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Dueling Officiator Applications

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The Dueling Chamber is in need of new Officiators. If you are interested in officiating, please fill out the application at the bottom of this post.


Please submit all completed applications to Scrimgeour and Undercliffe. Applications will be open until February 25th. Do not delay in applying! 


Any questions? Please send them to Undercliffe and Scrimgeour and we'll get back to you as soon as we're able. 


Dueling Officiator Application




The name(s) of your VH Character(s):


Your RL age (optional):


How often are you online each week?


Are you well-organized and attentive to detail?


Do you know how to use a spreadsheet?


How well do you think you understand the rules?


What exactly do you think the job entails?


Can you be fair and put bias aside when doing this job?




If chosen, you will be asked to create a new character. Tell us about the character you would create for the job.


How would he or she relate to students?


Write a short sample RP for this character (a couple hundred words will suffice).




Do you have any suggestions for improving the Dueling Chamber and/or Dueling Club?


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Just a reminder that you have five days until the deadline if you were interested in applying for dueling officiator. We won't accept any applications after February 25th. <3

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