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Yasmina Raines

Raines, Yasmina

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⫷⫸Yasmina Rains⫷⫸
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⫷⫸ Name ⫷⫸
Yasmina Raines
⫷⫸ Blood Status⫷⫸
⫷⫸ Are you new to VH? (Yes/No) ⫷⫸
Not at all
⫷⫸ What do you want to learn the most from this school? (in character) ⫷⫸
Yasmina doesn't care what she learns, she wants to go and spread to the world of Hogwarts all about peace and love. And that animals are friends and not to be used in magic, wands, or anything else.
⫷⫸ What do you want to learn the most from this school? (out of character)⫷⫸
I want to just RP and see how Yasmina is going to be.
⫷⫸ A few things your character likes doing in his/her free time ⫷⫸
Reads all about animals

Sitting on the beach and enjoying the waves
Walking barefoot
Telling people that animals are not food

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⫷⫸ Yasmina Rains ⫷⫸
PHP Lesson One EC


It was no shocker that she got her Hogwarts letter, her mother told her that as soon as she turned eleven that she would be getting the letter. And the moment it landed on her door step, she was waiting outside, and enjoying the sun on the small island she lived on. Getting up she walked over and saw that she had the letter. "Look mum, it came in." She smiled, as she opened it, and was reading what she was allowed to bring. "Just a cat, owl, or toad. But I have all different kinds of animals. That is not fair." He threw the letter down.


She might have been happy that she got her letter, but she didn't want to leave her goat at home, "I guess I will just bring my kitty." She went back outside, knowing that it was just going to be horrible. Yasmina didn't want to deal with leaving her animals for months, what if they forgot about her. And when she came home they didn't want anything to with her.


Walking to her favorite goat. "Hey Nibble..." She said as she sat down, wondering how the next year was going to be.

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⫷⫸ Yasmina Rains ⫷⫸
PHP Lesson Two


Yasmina Rains

Pre-Hogwarts Primary, VH38

Animals are friends, not food.


Lesson Two EC:


Rolling her eyes, she was caught sneaking out. Yasmina, just wanted to leave the common room and make sure that the animals were being treated right. Not knowing that there was a professor that took care of that, but Yasmina was used to getting up all the time at home and just checking on her animals. And Yas knew that there was so many of them. "I didn't do anything wrong." At least inside her mind she didn't, she didn't have rules back home, her mother would let her do anything she waited.


That might be because their home was on a small island, and there was maybe about thirty people that lived there.


The prefect looked at her, and told her that she had to get back into bed. Rolling her eyes once again. "If anything happens to those animals I will come after you." And she walked back into the commonroom, and to her dorm. Who cared if she was only eleven, she wasn't going to allow someone to tell her what to do, she would just have to wait till later. Then she would make her move. Once everyone was sleeping.

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