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Ryan Alterton

Centaur Tool-Making 101

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Ryan Alterton

Ryan had been surprised as anyone else when Professor Qin had assigned her centaurs as her focal point for her Care of Magical Creatures internship. Especially because the year before, she'd been assigned the flobberworm. They were as different as possible. Not just that, but there was a small part that Ryan had debated over. Were centaurs considered "creatures" or "beasts"? It had required an owl to her Aunt Freya, all-around amazing person and renowned magizoologist. Her aunt had responded on the side of Professor Qin. She'd told Ryan that "centaurs considered themselves beasts, which would put them in the 'creature' category."


Once that specific issue had been resolved, Ryan had just been excited. She'd done as much research as she could before she entered the Forbidden Forest. She still felt a little under-prepared, but the Hufflepuff was as ready as she was ever going to be. She'd joined Professor Qin at the edge of the Forest, and then followed her to where she claimed a herd of centaurs were. She was to meet Ryan at that very spot forty-five minutes later.


When the trees parted into a small clearing, Ryan stood shocked at what she was seeing. There were five or six of them, all standing around, tinkering with bows and arrows; some even had spears. Taking the lead, the brunette walked forward and stopped a respectable distance away. Clearing her throat, Ryan began, "Um, hello. I'm Ryan Alterton. I'm a student at Hogwarts. I was wondering, if you wouldn't mind, telling me what you are doing."

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