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Miss Lunes

Official Hospital Wing Physicals: Quidditch Edition

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Simon Reed

Glad to be back in the good graces of his friend, he figured since they had both made their house teams that they could attend their physicals together. He wasn't sure what to expect once he arrived... but he was hoping they would find something wrong with him. Perhaps he could fib, say something about motion sickness? That was better than being scared of heights, right? He met up with the Slytherin at the Great Hall and swiftly reached for her hand. It was their  thing, they held hands... it was the cool thing to do. Zsu did it, Hazel did it... He felt no shame, instead immediate comfort as they reached the pitch.


"What are the odds of me getting a concussion on the first game and not being allowed to play for the rest of the year?" he whispered towards @Aurora Andrews. Simon looked around the crowded area and wondered if they were late.

Edited by Simon Reed

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Aurora Andrews

Aurora hadn't really known what to expect when she'd been told about a physical needing to be done before the first game. Granted there was probably a lot the petite girl didn't know being on the team that she probably needed to before then but she chose to focus on the first thing before she inevitably stressed herself out. It definitely helped that she Simon was with her as walked out of the castle, her hand intertwined with his for an extra dose of comfort. Although the redhead did wonder if they'd arrived a bit late when she noticed a bit of a crowd, as the last thing she wanted to do was look bad to her captains.


Aurora whipped her head to the side after she caught what Simon was saying, her eyebrows raised slightly - in disbelief or concern? She couldn't be sure.


"Um, well I guess that could happen.... but uh please don't?"


She squeezed his hand unconsciously as she tried not to let her thoughts sway that way. After all, she had enough to worry about after realizing she didn't actually know many of the people around, and that didn't sit well with her at all. Until she happened to see her very pretty captain ahead and she smiled, almost jarring Simon to the side because she'd unconsciously refused to let go of his hand.


"Hey Abby!" She called out rather excitedly. 

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Abigail Goodfellow

Although Abigail was more than a little paranoid of the other team committing sabotage on her team, she wasn't keen on sabotaging the other teams. So she really didn't pay attention to the boy nonsense the Gryffindor team was going through, but she did notice when Aurora, one of the new quid babies, showed up hand in hand with one of the Ravenclaw members.


Eyebrow raised at Toby as if to say "did you know about this?," Abby turned her attention to the cheery redhead, glancing at their joined hands only once (aren't you proud, world?) before greeting her with a wide grin of her own. "Hey, princess!" she said, glancing down to check Aurora off the list. "Who's your friend?" It was a totally casual question, obviously.   

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Aurora Andrews

Aurora found it hard to hide how pleased she was when Abby called her by a nickname, in fact she was darn near utterly flattered. Of course that all changed rather quickly when she realized she was still holding Simon's hand and that Abby had clearly caught on to that. Her cheeks flamed a deep red as she released Simon's hand as delicately as she could, she didn't want to hurt Simon's feelings either by thinking she was embarrassed to be seen holding his hand because she wasn't.


"Oh! Um, this is Simon. He's on his house team and we decided to come down together." Aurora glanced from Simon back to Abby, biting her lip in thought.


"That's not against the rules is it?"


Aurora wanted Abby to like her not the complete opposite.

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Abigail Goodfellow

Abby smiled when Aurora seemed pleased with her nickname. Good. It would be awkward if she wasn't. When Aurora pulled her hand out of the boy's, Abby was almost a little sad, considering she definitely didn't want anyone to be embarrassed by any potential relationships. Or physical affection. God only knew Abby was fairly affectionate herself. 


"Nice to meet you, Simon," she said cheerfully, giving the boy a nod and gesturing for him to talk to Toby. She wasn't going to stop him from taking care of the Ravenclaws, since she had been so adamant about taking care of Slytherins'. Aurora's question made Abby chuckle, shaking her head. "Nah, if that were against the rules, Toby wouldn't know how awesome of a cook I am," she joked, nudging Toby with her elbow playfully. "You're good to go, princess. Miss Lunes should pass you easily enough."  

