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Professor Applications Open!

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We're currently looking to fill one or two positions for the upcoming year. We are currently in need of at least one Charms Professor, a flying instructor and possibly both Potions Professors**. We are potentially looking for other subjects as well so please apply if you would prefer to teach other classes. We are also always looking for potential substitutes.


While other positions may become available, these are the ones that are currently needed. When creating your professor's character, please keep in mind that the house your professor will be affiliated with will depend on the needs of the staff at the time of hiring and you may be asked to join the house with the least amount of professors, not necessarily where you wish to go.

**As our needs change this may be updated to include more classes


These positions are open to original characters or ALUMNI. These are the qualifications to be met to be eligible to apply.


1. Your character must be at least 30 years old.

2. They must have a NEWT in the class you wish to teach, plus two more in any classes of your choice.

3. They must have life experience supporting the chosen class.


Please PM all applications to Snape. You have 3 weeks! Ready... GO!




Professor Application

Part I: About You

The name(s) of your VH Character(s):


An AIM address we could reach you on (optional):


How often are you online, and for how long?


How old are you? (You may be as specific or non-specific as you like.)


What have you done for Virtual Hogwarts in the past? (Be creative, if you're in a lot of clubs: Tell us. If you roleplay often: Tell us. Etc)


Part II: Your Character

Why <insert subject> (fill in the subject of your choice)?


Are there other subjects you're enthusiastic about?:


Given the chance, which character (canon or invented by you) would you choose to teach as? Tell us a little bit about this character and why they are a good fit for your subject of choice/Hogwarts.


What is your character's attitude towards his/her subject/job? How would he or she interact with children?


Please submit a sample lesson for your preferred subject.

Part III: Innovation

Do you have any ideas for improving how the class is run?


How do you feel about homework at VH? (What kind of homework would you give? If you could, what would you change about overall homework policy? etc)


If given the opportunity to serve in a position of authority, what would you do to better VH?

Part IV: Alumni

Why do you want to teach with your alumni instead of an original character?


If you're teaching with your alumni, you will lose the anonymity that helps greatly with some situations you may run into. While the current students won't know your alumni, their puppeteers probably will. How will you handle these situations? This includes but is not limited to students not liking their grades, wanting house points given, and discipline (ie taking points, giving detention, potential plagiarism, etc).

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We are also looking for a Flying Instructor. 


This position is slightly different from a normal professor, as there is only one year (1st years) of classes to teach. They are currently posted in term one and consist of seven lessons. Please use the professor form to apply. All professor requirements generally encompass the flying instructor position, however, if you do not have enough NEWTs and want to apply for this position on your alumni you may be considered with compelling backstory. Please note the AGE requirement is still in effect.


Candidates should have some IC reason/background for flying aptitude. This is a "part time" job that only requires the instructor to be at Hogwarts during the term flying lessons are posted - however, you may combine this instructor application with a Quidditch Official** application to remain at the school year round. 


**Quidditch Officials cannot be alumni characters

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