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Sorting Hat

The Sorting Ceremony

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Sorting Hat

Professor James moved a little slower than normal. She was also slightly shorter than she would normally appear to returning students. Her signature stiletto heels were lowered to better distribute her weight.


As she waited for the first years at the entrance to Hogwarts castle she absently jabbed her fingers into the base of her spine. Of course Professor Gawkrodger couldn't be bothered to do this - Go ahead Jenna, one last time for posterity. 


If she ever found out he was making a joke about her posterior which was growing slightly in size to accommodate the tiny human burrowing inside her - she would probably murder him. Best friend or not. Thankfully her robes were flowing and covered up her current stage of pregnancy. If anyone commented on her glowing she would set them on fire. 


"Welcome," she finally started when the children were gathered. "You have arrived at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is to be your home and learning environment for the next seven years. Directly behind us is the Great Hall where you will take your meals and where in a few moments you will be placed into one of four houses. You houses will be your family while you are in residence. The four houses are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin." Her cold voice softened a touch on the word 'Slytherin'. 


"You will file into the Great Hall in an orderly fashion." Her dark blue eyes narrowed at a couple of troublemakers no doubt destined for Gryffindor. "When your name is called step up to the front of the room and you will be sorted. Then you will Calmly join your new house at their house table. You will be able to identify your new house as the one who cheers annoyingly for you." Such ceremony for nothing - yay you exist! Barf. 


"Lets get on with it then." Her lip curled at two students who appeared soaking wet. Professor Althaus had done a subpar job yet again at keeping all the students in their boats. She ushered them along inside and cast a drying charm at any damp students she noticed. 


In the Great Hall the ceiling glittered with the night sky and countless floating candles. Four house tables sat with students filling all but the very front seats and the staff table sat prominently at the head of the room. Staff looked down at the entering first years who would all gather around a stool upon which sat a tattered and beaten hat. When the last student entered the hall, the doors closed behind them and the hat seemingly came to life:


Oh, you may expect a hat trick

But the four will do one better

All present here above my brim

Worth every front page header


See the founders saw the power here

In this castle, years forgone

each picked and chose which traits they deemed

Worth hanging this hat on


Godric Gryffindor, the dauntless

Valued those courageous few

The daring and the chivalrous

Who'd brave a mountain for the view


Rowena Ravenclaw, so sharp

With her keen eagle eyes

Scoped out the wise and learn'd whom

Her house to this day prizes


Hufflepuff, our loyal Helga

Patient to the end

Those diligent enough, she'd find

In black and yellow, will attend


Salazar, Slytherin's head

Kept pure ones close to heart

Ambition, power, cunning all

The Slytherin high arts


The four now tip their hat to you

So put it on your head!

I've sung my song this year for all

Let's sort these, feast, then go to bed!


The first student's name was called starting with last names in alphabetical order...

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Cosette Mercier

The train ride was something else for Cosette, she was happy to have gotten off and walk away from some of the students there were there, but she heard that first years had to follow someone to a boat. Great, she had to get on a boat to get to this school. What was the point of doing that. Still, the only reason she was doing this was because of her father, she wanted to live up to his name. Whatever that name was, she didn't know what that was at all. Now she was sitting on a boat with people she didn't want to talk to.


Looking around, the place was nice and when she saw the castle it was nothing like she pictured at all. Knowing that when she got a chance she was going to have to look at her photos and compare them to how the castle really looked. 


This was the moment that she wished that he mother was here, so she was able to see how amazing this castle looked. But she was still homesick and wanted to go see her mom. She couldn't wait for this day to be over, so she would be able to write to her mother and let her know everything about her first day. 


As they were brought into the Great Hall, Cosette stood there with all her friends, and looked around. It was huge, and she couldn't believe. There was four long tables, and there was different colors. She wondered what the colors were, was that the house thing that people were talking about at that summer school that wasn't the greatest thing in the world. 


Taking a deep breath, Cosette was ready for sleep. 


Mercier, Cosette


Hearing her name, she walked up and sat there and waited to see where she would be sleeping tonight. 

Tired, Miss Mercier? It has been a rather exciting day, hasn’t it? Meeting new people… a boat ride… all this food… getting sor- ah, yes! Sorting! Why, you want to know your house don’t you? I won’t keep you waiting any longer then. Let me just look through your head a little… why, my girl, you’re quite the creative one, aren’t you? A love for art and music, you often find yourself dreaming of new things to create. And I know one founder who can provide you with ample inspiration. Get your sketchbook ready, Miss Mercier, because you’re surely going to need it when you wake up in... RAVENCLAW!

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Alvis Anderson

It had been a long ride on the Hogwarts express but Alvis had bumped into a very interesting number of students witch kept him entertained but now he was making his way towards an embankment of a great Lake. In a dreamy state he looked around at the wonder and muddle that came from so many young people ready for new and exciting wonders, this coursed him to nearly miss what he had to do next, like getting into one of the wooden boats but luckily he managed to get shunted into one of the last remaining half empty boats.


After a lot more pushing and walking up lots of stone steps, flanked by hogs and other stone statues, Alvis found himself being pushed into a room just off from the entrance hall and some grown up telling him he and his fellow first years where about to be sorted into the four school houses. ''Can I go to the loo first? Erm It's been a while!'' But his words got lost in the noise of the great hall as the doors swung open and the light from many floating candles made Alvis forget all about his problem.


It wasn't long before he heard his name being called, ''Anderson Alvis!'' being very close to the start of the alphabet, however he was already wandering over towards the table full with students dressed with red and gold lined robes before he turned his head and headed towards the stool and hat. He quickly sat down and waited....and waited.


''Erm Howdy doodly do! Erm can you hurry it up me boy! I need the loo!'' 

Have to use the loo? Why, I better hurry and send you off to your house then. Don’t need to be having any accidents on such a special day as this one! Just a few more moments, my boy, let me just take a look in your head…. Ah, there seems to be two founders itching to have you join them! You’re bold… and willingness to break the rules when need be is appreciated by dear ol’ Godric. There’s more though… a sense of justice and yearning for everything to be fair, which Helga would cherish. So which will it be, Mister Anderson? Go, and join your classmates in… GRYFFINDOR!

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Clarissa Perenge

Clarissa was relieved to finally be here. That train ride was way too long and she'd been stuck with annoying people. Not that this was anything was unusual. Other then a few people, she hadn't really taken to those she'd gone to PHP with. She was just relieved to be done with that silly school and to finally be at Hogwarts. She should have been here a year ago. She should have sitting at one of those tables waiting for this years sorting, but nope. Because of her parents not having her until November, she'd had to wait.


When the Sorting Hat was on her head, she realized this was it. This was the moment that she was going to find out where she was going to be for the next seven years. Of course, part of her wanted to go to Hufflepuff to finally gain control of Alyssa again, but another part of her really didn't want to be a Hufflepuff. She sighed and moved up to sit on the stool as soon as her name was called.


I don't want to be Hufflepuff. She instantly thought once the hat was on her head. I know I should be there because you put Alyssa Hoofer there last year. I don't know if you remember sorting her or not. Probably not since she isn't someone who is very memorable. She can be very boring as you likely saw in her head. Anyway we should be together and I should have been sorted with her last year. Anyway, I suppose I could still take control of her from another house. I still could last year at home. I don't really care for Ravenclaw either to be honest. I am not some bookish nerd who does nothing but read. I haven't even opened a textbook yet so there! You know, you should have sorted me a year ago but because of my stupid parents I had to wait because they didn't have me until November. Now that I'm here I want to be a second year, not a first! So you think of a way to manage to put me in the second year and put me in Gryffindor! That's where I want to be! Slytherin would be okay but no one in my family was sorted there. My parents were both Hufflepuff's but If you put me in Hufflepuff I won't go! I'll lose points for them on purpose all year and they'll never win the house cup! I'll sign up for Quidditch too and make them lose! I am the best there is at Quidditch after all so I will get on the team. So choose wisely or else!


