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Veronica Dursley

Somebody told me that......

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Veronica Dursley



She hadn’t seen much of him since the beginning of the year, but maybe that was for the best. Veronica had to try to cope with the revelations about her blood status on her own, and she had try to learn German. Someone would say it had seemingly failed, but as of late she had started to hear rumors that were relied to her by grandfather, Dudley, that her younger brother was magical.


She had to tell someone, right?


“I know,” she paused for a second and then looked at him.


“I know we haven’t talked much since last year, and you know something? I think it’s what I needed, but that’s not why I’m here. I heard from my grandfather that my little brother is showing signs of magic.Do you think I should ask him to bring my brother to live with us?”


She waited for an answer before a hooting could be heard as a snowy owl landed on her shoulder, “Oh, this is Hedwig. My grandparents bought her for my, by the way.”

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