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Kaelyn Paddock

You were my last young renegade heartache

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Professor Grimsby

Rounds never cut into Grimsby's sleeping schedule much, as he mostly made up any lost sleep at night during the day, so he was happy to round up trouble makers and perhaps leave a little trouble of his own. Portable swamp appeared after curfew? He definitely had no idea where that came from: it wasn't there when he did his rounds!


But, occasionally (often), rounds meant punishing rule-breakers and breaking up midnight trysts between the children he taught. They were hardly old enough to see romantic movies and they all seemed to want to star in one... And other times, he would break up midnight duels. The voices he was hearing, well, it sounded like both.


"I smell teenage angst," he quipped cheerily, rounding the corner to find the two prefects quarrelling... ish.


"And while this conversation has truly been enlightening, I doubt it is helping us round up any night owls and pack them off to bed."  Though, Grimsby did regret interrupting at the exact point he did... Paddock's assertion would be pretty romantic, if the pair weren't practically toddlers to him. And there were better hours of the day to rekindle flames, or whatever was going on here.


"I think it's probably best you both call it a night, don't you?" He looked pointedly in the directions of their separate dormitories.

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