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Simon Reed

Simon shrugged at her answer. Whether or not he got bludgered at his first match was completely out of his hands, he couldn't exactly go promising that everything would be fine and dandy. His eyes surveyed the area looking for a few familiar faces, but finding that there were few Ravenclaws present... Aurora ended up distracting him from his search as she called out an unfamiliar name. He followed her gaze until his eyes fell on an older Slytherin. He glanced back and forth between the two, noticing quickly that Aurora admired the girl... uh, woman?  and also realizing that she was staring at their clasped hands.


His smile quickly faded. He gulped. Was holding hands not as normal as he had thought?


Aurora dropped his hand which he quickly shoved into his robes as she introduced him to Abby. "Hullo.' he greeted with a timid smile, "Nice to meet you too." he finished politely and then realized that he was in the wrong line. He turned towards @Tobias Winchester, "I guess I'll see you later?" he didn't wait for a response though as her attention seemed to be captivated by Abby's presence.


He found himself walking towards Tobias and offering his name, "Simon Reed... reporting for the physical thingy..."

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Altair Shafiq

Al mainly stood in the background of the tent. He didn't really want to do a physical, but he didn't have a choice this year. And suddenly Linus was sans shirt. Sod. Unfortunately, Al saw it as a challenge and before @Olwen Hier could even suggest it, his shirt was off. It was time to get this stupid thing over with.


"Okay can we do this now. I have a nap that I'm missing."

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Devlin P. Whitehorn

The scene was pretty much what Trish expected it to be when the four houses were brought together: chaotic. Watching the events play out before her, her lips twitched as @Abigail Goodfellow eventually got close enough that they could speak. "Hey babe," she said, debating if it would be unprofessional to kiss her girlfriend while she was working. Hmm, maybe later. "We can do my exam after everyone else's. I don't mind waiting a little bit."

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Linus Paddock

Linus' sense of the situation was that, as in most things, houses were seeming to congregate around one another rather than intermingling. In the strange, cutthroat world of Quidditch, this was not such an uncommon stance, which was fine by him. He'd had his fair share of run-ins with Abi on the pitch; anything beyond that would have strained his already tenuous relationship with the captain.


No, this sort of separation was not perhaps what the Founders had in mind when Hogwarts was established, but it was useful at times nonetheless. And as his team converged on his location, he noted a few things:

  • Inara still was not over him
  • Kaelyn and her boything were gross
  • Al was learning by (his) example
  • and Alayna was being all skittish

Far be it for Linus to address any number of these things at once (although ignoring the petty, enchanted birds that plinked harmlessly off his chest was probably the most ironic thing ever), but Alayna's predicament caused his protective instincts to kick in. If nothing else, Linus had acquired this trait from so many Gryffindors who had come before him: Ellie, Abi, Leslie, and of course Eppy. Striding up next to the Weasley, he pat her on the head and wrapped her in a side-along hug, bringing her head close to his still-bare chest.


"There there Layney, it'll be alright. It's just a routine examine. Nothing to fret about."

Edited by Linus Paddock

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Alayna Weasley

Pfft. Flustered by Linus. Why in Merlin’s name would she get flustered by Linus? She was just concerned for their well-being, that’s all. Being shirtless could increase their chances of catching a virus and then they’d not be able to play in the year’s first game. That coupled with the fact that she normally liked averting her eyes in these sorts of situations (because she blushed easily and that was humiliating, okay? ;-;) and couldn’t really currently meant that shirts and pants needed to be kept on the men until she could relocate elsewhere.


…two shirtless boys?


“What?” Alayna squeaked as Seeley waved two fingers about in her face. She didn’t have time to say more than that however, for before she could one Linus Paddock had managed to stroll over and wrap his arms around her.


And he was still shirtless. She was touching a seventh year’s chest right now. THIS WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SUCH A BIG DEAL. WHY WAS THIS SUCH A BIG DEAL?


“I… I um…” the redhead stuttered, “I’m… not… scared.”


Her whole body sure was on fire though. MAYDAY. MAYDAY. WEASLEY DOWN.

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Tobias Winchester

Ugh, why did Miss Lunes have to ruin all his fun? Toby sighed and handed over the Slytherin list to Abby for her to check off, deliberately holding it over @Kirk Lawson's head as @Damaris Denton started shrieking at him, demanding to know if he was really able to bench them and who he was, to which Toby said, completely deadpan, "Harry Potter."


