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Ethan Smith

These memories are playing like a film without sound.

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Meet me at the lake, I want to give you a proper goodbye before you leave. 




Ethan sent the letter right after he found out that he grabbed Kimber for reverse mentoring. While Kimber wasn't his mentor when he started Hogwarts. Him and Kimber became friends over time. He didn't know how it all happened, he almost always just dueled him. It was sad, that he didn't duel Kimber anymore. but he felt like that the seventh year was busy. 


Today, he hoped that he wouldn't be busy. He missed his Kimber and wanted to see him. Knowing that he would be leaving Hogwarts. It was sad to think that people that he knew was leaving. The last few years he knew people that were leaving, but he wasn't close to them. This time, he knew the person and was scared what Hogwarts would be like when he was gone and he didn't see him all the time. 


Sitting near the water, it was nice seeing it not frozen anymore, he waited to see when Kimber was going to show up. 

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