Clarissa folded her arms and grinned as she waited for the Hats decision. She had told it! If you could tell a hat that is.

Don’t want Hufflepuff? Ahh, yes, I remember Miss Hoofer well. Such a sweet one she was, as she sat under my brim. There’s nothing for you to worry about though, Miss Perenge. While I see that you too have a knack for standing up for fair treatment, a different founder is calling your name. You have ambitions... high ones, and will use whatever resources you can to reach them. You may feel insecure on occasion, but where I send you you’ll find many who will help to lift you up and achieve whatever you set you set your heart on. You have the potential to do great things, Miss Perenge, and you’ll find all you need to do just that in... SLYTHERIN!

Edited by Clarissa Perenge

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Stephanie Eckland

The problem with reading extensively about Hogwarts from the moment you learn that you have a place at the school, is that you have very few surprises once you arrive. She had known that they would be travelling across the lake on boats, and the fact that the boats had no visible means of propulsion was a curiosity but by no means a shock.


One thing that did take her breath away slightly though was just how massive Hogwarts was. Words could not truly describe the enormity of the place. Back on dry land, she joined the procession of new students who were making their way up to the main gate. When they were ushered inside, they were taken to a small room and asked to wait until the great hall was ready to receive them.


They didn't seem to have long to wait, Soon they were being led out of that side room and towards the great hall itself. Once inside, Steph noted the four long house tables, the staff table at the front, and of course the enchanted ceiling. Everything here was exactly as her books had pictured it. Her fellow first years might gasp in awe, but this was old news in her case. What really interested her as the chair at the front and the ancient sorting hat. How many children had worn that hat and waited as it probed their minds and announced their fate?


Soon it would be her turn, just as soon as her name was called, she would take a seat, listen to the hat's pronouncement, and join one of the tables. She glanced over at the Ravenclaw table. She knew about the four Hogwarts houses and she strongly suspected that she would be taking her feast with the eagles.


"Eckland, Stephanie"


Her time had come, she took her place on the seat and felt the hat being placed on her hat. "I was thinking" she sent her thought to the hat "about the origin of magic; what part genetics plays and wondering why some humans are magical whilst other apes are not. Have you any thoughts on the matter?" Steph had pondered this during her time at Pre-Hogwarts Primary and whilst she had developed a few interesting hypotheses, she hadn't come up with a definite answer. She wondered if the hat, as a fellow deep thinker, might be able to shed any new light on her questions.

I may be a talking hat, Miss Eckland, but I fear my specialty doesn’t lie in that of genetics! The founders only managed to give me just enough knowledge to seek out the students they so wished to teach and you, my dear, have one fighting fiercely for you now. Your curiosity and drive to learn more will land ample information in your lap and you’ll find many just like you where you’ll soon be going, willing to provide you with even more. I hope you’re ready for days filled with healthy discussion in… RAVENCLAW!

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Robin Corelli-Rose

The important thing was that he’d Made It and now, sitting in the floating-candle-lit Great Hall of Hogwarts, Robin felt more than a little dazed, like what had transpired prior to him sitting down at the table had been a long and elaborate dream – or had happened over the course of a week, not the span of one day.


Hiding out at the Java Bomb this morning (he still hadn’t told Kay about his moment of weakness and change of heart); clinging to his dads and receiving Carson’s heirloom pocketwatch; the train ride from King’s Cross; the boat ride, which had been, frankly, a little terrifying – Robin recalled, in a dream-haze sort of way, clutching the sides of the little vessel and trying not to think too hard about what was below the dark water (had it been shallow, or had they been pulled across an unfathomable abyss?) - How had all of it happened today?


All of it felt like it had happened to somebody else. And now here he was – Sorting Night. And here at Hogwarts he shall be, until Winter break, which seemed ages and ages away).


Hogwarts was like the Primary school times 10; it was so much more than he imagined when he’d asked his family to tell him about it and the raucous noise of all the students cheering for their Houses whenever someone had been Sorted was deafening. Robin suddenly remembered his plans with Kay and Francis to create the Just Us League, a means stick together, explore the school, and help those who needed it, but the idea seemed pale and tiny in the face of the hugeness of Hogwarts.


He felt a little like crying. The stress and excitement of the day, compounded with the larger-than-life school and the anticipation of finding out in which of the four Houses he belonged threatened to overwhelm him. Instead, Robin fidgeted with his robes until he found the chain that he’d attached to his trousers’ beltloop, fished out his dad’s pocketwatch and curled his fingers around it. He could always write home; he needed a distraction and luckily the Great Hall had plenty.


This wasn’t Robin’s first time to Hogwarts (although it was the first time he’d been inside) – he’d visited when he was much younger and Bad Cop Dad had taken him and his sister to watch a school Quidditch match. Robin hadn’t been impressed, but the enchantments he saw all around him right now were inspirational. It was painfully thinking that maybe one day, finally, he might able to do them.


As another cheer erupted, Robin jerked out of his musings and glanced nervously at the front.


“At least you and Fran’ll find out quick,” Kay heaved a sigh, picking up on what was eating him and patting his shoulder comfortingly. “Like ripping off a Band-Aid – whoosh!” She had a point – Robin would have been a mess by the time his name was called, had his surname been in the lower half of the alphabet, so at least there was that.


Hearing Francis's name called at last was what really started the wheel moving forward, with no hope of having it turn back. He watched, with a fatalistic sort of expression, as his cousin sat down on the stool and - waved at them. It had the effect it should have, it had gotten a small smile out of Robin, which he kept even as Francis was given a new collective and went to sit with them. We've got our Plan, though, Robin thought, trying for Everything Is Fine. We've got our Plan


Then, "Corelli-Rose, Robin," set his heart in a mad-gallop in his ribcage, a space that felt entirely too cramped for the frantic thudding. With shaking hands, Robin pushed away from the table and clambered over the bench.


The space between the rows of tables leading up to the Sorting Hat appeared miles long and Robin wavered. It was happening.


Oh, no, Robin thought with a shock of horror as his feet refused to move, it was happening! He looked down, expecting to see that his terror had transformed his shoes into tree roots – but he saw nothing of the sort. Robin shook his head, and before his anxiety could truly manifest itself into something, clamped his jaw and fists tight and marched up to the Sorting Hat.


Unsure what to expect from him own Hat experiences, Robin thought, How does this work? How do I get it to talk to –Oh, he jumped, hands shooting up and grab the brim of the Hat. Then he bit his lip, flushing.


The whole of Hogwarts stared back at him and Robin’s eyes couldn’t help but dart from face to face. He spotted Lindy beaming at him encouragingly and giving him a double thumbs-up from the Hufflepuff table, and at Slytherin’s Reid waved at him from where he sat dwarfing the morose-looking boy around whose shoulder he’d slung his arm. From his new table, Francis waved no less enthusiastically than Reid, while at the centre one there was Kay, fist-pumping the air and forming a silent 'Woo!' as the crowds hushed to hear the verdict.


Back to the Hat.


Sorry, can I think at you rather than talk out loud? You’ll get a lot more out of me that way. Um. Is it okay not to have a preference? Because my family’s all from different Houses and it’s not the end of the world if I’m not with my friends – though, admittedly, the thought of having to share a room with strangers was intimidating – because we’ve made plans to factor that in… Anyway, I’ve decided to come to Hogwarts because I suppose it’s the one place where I can really learn how to control my magic. That sounded rather feeble, but it was honest – at least this was a conversation no one but the Hat could hear. I’ve never been very good. I want to be a proper wizard. Determined to - to properly and confidently use magic and see where that takes me, he clarified.

You can do whatever you’d like, my boy. I’ll hear you either way! No preference? That’s fine, too… why; you’re a chatty one, aren’t you! Shh… quiet down now, so I may… oh there’s more? Okay, I’ll wait. Mhm… different houses… intimidated by strangers… plans? Why, you’re prepared for everything! Not to worry, Mr. Corelli-Rose, I’ll find the perfect place for you! You have quite the drive for success and that in itself has Salazar calling your name. But your analytical mind has another reaching for you more strongly. You want to be a proper wizard and you’ll find many willing to help you along the way in… RAVENCLAW!

