J. Fauchelevent

99 problems but a tourney ain't one.

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Reid J. Fauchelevent

It was crunch time. The Weighing of the Wands was over with, which meant that the First Task was the next logical thing to happen, right? The thought didn't consume Reid with the worry that seemed to circulate amongst his friends, but this might have been due to the fact that he was all stressed out - in a good way; in a 'I don't know what to expect, so I'll prepare for everything, but there's no point in freaking out now when there are so many other things  I need to worry about - like having to take NEWTs on top of being Champion, or proposing to my boyfriend, or the training said boyfriend is putting me through - but the First Task? Naaaahhhh' way.


Reid tackled problems as he encountered them and the First Task had not yet entered that category.


More concerning was that Kirk had become frustratingly difficult to read, as he rallied the Slytherins to throw everything they had at Reid and Irene; more pressing was Reid's hunger. Stress burns calories, don't you know? And he needed all the energy he could get to keep up with the ambushes he occasionally found himself springing.


Presently, Kirk was turned away from and in hushed conversation with a sullen-looking Juan. Reid, who never dropped eaves, was admiring his breakfast croissant. He'd dissected its middle and stuffed it with fried egg, bacon, mushrooms and cheese and now drizzled Hollandaise (ah, he missed good Hollandaise!) over it all. Then he opened his maw and took a massive bite.



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Mika Chevalier-Desjardins

Mika was still in the process of trying to figure out his fellow champions. He had found one of them the previous day, but the other three had proven elusive. He decided to try the most likely place to find them. The Great Hall was always bustling during breakfast. He located one of them almost instantly. It was the boy who had attempted to greet him in French at the Weighing. Had French been his native tongue he might have slapped him. But for now he was sitting at the wrong table. Mika found that to be curious and decided to put a pin in that.


Mika quickly moved to take the seat next to the Scottish boy. He looked down to see him devouring a croissant. We some might call it eating; others, including Mika, would call it a crime against food. He cringed but took a breath.


"Is this seat taken Monsieur?" He didn't wait for an answer. It was mostly a courtesy question. If someone had been then they would just have to find another spot. Mika had business.


Mika pulled up a croissant of his own. These were good enough that he didn't care that they weren't from an actual French bakery. "I saw you sitting here and just had to say hello. I was a little rude during the Weighing of the Wands and didn't respond to your greeting. I must say you speak French quite well." For a Scot, was the unspoken part. But now was the time for Mika to be charming.

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