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Juan Garcia

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Juan Garcia

Juan had been waiting on the platform to try and catch a glimpse of at least one of his friends. He had been… doing pretty okay. Not a single detention the year before and his grades had been acceptable. Did that matter to his parents? No, not really. They hadn’t once said they were proud of his accomplishments… Or that he’d scored a winning goal in Quidditch. Or that he’d started taking electives he loved. Or that he’d gotten top of the year in some of his classes.


They never acknowledged him.


So when he’d been dropped off at the station, he’d been the one to quickly usher them away as he waltzed through the barrier and saw the scarlet train once again. He was going back home.


And finally, a familiar face! Waving his hand wildly as he rushed towards her, he tugged his suitcase along and threw his arms around her. “Sofie! It feels like it’s been so long! How have you been?!”


He grabbed her wrist, tugging her towards another side of the train. He hadn’t even offered Sky a greeting. They’d never made amends. Why should Juan be the one to try when Sky hadn’t even deigned him with the time of day?


“Dude, it felt so weird to not stay at your house this summer.”

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Sofie Clement


It felt weird to be heading back to school for fourth year. Getting older meant more responsibilities, and her parents had scolded her quite a bit about her grades over the last few years. Or rather, her lack of them. She may or may not have been skipping a number of classes -read: all of them- in order to do... literally anything else. She'd done lessons in first year and it had been really boring and awful and she didn't want to do them anymore.


But she'd promised to do better and while she didn't really mean a word of it, her parents had believed her. And that was what mattered.


When they arrived at King’s Cross, Sofie was thrilled that Juan was one of the first people she spotted, and returned his hug immediately. She knew things were a bit frosty between him and Sky but tried her best to just smooth everything over, to the best of her ability. Which, for Sofie, meant acting like nothing was wrong in the first place and ignoring all awkwardness.


Grinning at the Slytherin, she shrugged, “‘M fine. Got yelled at a lot over holiday, which meant no traveling, which was lame.” She rolled her eyes, sure to convey how ridiculous she thought that turn of events had been. “But I hung out at the museum a lot! How are you?” Sofie really liked museums, okay?


“It was weird!” she answered with a nod, wholeheartedly agreeing with his assessment. “It was really quiet too, since you weren’t there,” she added with a bit of a smirk. “What did you get up to?”

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Juan Garcia

Just fine? Juan frowned and then shook his head with a knowing smile as she explained WHY. She’d gotten yelled at. “Well that’s what happens when you literally stop going to classes. You know, if I brought your name up in class, NONE of the teachers even knew who you were. Like… It’s almost like you hadn’t gone to class in years. Even the ones that had taught you in first year, were like ‘Sofie who?’ Can’t say I blame your parents,” he laughed, hopping on the train and waiting for her to follow.


At the museum? “Wow. Boring. You couldn’t go watch paint dry?” he asked with a roll of his eyes before finding an empty compartment, “I’m good. Dealing with no sleep because Maria’s baby is literally either crying or pooping. I swear it doesn’t sleep. But… I’d be glad to trade your parents for mine. At least they talked to you. My parents were so focused on my new nephew to even care that my grades were actually good this year.”


When the owl had come with his grades, all he’d gotten was a “wow, good job!” and they’d moved onto other, newer topics. It was all the same. They had had two other grandkids as babies before this one. He didn’t know why they were making such a big deal over it.


At her response that her home had been quiet, he nudged her playfully with his shoulder, “Stooooop, I’m not that loud. This is just my regular volume and it just happens to not be allowed in libraries.”


He seated himself across from her and shrugged, “Uuuh not much other than that. I tried to text Clayton for a while but that didn’t go so well because he lives in this like wizards only area, and he could barely text back. He didn’t get how a phone worked.”


Juan huffed, “But it’s whatevers, you know? I’ll see loads of him during school since we’re in the same house and everything. How’s uh…. How’s Sky?”


It felt weird to ask about his former starbro, but NOT asking would’ve felt weirder.

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