Edited by Robin Corelli-Rose

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Gynysys Lane-Jones

The train ride to Hogsmeade had been rather uneventful as there were students from every year, every walk of life, and every country in the region that Hogwarts took. She had made a couple of friends before the school year was underway, and of course there were a few people who didn’t care for how little she knew about the wizarding world.


She hadn’t expected to be so blown away by the sight of the castle light up at night. It was almost as surreal as when the ministry helper showed up at her house in Wales on the island of Anglesey with a letter of acceptance to Hogwarts. The lights flickered in the night almost as if the flames were dancing in each of the castle’s windows as the water of the lake lapped up against the shore.


She heard the soft hooting of owls in the night as all the first year students were herded away from the older students and towards the lake. It was a scene from her wildest dreams as the groundskeeper lead them to the shore of the lake near the Hogsmeade station. The wind wasn’t as blustery as it was back home this time of year, but there was a noticeable breeze that she felt as she was lead to a boat.


There was a small issue with her being led to a boat, and that was she didn’t really know how to use an oar or paddles to guide the boat to the other side. Almost as if on cue one of the staff members who were with the incoming first years chuckled and stated, “The boats guide themselves across the water; they’re enchanted, so you don’t have to do anything besides sit there and enjoy the lake and the sights of the castle at night.”


She smiled as she heard that coming from the Hogwarts staff and nodded. There were a couple of second before she heard the sound of the call for the boats to be pushed off and headed towards the castle.


The waves lapping up against the boat and the slow wake of each boat behind on their way to the castle just seemed rather whimsical. She stepped foot onto the shore in awe of the sheer size of the castle as she had never really seen a castle before other than the few times that she had been down into Wales with her parents.


Steps echoed through the halls as the first years were guided towards the entrance of the Great Hall. They were given the spiel about how sorting worked and how they’d be called up individually before the sorting hat was placed on their heads.


She couldn’t figure out exactly how the sorting hat was alive, but maybe someone had accidentally hit it with a spell like the desk at PHP, but her mind was suddenly askew when they were let into the Great Hall. She had peered up at the ceiling and saw that it look just like the sky outside; the moon shining high above as the lights lit up the area.


The mesmerization had worn off as she suddenly heard her name being called.


“Lane-Jones, Gynysys!”


She hurried up to the stool and looked around at the seemingly endless room that was the Great Hall as the Sorting Hat was placed on her head and she couldn’t figure out exactly what to think, so her mind started a whole conversation with herself and the Hat, whom she had named Mr. Sortington McSortsworth, III, Esquire.


So, I think I’m supposed to come up here and like talk to you about everything that I know, but the truth it that I don’t exactly know what to talk about, Mr. Sortington McSortsworth, III, Esquire. Like just a few months ago I had no idea that magic existed and now I’m here. Where is here anyway? I presume it’s somewhere in Scotland. Did you know I’ve never been to Scotland? This place is so cool! Do you have like tips about things to do in Scotland? Oh, no, right, you don’t because you’re not alive.


You’re just a hat who someone accidentally shot a spell at, just like those desks at PHP. Gee, I wonder if they’re still floating around that classroom. Who knows? Maybe the teachers didn’t have time to take care of it after the whole incident with some of the students being taken to Romania. Have you ever been to Romania? I’ve been there once, obviously, but not by my own choice. You see there were these two men, maybe you’ve heard about them, I think they were Hogwarts graduates, but anyway, then ended up accidentally taking us to Romania with a portkey.


You’re not a portkey, right? What’s that even mean? I just know that the author, I think that’s what he said his job title was, but I had no idea book authors were able to fight crime. I digress a little bit with that, but he said it was an illegal portkey? Will I get in trouble? Oh, why do I even bother, you’re just a hat sitting on my head. You won’t do anyth---


At that very moment she was cut off by the voice of the sorting hat.

That’s quite the fancy name you have for me, isn’t it? Wouldn’t consider myself so noble as to be an esquire; I’m only a hat, after all. Portkey? Trouble? Settle down there, Miss Lane-Jones! No one’s getting into any trouble! I’m just here to sort you! Now let’s take a peek in here… ahh, you’re very loyal, I see. Your relationships are very important to you and you wish for everyone to be treated fairly. There’s a woman I knew once who wasn’t too unlike you, actually, and her house is just over there… see it? No? Just look for the students cheering as you join them in… HUFFLEPUFF!

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Eve McBride

Eve was super excited to finally go to Hogwarts and be a part of something amazing. She couldn't wait for school to begin and find her house. She watched as others her age got called on to sit under the hat to decide their place at Hogwarts. She wondered how long it would be until she was called to sit in front of everyone


"McBride, Eve"


Eve practically ran up front in excitement as soon as her name was called before sitting down on the stool to catch her breath "Alrighty, let's get this show on the road" Eve said as she waited patiently for the hat to decide her fate

Yes, let’s get this show on the… road? Why, I hope this stool is good enough for you, Miss McBride, as I fear I haven’t any feet to take me onto a road. Not unless you’re willing to carry me, that is, and that would be quite a journey! Now let’s see what we have here… why, aren’t you a sweet little thing? Very respectful… very helpful… and very loyal, too. I'm tempted to sort you into Hufflepuff, but no. Let's get back to that questing mind of yours, shall we? You value getting to the bottom of situations and finding out the truth, and I think that this will serve you best in RAVENCLAW!

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Francis Barnes II

Francis’s tiny body couldn’t contain the massive swell of emotions that coursed through his veins in that one golden moment that he passed through the large, arched doorway of the Great Hall for the first time.  Excitement, joy, wonder, all coalesced into a singular feeling and experience that was absolutely indescribable.  This, he thought, is magic; magic as it was meant to experienced: brazenly out in the open for all to see.


And just like that, the mood shifted: not fear, not trepidation (never those things) but the melancholy of a memory best left behind.  Not too long ago, everyone in his life knew about this secret world—about magic—even “the muggles”, through some rite of blood that elevated them above the law.  Francis, however, was the son of muggle parents; their only son.  He didn’t have a wizard brother or a witch sister.  It had been thought, for the longest time, that keeping him in the dark was the best way to stay on the right side of the law.


In retrospect, and with everything laid out on the table, Francis didn’t blame them.  They’d lied, but with undeniably good reason: to protect themselves, and him, and the magical world, as the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy decreed.  It had still stung, unfortunately, but this pain was like an open door leading to yet another new feeling: determination.


Francis was worthy of their trust, as both a part of this world (a small part) and member of their family.  He was going to make his parents proud.  He was going to make his aunts and uncles proud.  He was going to make Kay and Robin proud because they, too, were a part of this world (a bigger part.)


Abruptly, Francis slapped his cheeks, the loud noise no doubt drawing strange looks from the other 11-year-olds surrounding him, but Francis didn’t notice.  The feelings in his chest had at long last settled into something: resolute fire.  His eyes now gleamed with the determined spark of a young boy who was now looking straight ahead, not behind, and what a sight the present was!


Candles cradling the glow of bright yellow flames bobbed and weaved through the air overhead.  Large, golden portraits lined every wall, and within their frames, the figures moved, alight with life and curiosity.  Above him large, wooden archways crested clouds and a starry night sky.  Not a painting or a mural, but the actual night sky made manifest, complete with shifting, thin wisps of cloud.


Francis found that he could not look away, not until the headmaster started his speech, breaking the spell of awe that had fallen over him.  Instinctually he moved closer to Robin and Kay; though their presence did little to tether him to the here and now.  It was like he had bells in his ears, ringing louder and louder with every spoken word until a chorus of loud claps and cheers drowned out the end of a speech that Francis may have liked, had he not been so distracted by everything else.


