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Clarissa Perenge

Pool Party

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Clarissa felt excited, but worried at the same time. Would anyone actually show up? She’d given out invitations to everyone in the Pre-Hogwarts Primary class to come over to Alyssa’s place. She didn’t have a pool herself, so she’d asked her best friend Alyssa if she could use her pool instead. Alyssa had agreed without hesitation. Clarissa felt some guilt as Alyssa had talked excitedly about what they could do. After all, she’d made everyone think that Alyssa was some snobby rich girl who looked down on everyone.


Clarissa had been a bit surprised that Alyssa had said yes. Not because she wasn’t a good friend, but because she’d been doing her best to hide her wealth from her own classmates. Now, she was allowing Clarissa’s classmates to come over and see it all. Perhaps her friend was changing her mind about hiding it, or maybe she just wanted to do anything for her friend.


Alyssa’s parents who loved parties were more than happy to accommodate them all. They were in the kitchen preparing snack foods for all the kids. How would her godparents react if they knew some of the things she’d been saying about them and their daughter? They’d always said she was like another daughter to them, and they were all too happy to allow her to use their pool for a party.


“You think anyone will come?” Clarissa asked Alyssa who smiled at her.


“You sound like me. What happened to my confident friend? You’re never nervous. They’ll come, and we’ll make sure they enjoy it,” Alyssa told her with a smile. “It will be so much fun. I should have invited my friends too, but this is your day. Not too many of my classmates know about all this anyway,” Alyssa added as she waved a hand around at the vast backyard stretched out around them.


Clarissa loved Alyssa’s yard. There were so many garden paths to explore, fountains, ponds, a tree house and even a patio area for a fire. They even had a hot tub. The pool had two different sections that included a waterfall. It was just pure beauty, and Alyssa’s mum had designed it all. It was like a park, and plenty of people complimented her on it.


She wondered if she should warn her friend that some of the kids at Pre-Hogwarts Primary weren’t very nice. Alyssa thought that Clarissa herself was mean, though she wasn’t, and some of the kids there could be downright brutal. They’d never let her push them around like Alyssa had. At least, most of them hadn’t.



Clarissa sighed and then kicked off her flip flops, and then sat down at the pools edge. She wore a red bathing-suit under a white summer dress. She really hoped that she wouldn’t regret this decision. She didn’t even know why she’d decided to do this, other then the fact that the twins had a sleep-over, and then Xenia had everyone over for camping. As she thought of the twin brother and sister at school, she thought of Alyssa’s own twin brothers. She wondered how they would interact with each other. Did twins prefer twins?


“Will your brothers and sister come?” Clarissa asked Alyssa who shrugged and then joined her at the pools edge while they waited for the others. Alyssa was in a cute yellow Hufflepuff one piece bathing suit with the Hufflepuff crest all over it, though she was currently wearing a yellow skirt over it.


“They’re around, so more than likely,” Alyssa answered. “And you’d better not terrorize Hailey like you have been lately. I’ve already told you to lay off on her. I don’t want to have to again.”


Clarissa didn’t respond. She was just trying to toughen the little girl up. She was eight-years-old and way too timid. She needed to learn to stick up for herself, and she couldn’t make any promises. She didn’t terrorize the little girl anyway. Alyssa was exaggerating. She couldn’t make any promises, so she just smiled at Alyssa. If the little girl acted all timid when her classmates came, she might have to tell her to leave.


*Alyssa is my alter, so I’m ‘godmodding’ her and sometimes in Clarissa’s posts and I’ll ‘godmod’ Clarissa in Alyssa’s posts. Although technically it’s not godmodding but I just wanted to let people know ahead of time for those who don’t know my alters.


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Alyssa wasn’t so sure about this party, but it was an opportunity to meet the younger kids she supposed. She did want to look out for the new first years after all. She wanted to be one of those older kids the younger ones didn’t fear. She remembered the year before feeling intimidated by the big kids, and although these kids weren’t that much younger than her, she still wanted to make them feel welcome. She planned to be nice to the younger kids every year after all. She’d come along way since this time last year. She had to remember that if she began to feel shy around all these people she didn’t know. She did plan to be a mentor that year, but she would also greet other new first years too, and help them out when she could.