"He's not benching anyone, kid, don't worry," @Abigail Goodfellow assured Damaris, giving Toby a challenging look which clearly dared him to say otherwise, and Toby rolled his eyes. "Spoilsport."


"Um, excuse me?" the teeny-tiny voice of @Margaret Schoenberger called out. "I-I need an examination. I think - I might - someone told me I might - I think I... is my blood going to go bad?" Which was followed by a super sad sniffle.


"Uh, no." Toby gave her a look, and crossed her off the Hufflepuff list. He wouldn't have thought that such a meek and mild girl would play quidditch, one of the most violent sports in the world, then added thoughtfully, "Well, it might boil with the rage of a thousand suns if you get fouled, I guess. But you'll be fine." He gestured for her to go over and see Miss Lunes. 


When Luke arrived with Irene thrown over his shoulder, Toby's face did this


Abby acted like this was completely normal - which it wasn't, who went around carrying girls over their shoulders? - but then Luke wasn't exactly the brightest lumos charm, so maybe he didn't know how to walk sensibly with someone into a tent. Toby made a note to suggest that Miss Lunes ask @Lucius Cronus as many complicated questions as possible. Or even just 2+2.


As for @Irene Redgrave, Toby murmured, "Redgrave's fine, she's perfect." His attention stolen away then by @Linus Paddock before he had chance to realise what he'd said. Abby fake-retched, Damaris fainted, and Toby sighed. Linus Paddock was his girlfriend's elder brother. Toby and Linus mostly avoided each other, because Toby wasn't interested in receiving 'the talk' and also Linus was kind of a tool at times, but he found it impossible to ignore the other boy when he started stripping. 


"Oh, for the love of--" Toby pressed the clipboard he was holding to his face to hide the crushing second-hand embarrassment. This was excruciating. He only lowered the clipboard again when Miss Lune's voice boomed out unexpectedly, pleading for everyone to stop whatever it was that they were doing and told Linus off for being inappropriate. "Yeah, Linus," Toby piped up from somewhere behind her right shoulder. 


Things got a little bit more organised then, and Toby began checking off names on his list. 


Even though he'd been instructed to wear clothes, Linus wasn't done: he winked at Miss Lunes, Toby said, "I think this one suffers from delusions, probably from too many blows to the head. Inflated sense of self." Apparently @Inara Kennedy thought so too, as she conjured up a flock of birds to attack him, something Toby had never thought her capable of and was quietly impressed by. He marked her down as perfectly fine on his clipboard.


A few more players arrived, including @Simon Reed and @Aurora Andrews, holding hands. Toby caught the look Abby sent in his direction and shrugged. "Maybe he's infiltrating your team to get information." Merlin knew Ravenclaw could use it. He grinned at Abby, then ticked off @Altair Shafiq's name as he came along, followed by @Devlin P. Whitehorn. He let Abby see to her girlfriend. 


Miss Lunes was looking a little overwhelmed with all the different players queuing up to see her. "Here," Toby said, handing his clipboard over to Abby, "Seeing as you wanted it so much." He flashed her another grin and dodged out of the way into the tent proper, rolling up his sleeves and then drawing his wand. He'd watched Miss Lunes cast the spell well enough to figure out the basics himself and, really, how hard could it be?


He turned to Kirk and held his wand aloft. There was a gentle golden light emanating from the tip, one which seemed to glow brightly when faced with the Slytherin captain who was in doubt in peak condition. "Looks like you pass, Lawson, despite the height." So tiny and yet so full of rage, was it a Slytherin thing? Irene was just the same. 


He glanced down at Damaris Denton, still passed out on the floor, and noped straight out of that one.


Toby checked out @Havana Towne and @Altair Shafiq next, who both seemed perfectly fine - mostly because Toby didn't know them personally and had no way to wind them up for his own amusement. He was perfectly civil with both and cast the spell to check they were okay. When they were dealt with he moved on to @Alayna Weasley and @Seeley Pichardo, the first of which who seemed to have gotten herself all a-flutter about Linus Paddock. 