Then the school’s prized Sorting Hat was paraded out, and waves of silences and tension washed over them all in equal measure.  This was that moment—the moment—they’d all been waiting for.  Francis couldn’t stop fidgeting as he waited impatiently for his name to be called; his enthusiasm for the evening renewed.


“Barnes, Francis.”


“Hehehehehe,” Francis chuckled giddily (like a crazy person) very much vibrating with excited energy before he darted up the short staircase to the three-legged stool, christening it with a brand new bottom.  His eyes searched for Robin and Kay one last time in the crowd, and when he spotted them, he exposed them immediately with an enthusiastic wave.


The wave continued even after the brim of the hat fell down over his eyes and face, obscuring the majority of his head from view.  Well, save for a tiny portion of chin.


He was, once again, very small.

Oops! Sorry about that; don’t mean to rob you of your view! The great hall is such a lovely space isn’t it? And… who’s that you’re waving to? Now if you could just hold still a moment, Mr. Barnes, I’ll take a look inside this head of yours and then you can rejoin your friends. Almost… almost… yes! That’s it! Ahh, it’s quite the inquisitive mind you have here, isn’t it? Your drive to learn and explore has Rowena pleading for you, but… there’s more. In you I see a moral lad who always strives to do what’s right. And there’s a thirst for adventure… yes… I see it now. Go now and explore with your classmates in... GRYFFINDOR!

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Avery Potter

From the moment that she had received her letter she had been living her life on a cloud. She did not think that it mattered that she had always known she would be heading to a Hogwarts. It did not matter that she had shown signs of accidental magic from a young age. A part of her truly worried that her letter wouldn’t come, and that fear had only disappeared the moment she had clasped her hand around her crisp envelope. 


The train journey had been uneventful. She had found herself migrating towards her fellow first years, watching the scenario past as they traveled from London. Avery knew that her excitement was only increasing with every moment they had made their way towards their destination. There had even been a spring in her step as she had changed from her casual attire to the necessary school uniform half way through the journey. 


The excitement that she felt mixed with obvious nerves the moment that the express arrived in Hogsmeade. Avery didn’t know her fate. She didn’t know whether she would be about to join her brother and cousin at the gryffindor table, or her cousin with the Hufflepuffs. She didn’t know whether she would end up in one of the other two houses either. She knew that is why they had the sorting ceremony in the first place. 


Avery didn’t know how she should react around her brother. Sonny had made it clear that he didn’t want anyone to know he was a Potter. To the soon to be first year, Avery did not share the same feelings. She had never understood why being a Potter was a big deal to some of their peers. It was just a name… her name… that she had been given at birth. 


She was surrounded by her fellow eleven year olds as they were lead into the great hall. Avery stared at the ceiling in amazement. Seeing the enchantment was truly different from hearing about it in stories told by your family members. It finally felt real to the eleven year old. It was her turn to find out her own role in the crazy magical world. 


Avery had a long wait. The alphabet soup of names were called forward. Clapping echoed around the hall as she looked around trying to find her family. Among the students already at the tables she eventually spotted Desmond. She sent him a quick wave as the names were called out. Trying not to draw attention to herself, Avery turned back to the task at hand. 


“Potter, Avery!”


Avery straightened up at the sound of her name. The moment was finally there. She had spent the entire summer wondering what house she would join. In a matter of minutes she would be told that by the famous sorting hat. What if she didn’t fit in? What if they found her too unique? She just wanted to find a little place she could call home when she was away from her parents and her siblings. 


She moved forward and slowly perched on the stool. As the sorting hat covered her eyes, she closed them. She didn’t want to disappoint her brother and find somewhere in another house. In the same breath maybe being sorted elsewhere would make both their lives easier. All Avery knew was that the moment the hat spoke what was said couldn’t be rewritten.

Take a deep breath, Miss Potter, and remember… you don’t have to follow in the footsteps of your brother, and I am sure he won’t be disappointed in you for taking your own path. At a glance, I don’t think I could justify sorting you into Gryffindor, anyway. You share more of Helga’s opinions than Godric’s… you treasure equality and believe everyone should have rights to an education; and you aim to be fair in all your actions. No, I see you following instead in the footsteps of one of your cousins in HUFFLEPUFF!

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Kelby Matos

Kelby had found the train to be a very big letdown.


Whoever designed the travel modalities to Hogwarts was really lacking in the creativity department. She had cooler things happen at her last boarding school which was not magical and full of nuns. If the nuns were more exciting than a school full of witches and magic, Kelby was going to demand her money back. The only plus the school had right now was that neither parent could call or access it because they were of the non-magical sort, but if it proved to be boring, she was finding a way to get herself kicked out by tomorrow afternoon.


When she got off the train, she decided she had maybe – just maybe – judged a little prematurely. There was hustle and bustle everywhere with a clear segregation between the new kids and old. Kelby attempted to slip in with the older kids because she was sure they knew some hidden secret or cool passage to the school, but she was intercepted by an official making her head in the opposite direction. Kelby mumbled under her breath in discontent because it was obvious the new kids weren’t trusted because they were younger. That was discrimination based on age, and she was intending to complain about it.


Or well, she was until she realized what the first year’s mode of transportation would be.


Boats in a giant lake? Okay, it wasn’t up to the expectation she had for the so-called ‘magical train’, but at least it was better than just walking. She climbed into her boat, taking a seat at the front so she could watch the water as they floated through on their way to the castle. At one point, she was sure she saw a larger than average tentacle glide by, but as she went to lean forward to get a good look at it, some kid pulled her by the back of her robes in an effort to save her.


Kelby whipped around so quickly she very nearly made herself dizzy and glared. “Excuse me, but why are you touching me?”


The boy gulped before he began to stutter, making Kelby grow angrier. When he finally opened his mouth to speak, he threw out some explanation about how he tried to save her because it was the right thing to do.


Kelby gave an ironic laugh as she rolled her eyes. “This isn’t some book or movie or where ever you got this idiotic idea from; I’m not some princess here for you to save. Next time you touch me without asking my permission, my fist will be in your face.”


The kid turned five different shades of red as she spoke, likely from embarrassment for being threatened by a girl. Kelby rolled her eyes and turned back to the front of the boat to stare at the scene before her. At least she learned one thing at her new school today as she watched the boy flinch away from her – wizards were a bunch of cowards.


By the time they reached the side of the shore nearest to the castle, Kelby was finally able to get her anger in check. The boy whom she had previously yelled at hurried to exit the boat and position himself as far away from her as he could. Kelby laughed a little internally, realizing she probably went a little too far, but she didn’t regret it. She was tired of boys who thought they could make decisions for her without asking. She was capable enough to look over the edge of a boat without falling; and if she did fall, it was her own fault for being stupid in the first place.


The boy raced towards the front of the group to put as many bodies between them as he could, while Kelby stayed in the back as she took in the sights. Some teacher began to speak to them about what was going down, but Kelby was more entranced with the architecture of the building to really hear a single word.


It wasn’t until the doors opened to the Great Hall that she felt her breath being taking away.


The ceiling was beautiful and vast, enchanted to look like the night sky while candles floated above students’ heads. It was the loveliest thing Kelby had ever seen in her life, and she finally concluded to herself that maybe this place wouldn’t be too bad if it could produce something as majestic as this.


Kelby was drawn out of her wonder as names were called and applause echoed through the Great Hall. Nervous children went up one-by-one to each get placed in their respective homes, and Kelby rolled her eyes at the whole ceremony component of the thing. All she cared about was having a place to sleep – it didn’t matter where she lived, though she would argue that green was definitely not her color.


At least this whole thing went relatively quickly since she spent more time on the ceiling’s display than the boring activity going on up front.

It wasn’t long until she heard her name echoing through the room. “Matos, Kelby!”


She stomped up to the stool and gave the professor a look when she tried to place the hat on her head as soon as she sat down. “Woah woah woah lady, has this thing ever had lice? Did everyone wash their hair today? One kid looked particularly greas-“


Kelby was cut off as the hat was placed on her head. Ew. Please let this hurry and be over with so I can take a shower because this whole hat thing? Gross. All I care about is a comfy bed.


