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Sorting Hat

If your question about sorting isn't answered in the Sorting Instructions or the form itself, please read the frequently asked questions in this post. If the answer isn't there, please go ahead and ask. :)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to I get sorted?
The instructions are posted here.

When do I find out which house I got?
That's also answered in the instructions here.

It says I sent in more than one form, but it's not true! What do I do?
DO NOT post about it here. PM one of the moderators and tell them your story.

Can I make up characters to interact with in the RP questions?
Yes, you can. Just don't overdo it. We're interested in your character not anyone else.

I forgot what I wrote on my form. Can you send me a copy?
You should have received a copy of it in your Messages when you submitted the form. Please let Weasley know if that didn't happen.

I don't want to get sorted now, should I still fill out the form?
No. Your form will not be saved for the next sorting.

I got rejected. What can I do? I want to get sorted!
Please read the rejection PM you got to find out what went wrong so you can fix it. If it’s unclear, you can PM a moderator for help. Unless you sent in a form for more than one account, you can most likely still get sorted as long as you re-submit it before the form closes.

How exactly will I know if I got accepted or rejected?
You will receive a message from the Sorting Hat. This may take up to a week depending on how many forms we receive. Please be patient.

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Kealey Zuntz

Hello! I have a question about one of the new questions on the sorting form.


"1. Of the five words you chose above, which is the most important for your character? "


What is this actually asking for? Is it asking for which is the biggest part of their character as I see it OOCly, or which THEY think is the most important part of their character, or which they care the most about ICly (and therefore place the highest regard on)?


IE. if my five words were nice, smart, funny, talented and strong*, am I supposed to answer


a) smart: because it's the biggest part of her personality,

b ) funny: because it's what she thinks is the most important part of her character,

c) nice: because it's what she cares about the most ICly.


I hope this makes sense, and thank you!


*my five words are not these, this is just the first five I thought of as an example

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The purpose of the sorting form is to provide enough information for the 'Sorting Hat' to have seen inside you and place you in the correct house. This house doesn't always reflect a character's 11 year old personality but the potential within each person and a direction for them to grow that makes sense based on their values. 


So when picking which of your 5 words is most  important I would advise picking the word you as an Out of Character writer identify as being the most encompassing/demonstrative of your character's values and how they make choices in life. 


IE for your words, as an example, you could choose 'talented' as exemplary if it gives insight into why your character tends to not put hard work into things and takes the easy road - they are naturally gifted and not used to working for anything so they take the shortcuts available to them. Obviously I don't know if that's true for you (please don't use that), it was just an example based on your words.  


I hope this helps. <3 Snape

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Alvis Anderson

Question about link on sorting RP. Does the link change on the sorting RP when it moves forum? pls

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Hi @Alvis Anderson!

The link should stay the same even after it moves forums, so you should have an issue for anything you're trying to link there. 


Hope that answers your question. <3 Scrim

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