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------------------------------------- RULES AND SIGN UP! -------------------------------------


  • There will be two teams of cooks/servers and one team of judges. Team Fire, Team Ice, Team Chopped (the judges)
  • Team Fire is #800909 FIRE

    Team Ice is #20c3d0    ICE

    Team Chopped, our Judges is #0e6d0b CHOPPED

  • These judges are effectively mini hosts for this game! Their main role is to RP tasting the food and do dice rolls.

  • Girls are to wear butler uniforms and boys are to wear maid costumes!
  • Your hosts are myself serving as your Mistress of Ceremonies, Ekaterina Valentin & our own Minister of the Kitchens:  Ethan Smith!
    • To cook an item (it can be anything ICly), RP doing so in a RP of at least 50 words. Bold the item you cook. This has no OOC impact.
    • To serve an item, ANOTHER person on your team needs to serve to a nameless judge. The RP has to be at least 50 words.
    • A team can only serve two dishes for judging at any one time.
    • If you see a dish that is ready to be judged, please post a RP judging the dish. There is no word requirement! To determine the quality of the dish, roll a die. 1 means BLEH and 6 means WHAT IS THIS GODLY SUBSTANCE?! Please post the score at the end of your RP.
    • The judges can go in any order and do not have to wait on each other.
    • The real hosts of this game will come in to tally up the scores every now and then.
  • Our Mistress of Ceremonies and our Minister of the Kitchens may throw in "twists" that you have to include in your dishes that you serve for judging. 


And now, wizards and witches, let me introduce our reknowned judges serving on Team Chopped.


First, from the esteemed house of Ravenclaw is an expert in cupcakes, @Selena Watkins.

Joining Selena and also from Ravenclaw is @Julian Pritchard, known for his book "One Hundred Ways to Fix Toast"

Our next judge specializes in things that are sweet.  From the House of Hufflepuff, @Hazel Wheeler

Judge number four keeps Slytherin House happy with pastries, @Stella Peabody

Finally, our fifth judge is the eclair chef of House Ravenclaw, @Fern Blackburn


Give our Team Chopped a warm welcome, folks.



And now


The moment you've waited for.


Our Minister of the Kitchens!

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How in the world did Ethan get roped into helping Kat with some kind of game. There was so much that he had to do with his normal life, he didn’t think this was going to be smart. But Kat told him it was just for the afternoon, so it shouldn’t be that hard at all. He was just going to be there, watching the game. Right? At least that is something he hoped that he would do.


He might have brought his bag with him, but that was already at his chair. He knew that Kat wanted to do something special for this.


There might have been something that Ethan was trying to do for his entrance, but he wasn’t able to get the backflip down at all. Knowing that wouldn’t work out at all, Ethan walked in and threw an apple in the air while doing a cartwheel, it was a lot simpler. But the only problem was, the apple wasn’t anywhere near him. So the lost the apple and didn’t get to do a cool trick.


“Kat, I don’t know how you got me to sign up for this. But I am here, and that was just a horrible entrance.” This might be why he never once did any kind of sports. Dueling was better for him anyway.


Now it was time to introduce the teams, and maybe people would love the outfits that they are wearing. “Welcome everyone, that is in the great hall and watching this. I would like to welcome the teams that will be playing today. We have TEAM ICE… with Zsuzsanna E. Maverick, Shiloh Paige, Caprica Delacrox, and Alyssa Hoofer.” Reading off the names, three out of four were in Hufflepuff, nice. “Next we have TEAM FIR, with Drake Archwood, Rowan Allard, Simon Reed, and Ryan Buratsche!”


Now he was ready to sit down, “Each person will be making their food and then serving it to one of the judges. Let the games begin.” Ethan sure hoped that they would make something good, he didn’t know how well some of these people cooked, heck… he didn’t know how any of them cooked at all.