…well, and green is ugly.


She cringed the entire time the hat sat on her head, feeling dirty and wishing the whole experience would be over and done with.

Miss Matos, I assure you that despite my age I get thoroughly washed… wait, can you slow down? Green is disgusting? My, is there anything about which you don’t feel some measure of disgust? Ah, yes there is! You long for adventure, Miss Matos, and while this could be seen as having the curiosity of a Ravenclaw, I’m not sure that’s the place for you. I think your desire to explore stems from your courageous, somewhat reckless side instead. You also stick stubbornly to your morals, and all of that fits well in one house in particular. Rest assured, you will not be wearing green in GRYFFINDOR!

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Misty Leaf

This was it, huh? The moment Misty had been waiting for. What house would the Sorting Hat put her in? Who would be in that house? Reading books is never enough to prepare you for these kinds of things it seemed. 


"Leaf, Misty!" 


Taking a deep breath, Misty stepped up and the hat was placed on her head. 

Ravenclaw please. I really, really want to get into Ravenclaw. I mean, I suppose the other houses will be okay too, but ... books, and a riddle to answer every time I want to enter the common room?  Please. Besides, doesn't this type of thing normally pass down through the family? Okay I know my parents didn't attend Hogwarts, but the Chinese wizarding school's equivalent of Ravenclaw is close enough, right? Maybe not, but, my point is, Ravenclaw please?


And I don't mean to be rude, but why haven't you been cleaned? The cleaning charm is quite simple... though I  guess maybe being cleaning by that spell isn't very pleasant? Is that why? Because you won't let them clean you?


Anyways, its interesting though how each wizarding school sorts people differently. Maybe-

Her thought was interrupted by the Hat making its decision. 

So, you’ve got your heart set on Ravenclaw, eh? Well, Miss Leaf, were I a crueler sort, I might just taunt you with the idea of sorting you elsewhere. Lucky for you, I won't waste too much time on such frivolity. I see no reason not to give you your heart’s desire. You’re well-grounded in reality, love intellectual pursuits and challenges, and possess an analytical mind that’s always hard at work. Even without your prompting, it's clear to see that you belong with the eagles. You'll go far in RAVENCLAW!

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Adrina Althaus-Valerio



It just had to come at the beginning of the alphabet didn't it?  


So, not only did the two of them get to be among the first few of their new classmates to let the hat land upon their heads and find out where they'd be placed, but not only that... it meant Adrina would go first.  She never... never got to go first for much of anything.  Unless she fought for it at least.  Ryszard had been technically born first and he aimed that reminder in her direction every chance he got.  


So what if it was only two minutes, it still counted and no matter how much she tried to say it didn't the both of them knew that it did.   


To be honest though, now and in this moment as she stood with the collected group of first years, feeling her heart beat pound in her chest and knowing that this moment would decide where she would spend the next seven years of her life - at least at school - she kind of wished Ryszard would go first.  But she already knew there wasn't any doubt in his mind where he was going to end up.  He didn't have any doubts that she would be joining him there either and she hadn't had the heart to really tell him the truth either.  


She had doubts.   


Big doubts.   


Their parents had both been in slytherin, their grandparents, at least on mum's side and so many aunts and uncles that there was no question for Ry that would be where he would end up.  He was determined and that was half the battle, wasn't it?  Adrina however, was so different from her brother, and so different from their parents.  Their parents weren't emotional, they didn't get caught up in wild stories or cry because... well for anything really.  They worked hard at everything and expected that out of the twins; which the two of them struggled and strived to deliver but Addy couldn't help but worry that her differences meant something more.   


Althaus-Valerio, Adrina


She swallowed hard when she heard her name and felt the heat of tears creeping into the corners of her eyes, the pressure and nerves welling inside her more then she could take, but she glanced towards her brother and somehow found a way to make them subside.  This was a good thing.  They had been waiting to get here for ages and no matter what happened it was going to be amazing no matter what happened.  


She hoped.  


Settling down onto the chair she felt the old hat land softly on her head and silently she pleaded - no negotiated with it.  If she couldn't belong with her brother, then the hat would just have to sort her into the house uncle had come from.  That couldn't be too much to ask for.   

A little bit early in the proceedings to try negotiating with me, isn’t it, my dear? Why, you haven’t even heard my thoughts on the matter! You might be surprised by what I have to say! You see, I actually believe you have quite a bit in common with your uncle. It's true! You’re a hard worker with no tolerance for laziness in your peers. And while your love of animals may not be as… prehistoric… as your uncle’s, it does prove that you are a kind-hearted and caring individual. Someone with a deep well of empathy and love! Your course may differ greatly from your brother's, but I'm sure you'll find the kinship you crave in HUFFLEPUFF!

Edited by Adrina Althaus-Valerio

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Julia Doll

Julia wasn't entirely sure where she thought she should be sorted. It wasn't that she hadn't thought about it and hadn't imagined it for years, because she had. She just simply didn't know.


But she did have assumptions, her entire family, except her mother, had been Slytherins. She fancied herself a Slytherin as well because she knew how ambitious she tended to be...but she also knew she could be very brave, although usually she was only brave when she had to be, for the simple reason of getting something she wanted. 


At the thought of the Slytherin house, Julia's mind drifted out and away from the Sorting Ceremony as she recalled her last memory with her brother. She began to wonder when she would see him again, if at all. Suddenly the tone of the narrator in her mind began to sound much darker than she had wished for it to on the day of her sorting so she decided to try to mentally sort herself once more, before she was truly sorted, that is.


Julia walked through the Great Hall and continued to think about were she might get put. She wouldn't mind any of the houses, if she was being completely honest. But she truly couldn't see herself as a Ravenclaw, not because she was unintelligent, but because she wasn't as interested nor did she value intellectual abilities as much as she did other things.


The farther she moved into the Great Hall the more she believed she would be sorted into Slytherin, perhaps Gryffindor, and even potentially Hufflepuff, although she was quite skeptical of that last one.


I wonder how I'd look in green, hmm..


Julia snapped back into reality as her heard her name called loud and clear throughout the Great Hall, sending off a bit of an echo.


Julia Doll


Oh gosh, it's happening now, it's really happening.


Julia's cool and calm composure seemed to disintegrate as she walked to the Sorting Hat.


She sat in the chair, slightly confused how this was supposed to work. She felt the hat touch the rim of head and she was ecstatic.


Hmm, so like, what now? Am I just supposed to talk and you just  kinda like know who I am based on one conversation. Well, it's good enough for me. So like my dad and brother were both sorted into Slytherin, not sure if you'd remember them, that was quite a bit ago huh? But you still might, my brother at least, is very memorable. But oddly enough, my mom is a Hufflepuff, even if she doesn't act like it at all, and trust me, she doesn't. 


But truthfully, I don't know where I belong, which is why I'm looking forward to your answer, after all, self-discovery is a passion of mine. 


I do have a slight preference though, you could say. I'd like Slytherin, not because my family is mainly Slytheirn either, but because from what I know about myself, which I'd hope is a lot, that's who I feel I am. Also, It'd  make me feel closer to my brother, who is at least 7,000 miles away from me at all times.


But enough of that. Just tell who am I already!!!

Hmm… I’m sorry, but I must disagree, Miss Doll. It's not that you're a poor fit for Slytherin, per se. You've plenty of ambition, enough to see you find success in the snake's den, but there's so much more to you beneath the surface; a selflessness in your actions that sets you apart from your peers. When it comes to helping others, you're quick to cast aside your own aspirations. This is very selfless, this is very brave, and it is this repetitive self-sacrifice that I cannot ignore! Time and time again, you'll leap to the defense of others because you possess a sound, true, and just spirit. There's no denying that you have a bright future ahead of you, but I believe your greatest achievements will be the deeds you do unto others, and not the rewards you reap for yourself. GRYFFINDOR!

