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VH Mentee Sign-Ups

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Are you new to VH?

Are you returning after an absence?

Maybe you’ve been on VH for some time already, but find yourself wanting some guidance?


VH’s site-wide mentoring program is here to help you! We encourage you to sign up for a mentor if you're new to the site, newly returned, or in need of some help and would like someone to chat with you regularly, show you the ropes, and help you integrate into the broader VH community. The mentoring program is out of character, meaning that your mentor will focus on guiding and helping you – not your character unless you ask them to. Above all, the mentoring experience will be dictated by what you need or want from it. You can read more about what to expect from a mentor here.


If you are not a new member, returning member, or member seeking help, we respectfully ask that you refrain from signing up for a mentor to allow our mentors to help those who this program is designed for. You are, however, free to RP an in character mentoring relationship with anyone, even if you're not a site mentee/mentor.


Anyone in need of help, whether you are signing up for a mentor or not, is also free to PM one of our official mentors listed in the next post.



To sign up for a mentor, please fill out the form below and post it here. A mentor will claim you and contact you! You can request a mentor who meets certain criteria or request a specific person, but please note that if they don’t claim you within 48 hours, anyone can claim you. If you would like a mentor but would rather not post here, you may PM the form to Creaseworthy and Undercliffe instead.


**If a mentor claims you but doesn't contact you within 48 hours, or you are unclaimed for a week, please PM Creaseworthy and Undercliffe.




At what times of the day are you available? 

What is the best way to contact you? PM, Discord, Trillian, other

What do you want to get out of VH mentoring?

Do you have any mentor requests? Requests are considered but not guaranteed to be filled

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Want to learn more about our VH mentors? We have a great group to introduce to you. Take a look below, see what areas of the site they'd love to help you with, and what guidance and perspectives they have to share!


Alyssa  (Alyssa Hoofer)


"Hi, I'm Alyssa. I am still fairly new to VH so I understand what it's like being a newbie. I'd like to help out new students the same way people helped me out, which is why I signed up to be a mentor. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about VH. After being here for a school year, I understand a lot more about how it works. If I can't answer your questions, I know plenty of people I could introduce you to. I look forward to meeting you because like I said, I like to help but I'm also always looking for more VH friends as well. Feel free to message me here or on Discord at any time." 


Olwen  (Olwen Hier)


"I'm Olwen Hier, Gryffindor and current half-giant resident of Hogwarts. I've been on VH since 2008 (VH13), and have had numerous other characters graduate Hogwarts throughout the years. Olwen currently plays on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team, but I've played VH quidditch since VH18. I look forward to meeting you and exploring everything about Virtual Hogwarts that you want to know!" 


Atty  (Atwell SinclairMadigan JoyceAlister SinclairJaxon Sinclair)


"I'm Atty.  I've been around VH for a very long and participated in a lot of events, including Tri-Wizard Tournament, Quidditch, and site wide plots.  I've been a prefect and an ambiance character.  I'm familiar with the CCE process, so if anyone is interested in that I can certainly lend a hand.  I'm terrible at dueling, but I can absolutely point you in the direction of someone who is not if that interests you down the road.  I'm super excited to start the new year and meet some new people :3" 


Twila  (Twila WildeViola WaylandJacqueline Golden-KeisiGracie-Mae Goodwin)


"Hi! I'm Twila (or Twilalala) and I'm excited to help you out with whatever you need on VH. I especially love dueling, though I'm happy to answer any other questions, too. In my first few years on the site, I ended up dropping quite a few characters while I figured things out, so I understand from experience what it's like to need a little bit of help. Now that I've more or less found my footing, I want to give back to VH and help others the way I was once helped. I like meeting new friends, so don't hesitate to say hi or ask me a question even if I'm not your mentor. <3" 


Desmond  (Ethan SmithDesmond Potter)


"Hello, my name is Desmond Potter, and I have been around VH for a while now. Many RL years. I am almost at my ten year mark (how did this happen), with taking time off here and there. But I always find my way back to VH. It is home to me, just like Hogwarts is home to all of us Harry Potter fans. I am always around to answer questions that someone might have, there is a lot going on within the site, and I find that having someone to talk to about would be the best. While on the site, I have been a dueling mentor, house mentor, and now a VH mentor. If there is anything you need help with, I should be able to answer, but also able to point you to the right mod or person in charge."


Fern  (Fern Blackburn)


"Fern here, hairstylist by day, witch by.. any time I'm around VH :D As someone who's been a HP fan since the books first came out, my very favorite thing about the site is how you feel so immersed in the world, and that you're at Hogwarts as well, living out your own dreams at the castle. As far as around the site, I've fallen in love with dueling. It's strategic, fun, and provides RP opportunities outside of the chamber as well as in, not to mention it's something that is unique to this website. At this point I've participated in most activities the site offers- classes, Quidditch, games/events both house and sitewide, so I consider myself pretty well rounded and able to answer most questions, plus I'd love to RP with you!"