--------------------THE TEAMS--------------------

Hex Code is #20c3d0
@Zsuzsanna E. Maverick
@Shiloh Paige
@Caprica Delacroix
@Alyssa Hoofer

Hex code is #800909

@Anderson Potter AKA Drake Archwood
@Simon Reed
@Rowan Allard

@Ryan Buratsche


This is now open, go post

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Zsu was excited to be able to participate, and even more excited that several of her friends were doing so as well. She’d gone through quite a few options for just what she wanted to cook, but as she washed the prawns and then her hands, she’d decided something a bit simpler would suffice. And by simple she meant simple to her standards, the taste would be anything but.


She coated a cast-iron skillet in a light drizzle of olive oil, lighting the coals beneath it before she moved to a small bowl. She’d taken the time to get a start on prepping and turned to the masala, the fragrance of the chilies and cloves of garlic wafting up as she added the coconut milk and whipped it in to create a solid paste that she then set off to the side. Peeling the newly cooled tomatoes that she’d boiled, she deftly began to dice them and mince the bulbs of onions waiting nearby. Returning to the skillet, she added the onions first, fanning the flames to sauté them before tossing in the tomatoes.


Satisfied, the Hufflepuff conjured the masala and sprinkled a dash of Himalayan salt before pouring it in the skillet and watching as the colour began to set and come together. The prawns came next, and she spent the next ten minutes steaming a blend of Basmati and Jasmine rice as the rest of the food cooked. She let the curry simmer, lowering the heat as she took a plate and added the rice in a thick crescent, a pretty garnish of cilantro and dried curry leaves peeking from beneath the rice. Extinguishing the flames from the coal, she took a ladle and placed a serving of the curry against the rice, a small smile slipping onto her face as she put the plate in the middle of a slightly larger one to keep the heat from burning any fingers directly. Now her Goanese Prawn Curry was complete.


“I went very easy on the actual spice,” she whispered to @Shiloh Paige, holding out the dish to her friend despite the mischievous glint in her irises, “so hopefully it goes over well.”

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Caprica had never cooked anything a day in her life. In fact, most of the time the cooking was done for her and she had no idea what she was doing. Instead, she attempted to cook something simple, a crab roll. Sushi had always been her favorite and while this wasn’t really her first time making sushi, it was her first time making it on her own. Caprica held her wand steady and finally the crab roll assembled rather perfectly, or at least she thought it was perfect.


She handed it over to @Alyssa Hoofer “Hey! Can you bring this over to them? Isn’t it delicious? It’s a crab roll!” Hopefully they liked sushi because that was all Caprica could make for right now. She didn’t know if she’d attempt anything else that was dangerous.

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Shiloh looked down at her waiter's outfit and just sort of tugged on the sleeve so that it settled better. The gloves were being a bit interesting, but she would manage. Also she was starting to get hungry; Zsu had amazing form and the food smelled good. She was just nervous about if the Judges would like it.

Especially with Stella being one of the judges.


With a careful hand Shiloh took it from Zsu. “You got it, Easy on the spice.” she gave her friend a wink and a grin before bringing it over to the judge's Table and set it before one of them. “This is a Goanese Prawn Curry.” She said as she placed the dish with whatever flourish her eleven year-old muscles could handle.

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Rowan had an upper hand in this competition; the judging table had been stacked in her favor with familiar faces and friends. She would never advocate cheating, of course, but that didn't mean she wouldn't toss a few sad looks or pander to what she knew people liked. 


Her upper hand was, of course, balanced by her teammates. They weren't exactly the best group of people to work with - not that she minded most of them, but @Ryan Buratschewas her secret, silent arch nemesis. All he had to do was keep his mouth shut about his ridiculous opinions long enough for them to  make something. That couldn't be too hard. With a deep sigh, she steadied herself.


"Alright team." She held both of her hands, balled into fists, in the air and gave a quick pump, "Let's get cooking!"


With a turn on her heels, she was off gathering ingredients. While Rowan didn't particularly like her mother - nor did she want to think about her - there was one thing that Cathy had managed to teach her. Well, technically two: how to scream in Ukrainian and how to make a Kiev Cake. 


"Can someone get me the Hazelnuts, please?"