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Alli Adler

Alli looked around the large room. She thought it was a bit bigger than her mother had said, and smiled at the thought her imagination was bigger than her mothers. She suspected that she would be in Slytherin , seeing as her whole family , with a few exceptions , were Slytherins. Nobody in her family had been Gryffindors , but there were a few Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws in the family. She wanted to be in Slytherin , and not an outcast. As people around her were called , she stayed alert for her own name. She examined the floating candles and looked out the windows. She found that the roof was bewitched to look like the outside sky. Just as she was taking it all in , her name was called.

" Adler , Alli." 

Alli smirked at the other kids as she walked up to the stool. As the hat fell over her head , she began to talk to the hat using her thoughts.

Hey. Do a girl a solid , and put me in Slytherin. I CAN'T be an outcast in my family , like my Aunt Stacey. Things go wrong if you're an outcast. Especially in MY family.

That's a bit forward now, isn't it? We've only just met and you are asking for favors? Only joking of course, but do let me take a look around quickly just to make sure we haven't missed anything. You know, fitting in with your family isn't always the most important thing; I see in your head that you don't always agree with what they do. But there is quite a lot of ambition here, and you do like your peace and quiet... did you know the Slytherin Common Room is under the lake? It does quite a good job of dampening sound. Well, I expect you'll see for yourself soon enough in SLYTHERIN!

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Trinity Turner

As the train had pulled up at the station, Trinity had breathed a sigh of relief.  Over the course of the journey, the young girl had slowly, but surely, lost her sense of time, her sense of confidence, and the feelings of isolation had begun to grow in intensity.  It had hit her, not long into the journey that she was alone.  They were travelling into the middle of nowhere, where her GPS signal would fail to activate, and no help could reach her.  She, Trinity Nicolette Turner, was living in her own literal nightmare.


Time had no units on this journey.  


As they were shepherded off the train, Trinity gulped in the fresh air, a sense of liberalisation from the captivity of the world in which she knew nothing about.  Disoriented to time and location, the eleven year old pondered whether she could make a run for it.  Whether she was clever enough to ‘survive’.  This was a weak consideration, as she allowed herself to be parted from her prized belongings, and directed toward a collection of boats.  She’d never been a strong swimmer.  Her upper body strength was abysmal at best, and as such, Trinity resigned herself to her fate.  


How they reached land, Trinity knew not.  Wistfully, the girl glanced up at the castle, her ‘home’ until Christmas.  The castle, a fortress of isolation in which herself and her peers would be ‘held’ over the course of the next few months.  Her peers looked too cheerful about this - something Trinity attributed as stupidity on their part.  She knew better.  Her Mama, a sociology academic, had taught her better.  But for now, she would act her part.


Following her peers into the lit dining area, the eleven year old let out a small gasp in awe.  For a holding-place, this location seemed not too shabby.  But determined to remain morally angry about this whole thing, Trinity reminded herself about the lack of access to her cellphone, her social-network of support, the discrimination through cutting off all signs of communication.  She needed to remain angry, but politely so.


”Turner, Trinity”


Stepping forward, Trinity silently moved toward the seat where all eyes would be directed at her.  


”I disapprove of what this place is doing.  I’m morally outraged,” Trinity thought in her head, unwittingly conveying that message through thought.

Why, Miss Turner, I can assure you that Hogwarts always strives to be as fair as possible! You’ll come to see this in due time, even as you adjust to being without your… what’s that you called it? Ahh, yes... cell phone. I sense that you have very strong views on what is just and fair. You believe in fairness above all and will stand up against anything that might challenge that view. And where to put you… it seems that two founders are fighting for you, but one stands just slightly above the other. She too fought for an equal playing field and fairness above all. Know who I’m speaking of? No? Well then, you’ll learn plenty about her soon enough. I’m certain your new classmates will love to share their knowledge of her with you in… HUFFLEPUFF!

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Tabitha Callow

Tabitha twisted her head and turned from side to side, she stood on tiptoes, and craned her neck to see over the heads of other first years. She wanted an unobstructed view of the first couple of students to be sorted so she was prepared for her turn.


She was not happy to learn that they were sorted by a mind-reading hat! That's right, in order to be sorted into their house, every student had to open their thoughts to an enchanted object. Why the school felt the need to divide up their new students based on general personality traits in the first place, she did not understand.


Uh-oh! She realised another thing. What if that hat called out all Tabitha’s thoughts? What if it let the Head know that she had smuggled seven dungbombs into her trunk. Mischief would be impossible about Hogwarts with that hat and she didn't like it.


“Callow, Tabitha.”


Oh no, she wasn't ready.


Tabitha reluctantly stepped forward, trying in vain to clear her mind of every thought she’d ever had. She tried, but all it seemed to do was make her think of the worst in her. She was hot-headed, reckless, argumentative, stubborn, self-centered and lazy. The hat would see all of that. She thought of nothing else as she climbed the stage and sat facing the entire school.


She found herself plunged into darkness as the hat fell passed her ears. There was a deafening silence as she waited - she waited for the unwelcome intruder to do its thing and sort the new student. The sooner it was over, the sooner Tabitha could relax.

Your head is getting awfully crowded with negative thoughts, my dear. Thinking the worst of yourself, are you? Oh, don’t be surprised! You might appear composed and poised on the outside, but it takes more than that to trick me! You are right, Miss Callow: you are stubborn and reckless, but these are by no means black and white faults! Your stubbornness allows you to stick to your guns in situations where others might throw in the towel. Your recklessness means you’re quick to act in circumstances while those around you might falter! You crave adventure and know quite well what it means to display true bravery! I think you’ll find you’re a solid fit for GRYFFINDOR!

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Mati Kildare

The waves of loud and quiet were pulsing through Mati like a slow-motion adrenaline rush heart hammer. Each name brought a hush over the hall, each announced sorting brought a roar of excitement, usually extra loud at whichever table the new student went to join. Eleven year old Matisse Kildare kept his robes closed to muffle some of the sound so that the baby owlet nestled in his inside pocket didn't frighten to death. He watched as one by one, his peers from Pre-Hogwarts Primary, and a few faces that perhaps had not attended, found new homes. He had been keeping track of who ended up where when the floating candles caught his eye. 

He looked up and was lost in a sense of awe. Staring up at the ceiling he could see the stars, and from where he was standing, it looked like stars and candles were one in the same, and that some stars had decided to float down closer to bear witness to the sorting. 

He blinked and shook his head as another roar on congratulations threatened to bring down the stars on top of him. He'd missed the hat's announcement, he would have to find out later where that particular boy ended up, as he was now swallowed by one the tables mass of students. 

Robin was shaking as he was called and approached the hat and Mati fought the urge to run up and walk with him, stand beside him with Howl the Support Owl™ as a show of friendship, but there were a lot of people between them and that might make him feel even more nervous than he already was, so he just stayed put. 

More waves of quiet and silence passed, and finally it came...


Silence followed as was the established rhythm, and Mati stopped himself from jumping up and down and injuring his tiny birb.  Instead he took a deep breath, grinned, and walked confidently up to where the stool stood, fidgeting minimally as the hat was placed on his head. 

Hello hat. I'm Matisse, but just Mati is fine. Howl is in my pocket, he isn't sorting, he's just too small for birdcages just yet and still needs some help keeping warm. Do you remember where you put Tad Claude?  Or maybe it was Chad Claude... anyway, I think he's the only one I spaced on so far and I'm trying to keep track of who ends up where. I understand if you don't remember... it's a big job you have, sorting everyone in this Great big Hall! It seems to be working so far, so good work! I'll be quiet now so you can think on which table I should go sit at...

