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Misty Leaf

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Misty Leaf

For some reason, when I try to change my profile picture, the only thing that comes up is "Photo Type" , and the only option that can be chose is "no photo". I've tried this on both my computer and my phone and got the same result. Has this happened to anyone else too, or is this something specific to my account? If I cannot change my profile picture from my account, would it be possibly for the admin to go in and change it?

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Professor Bourdelle

Hello Misty!


Sadly, the settings on the board are set in such a way that pre-hogwarts students can't upload their own profile photo or avatar. You must wait until the sorting forms are posted in February and your form has been accepted before that permission changes- at that time you will be able to upload your own. For the time being however, I believe you can choose an avatar from the site gallery to use if you so wish to do that. If you click on the browse button at the top of the site and then go down to gallery, there is a section there titled 'site albums'. There are several avatars there you can choose from. Just find one you'd like to use, click on it, and then if you hover over to the right, top corner of the black box it's in- it'll give you the option to set it as your profile photo.


I hope that helps, but let me know if you're still having trouble and I'll see what I can do.  Welcome to VH! :wub:

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Viola Wayland

Hi Misty! In addition to the site gallery, you can also use a custom image if it has been uploaded by another member. You've probably noticed that many of the other Pre-Hogwarts members have done this. Some of them are old members of the site who use their already-sorted accounts to host their images, and some are new members like you who've had people offer to help them out. 


However, there's some trust involved in hosting other people's images as it's not exactly encouraged. From the rules on the Gallery


You take responsibility for any file you upload to your gallery. We recommend you do not upload image files that you did not create yourself, unless it was an image made for your character by another trusted member.


I'm willing to help you - and others in your situation - if you'd like! I'd be more than happy to make and upload an avatar (or "profile picture") for your character (and others!). To contact me about this, you can find me on Discord - my screenname is found in my profile and I'm often around in VH's server which is a great place to connect with other members of the site. You can find the link for the VH server in the top-bar as one of the menu options for "OFFSITE VH" or right here. You can also contact me by sending me a message on this board - your messenger can be accessed at the top of the site or at this link. <3


Welcome to VH! Please feel free to reach out if there's anything I can do to help :wub: 


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