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Silas Harding-Clarke

I see but deep within is utter blindness

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Silas gathered his shower supplies even though he knew he didn't need most of them in the prefect's bathroom, which was always equipped with all manner of soaps, shampoos, fresh towels and other linens. The end of year exams were upon them but for once, he was not fixated on grades and studies. In fact, try as he might, he was unable to focus on schoolwork at all. Even his independent studies in legilimency were suffering.


Partially he was frustrated and bamboozled by his own sudden inability to focus, but realistically, he knew exactly what the problem was. The conversation he'd had with Addison on the midway in a Florida theme park had left him feeling both hopeful yet unsure and anxious. He didn't want to open himself up to rejection again--not from her. Do your worst, she'd said. 


"Right," he muttered to himself, also issuing the password for the prefect's bathroom. The door actually didn't respond as it normally did, but he was too lost in thought to notice that it was being opened by a person instead of magic and so he nearly body-checked a freshly showered Irene as she pulled the door open. "Oh, snitch," Silas said, dropping most of his stuff automatically to instead place his hands on Irene's upper arms to steady both her and himself. She had a towel wrapped around her dark hair and smelled like something sweet.


"Sorry," he said, looking back over his shoulder in confusion. "The password.. I mean, I didn't realize someone was here."

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End of terms were always stressful. This year Irene was trying to get every opportunity in to make a good impression before the Headmaster decided on his Head Girl pick for next year. Additionally she had decided to take apparition this year, instead of coupling it with her NEWT exams and practical magic had never been her strong suit.


The stress of trying not to magically splice herself into multiple pieces was Large. Then she had also gotten knocked out of the dueling tournament and her team had not won the Quidditch cup. Stress of success was piling up on her tiny shoulders.


What Irene really needed was a steam. The locker room showers were unfortunately usually occupied by the team's captains and their respective beaus and belles looking for privacy before the year was over - and no amount of stress in the world could make her possibly barge in on Kirk and Reid having personal time.


She shuddered at the thought. Instead she'd done what any self-respecting 6th about to 7th year prefect would do - she went and threatened to hex anyone in the prefect's bathroom so she could use it herself in private.  Given the large amounts of water in the place - Irene's smiting hex was not to be trifled with. She had the showers to herself.


After a long steam and once she felt relatively human again, Irene re-robed and used a very expensive cream to try and make herself feel as fully pampered as possible. It was the only way she'd ever face her divination notes again. Really there was no possible way that subject was ACTUALLY useful, Irene was absolutely convinced.


She assumed it was her distracted thoughts which caused her to almost run into someone else coming into the shower. Except... she was still in it. And she'd recognize the hands that steadied her anywhere.


"S'fine," she chuckled as little containers hit the floor. "Hoarding supplies, Clarke?" Her own hands had come up to hold onto his arms and she patted him to let him know she was fine. "I'm finished, come on in." She stepped back into the room to help scoop up soaps as they rolled away.


Of course the first time she bent over her towel came loose and dark wet curls slapped her in the face. "Ugh." She dropped the towel in a basket and it magically disappeared. One of her hands came up to shake at her loose hair. And the other juggled soaps as she brought them back to Silas near the door.


"I might have used all the hot water in the steam." For the first time she looked up at grey eyes and saw an unusual level of consideration and... suspicion?


"Silas? Is everything ok?"

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Silas watched as Irene's towel-wrapped hair fell free of its bindings to swing around her face, the damp curls causing the sweet smell he'd been unable to identify to intensify. It was only when she asked him if everything was okay that he realized he hadn't moved from his initial position inside the doorway and she had stopped to collect his things and he'd just been.. Well, staring. And apparently frowning, if the sudden release of pressure from his forehead was any indication.


He gave a shake of his head as if to clear it and offered an apologetic smile. "Yeah, sorry, I'm fine," he said as she stacked his things back into his arms. After a pause, however, he said somewhat haltingly, "Actually, I -- I heard about you and Tobias." It wasn't that he was angry with Irene, at all-- how could he be? They'd never promised one another anything, and though he'd been nearly obsessed with her and her wellbeing since her mother had passed away, he'd removed his own feelings from the equation because it had just seemed like it would be easier (on both of them) than dealing with them.


No, it was that his best mate had pursued Silas's ex--his only ex, where Toby had many-- without even running it by him, that troubled him. Toby, who always got mad at Silas for not telling him things, stupid things, like kissing Columbia. "I guess I just wanted to let you know that I knew," he said a bit lamely, "so that you wouldn't have to feel weird about it or.. Obligated to hide it from me, or something." Not that it was any of his business what Irene did or who she liked, but she'd made him promise not to abandon her again and so he was trying to keep that vow in good faith.

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...You and Tobias.


Irene blinked uncomprehendingly at Silas for a moment before she gave an unladylike snort. "Ohkay." He'd said it like they were a Thing, like he'd heard some grand secret and they were off having trysts. He didn't seem happy about it. It's not like she could fault him for being concerned over his ex and his best friend - hadn't she had similar misgivings when Addison had spoke of her feelings for Silas under the duress of her potion sickness?


Her hands went into her pockets for lack of other engaging activity and she rocked back on her slippered heels. With her tongue half dug into her cheek she shrugged with mischievous eyes, "Do you wanna talk about it?" Of course she couldn't read minds, she didn't know why in particular he seemed at the least inconvenienced by whatever rumor he'd heard - most likely that Toby had asked Irene out during their tournament duel. #what-is-the-opposite-of-romance. But the idea that some part of him might echoed her own discomfort about the other one of them dating served to soothe her lady pride.


