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Scout Matthews

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Scout Matthews

Good Morning,


Despite the fact that we have reached the point where open discussion is seemingly censured on this site, I feel the need to post here nevertheless as the point of having a discussion is to be open and transparent -- unlike what has occurred here today. I take significant exception to how this 'situation' was handled because you, as VH's Administration Team, had asked for discussion on how to improve the site for new members and yet when an actual new member to the site posts valid complaints and critiques they are silenced within hours.


The fact this was done at all comes across as shady and quite frankly offensive to everyone who had participated in the thread so far. If this was meant to be an open and transparent discussion, everything should have been left visible regardless of the content it carried. You specifically asked for feedback and you've gotten it. Now, whether or not you like it (or whether others complained) does not give reason to hide it. The subjects mentioned are not sensitive in nature -- they're just topics we skirt around in order to not offend the wrong person.


And yet, we're offending new and returning members alike with this newfound censuring. Others have already voice their discontent with this process saying that the action was like 'a spit to the face' by moderators and have already opted to turn their attentions away from the site. That's not what we want happening, yet it is. Users who had sought to recruit friends no longer want to do so as they viewed these actions deplorable and against everything that the VH Community was meant to be.


Even if it wasn't your intention to wound members in this way, the damage has been done. Quite frankly, it would have been better had a more adequate explanation been provided if you were to continue down the route of hiding posts. The explanation given is not sufficient to quell the early morning unrest caused by your actions.


This. Is. Not. Transparent.


Users don't want to have private discussions with staff, they want to be able to openly speak where everyone can be held accountable and they cannot be ignored for what they said. There is a general belief that staff willingly ignore users and the content they PM simply because they do not want to deal with it. What was done here only seems to further prove the point. Everything surrounding the staff and staff duties appears to be so secretive that it feels almost taboo to even bring them up. What is the point in providing feedback if other members cannot comment on it? What is the point in even having this discussion if we feel like we will simply be ignored if we send our concerns in private?


Content should not be removed unless it violates the site rules. Anything otherwise is censorship.


Speaking about the site, whether out-of-character or in-character does not violate the rules in any manner. The only reason the content was hidden (in my opinion) was because it breeched into subject matter that the moderators are not equipped to handle. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, the resulting action was poorly thought out and rather unethical.


At the very least, I would expect a formal apology to the members involved -- publicly. And then I would hope for a continued discussion with all of the previous posts made visible, or else this 'discussion' would have been for naught. Whether or not people are uncomfortable is not a reason for censure, it's a reason for a healthy debate for both sides to explain their arguments to try and better the site. We want to make the site better for everyone involved, but we can't do that if we aren't allowed to lend our voice to the public.


We have a responsibility to maintain the reputation of the site, and actions like this are not conducive of a good reputation.


We have an entire thread about this.


Thank you for your time.

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