What the—is that buzzing I hear? Pardon me, dear girl, it’s unlike me to skip questions on sorting night, especially from one so eager. However, the steady hum of thoughts between your ears is awfully difficult to ignore. Questions regarding your classmate will have to wait, I’m afraid! Now let me see… hmm, yes, your strongest quality seems to be your fair-mindedness, Miss Kildare. You like to bring people together to solve conflicts, and you tend to put others before yourself, demonstrating true kindness, honesty and understanding. To me, there is only one house fit for you, and that's HUFFLEPUFF!

Edited by Mati Kildare

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Dinah Grimwood

Dinah took in the elaborate setting of the Great Hall with the same placid expression she had examined the automated boats that brought the first years to the castle. She was more curious and impressed than her face allowed, it was just her face.


When the new students were lined up and informed they would be called in alphabetical order, Dinah showed her first glimmer of emotion: frustration. 


She didn't want to wait. She wanted to be sorted, she wanted to Know, she was tired of slogging though this transitional phase between child and student. 


“Grimwood, Dinah!”


When her name was finally called she bounded up to the stool, not wanting to waste another second. 


“Hi! Please. Thank you.” She tried to think of any other pleasantry to address a hat and cane up with nothing. The actual house the hat said mattered not to Dinah, she knew she would adjust to whatever environment she landed in... she just wanted to land.

You’re welcome! Why, you’re a polite one, aren’t you? But there isn’t really any need to thank me, Miss Grimwood! It’s my job to sort you… and I love doing it! Now if you’ll just hold still a moment, I’ll take a look in this head of yours and see… ahh, my dear girl! Right off the bat, I sense two founders fighting it out for you. Your work ethic and desire to find security is very much appreciated by Salazar. I sense a drive in you, my girl, and those in Slytherin would surely help you use it to its fullest potential! But… there’s also an air of boldness in you. Once you find a path, you stick to it through the end no matter what and that daring attitude has Godric too calling your name. So, where to put you? It’s a tough choice, Miss Grimwood, but ultimately your daring nature leads me to see you better fit for… GRYFFINDOR!

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Rían O' Donnell

Today had been the day Rían had been dreading. It was September First and it was now officially the last day of his old life. The time had come to leave everything behind and go forth into his new life. And he hated it all. Ever since John MacSwaine had come and pushed him into this whole world, he hated very part of it. He didn't want to come here, but his parents had made him. Dangerous they had called him. A Risk. The whole idea of it made him scowl.


And now here he was, September First the day had finally came. His mam had been at his side. Travelling the whole 862km, Including an overnight stay the night before, and a taxi to Kings Cross, just to see him onto the train that would once again bring him north. It had been too much for his mother. Sentimental as ever, she couldn't hold in her emotions and was upset as she bundled him on the train. Rían was far from that though. He was almost stony faced. Except for his scowl that sat there. He was still pissed off about this whole situation, even more so now that he realised it was actually happening.


He had survived. Just about. Luckily he had met Avery on the train. She had been able to lead him through what he needed to do. Not that he would ever admit allowing her to. He was lost in this world but craved some sort of anchor. Even if he would pretend he didn’t. They’d crossed the lake. He had even been able to ignore the craving to push someone in the lake. And now they were being led up into the castle. Honestly he was impressed. It was humongous. Living on a tiny island all his life he’d been to cities, with big buildings, but never in his life had he been made feel like such an insignificant speck. The feeling didn’t melt away as he was led into the castle. He was quiet. Taking it all in as he followed behind Avery in quiet contemplation. They were brought into a huge room. The Great Hall he think he had heard it called. He was in daze, unable to believe it all.


Eventually he just stood in line, next to Avery, and had to await his fate. He watched everyone go before him still in a daze and not really taking in the importance of things. A Name was called, people went forward and plonked a hat on. The old dusty hat then shouted out the name of one of the four houses. Slytherin. Hufflepuff. Gryffindor. Ravenclaw. He didn’t know what one he wanted. He was just concentrating on standing up straight.


O’ Donnell, Rían


He faltered then, being jolted back to reality. It was his turn. He was called just before Avery. And as he flashed her a sideways glance, a very nervous smile, a thought crossed his mind. Maybe they could be in the same house. That would be….better than having no friends in his house he guessed. Being in the same house as Avery would be ok. Not that he’d admit that at all. He plodded on anyway, sitting his lanky frame on a tiny stool and plonking the hat on his head. Just concentrating on breathing. In. Out. In. Out.



Ah, I do love the logically-minded ones! So much organization to your thoughts! Makes my job awfully easy, let me tell you. Well, let’s get to it, shall we? I see that you’re the sort of person who puts a great deal of thought into every action, Mister O’ Donnell. You imagine how a scene will play out before settling on a course of action, and you show an immeasurable amount of maturity for one so young. Conversations can be frustrating for you when you feel as though you are being “talked down” to. You like to participate as an intellectual, not a spectator or student, and some of your greatest fears revolve around your intelligence not measuring up to the minds of those around you. Yes, it’s clear to see that the only house for you is RAVENCLAW!

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Jane Wayne

Jane had never been so tense in her life. The small, wooden boats they had travelled in had seemed terribly unsafe, and this castle was larger than any building she'd seen, save a skyscraper. She was herded with her fellow students into the castle and many of them pushed against or past her. Each unwarranted touch caused her to grind her teeth in discomfort and irritation.

When she saw the massive hall, her eyes darted from the beautiful ceiling that, presumably by magic, looked as if it were the sky, then to row upon row of students, and finally rested on a stool and a hat in the front of the hall. The sorting hat. The blonde did not move her gaze from the hat after finding it. She closed herself from all of the sights and sounds, vaguely aware of a name being called.

One by one, her classmates sat on the stool, wore the hat, and had their houses spoken aloud. Near the end, she heard her name spoken as if underwater.

"Wayne, Jane." She knew the decision this hat made would have a profound effect on the rest of her life. The people around you define you, her daddy had said, so make sure they're the right people.

She stepped up, feeling dizzy. As the hat touched her head, she hoped she wouldn't be placed where she would continue to be defined by the activity of her mind. She feared being placed in Ravenclaw, because it meant this may never change, and she didn't think she liked whatever she was now.


Her eyes were fixed blindly on an object at the back of the hall as she sat, her back ramrod straight, waiting for the verdict.

My, you’re a girl with high ambitions, aren’t you? You wish to fight off those like the individuals who took your mother and will stop at nothing to do just that. You refuse to let another’s opinion of you stand in your way and will face obstacles head-on, doing whatever necessary to get past them. Achieving success in the goals you’ve set out for yourself is your number one priority and there’s one house with the stepping stones to help you get there. You, Miss Wayne, find ample opportunities for success coming your way as you join your classmates in SLYTHERIN!

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Willa Mercier

Willa moved with crowd of eager excitable first years towards the boats. She had devoured any explanation she could find of the first evening at Hogwarts in all her books, then grilled both her parents until she had a clear picture of what was to come. This had not provided her with the source of comfort she had hoped, instead her nerves bubbled around inside her firmly gluing her mouth closed. She wrapped her arms tightly around her attempting to offer some sense of comfort as she patiently waited to climb into a boat.


The other students jostled around her, pushing to board with their peers but Willa patiently waited, stoic in the crowd. Her hesitance to push herself forward left her lagging behind and although being an early arrival she was one of the last to board. A group of three rowdy were next to board and Willa held back hoping she wouldn’t have to join them. Maybe if she held back enough she’d get a boat to herself. But the caretaker noticed her and herded onto the boat with them.


The boys were not great travelling companions. They shuffled around taking great pleasure from almost tipping the boat and eliciting shrieks from Willa as she gripped to its sides. After tiring from this game, they began to splash each other and despite her best efforts to disappear into the backseat of the boat she was unable to fully avoid their game.


Arriving in the entrance hall shivering and damp, though not soaked through like her unwanted companions, she quickly extracted herself from their company moving closers to a quieter group of students. She attempted to rectify her bedraggled appearance, removing the pond weed from her robe and slicking down her stray wet hairs.