She’d always planned to allow people in her year to come over for a pool party, but not for a couple years yet. So far, she was keeping it secret about her wealth. The last thing she wanted was for people to think she was some spoiled entitled brat. She also didn’t want people to take advantage of her money either, the way some people (Clarissa being one of them) did.


However, when Clarissa had asked if she could invite the kids from her Pre-Hogwarts Primary class over for a pool party, she caved in. Despite their differences, Clarissa was still one of her best friends and they’d actually had fun that summer. Clarissa still gave attitude at times, but they still had their good moments too. So she wanted to do anything for her friend. Lending her the pool for the day was such a small thing to ask, and her parents were excited about a party too.


 Maybe once Clarissa got to Hogwarts, she’d be better behaved. Not too many people would allow her to act this way at Hogwarts after all. Alyssa just worried her secret would be out by letting these kids come over, and maybe the people in her own year would resent her. She would explain, however. Others had been understanding so far about why she’d kept her money a secret.


“You’ve said you’re one of the most popular kids in your class,” Alyssa said continuing to reassure her friend. “Surely that means they’ll come.”


Though Alyssa did have to wonder if what Clarissa had said was true. She was sure the girl had made some friends, but given this entitled spoiled attitude she gave everyone lately, she had her doubts that everyone liked her. She very much doubted that Clarissa played nice at school.


Clarissa just shrugged. “A lot of kids are jealous of me,” she said.


Alyssa raised her eyebrows at Clarissa when she said this. She didn’t believe her. It was something Clarissa often said to her in fits of anger. It was like a last resort or something. Supposedly, Alyssa was jealous that Clarissa was prettier, but she’d never actually given that much thought before. Maybe there was a chance that the other girl was? Why did it matter? Looks weren’t everything. Alyssa didn’t care if someone was prettier or more handsome, or not so pretty or handsome (though she’d yet to meet someone she thought was unattractive) so she didn’t understand Clarissa’s mindset. It was what was in a persons heart that made them, not their looks.


“If you say so,” Alyssa finally said. “But I’m sure they’ll come. But you know, if you want people to be friends with you, you shouldn’t say that to them. And don’t argue with me either. I don’t like it when you say it to me and I’m sure the kids in your class don’t like it either. You’re doing a really nice thing by inviting them all here today. So just keep being nice like this, and they’ll like you.”


The kids were supposed to be entering the foyer by floo where the dual staircases were, and then out the patio doors beside the right staircase where they would surely find the girls on the upper level of the pool. Alyssa and Clarissa were sitting so they facing the doors, so they were likely to see the kids when they showed up.


Alyssa had left the doors open. From the patio doors, they would have an amazing view of the backyard, the gardens and garden paths would surely be impressive, and that wasn’t all they would see.They would see the tree house, all the ponds, the fountains, the covered patios, the fire pit area and everything else she hadn’t thought of. She had a feeling her parents had purposely put the patio deck where it was just so people could take in the view. It still took her breath away, and she’d grown up with it.


She worried that a lot of the kids would judge her though. Would they see her as a spoiled kid once they saw all of this? Hadn’t Clarissa said something about the twins in her class who would look down on her? She’d said they would say their house was better the moment they came. Alyssa had hesitated before giving the fancy invitations to Clarissa to hand out, but she’d given in. They’d been made on pieces of parchment with gold lettering on them. Clarissa wanted everyone in her class there, and Alyssa had obliged. She’d given them instructions on where to floo, and where the patio doors were.


“My parents are coming too,” Clarissa said making a face. “And they’re bringing Elliot and Michelle. They’re probably already here.”


Alyssa just gave another shrug. It made sense to her that more adults would be there to supervise. They were going to have a bunch of ten and eleven-year-olds over. Alyssa knew her parents wanted as many eyes on the kids as possible, and she knew her parents would be out on the patio watching once they all came over. She just hoped they’d be there soon. She was anxious to meet Clarissa’s new friends, and she hoped her friend was right when she’d said she was popular. All she wanted was for Clarissa to be happy.

