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Nicodemus Knight

Now that's what I call a Brick Wall

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Nicodemus Knight

Custuodiae repello net!”  Nico cast on the hockey net that he’d set up in the unused classroom and skated back to his brother.  He and @Drew Knight definitely preferred to practice out on the lake when it’d freeze, but they’d make do with roller blades and do it street-hockey style when necessary.  “Alright, dude.  Check this out… we should be able to help you work on the skater side of your game now… no goalie needed.”  Nico returned his wand to his holster, used his stick to drag the ball towards himself, then whipped it to the net with a wrist shot. 


The ball rocketed back at him, went over his shoulder, and through a window pane. 


Nico looked to Drew a little sheepishly.  “Well, that’s proof of concept?”

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Drew Knight

Drew was carving wide turns in the back of the classroom. He had no idea what spell Nico was supposed to be practicing, he just wanted to do something other than study for herbology. On the 'check this out' from his brother, Drew pulled to a stop and watched the net. Specifically, he watched the ball bounce off the air in front of the net, then ducked as it came rocketing back at them. 


"Great," he murmured as he looked through the hole in the window. "This is like the wizard version of robots learning how to do my job. Got another ball or should I transfigure one?"


Drew skated over to their shoes and held up one of Nico's threateningly.

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