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Third Years || Lesson Five

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third years




Source: Potterrmore







“Everyone, come to the front to take your homework assignments from two weeks ago. Ms @Havana Towne, please try harder. Good job on the descriptive portion Ms. @Selena Watkins. O+.” Meryl muttered as her third years came up one by one. "Oh and don't forget to take a scroll from the other side of the table as well. It contains pertinent information about today's class." The students whispered to one another once they have digested the contents of the scroll, some showing intrigue while others displayed fear. Like always, Meryl ignored the latter. “Today, we’ll be dealing with hippogriffs. But we won’t be playing with Sableplume and his herd this time.” Cue groans of disappointment. “You can always do that on one of your off days here at Hogwarts. Instead, I think it would be beneficial if you are given the opportunity to interact with Hippogriffs from other countries. China, namely.”


Much time and effort had gone into making this arrangement possible so the third years had better appreciate it.


“The scroll gives you basic information of The Kings Worthy Hippogriff Sanctuary, its history, their hippogriffs and a small map… just in case someone gets lost. It's located in Kings Worthy, England. Anyways, I’m sure the staff there will provide us with more detail once we get there."


Oh and one more thing. "Let me remind everyone here that we are not there to play. I am equipping everyone with padded armor from wrist to heel. Despite how harmless the herd here appears to be, the hippogriffs in the sanctuary are different, distrustful. Does everyone understand me?"


Cue several nods.


"And without further ado, please gather around the rusty birdcage.” It was the professor’s go-to junk item when it came to port keys.


A swirl of reality later, the woman and her group of gangly teens stood at the entrance of the Sanctuary, almost lost. Where was Mr. Lloyd? Surely he hadn’t forgotten their arrangement… “Behave.” Meryl warned a jumpy third year with a death glare.


And of course, the grouchy owner (as Meryl had learnt through their letters) had to appear just then.


“Good afternoon Mr. Lloyd. Thank you ever so much for accommodating us.”


Please wait for me to post again <3

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“Mr. Lloyd, we go over this every school visit. You must make an appearance! It’s your sanctuary!”


The young hippogriff zoologist and animal rights activist scowled at Matilda, his manager, once again wondering why he’d hired someone so overbearing. Wasn’t the point of having staff so they could deal with the parts of his business he didn’t want to? You don’t see the Colonel making an appearance every time someone wanted to order chicken.


“Where’s Lucy? She’s responsible for tours,” Xanxus grumbled as he checked his hair in the mirror and straightened his suit. He’d been forced out of his grubby work clothes so to look presentable for the young impressionable minds soon arriving from Hogwarts.


“Miss Norwood is just rehearsing some of her lines. You know how nervous she gets. She’ll meet us at the front,” Matilda said, unperturbed by his foul attitude. She had the patience of a saint and the skin as thick as an elephant’s, which, as he had found out, came with being the mother of five teenagers. “Let’s go. I’m sure the students are already waiting for us.”


They were late by the time they got to the gate (Lucy was waiting anxiously to the side for their arrival), but Xanxus only sneered down his nose at Professor Qin and her students as if they were responsible for this major inconvenience. “You brats better watch yourself around my hippogriffs. They’ve been through enough and don’t need the additional stress of arrogant teenagers poking at them as if they know a thing about animal rehabilitation.”


Matilda sighed in exasperation, although Xanxus didn’t know why. She’d been the one to insist he speak to the students when she knew exactly the kind of things he’d say to them.


“Welcome to the Kings Worthy Hippogriff Sanctuary,” she began, gesturing for the students to gather closer. Xanxus took a precarious step back instead. “Originally a hippogriff farm, this beautiful land was converted into a sanctuary in 2029 for injured and cruelly treated hippogriffs. Mr. Lloyd here is the sole reason this movement to end hippogriff cruelty in China exists. He discovered the problem during one of his study trips to China and decided to actively do something about it. I am Matilda McInver. I manage the administrative side of the sanctuary and I’ve been tending hippogriffs since I was as young as you! This is Ms. Norwood. She’s one of our most passionate supporters of our cause. She’ll be taking you on a more in-depth tour of the sanctuary and will introduce the hippogriffs you’ll get to meet today.”


The children were a relatively polite audience as they listened attentively to the introductions. Perhaps it had something to do with the dangerous way Xanxus glowered at them, as if he’d do more than a slap on the wrist if they misbehaved on his land.


“So why does this sanctuary exist? What kind of cruelties do hippogriffs in China face?” Matilda prompted, cuing him with a look. Xanxus said nothing. “Mr. Lloyd?”


“I thought this was all in the pamphlet,” Xanxus snarled impatiently. “Fine. Hippogriff talons are a valuable potions ingredient — extremely expensive stuff. You can hardly get any in Britain these days without selling your house and some children. Talon hunters track down wild hippogriffs, strip them of their talons, and leave the animal to fend for themselves. Obviously, that doesn’t end well. Talons are one of their main defenses.


“In other parts of China, it’s popular to watch hippogriff cage fighting. Many young adolescent hippogriffs are captured for this very purpose. They’re starved, poked, prodded, baited, and then released into a cage where they are forced to fight each other for their next meal or death. Their wings are clipped to prevent escapes. Not only are they physically injured, but their natural social behaviours are damaged, too. These hippogriffs are excessively violent or frightened of everything.”


Xanxus scowled at his employees. “Now, if Ms Norwood would do her job, I can go back to mine.” He retreated without another word to the holding pen where he’d be preparing the five chosen hippogriffs for the group.

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“I, uhm… okay, right,” Lucy quivered meekly as Xanxus stalked off, leaving her to finish addressing the youngsters on her own. Even Matilda’s encouraging smile did little to loosen the knot in the pit of her stomach.


