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The warmth of the mid-day sun blared down against her back, casting lengthened shadows along the otherwise brightly illuminated corridor. Among sparsely scattered students scurrying from one class to another, Ronnie was sat on the ledge of the castle’s window with her legs dangling several feet above ground. After weeks of school without even a glimpse of her siblings, Ronnie was slowly reaching her limit, threatening to snap at any moment if she did not tell someone about it.


To be specific, her eyes scanned the crowd for one Mikey Kennedy, darting her head higher than lower, from left to right until a familiar head of brown made appearance. The advantage of being in a huge family was the presence of choice with whom she could seek comfort from. Ronnie did not need emotional pep talk about how she could pull through this on her own, and she definitely did not need Kaleb’s antics to distract her. She needed Mikey, the one who could turn any situation amusing. She needed her older brother who would punch a kid for her if she asked.


Not that she would, but it was reassuring to know that she could.


“Mikey!” She leapt from her seat, making a beeline for the Fifth Year before he could vanish from her sight. “Mikey.” Ronnie beamed when she caught hold of his sleeve then hugged his waist tightly. “Are you free right now? Can we have some sibling time in the lawn?” Cue puppy eyes, hands clasped together in her plea.


“Socializing sucks.”

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