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Ana had been impressed with the heavy parchment and gold lettering of the invitation that Clarissa had given her. It didn't appear to be cheap paper charmed to look better, either; this was the real deal. She hadn't thought about whether the girl she'd met in the Magical Menagerie was from a wealthy home, but now she was excitedly wondering what kind of place she'd be stepping into a few moments from now.


She set a fluffy, pink towel on top of the change of dry clothes her aunt hand insisted she take. There was still plenty of room in the beach bag for Spart, so she hefted him up and set him on top of the towel before kissing her aunt goodbye on the cheek and stepping into the grate of green flames.


The floo whisked her away to the address she'd been given.


As soon as the floo delivered her, she knew her hunch had been right. The Perenges must be really wealthy to have a place like this! She'd have to try not to make a fool of herself.


She hopped out of the fireplace and into a grand foyer. Everything in it was beautiful! Ana grinned at her own toothy reflection in a gold vase sort of thing. This place was great! There were two staircases curving elegantly up, and the patio doors mentioned in the invitation were next to the base of the one to her right.


Ana craned her neck left and right to look around the broad staircase, and then hurried to the patio doors when she glimpsed Clarissa and an older girl around the wooden stairs.


"Hi!" Her voice echoed more than she'd expected in the large area, and she giggled nervously. Spart croaked from his spot in her bag.


When she reached the patio doors, she smiled at her host. "Thanks so much for inviting me! You have a lovely home!" And it was really true. Her eyes roamed across the spacious gardens lain out behind the house. Mansion? How big did a house have to be before it was a mansion? Ana wasn't sure.

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Clarissa grinned and stood up when Ana appeared. She wasn't sure how she felt about the girl yet, only they had bonded over comic books once. She seemed nice enough, and maybe there was a chance that she could be a potential friend.


"Welcome," Clarissa said to her.


She wondered for a moment if she should admit that this actually wasn't her house. Would it be wise to lie and pretend that she lived here and that Alyssa was the poor friend? Alyssa did want to pretend she didn't have money after all. She hadn't told many of the people in her year about her wealth, and she carried second hand things around. However, what if Ana did become a friend?


"It's actually not my place," Clarissa finally admitted and she pointed to Alyssa who stood up as well.


She sent a quick glare over at her friend. Why did Alyssa get to be so tall? Clarissa hadn't grown in so long. She was stuck at just a little over four feet. Hailey was her height! She was scared she was going to be stuck at this short height forever. She was smaller than all of her classmates with the exception of Magda. The rest were taller. Alyssa had grown so much that she could be mistaken as maybe as a third or even maybe a fourth year. The worst part about it was that Alyssa was self-conscious about it!


Clarissa looked away from Alyssa and back at Ana.


"It's actually Alyssa's house. She is letting us use the pool today," she said. "We grew up next door to each other and we've been friends since we were babies. Lifelong friends," she added more to Alyssa than to Ana. She still wasn't too happy that Alyssa had made new friends at Hogwarts. She didn't want her to forget that Clarissa was her friend, and not those horrid girls who had come over for New Years. "She's going into her second year at Hogwarts," Clarissa continued before glaring at Alyssa again. "Even if she is abnormally tall for a twelve-year-old. She's grown so much, but she can't seem to grow into her looks. So she isn't as pretty."


She grinned at Ana ignoring the annoyed and hurt look that Alyssa sent her.


"You're welcome to go in the pool right away, or to sit with us while we wait for the others," Clarissa continued. "If the others do come. I hope they do. It should be a fun day."

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Alyssa was excited to meet any new friend of Clarissa's. She'd jumped up excitedly to greet this new girl, who Clarissa hadn't even bothered to introduce properly. Nope. Instead, she had to be insulting as usual. Alyssa let out a sigh before smiling at the new arrival.


"I'm pleased to meet you," Alyssa told her. "And like Clarissa said, you're welcome to swim right away or wait with us. My parents are just preparing food and drinks for all of us. They'll probably bring them out later, but if you're hungry now, we can snack while we wait."


