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Nari Bae

WP from OWLs

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Nari Bae

This is an off the wall question but like....I know we get an undisclosed amount of WP from doing OWLs in our 5th year (the same with any grades) but....if we wanted to, could we request not to receive the grade WP if we didn't want them? I'm just curious in case I ever wanted to keep a character at say like...50 WP forever.


...Just saying.


Please don't hate me.

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Professor Bond



From what I have seen, most people do get the WP from OWLs even if they never do their lessons. Alumni that only took a single OWL seem to have 51 WP. However, you could ask the dueling mods about this since they may be able to offer more insight.


Even if you had to take the WP, you could put a note in your CL or profile stating that Nari is really at a level of about 50 WP IC. Some students do this with marks where OOC they got an O but IC they got, say, a P.


Good luck with your 50 WP! ;)

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Post 1,000! :O

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You could ask the dueling mods ... or we could just answer the question. ;)


Unfortunately, we don't accept requests for alterations in grade WP, or any WP earned for that matter. The WP update process (and especially grade WP) is complex and time-consuming as it is, so we do not want to further complicate it by opening the door for requests. Sorry!


Also, a friendly reminder that we encourage dueling-related questions to be posted in the chamber's Questions topic. :wub:

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