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Fern was no stranger to tasting food. Granted, usually she was tasting sweets, trying out new recipe's at her mum's bakery, but she was definitely willing to try other dishes as well. It was like, her specialty. At home, if Fern liked the recipe, then the item was added to the menu. Definitely not because she was the baker's daughter; she had a knack for these things. 


"Goanese Prawn Curry, eh?" The Ravenclaw raised a brow. This was impressive for a couple of first years. Fern peered in the bowl and let the steam flood her nostrils, the sweet yet spicy curry certainly smelled delicious. Just because something smelled delicious didn't mean it tasted good, however. Take baker's chocolate, for instance. It smelled sweet and delicious, but was the most bitter, awful tasting chocolate the fourteen year old had ever tried. 


She took the spoon from the bowl and scooped up as much as she could, trying to get a bit of everything (except the prawns, since Fern was a vegetarian. She opted to just.. eat around them) "This is so flavorful!" she beamed at the group of younger students. "Really good." she said honestly. "I'm impressed, @Zsuzsanna E. Maverick , @Shiloh Paige and @Caprica Delacroix.." she paused. There was no way to eat around the meat when it was a crab roll was made of almost entirely that. "Anyone else care to try the crab roll, though?" she asked her fellow judges.



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'Oh Merlin...'


He thought to himself for the millionth time as he surveyed his reflection upon a mirror, this would teach him to stop putting his name up on lists without reading what he was volunteering for. Simon tugged on his red and white bow and pulled at his black skirt, he was at the very least grateful he didn't have to put his hair up in pigtails as well. "Well... this is a bit drafty, innit." he muttered to his fellow teammates, thankful yet again that he wasn't the only bloke being subjected to this kind of humiliation. He didn't understand why he couldn't just dress like normal to present the dishes, it wasn't like they were judging him on presentation. Were they?


Simon stepped out and looked about, finding himself to be in the presence of quite a lot of familiar faces. If he wasn't already crimson, he was sure getting to that shade rather quickly. There was Zsu, who at the moment was distracted as she ran about handling pots and pans like a proper chef... Shiloh was on her team as well, although they didn't know each other well and seeing him in this garb would probably keep her away. Alyssa, well, she couldn't really say much, could she? They both seem to be made of some sort of magnet that attracted ridicule, so he spared her a shy smile.


The Ravenclaw shuffled forward, slowly as not to make his skirt ride up--the last thing he needed was some sort of wardrobe malfunction--he reached the Team Fire table and saw that Rowan had already made something. She called it a Kiev Cake, it looked scrumptious as ever! Would they get to try these later? He sure hoped so, his mouth was practically salivating already. Seeing a bag of hazelnuts nearby, he handed them over as the girl put in a few finishing touched. "I'll take this up." he volunteered, using both of his hands to carry the dish up to the judges. He kept his eyes on the plate and his feet for the most part... that is until he reached the judging table.


He slid the plate on the surface as carefully as possible and then glanced at all the judges. "U-Uh... this here is, u-uh Kiev Cake... made by Rowan." he struggled to get any sort of description out, seeing as he was far more preoccupied at the fact that he was wearing a maid's costume in front of Hazel Wheeler. Merlin had no mercy.



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Julian had exactly zero experience judging food. His favourite food was toast, but he was quite happy to eat whatever was handed to him provided it wasn't too sweet or too spicy. With those qualifications, how he'd ended up as part of the judging team for this game was a total mystery. He blamed @Hazel Wheeler for this. At least it was better than being on one of the cooking teams. He could only cook toast, sandwiches and eggs, and he didn't think that would be all that impressive to anyone. Plus, that maid outfit looked cold. 


Grabbing the plate that Simon had brought to them, Julian eyed it critically before dipping his fork into it. It had looked very elaborate and quite sweet, and it tasted quite elaborate and quite sweet. Too sweet. He wrinkled his nose a little and looked at Hazel. Could he pass her the cake? He was sure she would appreciate it more. He wasn't sure if he was allowed to do that, though, so he took another bite. Once you got over the massive sweetness, the taste was fairly decent. He definitely wanted some water, though. "It's uh," he looked around, trying to find a glass. "It's okay. A little sweet for my taste. It looks very pretty, though, @Rowan Allard and @Simon Reed " he added, feeling like he probably ought to say something good after Fern's beaming commentary on the curry. 



