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Casper Burridge

TriWiz Tourney & Quidditch

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Casper Burridge

This question is more for mods/quidditch officials, but I was wondering even though cup quid isn't happening this year, can teams still hold tryouts this year so that first years who want to join the team can earn QP? 


Thank you in advance for any info :wub: *leaves cakes & cookies*

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Hi Casper!


We encourage the Quidditch teams to continue hanging out and interacting as a team, and it’s up to your team to decide whether you want to hold formal tryouts.


QP-earning opportunities will be open to all students, even those who are not currently on a Quidditch team. Given this year’s theme of international cooperation, we encourage the teams to foster a spirit of inclusivity.


Thanks for the cake. <3

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Casper Burridge

Thank you so much for a bit more information :wub: 


I have two follow-ups if you would be so kind as to answer:

  • Are these opportunities going to give enough QP to make up for the fact that we're essentially losing out on two VH years of quidditch? As in, last year we spent the games making up for the losses in points we took in VH35 and I am assuming (not speaking for the other teams) that this year was also going to be similar in catching up. But with cup being canceled, are teams going to be able to earn enough like we would through regular gameplay?
  • How is QP going to be earned through these opportunities? (ie. Every post/event you make/attend will earn x amount of points)

If you're planning on posting more information soon feel free just to say that so that you don't have to say it all again later :wub: But if it is being posted at a later date, can we get an estimate of when it'll be?


Thank you again for taking the time to answer these and sorry for asking so many questions~~ 


*leaves more cakes* 


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We are finalizing the schedule of the tournament and working with the Quidditch officials to develop a schedule of Quidditch-related events that will augment the tournament and provide all students an opportunity to participate.


The methods of earning QP and the amount possible will vary by game or event. We'll have more specific information on this once the event schedule has been finalized, but we are all very sensitive to the fact that Quidditch was cancelled in VH35 as well.


More information about both the Triwizard Tournament and related events like Quidditch is scheduled to be released in Week 3. <3

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