She wasn't too sure if the girl would want to or not since there was that saying that you never eat, and then swim right away. Alyssa had never cared about that, and neither had her siblings for that matter, though they did watch over Hailey just in case. Alyssa herself had never actually gotten a cramp after eating and then swimming, but maybe these kids had.


"What's your name?" Alyssa continued smiling. "Are you excited for Hogwarts? I know I was last year, and I'm excited to go back. Let me know if you ever need help, especially if you're sorted into Hufflepuff with me."


She was surprised she wasn't feeling too shy at the moment with this new girl, even after Clarissa had insulted her. Usually, she closed up after someone insulted her but she still felt relaxed. She would talk to Clarissa later. She didn't want to cause a fight before the party. She was tired of Clarissa calling her ugly all the time though. Though she didn't think looks were that big of a deal, she was already feeling self-conscious about the fact that she'd grown so much already. Maybe she actually was ugly after all, though she would never admit her worries to Clarissa. She didn't want to think about it herself since she insisted all the time that being pretty didn't matter.

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Well Alvis wasn't really a trend setter or one for being a trail blazer but he did like being around others even if he was just a hanger on but he didn't think of this being so dreamy and away with the fairies. So when he got an invite to a party, especially from someone who was going to the magic school he was, he jumped at the chance to make more friends and explore the delights that  some of the wizard born kids would know and bring with them!


So when he tuck the invite to show his Dad for permission he was over the moon at the response, ''Of course you can me boy! Well done, making friends all ready, not too far away, I'll take ya in the car!'' He clenched his fist and punched the air before running off to go look for what he might ware at this shindig, of course it would be swimming trunks but what to go over before hand!


The day of the party arrived, Alvis and his Dad pulled up to the very large and amazing looking house, well Alvis thought so having grown up moving pillar to post from  air base to air base but his modest cottage in Dover wasn't small but this place made it look tiny. However his dad seemed impressed but not as much as his son did, ''Not bad! Looks like the Sqn Ldr home!'' However Alvis thought it looked much bigger and far more impressive but he just brushed it off as he wanted to get going, ''See ya soon Dad!''


Walking up to the door Alvis began to hum a merry tune he heard at one of the Australian Air bases his dad was based at but as soon as he knocked on the door he spotted something coming from the street and began to wander over towards it, dressed in a fine fighter pilot jacket, jogging trousers and reflective pilot shades, with a few bottles of kid friendly punch under each arm.

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"You can wait by the door," William told Cameron. "I have better things to do."


"Like spying on the pool party?" Cameron asked as he rolled his eyes.


Alyssa had asked them to wait by the door in case anyone came in through the door rather than through the floo. Cameron really didn't want any part of it. It wasn't even for his older sisters friends, but for Clarissa. Someone who he was slowly starting to really detest. Why did it matter to him if her friends were here or not? The ten-year-old had better things to do, like being upstairs in his room and reading until the other kids were gone. Of course, this wasn't what he was doing. He and his fraternal twin brother had been put to the task of welcoming Clarissa's guests. William wasn't even going to do it. Before Cameron could protest further, William had rushed off. No doubt to hide behind one of the plants to watch the guests and the party. Alyssa had said they were invited, so he didn't know why his brother felt the need to hide. William was already dressed in bathing-suit, where as Cameron was wearing a pair of black shorts and a blue t-shirt.


He should have brought down one of his books at least. Maybe he would have time to run upstairs and grab a book. However, as these thoughts crossed his mind, he heard a knock on the door. Cameron opened the door and peered out. He didn't see anyone at first, but then he saw a boy wandering off. Was he here for the party or had he gotten lost?


"Hi, are you here for the party?" Cameron called out to him.

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Just about getting close enough to find what made the noise, Alvis span on the spot when he heard someone calling to him from the house! It was a boy not far off his own age who looked rather like a movie star, Alvis supposed people who live in big houses like this must be able to look after their skin as much as movie stars do.


