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Takes place immediately after DADA lesson one


Stella was out of breath by the time she and Robin raced to the nearest bathroom, still covered in mud and soiled food from the improvised obstacle course they had endured with Julian, who had presumably proceeded to the nearest boy's restroom in a much more civilized manner.


"I call that a tie!" Stella panted as the girls both reached out to tap the door frame of the bathroom at the same time.  


"Whew, maybe I do need all that physical education and endurance training Professor Foster kept going on about..." she rested her forehead on the cool porcelain of the sink as she caught her breath. 


The Slytherin began carefully scrubbing her face, arms, and hair.  She always bathed in a methodical way, starting with her left arm and working clockwise around her upper body, moving to her lower body, and then hair last.  It was no different when she was stooped gracelessly over a sink.  


Stella paused in her ritualistic bathing when she heard some pipes creaking.  Out of nowhere, a toilet seemed to flush itself in the bathroom, which was deserted other than Stella and Robin.


"Ugh, this bathroom always gives me the creeps..." Stella turned to face her friend, squinting through the soap suds in her eyes, to see Robin sticking her wand in her face.



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Robin was, to put it delicately, covered in filth.  It had been bad enough before Stella grabbed her to use as a human shield, but once they'd all sprinted through the corridor, there was no telling what each individual substance dribbling off her was.  All she knew was that they made big, thick globs on the castle flagstone as she and Stella made their way to the closest bathroom.  When she got in there, she realised she was still holding her ruined textbook above her head.


Maybe we'll learn something in Charms to deep clean books... she thought.


She could see Stella fussing over what was to be honest, a rather small amount of splatter, cleaning each individual part of herself.  Robin had no time for such nicities, not as she felt the goop start to dry and her clothes begin fusing to her skin.  She took off the outer layer of her robes - her clothes underneath were equally ruined - and stuck them in a sink that she left to fill up.  Meanwhile, she ran another tap and stuck her head directly underneath.

A few minutes and a lot of scrubbing later, she'd begun to look vaguely human again, and less like something dredged up from the bottom of the lake.  All the same, she suspected she was going to have to have an even longer and less pleasant bath later tonight.


She took a deep breath, feeling a little like a drowned rat, and decided it was time to approach Stella.  Since just before they'd run the gauntlet of pain, she'd had one thing in mind - and now it only seemed more important.  She approached her, dripping gently onto the bathroom tile, and thrust her wand out.  As Stella turned around, she did her best to get her message across - but it ended up coming across in one long, ragged gasp.




"Robin?" asked Stella.


Robin took a deep breath, and tried again.  "I challenge you to a duel.  I want to duel you."  She flourished her wand in a manner she thought was somewhat dramatic, then slightly ruined the effect by nearly dropping it - it too was strangely sticky.

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"What in Merlin's name are you doing?" she wiped the soap from her eyes and blinked at Robin in confusion.  She couldn't understand whatever Robin was babbling about, but she wasn't going to wait to find out.  She stepped slowly out of the range of her friend's pointed wand before asking her to repeat herself.


"Ohhh, a duel!  What, because of Defense Against the Dark Arts class?" Stella couldn't help but let out an amused chortle.


"I'll duel you, but not here, you ignoramus!  You're not allowed to use dueling magic outside of the dueling chamber unless you learn a spell for a class or something, the rules are pretty strict.  You could get us both in trouble.  For Merlin's sake, put that thing away," she stepped forward and lowered Robin's ash wand herself.  The wand was unpleasantly sticky, although Stella couldn't be sure whether it could be attributed to their recent messy mishaps.  Robin had messy mishaps quite often and didn't seem to care very much about cleanliness.


"But...we could go to the dueling chamber and duel there?  I could show you the ropes, you didn't get an official dueling mentor at the beginning of the year, did you?  I'll go easy on you, I promise."  Stella's indignation at being challenged to a duel in a haunted bathroom had been replaced by joy when she realized that she might be able to convert Robin into a duelist yet.


Forgetting that she was still dripping with mud, water, and spoiled food from exactly half her body, she grabbed Robin by the hand and dragged her towards the dungeons.  

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Robin didn't much like being laughed at, even though she knew in the back of her mind that she had to look like some kind of horrifying bog monster right now.


"Yeah, because of DADA.  I don't like getting ambushed," said Robin, waving her wand in what she hoped was a faintly menacing manner.


Robin had to admit that she was a little disappointed not to be able to duel right there.  She'd been intimidated by the duelling chamber so far, with all of its officiators, tradition and rules .  But before she could object, Stella had grabbed her wand - in what felt strangely like an intrusion to her personal space - and was already excitedly chattering and dragging her away to the duelling chamber.


If this is how I go, thought Robin, fallen in combat in the world's grimiest duel, at least they'll be able to follow our sticky trail to find where the body is.


Thread closed.

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