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River Wolfe

They say I am the sick boy.

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River Wolfe

Of all things @Professor O'Brien Took away from Ravenclaw, he gave two things  to River, a detention, and a mission, which was to escort @Josephine Tindall To the hospital wing.  Thinking back to what the professor had said, the third year wasn’t pleased with how things went down but what had happened, happened and there was no time for apologizes now.  Walking next to Jo as he did what he was told, the Ravenclaw held on to Josephine’s limp noodle arm and guilded, well, pulled her, in the direction they needed to go.


Decending the castle, River grumbled and explained solutions when small obsticals had come by their path.  “This step vanishes so jump the last two steps.”  Or “This isn’t a real hall way, just a really cleaver painting.”


Small tips, nothing really to get on the girls good side but things first years should learn quickly.  


As they approached the big wooden doors that was the hospital wing, River opened the heavy oak door and scuttled inside with Jo right behind.   “Hello?  @Miss Lunes?”  River called out to no answer.  Leading Josephine to an empty chair, River pointed and spoke. “Sit.” Was all he said before the door to the office opened.  Giving a soft jump as the loud click from the door swung open, River saw the healer and cleared his throat.


”Miss Lunes, this is Josephine,” He pointed to the first year.  “She was being a brat so I used the Rubber Arm Jinx on her which she wouldn’t be in the predicament if she knew how to dodge a spell.”  With his end of the deal upheld, he quickly let go of the noodle that was attached to Jo and folded his arms.  He wasn’t too sure if was supposed to stay, but he wasn’t sure if he was supposed to leave either.  He explained what had happened like the professor had asked, and he had explained why it was appropriate to use the spell on her.  His check list was scribbled out, and here he was...  Still standing with the enemy.


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Josephine Tindall

Jo Tindall wore her scowl like a uniform, it was unyielding and fierce as she glowered at the third year boy. Her usual apathy replaced by pure annoyance and loathing as she was pulled along by River, her left arm completely useless and devoid of any bone and muscle. When he grabbed onto it to guide her, she tried to pull it back, snatch it away from him and hold it to body protectively. Alas, her arm was useless and to get it fixed she needed his guidance. 


So the stubborn girl was doomed and had no choice but to follow him. 


The journey to the Hospital Wing was quick enough, jumping a trick stair and a few staircases and corridors travelled and they were there. He instructed her sit, so Josephine stayed standing and glared defiantly at River. 


"Jo," she corrected River when he introduced her to Miss Lunes and recounted his biased version of the story. The first year girl snorted behind him, scoffing and shaking her head in disbelief. He was putting the blame all on her? That was rich. 


"Actually," Jo cut in, walking forward and resisting the urge to stomp on River's foot as she came to a pause by his side. "That wasn't quite how it happened but of course males never really take accountability of their actions. You're always looking for somebody else to blame." God it was like she was quoting her fourth grade teacher word for word now. Her lips curled into a fake smile and Jo looked to River, "I've been at this school barely a week and I've had one duel, but hey it's my fault." 


She was here now and River did what he was supposed to do. Green eyes cold, she didn't bother to look at River as she spoke, her words blunt, "you can go now."


OOC Form:

Patient Name, House & Year: Josephine Tindall, Ravenclaw & First Year

Gender: Female

Blood Type:  Muggle-born

Allergies, if any: None


What VH Year & Term/Week does this RP take place: VH37, Term 1, Week 1

Time of Day:  Evening

Link to Incident Thread: Here - It takes place in the Ravenclaw Common Room


IC Form:

Reason for Visit: This jerk (River) decided he couldn’t keep his fragile mental state and issues in check, so he decided to Jinx me, an eleven year old. Now my left arm is without bones because a teenage boy can’t control his delicate emotions. That isn't an excuse for his piss poor behaviour though. 

Damage Location: Left arm

Damage Type: Yes, the Rubber Arm Jinx.

Other:  River is a jerk.


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Miss Lunes

Greta was not feeling well.


The Hospital Wing was an appropriate place for an individual to be when they had an ailment, but was it still that way when the individual that was supposed to be providing the Healing was indisposed? The need to care for the students led her to rally from her private loo, chalking up the occasional wave of nausea that had been plaguing her all week to a possible issue in the kitchens. “I need to ask about their stock of Sanitizing Potions,” Greta murmured to herself as she unlocked the office door and emerged into the wing where she had an audience waiting.


A very divided audience.


“Hi Riv-oh, a brat isn’t a nice thing to-Josephine, erm, I mean, Jo, hi- oh dear your arm-“ Her head snapped back and forth between the two Ravenclaw students as if she were attending a tennis match. The dizzying action was almost too much for her already sour stomach, but Greta inhaled deeply before throwing both of her hands up, “Okay, you may both stop,” she pleaded gently. “I…I think I can figure out the rest.” After all, the Rubber Arm Jinx was a popular spell and easy to diagnose.


With a motherly touch, the former Hufflepuff motioned to lead the young girl away from her chair and onto one of the beds. Partially because she knew that she would need somewhere comfortable to occupy and partially as a defiant attempt to halt the bickering before it progressed further.  Before she dismissed River completely, though, she turned towards Jo. “Are you sure you don’t want him to stay?” Greta inquired. “Or to bring one of your friends to come keep you company? Unfortunately…you’re going to be here for awhile. As in the whole night.”

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Josephine Tindall

"Yes, oh dear indeed." Jo cast a dark look towards River and then back towards the woman, Miss Lunes was it? The instant 'vibe' she got from this woman was something akin to the human embodiment of honey and kittens, the way she addressed them both with a firm tenderness made Jo's stomach bubble uncomfortably. She'd been injured plenty of times before, attending the nurses office at her Primary School to have nasty grazes doused with alcohol, addressed with nothing but an impatient grunt, and then sent on her way again. 


Miss Lunes seemed to have that thing called caring in her system.


The Ravenclaw girl didn't know how to handle that.


Jo shut up, following Miss Lunes and allowing her to assist her into one of the beds. Her lips pressed into a thin line, she wished she could cross her arms over her chest and continue her glaring but unfortunately one of her arms was a useless, boneless mess.


Her mouth opened, ready to assure Miss Lunes that River could piss back off to Ravenclaw Common Room and never bother her again, but she kept speaking and Jo's mouth remained open, hanging aghast when she was informed that this wouldn't be a quick fix. If she could reach River right now to punch him in the face she would.


Her cheeks flushed red, teeth gritting with anger as she forced out words in a dark hiss. "The whole night?" None of her friends were in Ravenclaw, it was no easy task to fetch them given they were in different common rooms. Lucas in Hufflepuff, Winston and Brooklyn in Slytherin. She did not want River for company, he had attacked her and any sensible person wouldn't want to be in the company of the person who did that to them.


She looked back at Miss Lunes, voice impassive as she spoke, "I'll be fine on my own."  

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