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Elewyn Sauvigni

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Elewyn Sauvigni

Although she would now be joining Tami at Hogwarts for the first time, Elewyn had decided to part ways with her sister for the moment and look for her own carriage. She knew that Tami would be nearby and that she could visit her at any point, but Elewyn was hoping to make friends of her own. For a girl who had been so looking forward to joining her sister, she was showing her independent side.


There was some soft mewing coming from the pet carrier she carried in one hand, and Elewyn knew that her darling kitten wasn't at all happy about being cooped up inside. The animal was a new pet that she had picked up in Diagon Alley about a month previously. "Relax, Simper" she advised him "I'll let you out once I find us somewhere to sit." The kitten ignored her and continued to voice his displeasure.


Once she found an empty carriage, she petted her kittlen through the bars of the cage, kicked her trunk under the nearest seat, and sat down. She then laid her cat-carrier on the chair beside her and opened the front door. The kitten; a blue-point Birman with cream coloured fur, gray ears, face and tail, and with white fur on the tips of his paws that made him look like he was wearing socks, leaped onto her lap, settled down and started purring contentedly.

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