“If- if you could just follow me,” the former Hufflepuff said softly as she led the group down a beaten path, down into the heart of the sanctuary where several hippogriffs could be seen resting or playing along a vast stretch of field. Rolling hills and large clusters of trees also dotted the landscape. “This is the sanctuary,” she began by stating the obvious, gesturing towards the pasture with one shaky hand. “We have thirty hippogriffs-”


“I can’t hear you!”


“Me neither. Can you speak up a bit, ma’am?”


“Uhm,” Lucy looked both scared and flustered at the same time. “We have thirty hippogriffs,” she repeated, only a notch louder than before. “This is where they spend most of their time… playing, eating, resting, socializing… and here’s where we bathe them, usually. Depending on the weather. And sometimes we-”


“Hey, what’s that?” a student suddenly interrupted. They were pointing at a lone hippogriff in the distance, in a pen all on its own. It wasn’t clearly visible from where they were standing, but a large warning sign was pinned to the fence surrounding the hippogriff.


“Oh… that’s- that’s Gable. Don’t get too close,” she added fearfully. “Mr. Lloyd… he won’t be happy. Some of our hippogriffs… they just do better on their own. Nobody goes near Gable… except Mr. Lloyd.”


After a brief tour of the other buildings on the premise, each with their own purpose and function – medical care, maternity care, and the like – Lucy eventually brought the group back to the area they had started their tour in. This time, however, she led them towards a large pen that contained a few of their more “social” hippogriffs.


“Now if you could… gather ‘round… yes, like that,” Lucy wrung her hands together as the students circled around the holding pen. Entering the pen, she stooped down before one of the larger hippogriffs into bow that was returned. “This is Basil. He was rescued by Mr Lloyd from talon hunters. There are three talons missing from his foot – his right one. He’s not… you shouldn’t… just please be nice to him,” she finished lamely as another hippogriff with graying feathers slowly limped up beside her and rested her head against Lucy’s shoulder.


“Honora! How are you today,” Lucy gently stroked the hippogriff’s neck. “Honora is one of the oldest hippogriffs we have, at twenty-one years of age. She’s… lost all her talons, poor thing… can barely walk… but she’s so kind, so gentle, so motherly. We can always count on her to adopt our young orphans, like our Clarke here.” Several students gasped at the sight of a tiny, baby hippogriff that suddenly came into view from behind Honora.


“Clarke was orphaned… poor dear thing… talon hunters, they took her mother... probably would’ve died if Mr. Lloyd hadn’t rescued her. And those two there,” she pointed to a pair of young hippogriffs scuffing away at the ground on the far side of the pen. “That’s Grayson, and Willa. Grayson is five and Willa is four. They were both rescued from a cage battle facility… nasty… terrible,” Lucy sighed heavily at this. “They can’t fly anymore… clipped wings… but at least they are safe now. Grayson is learning to socialize… getting so much better… Willa… that one eye, she’s blind there… and her leg... the poor thing.”


Shaking her head sadly, Lucy bit down on her lower lip. “Are there… any questions?” she finished timidly.




Homework: A 50 wc attendance post pertaining to the lesson

Extra Credit (an additional 150 words):
1) RP the lesson in greater detail.
2) Interact with Mr. Lloyd or Ms. Norwood! First post a 100 wc RP and bold the name of the person you are intending to interact with. Wait for the person's reply and then post another 100 wc RP. If the person doesn't respond within a week, you will receive full EC credit for your first 100 wc post.

3) Interact with one of the hippogriffs on the farm. Click here to find the pamphlet of the farm mentioned above and the list of hippogriffs you can interact with.

4) Make a graphic depicting a hippogriff!

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Desmond Potter
 third year  hufflepuff  lesson five  WC 214 


They were going on a trip? To see Hippogriffs? But there were hippogriffs at Hogwarts, why did they have to travel to Kings Worthy. This wasn’t something that Desmond wanted to do, they could learn about the creature at Hogwarts. But Desmond wasn’t going to question his head of house, he had to make sure that he did what he was supposed to. At least in this class, since he didn’t want to get kicked off the house team.


When they got there, Desmond was trying to listen, but it was boring. He felt for those hippogriffs, but why did they have to be here looking at them, it was nice to know that someone cared about the hippogriffs and gave them a forever home.


Knowing that they wouldn’t be able to go back into the wild.


The ones that got Desmond, was the ones that couldn’t fly. That was sad, knowing that they were not able to fly anymore. That was something that hippogrifffs loved to do, at least that is what he believed. Not like he has read anything in books, he never once opened a book.


It was sad that people did this to the creatures, but Desmond was ready to head back. This was a little to sad for him.

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Phillip Aldermaston
3rd Year Hufflepuff
Attendance + Extra Credit
Interacting with Ms. Norwood
WC: 113


When they were asked if there were any questions, one brown hand (namely, Phillip’s) rose into the air and then he waited politely to be called on.  “Uhh…two questions?  One:   How old was Clark when she was orphaned? And two….how do you tell whether a hippogriff is a boy or a girl, anyway?”   Phillip wanted to know, other than very carefully and very respectfully just how you sexed a hippogriff.


Don’t worry, Phillip doesn’t mean anything by his blunt attitude towards certain topics…it’s just an occupational hazard of the landscape near where Phillip grew up – it was simply that he had been exposed to certain things early in a frank and innocent way.

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Leah Princeley

Third Year Ravenclaw

Lesson Five


Today lesson of Care of magical creature was quite interesting. Then again they were on a field trip. So that Leah was pay somewhat attention. Professor Qin began and also that had a death eater and someone else with her. They were learning aboutsomething like hippogriff. Okay this was quite interesting. Hippogriff were quite interesting animals. Then again she had been attack by a creature before. Either way this lesson was interesting. 

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