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Addison Toft

Laid down there, with a shovel up out of reach somewhere

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Addison Toft

Addison was not completely heartless. Even though she sentenced Idina to picking up abraxan poop by hand, when the time to serve that sentence actually came, she provided the Slytherin with a set of dragonskin gloves and a metal shovel. The point of this was to punish Idina, not degrade her.


She did that on her own, well enough, when she drank poison, knowing it was poison.


"Come on, it's not even that bad today. They normally poop way more than this," Addison said, surveying the stretch of grass where the abraxans had been sequestered. It turned out that caring for abraxans wasn't all that different from caring for a regular horse, or even for Sableplume. Feed, groom, clean, repeat. They weren't as playful as Sableplume was though, but maybe that's because they'd been bred to be all haughty and arrogant, throwing their heads up and snorting like they were pulling a carriage for the queen of England.


"You'll get used to the smell too." She nudged Idina. "Let's get moving. The sooner you finish this, the sooner you can get back to the rest of your life."

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