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Scout Matthews

the drop that contained the sea

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Scout Matthews

"And I want you to write home at least twice before the holidays, Scout." A firm voice spoke, the elderly woman looking down at her young charge.




"No buts, young man. I want to hear about how everything is going and I know you won't write back if I send a letter first." She continued. The woman glanced away from Scout for only a moment, just so she could wave her wand -- sending the boy's trunk onto the train. "Merlin only knows the sort of mischief you'll get up to without me around."


The eleven-year-old only looked up at that, astonishment settling across his features for a moment before seeing that the elderly witch had broken into a large grin.


"Got you there, Scout." She chuckled, her wrinkled hand reaching out to stroke the young boy's cheek. "You'll have a good year -- make friends, cause trouble. Just be yourself, and don't worry about what your parents say, okay?"


Scout forced himself to nod, the raven haired boy doing his best to stifle the silent cry deep within him. He wasn't ready for the holidays to end -- he wasn't ready to go back to the castle and see everyone. He wasn't ready for the place where everyone was nothing but kind to him, the place where he felt like he could belong without having to worry about what his parents would say or do.


"Go on then, before the train leaves without you." She spoke once more, pulling Scout from his thoughts.


"I-I'm going!" Scout spoke, quickly turning away from the elderly witch so he could run to the train. He wasn't going to cry -- not in front of her! That was the last thing he needed, he knew the she'd be absolutely miserable if she saw the boy shed tears. It'd been like this last year as well, but at least this time Scout had a better understand of what he was getting himself in to.


He took his first steps onto the train, immediately glancing about for a free compartment. It wasn't that the boy didn't want to sit with anyone else, he just wasn't quite ready to deal with anyone. At least, not yet.


Scout found himself towards the back of the train, finding seclusion in a compartment that seemed almost abandoned in a sense. It was fine -- the door still shut, that was all that mattered. As he settled into the room, he let the glass door fall closed behind him before letting his small settle onto the cushioned seat and glanced out the window at all of the parents waving goodbye.

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Simon Reed

It had been his fault. 


"I'm sorry." he muttered under his breath yet again, as they pair hurriedly boarded the Hogwarts Express. Simon glanced down at his watch and sighed in relief, they had made it with only one minute to spare, though he still felt guilty for putting them in any danger of missing their ride. Brushing his hair aside, he reached for Aurora's hand and began looking into compartments. It was the least he could do, instead of subjecting Rory to do all the hard work.


 As expected all of the ones at the front had been claimed and filled ages ago, and the further they ventured back, the more anxious Simon got that they would have sit in the middle of the hallway. After searching about three cars worth of compartments, and feeling as though all hope was lost, they came to a halt in front of door that revealed only one occupant. 


He rapped at the door before sliding it open, its inhabitant looking up to greet them. A familiar pair of piercing blue eyes locked with his own, recognition dawning on the boys. A wide grin stretched across his face. "Scout!" he exclaimed rather joyously, glad that they wouldn't have share with somebody they didn't know. Simon wasn't opposed to meeting new people, he just didn't feel like being subjected to small talk for the entirety of the train ride. The boy quickly flung his bag down on ground and slide next to the Hufflepuff, just close enough so that their shoulders knocked into each other. 


Cause that's how bros greeted each other, right? 


"Hope you don't mind... but we're crashing your party." he nodded towards Aurora, who was taking her sweet time coming inside. 

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Aurora Andrews

Aurora breathed a sigh of relief as the two of them entered the train, as for a hot minute the redhead had genuinely thought they would have missed it, and been forced to find the alternative to getting to Hogwarts, of which she still wasn't sure of. Aurora had to wonder... had anyone ever missed the train besides the infamous account way back in the day of a certain wizard? And they hadn't exactly used their best judgment in the end up. So it truly wasn't all that helpful in the thought, that had now creeped up into her mind.


Still, the redhead dutifully followed along with Simon as he searched out for a compartment that wasn't already full. Aurora realized that the two of them couldn't afford to be particular about where they sat, as long as there was a free spot. Of course, a friendly face wouldn't have been too terrible, even though the petite Slytherin was certain of the fact that they could have adapted anywhere.... at least because she had Simon.


And, everything was always better with him.


Lost in thoughts, Aurora couldn't pinpoint the moment that Simon's hand slipped out of hers, or when they'd stopped moving but she couldn't mistake the sound of her best friend greeting someone familiar. Slowly, the redhead entered the compartment where Simon sat next to Scout, she sent a tentative smile at the puff as walked closer.


"Hey there." Aurora greeted cordially, as she took a seat across. "Did you have a good summer?"


After all, politeness was key.

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