The way he looked at Addison now, Irene could tell herself she was happy if her friends were happy. In fact she'd wished Addie luck when she'd realized her best friend had long standing feelings for Silas. But faced with the reality of both of them together Irene had found a tiny part of her still saying - no, that was mine. It wasn't clear yet whether she was jealous of the relationship and those implications for her own past given the timing of everything or whether she was jealous of Silas' feelings.


"I don't think this was covered in the whole - we promise to always be there for each other thing." One of her hands emerged and curled her pinky in the air, a reminder of their promise to each other. "But I meant it. You can always talk to me." Her glib tone faded into a genuine smile of reassurance.


"For the record," Irene thought standing weirdly was ... well.. weird so she reached for his arm that wasn't cradling soap and pulled him to sit on a bench behind them. Their arms linked in a casual, familiar way that she'd always know blindfolded. "There's no 'Toby and I'." She smiled in casual dismissal, "He says he likes me though - so you know, thanks for the heads up," she chuckled. Of course Irene assumed Silas would know that his best friend had entertained feelings for herself- shouldn't he know these things?


Her head tilted to the side to catch a glimpse of his face. Silas could be a stone cold wall if he wanted to be- but she didn't want to spill her girl talk all over him if he didn't want to hear it. Despite the fact that she sorely needed someone to talk to.

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"Do you wanna talk about it?"


"No," he said, a bit abruptly. Whether she and his roommate dated was her own business, but he definitely did not want to have to hear about it. Irene held out her pinky finger and Silas lowered his eyes to the floor. He did always want to be there for her... he cared deeply about Irene and her happiness, regardless of what role he played in it. He thought he had made that clear the previous summer when she'd lost her mother. He would have done anything for her, if it would even have helped the smallest iota.


"You can always talk to me."


"I'm trying to be better about it," he said ruefully, and it really was true. Starting with Grace, who loved him no matter how much of a butt he was being, he had begun to open up more frequently, and it was trickling down to his other friends and relationships, though he was still cautious about what he shared, and when. It was still more and better than nothing... at least, he hoped.


"For the record, there's no 'Toby and I'."


"Oh," Silas said, but before he had any time to really digest that, Irene was ribbing him for not giving her a warning that Toby liked her. "You think knew?" he retorted. "As if. I think I was the last person to know. Actually.." he turned to face her, bringing one leg up on to the bench, the other foot still planted on the floor. "Kaelyn told me, by accident. I guess I kind of had a... moment... about it." He realized how that sounded and quickly held his hands up. "I mean, not that it's not allowed, or that you can't do whatever, I just--"


He sighed, suddenly more interested in the texture of Irene's terrycloth robe than looking her in the eye. "I was pretty pissed off he hadn't, I dunno, asked me if it was cool, before casually asking out the only girl I ever.." he caught himself, but probably not fast enough. Silas rubbed his eyes with his fingers, distorting his face a little with the pressure of the squeezing. "Dated."

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The fact that he'd had a reaction at all to the idea of Toby stirred something in her. Maybe he's not immune either. It was a small validation she treasured regardless of its truth. Meanwhile she had the urge to make a biting retort about all the people Kaelyn 'talks' to but swallowed it. Apparently she talked to Everyone about Everything, or maybe she just talked to everyone about Irene. How annoying.

He had turned so she did as well, she tucked one ankle behind the other in a habitual ladylike sitting pose she assumed without thought though it was handy for times like now where her attire consisted of a bathrobe.  

"Well to be fair," Irene blew a piece of damp hair out of her face, "I'm not sure he really knew either." She gave a less than genuine laugh and muttered, "He definitely didn't mean to ask me out in the middle of our tournament duel. He took it back immediately." How sad it was: the only date request she'd ever gotten was a joke and a mistake.


 "...before casually asking out the only girl I ever.... .... ... Dated." 


She heard the word he couldn't say and chalked up his hesitation to an attempt to spare her feelings. She'd once made him promise not to lie to her. So he couldn't say now with the wisdom of hindsight that he'd loved her. It wasn't a surprise anymore, it didn't cut as deep even hearing him struggle with it.


She saw his gesture because she didn't need to avert her eyes, not from him. Irene had grown up a lot in the last year and felt she was coming to accept what she saw as her lot in life. For a long time she had wished a great many things about her relationship with Silas but she no longer had those wishes because she knew now that it wouldn't have mattered. She knew now about his past with Addison.


Her hand carefully took the one stabbing into his eyeballs and pulled it away from his face to hold loosely between them. She wanted to tell him the truth: that he didn't need to be evasive for her because she knew about his real feelings. He didn't need to cover them up. But she couldn't because she'd promised Addison.


"When I say that you can tell me things, I mean all the things. I wish you wouldn't censor yourself for me. I can take it, hell I'm lining up to take it." She shook his hand for emphasis with a laugh. If she'd had mind powers she would have projected right through his stubborn head. Treat me like a real friend.


"You have other people, I know." She shrugged but smiled, "But none like me." Perhaps with the exception of Columbia, Irene felt certain not a single person he knew was a dark and twisted inside as she was. She knew she could carry any burden he'd ever have because unlike all his other friends, she'd carried her own alone.

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