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VH Mentoring

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On VH, there's a lot going on. We understand that it can be a lot to handle at first - we were all there once! - and we're here to help. That's why we're implementing a site-wide mentoring program for anyone to participate in.



Anyone can request a mentor. Whether you're brand new to VH, still finding your feet on the site, looking for some help, or coming back after some time away, we encourage you to sign up for mentoring. You don't need to have a pre-Hogwarts account, either. Interested? Sign up for a mentor here!



Everyone is welcome to apply to be a mentor. Want to help welcome new members to the site, but aren't currently a mentor? No problem: everyone is encouraged to help new members and make them feel welcome, regardless of whether or not they're a mentor. In fact, if you'd like to be a mentor, the best way to be accepted for the position is to be friendly, welcoming, and helpful. You can apply to be a mentor here, but please take the time to read the following expectations and guidelines.


Here's a guide to what we expect from our mentors.


A mentor's duties include:

  • Communicating with your mentee
    • Mentors should initiate contact with their mentees and have conversations to help them through the basics
      • DO try to answer any and all questions your mentee has
      • DO acquaint your mentee with resources
      • DO NOT overrun your mentee with information
      • DO NOT wait for the mentee to come to you, instead you should reach out to them!
      • DO NOT misinform your mentee when you don't know the answer to a question. It's okay not to know all the answers, and we don't expect mentors to know everything. When you aren't sure of something, use it as an opportunity to show your mentee how to find help.
    • Mentors should chat with their mentees (if the mentee is interested)
      • DO introduce your mentee to Discord and the VH server
      • DO try to accommodate your mentee if they prefer another platform or PM on the site
      • DO try to chat as regularly as possible
      • DO introduce your mentee to your friends
      • DO help your mentee find their year chat and make friends in their year
  • Being a good role model on and off VH
    • Mentors should lead by example with regards to site rules and OOC behavior
    • Mentors are the faces of VH for our new members, and should try to be professional
  • Accommodating your mentee's needs and wants
    • Be flexible in your approach, be what your mentee needs or wants you to be
    • Be willing to RP and plot with your mentee if they would like to do so
      • This is at your mentee's discretion. If they want to RP, you should RP with them. But if not, that's totally fine. You are there to help them with whatever they want help with.
  • Committing time to your mentee
    • Mentors are encouraged to begin with only one mentee to ensure that they have adequate time to devote to this role
      • A mentor should only take on a mentee when they have time to do so! 


Above all, remember that the most important thing is for our mentors to be what their mentees want or need them to be. Put aside any assumptions you have, listen to what they have to say, and do your best!

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