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Veronica Kennedy

Friends who stay together, read together...?

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Veronica Kennedy

The air was still and stifling all around her, accompanied only by pages flipping, foreign voices that were muffled down to a whisper, and an occasional sigh of frustration echoing from the aisle over. There was nothing appealing about the library apart from its vast amount of selection, nothing that would have made Ronnie voluntarily step into one if it had not been her not-so-subtle plea for alone time with the love of her life—fictional as the character might have been. It was suffocating and an utter torture to keep her gasps in check through all the thrills and all her gushing to a minimum when it got infuriating; the obligation to be quiet was an excruciating punishment all on its own.


Yet, it was a necessary evil that she found herself planted upon one of its many vacant seats on a weekend afternoon, her book in hand as brown eyes swept diligently across from page to page. 


Perhaps they were bounded by an unbreakable vow in their previous lives, or maybe they were mutants in disguise as wizards—those were the top option of unfathomable reasons for her talent in identifying one Malachi Moon by the mere sound of his footsteps, or that quiet chuckle he always had to his every breath. As though he saw humour in everything he touched, as though he had ruled the world under his feet. 


And perhaps they shared some form of telepathic ability between them that she had never known, or maybe he had installed a navigational device of sorts in the depths of her skull while she was dead in slumber.  How else would he find her here with such confidence? 


“I’m going to stop you right there,”


Ronnie spoke with her attention still glued to the words in front of her, her sole peeked from under the table in replacement of her palm. “You’re disrupting my date again.” A remark, paired aptly with a frown in a perfect mix of amusement, defeat and befuddlement. “I’m starting to think that you are interrupting my nerd out sessions on purpose.” Finally, tearing her eyes from the end of yet another chapter, she pointed to the shelf on her left. “You can’t stay here without a book, that’s like, the rule of this library or something.” No matter how firm she sounded, Ronnie could still feel the distinctive flush of her ears that indicated a lie—like an alarm ringing its ear-piercing tune in the spark of a fire.

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