''Howdy doodly do! Yes I'm here for a party, this Clarissa's house? I only know her from site not actually talked to her properly yet! You her brother, it's a big house this ain't it! I brought punch!'' he rattled off while whipping of the reflective shades he wore and was looking rather top gun esc himself at this moment. He wasn't one for designer clothes or looking good but when he tried he scrubbed up well.

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Cameron felt instant annoyance as the boy asked his questions, but he wasn't annoyed with the other boy. He was annoyed with Clarissa. Had she told her classmates that this was her  house? He wouldn't put it past the girl. Clarissa seemed to have it in her head that she was somehow entitled to the Hoofer's money just because she was Alyssa's best friend, and their parents were her godparents. He'd noticed the way she walked around in their house, and he'd overheard a lot when he and William had been spying on Alyssa's sleep-over New Years Eve. Clarissa acted as if she owned the place, and he was tired of it.


"Come on in," Cameron welcomed him. "I'm Cameron, but I'm not Clarissa's brother. This isn't her house. She lives next door. My older sister is her best friend. We're just letting her use our house for her party. She doesn't have a pool. It is a nice house though. Thank you," he added.


He knew that Alyssa was hiding her wealth at Hogwarts, and before he thought she was being silly but maybe she had a point. What if kids wanted to be his friend just because of their wealth in a year? Clarissa was proof of that after all.

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Sort of half wandering about the noise but still taking in every word, he wasn't rude just capable of doing a few things at once in his head but it made him appear a bit dreamy! ''Oh right, I just thought seeing as it was her party it was her home! However still a warm welcome and all, why don't you just put up a sign saying round the back, then you can either come and join in or do what ever you want!'' He knew how boring it could get being someones work horse when it wasn't even your party or due, his dads work had lots of functions and he often had to help out as a mini waiter and such.


''So will you be going to Hogwarts? I'm guessing your from a magical family as my dad didn't think this place looked half as big as it is, magic I'm guessing?'' He had hundreds of questions but thought he should keep most as chit chat at the party.

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"I might join in later," Cameron answered though it was more likely he'd go upstairs unless William dragged him out. "Most people are flooing, but Alyssa was worried that a few people would come to the door. It's okay, she'll owe me later." Big time! Cameron thought to himself as he lead the other boy inside. Mainly because he was doing it for Clarissa. 


"William, my twin was supposed to keep me company but he's probably spying right now. Not sure what the point of spying is, he's invited. Anyway, yes we'll be going to Hogwarts next year. We're all magical, and I don't know if there are any charms on it," he added.


He'd always believed his house was quite big. A lot of people usually remarked on how impressed it was, but perhaps his father had seen bigger. Cameron himself really couldn't compare since he'd only seen smaller homes. Clarissa's home was just average sized though it looked like a shack compared to their house.


"I bet you're excited to be going though. My parents have so many stories of their days, and I was so jealous last year when Alyssa got her letter to go. She came home with so many stories. Now Clarissa is going. What house do you think you'll be in? I'm hoping Ravenclaw but most of my family have been Hufflepuff," Cameron continued.


"If we go through the foyer here, you'll see some staircases. Beyond that, right beside the right staircase are the patio doors out to the deck. I don't like to brag, but the view is amazing. You'll see most of the backyard just from the doors. My mum is obsessed with gardens and garden paths," Cameron told him.


He did hate to brag most of the time, but he was proud of their yard. He'd had an amazing childhood playing back there. From being able to fly, to playing hide-and-seek, or tag, or just overall fun. If it were William who'd greeted this boy, he'd be bragging about everything. More than likely he'd dragging him upstairs to show him their rooms. The boy would likely be getting a grand tour of the house right now.

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Being from a muggle background Alvis still didn't know what half the magical terms meant that most magic born kids used but he didn't want to keep the poor lad too long seeing as he said he would probably go back to his room. ''Well I'll catch you later if you do come to the party me boy! Nice meeting ya.''


Trying to remember where he had to go was rather hard for the young chap as he was one to wonder and look at new things, he nearly went up a staircase twice before he found himself back bye the way to the pool and gardens. Finally he heard voices and music and began to move towards it, he'd been noseing around far to long to wonder off again. Spotting someone he called out, 


''Howdy doodley do! I brought punch.''

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