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Hazel was impressed by the sheer ability of some of her fellow classmates. Though she really shouldn't be that surprised. After all, if she was able to make macarons, surely other students knew their way around the kitchen. She had dressed up for the event - the judges should be able to have fun outfits too. She had grabbed her favorite apron and, with the help of @Julian Pritchard, a flower-covered chef hat that had previously been a candle. 


Fern reached over to try the Goanese Prawn Curry, and Hazel listened carefully to her jurisdiction. It seemed to be going very well for Shiloh and Zsu. Julian, on her other side, was munching away at Rowan's Kiev Cake. Hazel leaned over, watching carefully as he munched.


"Oh, that looks great! I'd like a bite of that when you're done, Ju," Hazel said, looking up to come face to face with Simon. Hazel blushed, his maid costume was something she had probably worn on an occasion like Halloween or a costume party. She leaned forward a bit, a cheeky smile on her face, "Why thank you for bringing it up, Si! You look fabulous!"


She sat back, the smile still on her face as she realized that no one had taken the chance to take a crab cake from @Alyssa Hoofer's plate. Hazel's smile grew as she leaned forward to take a bite.


"Thanks, Alyssa," Hazel said through her initial bite, "Oh! Wow! @Caprica Delacroix! This is wonderful! I love what you've done!"



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Rowan's nose scrunched up, her brow knitting together in response to @Julian Pritchard's judging. Too sweet. There was so such thing as too sweet. Plus he was a kid, what did he know? How did he even get picked to become a judge?


Her instinct was to pick up her cake and toss it directly into the trash. Or, if no trash can was available, she would push it off the judging table, allowing it to fall to the floor. It took all her willpower to ignore those urges. With a huff, she crossed her arms and stomped her way through the kitchen, eyes passing over ingredients as she looked for something else to make.


Each item that managed to spark something in Rowan's brain filled her with thoughts of sugary breads, caramel cookies, or ice cream sandwiches. Everything in Rowan's recipe arsenal was sweet. This would be her downfall. Complaining under her breath, mocking Julian's words 'it's okay', she attempted to think up something - anything - that was savory.


Finally, a memory came to mind of a cold rainy day back in Brighton. She and Lydia had been attempting to make something so warm them up - the chill of Autumn had been too much for the girls. With the imagination of children they'd managed to throw ingredients together in a way to mix up an all too traditional meal. 


Quickly, Rowan began gathering ingredients. Red potatoes, sweet corn, peas, ground beef, shredded cheese, and croissant dough. The mess of ingredients would cook up quick enough - the longest part would be browning the beef or perhaps mashing the potatoes as she'd always had trouble with that bit. 


Various pots sat on the stove top, each heating a separate ingredient for her Sherpard's pie. Or perhaps she shouldn't call it that, as she had always used beef instead of lamb. Plus the ungodly large amounts of cheese she threw on top and then covered with the buttery, slightly sweet croissant dough was not the typical recipe. The layered each cooked ingredient - beef then vegetables then mashed potatoes. The dish was placed in the oven, allowing the cheese to melt and the dough to bake to a nice golden brown. 


"Alright boys, that'll be done in like five minutes. Grab some mitts and serve it to one of the judges." She said, turning her back on the dish, already wrecking her mind for the next one.

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OOC: So sorry, I've been feeling sick.


Alyssa took the dish that Caprica handed her. Why had she signed up for this game? Oh yeah, because she’d been hoping to pick up some tips about cooking, meet people, and to participate in a Hogwarts activity. She hadn’t expected to be a server though. This meant that she was actually going to have to walk up to one of these people, and have them judge the food she had. She hadn’t made it, but what if somehow she let Caprica down? She moved through everyone feeling shy, and she was relieved when @Hazel Wheeler  took it upon herself to take one from her instead.