Abby  (Abigail Goodfellow, Lindy RoseCeleste Ferranti)


"Although I wasn't an extremely active part of VH when I first joined, I recently got more involved in being part of the site's activities in VH30. I joined Quidditch as Abigail, and tried my hand at dueling. I'm really friendly and I try to be available as often as possible."


Nico  (Nicodemus Knight, Kacie Weaver)


"Hi there!  I would love to help you learn about and navigate the VH community.  My first VH character (Nico Knight) was my first real attempt at any kind of creative writing and VH is the first writing community I’ve ever been a part of.  I remember quite vividly how overwhelmed I felt when I joined this amazing community, and I’d love to help you get settled in here.  Since I’ve joined VH, I’ve gotten a pretty good hold on how stuff works around here, and if I don’t know the answer to something, I can definitely find someone who does!  Overall, I like to think that I’m pretty laid back and want to help people find a home here."


Fio/Fiona  (Fiona Weaver, Morty Gabor, Drew Knight)


"Welcome (or welcome back) to VH! This site can look overwhelming and complicated sometimes, but I can’t wait to help my VH mentees navigate this amazing community and explore what interests them most about the site. I would consider myself a jack of all trades, master of none. I duel and play quidditch, but heck, if neither of those is your speed even better! Our lessons and threads, the way we build our characters and the connections they make, are the backbone of what we rpers do. I’m just as happy to work with a mentee who’s looking to try rping for the first time, or a vher who doesn’t have their eye on dueling or quid just yet. We can just talk about character craft, or geek about sorting and what your character’s boggart might be. The pace can be as slow or as quick as you want!"


Hazel  (Hazel Wheeler, Jane Gregory)


"Hi! I'm so happy to be considered a VH Mentor! I have been on VH for a bit now, and am excited to get to know new people and to show you the ropes! Hazel is a second year now, so she's excited to get to know people and to make friends! I've also got a new character coming soon who is also ready to get to know people before she makes her way to Hogwarts. I understand what it's like to be new, so I am here to answer questions or to guide you in any way you need! Don't be afraid to send me a PM! :wub:"

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Dax Havel

Name: Dax

Timezone: -6:00 central US

At what times of the day are you available? Almost all hours on the weekends (I will be sipping coffee and on my computer). On weekdays- I have lunch around noon and then I am usually available again after 7pm.

What is the best way to contact you? PM- within 36 hours. Discord- Usually within a few hours because I have the mobile app.

What do you want to get out of VH mentoring? To get involved and diminish any newbie mistakes I am sure to make.

Do you have any mentor requests? I will appreciate any mentor :wub:

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Peridot Asturis

Name: Peridot Lana Asturis

Timezone: GMT 

At what times of the day are you available? mostly afternoon, night

What is the best way to contact you? Discord, PM

What do you want to get out of VH mentoring? to start understanding my character in depth, to socialize and RP

Do you have any mentor requests? n/a

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Elijah Hillingham

Name: Elijah J. Hillingham

Timezone: gmt +2

At what times of the day are you available? mostly after 7 pm.

What is the best way to contact you? I guess either Discord, or message here.

What do you want to get out of VH mentoring? someone that will help me re-connect with RPing.

Do you have any mentor requests? no

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Tadhg Markey

Name: Tadhg Markey 

Timezone: GMT

At what times of the day are you available?  Mostly evenings and weekends. 

What is the best way to contact you? PM 

What do you want to get out of VH mentoring? To get back into the swing of VH and RP. 

Do you have any mentor requests? N/A

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Eleanor Malverne

Name: Eleanor Malverne

Timezone: US Eastern, -5:00

At what times of the day are you available?: My schedule really varies depending on when I'm working, unfortunately. I'll try to check everything at least once a day

What is the best way to contact you?: PM or Discord

What do you want to get out of VH mentoring?: I would like to connect with other people both in my year and out of it to get the RP ball rolling again, and get to develop Eleanor more through RP's etc.

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Rem Alchem

Name: Rem Alchem

Time Zone: 10:50 AM

I’m available at 8:00pm Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday’s. To contact: PM. 

I want to have a great experience in VH, I wish to be seated in HufflePuff, want to be a Duelist, do RP and Quidditch. 

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Alecta Swarm

Name: Alecta Swarm

Timezone: GMT+1

At what times of the day are you available? it varies, but mostly weekends and evenings

What is the best way to contact you? PM for now but I'm willing to use any

What do you want to get out of VH mentoring? I'd mostly like someone to show me the ropes around the site. I'm not really new, but so much have changed that I might as well be xD I wouldn't mind some character development plots or RP's either ❤️

Do you have any mentor requests? No. I just want us to both have fun with this : D I promise you'll like me when you get to know me 😆

Edited by Alecta Swarm

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Fiona Weaver

@Alecta Swarm : Slight change of plans. You'll be getting a PM from me shortly! ❤️ 

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