Finally, they were called to enter the great hall and she moved with the group again concealing herself in its centre. The tingling of nerves she had felt before had now evolved to a churning, a nausea creeping up the back of her throat. Don’t be sick, don’t be sick she chanted internally forcing her mind not to focus on the crowds of students who would eventually all focus on her.


She listened as one by one the first years made their way to the front of the stage and were eventually sorted into a house. She distracted herself by thinking about where she would be placed. Her parents came from different houses, so she had no real expectations.

Her mother was a Ravenclaw and she certainly saw many of those traits within herself. She was bright and inquisitive with a general thirst for all knowledge. But Ravenclaws were also individuals and confident which she was not. It was much easier for her to just go along with the crowd being to scared to speak up.


That certainly seemed to put Gryffindor out of the picture. Surely the hat wouldn’t place her with a group known for their bravery and daring, what would a meek mild-mannered girl such as herself do there? But then again, there were other types of bravery, she could climb up to the top of the highest tree without being scared and she hadn’t been frightened of running through the barrier at platform 9 ¾

Her father was a Slytherin and he often said they could be a slippery folk. She knew that they had a reputation for being mean and she certainly didn’t see herself like that. But her father wasn’t mean, he was clever and determined like her. But weren’t Hufflepuff’s also hardworking?


“Mercier, Willa”


That was her name, how had she not noticed that almost half the first years had already been sorted. She made her way forward careful to look at the ground. She knew if she glanced ahead to the student body she would probably faint. She couldn’t help but tremble as she took her seat, the old tattered hat being placed on her head by the professor.


‘Hi Hat’ She thought as bravely as she could. Wait what if she was being to brave and the hat got confused and sorted her into the wrong house. ‘Sorry’ She thought. ‘I’m trying to be brave. Really, I’m so scared, everyone’s looking at me what if I do something stupid like fall off the chair and they all laugh at me.' She was thought rambling, she took a deep breath calming herself. 'So, I’ve thought really hard about this, but I really don’t know what house I should be in, so I’ll have to leave this all to you. Sorry I know that’s not much help'

Oh, my dear girl. You think too much! I can see you have thought long and hard about where you belong, but do not worry, that's what I am here for. I would agree with you that you take after your mother, a Ravenclaw... I do like the curiosity here, and I see your desire to see the whole picture before passing judgment. You also turn to your books for guidance in times of uncertainty. Don't worry about being confident, or set apart. That will all come in time. You can read and write all the novels you want and get some excellent insight in RAVENCLAW!

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Niles Greyback

Magic, the stuff of dreams, had always been something his parents had been vaguely dismissive of. Niles never understood why, especially since it had the potential to accomplish just about anything one’s heart desires. Sure, it did make him set off a long (and embarassing) list of unwarranted magical accidents, but at the heart of the matter, it was still a wondrous phenomenon.

Soon enough, the gargantuan doors of the Great Hall creaked open. Cradled within a sea of people dressed in identical cloaks of black, Niles swayed forwards. It was easy for him to become lost in the sights, smells and essentially everything Hogwarts had to offer. Enrolling into the school had been a last minute decision within his family, one that he had been unsure of until now.


Hogwarts would be the beginning of a new life for him, where he would learn to control his erratic magic and hopefully, make a friend...maybe even two!

The sorting ceremony swiftly began and one by one his fellow first years stepped up towards the stool, where the sorting hat sat almost innocently. Niles spent a great deal of his time simply admiring the process, beaming widely whenever the older students cheered for their new housemate. ‘G’ wasn’t far off and Niles eagerly anticipated the moment his name was called…

… until it turned out to be the moment his life derailed.

“...Greyback, Niles.”

Niles perked up, smiling widely until he noticed the wide-eyed, nearly frightful stares around him. He frowned, for this wasn’t the treatment any of the students before him had gotten. Slowly, cautiously, the young boy made his way towards the sorting hat. He was almost glad when the hat blocked his view of the crowd. There was only one question on his mind, “Why?”

Greyback, hmm? I sense you don’t particularly want to be defined by your surname, so I’ll say no more. We have plenty of other things to talk about, like this peculiar mind of yours. I could see you fitting well in Slytherin… you certainly have the self-preservation instincts that Salazar admired. But, no. I fear that isn’t the right place for you. Beneath your scrappy exterior, your heart is deeply loyal to those you love, and you appear to value fairness as well. I think you’ll do just fine in HUFFLEPUFF!

Edited by Niles Greyback

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Cyrus Allister

Since his baggage had all been taken, Cyrus made his way to the horseless carriages that commonly pulled students to the gates of the School. After reveling in the awe inspiring sight, Cyrus made his way to the ceremony. Row upon row of candles lined the great hall, floating above the lines of students that sat upon the four long tables. Inane chatter reached the ears of the first years as older Hogwarts students caught up on the summer that had just passed. Cyrus walked into the Great Hall, looking from the ceiling to the older students and then back around the mass of new first-years. While on the exterior he at least tried to maintain a proud and dignified appearance as he walked beside his friends, on the inside his stomach was positively turning.

Once his name was called, Cyrus made his way forward, his proud composure cracking as the thought that he could possibly end up in a house other than Gryffindor, breaking with three past generations of Allisters, and what his parents would think of that, thundered through his mind. By the time he had had the hat placed on his head, though he hadn't noticed it, he was sweating profusely, and his breathing had increased in pace with both excitement and trepidation.

Not one to mince words, I see! No matter, no matter—small talk is not necessary for me to perform my job, after all! Now, where should I put you, Mister Allister? Well, the contents of your head are straight-forward, that’s for certain. You possess a rational set of morals that you believe in quite strongly, and your mind is so well-fortified that you don’t know what it is to waver or second guess yourself. You have a tendency to hold other’s at a distance; unsurprising, considering how your mind works. You don’t open yourself up to others until you’re confident that you truly “know” them. Yes, I think I know where you belong! You’ll find your share of like-minded peers in RAVENCLAW!

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Pandora Midnight

From the moment she had left the house that morning, Pandora couldn't stop thinking about how her life would change because of one word that was spoken by a talking hat. Somehow on the way into the building, she had lost sight of Addy and was growing more and more nervous. Her heart thudded so loudly in her chest that it felt impossible that no one around her could hear it. Were her ears ringing as well? That couldn't have been a good sign. She had to concentrate on her own breathing to keep herself calm and collected. It wasn't as if she could let everyone see the panic set in. That would be a bad impression and with a sea of new faces that would be watching her for at least the next year, she was convinced she had to make sure everyone saw her in a good light, or at the very least didn't remember her more than another girl who got sorted. 


Two thoughts fought against each other in her mind as she waited for her turn. Her back was stiff and straight; Her shoulders were rolled back, and her chin was held high. It was the posture she had been perfecting since she was small. The first thought was that no one was watching and she didn't need to stand so rigidly. She could relax a little. But the second thought was against her. There could always be someone watching, someone judging. So she maintained her regal exterior while she fought and screamed and worried on the inside.


When her name was finally called, she began to move forward towards the chair. She hoped to appear graceful but assumed she was too stiff. Her hands had been clasped in front of her almost unnaturally from where she had stood to when she sat down. Even then, her hands were clasped together tightly in her lap. She stared out over the faces in front of her and paled. There were so many people. Pandora began taking deep breaths hoping they weren't too obvious. "Please let me be in Slytherin," She said in her mind, "I can't let mother down here."

Slytherin you say? Hmm… no, I don’t think so. Passive and withdrawn as you are, I cannot deny that there is a streak of self-preservation to your motives. You’re a bit of a people pleaser, saying and doing whatever it takes to keep you out of the limelight where you feel most anxious and uncertain. However, your ambitions are few and you crave acceptance and love more than power. I am sorry, my dear. It’s not often that I find myself fighting strongly against someone’s request, but it’s impossible for me to ignore the deepest needs of your heart. What you do, you do to earn the favor and recognition of others. Seldom do you act in your own self-interest. This selflessness is an admirable strength that will serve you well in HUFFLEPUFF!

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