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Inara Kennedy

A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.

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Inara Kennedy

Quote by J.J.R. Tolkien


When Reid had been announced as the Gryffindor champion, Inara had been overcome with relief. She had recklessly put her name in the Goblet of Fire. She’d regretted it and hadn’t wanted to be chosen so when she had been passed over, she’d been thankful. But her relief was short-lived. Her friend had been chosen instead and she was scared for him.


She didn’t think that Reid knew what he was getting into. Even if he had, she would have set out to help him anyway. She’d been doing research in the library for what felt like years so that she could help prepare him for the tasks ahead. She knew that his other friends would prepare him for the physical side of the tournament so she was going to prepare him for the mental side.


When she had enough to start helping him, she set out to find him. He was probably really busy now that he was a champion. She didn’t find him for ages but came across him one morning at breakfast. “Reid!” she said, sitting down across from him. “I know you’re really busy and that Kirk and… others…” she said it quietly since she meant John and she didn’t want to think about him… “are helping you with training but you need to think about the strategic side of the tournament too.”


The Gryffindor slid over some of her work so he could take a peek. “That’s where I come in. I’m going to mentally prepare you with everything I know about the past tournaments. That way, if you come across something that isn’t necessarily physical or magical, you can still beat it.” She gave him a brilliant smile and then added, “And we’re going to start right now. Whether you want to or not.”

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Reid J. Fauchelevent

The best thing about being a Hogwarts Champion was that everyone wanted to help him Get Ready for the Tournament. That was also the... well, he couldn't say it was the worst thing, but it was a thing that really drove home the point that he wasn't as good at what he claimed to be good at (except for running - there wasn't anyone better than him at that). Reid didn't think he had to be absolutely perfect at everything, but had admitted defeat in moaning about it in the face of Kirk's own brand of stubbornness. There was no convincing anyone - certainly not Kirk Lawson - that he'll 'figure something out' in the face of whatever the Tournament threw at him.


So he went along with his boyfriend's training, got zapped and hexed by Irene, expected an attack via Slytherin around every corner, had become convinced that Addison was planning something as well. Constant vigilance and all that.


When Inara had thrown herself into the seat in front of him and looked at hid determinedly, Reid was ready: more help had just landed in his lap, so to speak. Literally, though, on the table. Reid blinked at the small stack of papers Inara had offered him. "Ah, lass," Reid sighed with a laugh. "I've already got Abby Goodfellow's essays on th'Tournament..." Guilt nibbled at him; John was involved in his training - John, who had come to Reid weeks and weeks ago for a tête-à-tête regarding marriage and Reid couldn't help but feel a wee bit responsible for how things had gone between John and Inara. So he conceded. "But, shoot - fire away."

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Inara Kennedy

Reid was clearly still behind on letting it all sink in. Other champions seemed at least worried but he looked fine. That made Inara worry more than she already had been. She didn’t want anything bad to happen to Reid. She considered them friends now. She didn’t spend as much time with him as she would have liked but she thought they were friends and she would hate for anything bad to come to him.


She shook her head when he spoke. “These aren’t essays on the tournaments,” she told him. “We’re going to prepare your mind for the tasks. There is strategy involved and sometimes you have to answer questions. There will be times when you need to think and plot what you’re going to do. You can’t just act.” She stared into his eyes, trying to see if he got what she was saying.


The Gryffindor grabbed the parchment back from him and looked at it. “We’re starting with riddles. Here is an easy one: ‘A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid’. What do you think?” She prayed that he would get at least one right. If he didn’t, she was going to be a mess when the actual tasks came along. Someone would have to babysit her.

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Reid J. Fauchelevent

Reid stared back - and blinked.


Usually, he thought and plotted on the spot, in the face of whatever he needed to conquer, and for the past six-and-a-half years it's worked in his favour more often than not. He and Dealing With It had a good thing going, in that, if he didn't, he was screwed. Some of his best ideas came from being under pressure - with his track record, there was no reason to believe he wouldn't smash out solutions for whatever the Tournament threw at him. He had to. There were no other options.


He simply had to.


Riddles were not a challenge he encountered often - not in the sense that Inara meant just then... but he was good at reading people, and he was sure that, if he had to, he'd find a means to solve those, too. Riddles, that is. 


No options meant only one thing, right? He had to keep going. 


Some might call that very naïve. Reid called it his life's motto.


He shimmied his bum in place as though getting extra comfortable (mostly it was because he had to move) and folded his arms on the table. Pursing his lips and squinting, Reid hummed as he thought about the riddle. A box without hinges, eh? And inside a treasure - a golden one, at that?


Perhaps he'd spent too much time around Kirk, because his immediate response was Golden Snitch, but that made no sense upon closer consideration. Reid hummed louder and cast about the table for inspiration. Who knew? A breakfast sausage might remind him of something completely unrelated. He watched as a Durmstrang student tapped an egg against his plate and started peeling away the... hard... shell.


Shell. Box? Yolk.


"Egg." Reid announced, smacking a fist against the table. "S'an egg. Final answer."

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Inara Kennedy

He was thinking it through. Inara breathed a sigh of relief. She had been worried that Reid would simply yell out whatever came to his mind first. But it was good to see that he was taking the correct approach to riddle-solving. There were times when Inara realized that she was really a Ravenclaw and times when she was probably more of a Slytherin. Right now, she felt like she was combination of all the houses. She was using everything in her to get Reid to succeed.


“It is egg. Good job,” she told him. “I’m glad that you processed through that so quickly. You’ll have to think fast in the tasks.” She gave him a smile and reached out to pat his folded arms. Immediately, she flashed back to doing the same thing to John when he needed reassurance. She coughed and took her hand back. She didn’t want to think about John. She wanted to help their – her – friend.


She composed herself and looked at the next riddle on the list, “What can travel around the world while staying in a corner?” She was starting to feel like the Ravenclaw Tower door knocker but she didn’t care. She’d do whatever it took to help Reid. She looked at him over the parchment. Hopefully he would get this one right too. She really didn’t want him to get eaten by a sphinx or something.

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