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In Slytherin, success is the only option.


Shiloh had been following behind the first years on their tour around the school, she remembered her first year, she had gotten purposefully lost and ended up in the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tour groups at some point along the way. It was one of the reasons she was following behind them at this point.


We do not accept failure.


The two new prefects were obviously giving the first years the type of speech that would knock some of them into shape, where as it would probably alienate at least one of the new students. Shiloh knew which group she would have been in, but then she usually needed the subtle threat to move along and achieve anything when it came to the world of Magic. Even though she had her wand tucked behind an ear, it was only there because of how close she had become to it over the course of the past year – it was starting to feel like a favourite pen or bracelet.


Magic was even starting to become more common place in her life.


She looked around the trophy room a frown crossing her face at she looked at the house cup from the previous year, that was something she could change; Slytherin could always win it this year. Shiloh glanced over her shoulder at the departing train of first years; she'd meet up with them again in the common room, she didn't feel like tramping all over the grounds in the dark just yet.


That was when she heard the soft sounds of crying. Not the free flowing tears and sobs of someone in pain or in terror but something deeper and heart wrenching.


Hey?” she said to the room, hoping it wasn't one of the suits of armor that was having a moment; but the noticing the hem of a robe over in the corner. She walked in the direction of the curled up student. “Are you okay?”



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When leaving the commonroom, Robin had known only one thing: she wanted somewhere to have a good cry somewhere.


The dorm had too much chance of someone coming in to unpack their stuff, and she wasn't sure she really wanted to deal with anyone else while she was in this mood.  She thought about an empty classroom, but you never really knew when a teacher might be setting something up for the next day.  Her initial aim had been Moaning Myrtle's bathroom - after all, who was going to notice one more set of sobs in there?

But four flights of stairs were a long way to hold in tears and avoid excited gaggles of hopelessly lost first years, and by the time Robin got to the third floor, she barrelled into the nearest looking room, headed for the nearest corner, and hunched over, letting the sobs rack through her.  She was just beginning to think about dragging a suit of armour in front of her for maximum concealment, when she heard a voice and jumped upwards.


"Hey?"  said someone, and Robin, turning around saw that it was Shiloh.  Shiloh wasn't exactly Robin's first choice for emotional support - she was a lot of fun to be around, in an edgy, scary sort of way.  Robin was pretty sure that she had threatened to drown her in her own cauldron once, and it might possibly have been the only time she'd seen the Slytherin smile.  In short, Shiloh wasn't someone Robin necessarily associated with a deep touchy feely conversation.


She turned herself to Shiloh, uncurling a little from the foetal position, and smiled unconvincingly.  Her eyes were swollen and puffy, tears were streaking her cheeks, and her nose was dribbling something fierce, but she did her best to crack Shiloh a wide smile.


"I'm fine," she said, her voice only cracking a little.  "How are you?  How was your Summer?"


Nailed it, she thought.

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