“You really like it? ” She asked. “Er- anyone else want to try a crab roll if you haven’t yet?”

Edited by Alyssa Hoofer

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Ethan being a host of a game, with a fellow prefect. He was shocked to see that some people could cook, and that some couldn’t. As he was watching the students cook, he looked over at Kat. “I wonder if these judges we picked will be fair, or hope that their friends will win” Ethan didn’t care, at least he was sitting here watching the game, he wouldn’t mind being out there. But the last time he was in a game. It was a little crazy, he he didn’t know how well he would do in this one.


Watching as they brought the food over towards the judges, it seems like Team Ice food wasn’t that bad. Maybe they could cook. “Five, that is pretty high.” Ethan might want to try it, but that would be effort to get up and do something else. And for once just sitting here was nice.


MOre food was coming, and it seems like the other did wasn’t having much luck with there food, but then it seems like Fern liked someone food and someone else didn’t have that high of a taste bud for it. Which one was it, Ethan would just take the judges word for it.

----------The scores:----------


Team Ice
Points- 9


Team Fire
Points- 3  


Good Job Everyone, keep posting and Judges keep scoring.

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Sitting next to Ethan, Kat watched the competitors and it seemed to be going well.   "You know, Minister of the Kitchens," Kat said to Ethan, "Maybe we made this too easy?"  The pair conferred and after receiving a slip of paper from Ethan, Kat went to the center of Kitchen Stadium, cast sonorous, and made the announcement.


"The Minister of the Kitchens has a twist for our teams.  Your next dish must be a dessert and must use the ingredients in the basket in front of you."


Inside these baskets, identical for each team, was found:


jalapeno peppers


a jar of jam.


Chefs are free to add whatever else they need to but it must contain all three challenge ingredients.


Have fun 

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Hearing their scores definitely made Zsu relatively giddy, but she straightened up her posture to make sure she didn’t become too lax in any way, shape, or form. The competition was far from over after all. When their first twist was given, she blinked at the required ingredients, trying her best not to cringe outwardly. Jerky was most definitely the odd man out in this lineup, but she would try her best not to be deterred.


Nodding in understanding, she once again washed up and set to work, trying to figure out just what she could make. Blinking as something snapped into clear focus, she ignited the hearth and quickly set to work on making the crust and top layer for her pie, not wanting to lose a precious second. When that was finished, she dusted the pans lightly in flour before placing the crust inside, using her fingers to carefully press and create ridges before setting them in the hearth. The next thing up were the apples, and her fingers worked deftly to both peel and core them before finally slicing them up.


Summoning a bowl, she began to dice up the jalapeños, humming as she placed them in the bowl alongside of the apples, brown sugar, honey, and a few other key ingredients. She mixed them all vigorously, quietly counting down to herself before she had the pans floating over to her. She poured everything into the second pan, careful not to burn herself as she then hovered the bottom layer over the pie, a flipping it over and pressing it to make sure it sealed. When that was done, she removed the first pan and cut small slits into the center of the top layer, sending it back to the hearth for the final baking.


The Huff inhaled, looking from the jam to the jerky, shaking her head but thankful for the small favor that it was peppered. She minced up a strip, and when she was finally satisfied by just how small the fragments were, she took a teaspoon and mixed it with a tablespoon of jam. The fragrance of the pie wafted to her, and she summoned it over to her station to let it sit and cool. As she waited, her eyes drifted over to @Simon Reed, a bit of surprise as to what he was wearing. He looked as adorable as what should be allowed.


When her mental clock chimed, she gently sliced into the Angry Apple Pie, placing it on a small plate. She took a dollop of the jam and jerky mix and placed it in a fluffy curl on the side. She sighed, a bit nervous about this particular dish, unsure if it would get the same rating as her previous one. Her eyes shifted to @Shiloh Paige as she handed the small plate off. “Well, wish us luck. Angry Apple Pie with a side of Peppered Jerky Jam. ”

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