Toby's expression was pretty similar to Seeley's, as Alayna flushed. "Poor Jake." Toby shook his head sadly. "You both seem fine to me, though." He waved his wand over them perfunctorily. "I'd recommend making up your mind about which Gryffindor boy you want, though." His advice was directed towards Alayna, though he really could have said something similar to himself, with his earlier description of Irene. 


Finally, Toby headed in the direction of the inevitable. @Baby Erquemboure was sat up in the stands away from everyone else, unwilling to even be near the tent itself.  He made himself look as non-confrontational as possible as he approached, trying to show that he wasn't here to blow her little secret, though he was holding out his wand. 


"Trust me," he said. There was a gentle golden light, which seemed to shimmer and flicker as if it wanted to change to something else. A filmy green colour appeared, which was probably a sign of something but Toby ignored it; he knew that Baby had a thing against the hospital wing. "You look fine to me." It was a lie, but there was an unspoken agreement between them to not talk about the fact she was (or wasn't, but definitely was) a part-veela. 


- - - 


Kirk Lawson: PASSED, but recommend eating more meals in the hope of gaining a few more inches in height. House Elves will be instructed to serve extra portions at meal times and ensure that Mr Lawson eats everything on his plate.
Damaris Denton: ON HOLD, to be dealt with by @Miss Lunes
Linus Paddock: ON HOLD, clearly suffering from delusions of grandeur with questionnable regard for his own well-being, recommend a full intensive check-up and an appointment with Mr Hextor regarding his mental health.  
Inara Kennedy: PASSED, but recommend using a more humiliating spell on her ex next time.
Havana Towne: PASSED
Kaleb Kennedy: PASSED, but recommend an Aging Potion and/or becoming more cool before trying to talk to a girl like Baby Erquemboure. 
Altair Shafiq: PASSED, but recommend going to bed at an earlier time so less naps are required. House Prefects will be instructed to make sure this earlier bed time is followed. 
Seeley Pichardo: PASSED
Alayna Weasley: PASSED, but recommend an eye test to check eyesight considering her questionnable choice in Gryffindor boys. Possible meetings required with Mr Hextor to get her fancies under control. Fainting couch to be installed in the Gryffindor common room for use when she gets all a-flutter. 
Baby Erquemboure: PASSED, though the magic probably said otherwise. 

Still need to be processed:
Margaret Schoenberger:
Olwen Hier:
Kermit Princeley:
Mercutio Bates:
Behati Gadot:
Simon Reed:
Aurora Andrews:
Devlin P. Whitehorn:


I DID AS MANY AS I COULD -flails- so many posts


Edited by Tobias Winchester

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Baby Erquemboure

"I'm doing pretty horribly," she muttered absentmindedly to @Kaleb Kennedy, mostly ignoring the kid as he came to hover close to where she was sitting. Meanwhile, her gaze never once left @Tobias Winchester. She trusted him, or as much as she could trust anyone, to just leave her alone. He knew she didn't want to be here and had made her aversion to anything dealing with the Hospital Wing very, very clear. Most people just figured she didn't like hospitals or mediwizards. But Toby had to know that it went deeper than that after he had tended to her broken bones a few years back.


"You should go get checked up," she instructed Kaleb as she finally turned her body away from the group of quidditch players, hoping to sink deep into the ground and never make an appearance again. If she didn't look at anyone, maybe they would forget she was here. Considering the fact that she was literally sparkly, that might be near impossible. And the soft padding of footsteps behind her, and the hair on the back of her neck standing up slightly at the feeling of being approached quietly were the only proof that her wish was not going to go heeded.


She didn't speak a word to him as he stood by her, but her eyes narrowed in a glare. She didn't move as his wand scanned over her. She didn't flinch as the faint light was emitted from it. It wasn't until Toby finished up, giving her what she interpreted as a pitying look, that Baby finally stood up. Her expression went from angry to almost pained. "Screw you, Toby," she choked out (albeit, the word choices were a bit more colorful), before taking the few steps away from the person who she expected to understand her better than anyone, walking away from this entire mess.


What a load of bull.

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