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Alayna Weasley

Alumni Question

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Alayna Weasley

Hello :wub:


I was talking with someone and a curiosity was brought up I wanted to pass by you guys. It is known and understood that death can't be RPed on VH unless it's been planned out via a plot somehow and approved via those means. However, if one has an alumni character and there are relatives of that character also on VH- is it possible to RP those relatives saying that this alumni has passed away, just as you can for NPCs? At what point would it be okay to say (but not RP out, of course), that an alumni has passed away?


Thank you for any information you have with regards to this! <3

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Hi Alayna,
If you would like your own alumni character to die you can submit a short obituary to Egg and Gagwilde. it doesn't have to be anything long or fancy but it should include an indication of how the character died. We will check to make sure there's nothing inappropriate or which contradicts HP or VH canon, and then post it as a Daily Prophet article. Your alumni will also have their member group changed and you will no longer be able to use the account (because they are dead). Once the obituary is up the death is official and you are free to have roleplays which refer to the character as deceased.
Alternately, if you are open to your alumni dying but have no particular plans, you can indicate that on the DP/WWN godmod permission form (alumni-only link) and be surprised by how/when your character dies (within any limitations you list on your form).
In both cases you can only request the death of your own alumni, and you need to be certain as you will no longer be able to use the account. If you have old RPs etc you wish to finish up as your alum, you will need to sort that out before you send in your obituary or grant godmod permission.

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