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vh36 qin's expedition




  • A series of prompts by Qin/Addison will be given across two weeks. They will constitute tasks that relate to learning more about wild magical creatures. There will be 6 prompts in total.
    • Each prompt also comes with a list of words you are encouraged to use in your RP. Bold and underline them if you use them. If you use at least 10 words, you will be given more HP.
  • No minimum number of words per post.
  • You do, however, need to post at least twice in the two weeks to 'complete' the expedition. This is more relevant for those on internships.
  • Use the @ function if you need to ask questions or require my assistance. You may choose to ask Addison or me. You are highly encouraged to do this!
  • I might @ you to react to certain incidents/do certain tasks as well, depending on the context. (Unless you don't wish me to! State so in your first post if you rather not be GMed.)
  • If you've missed a prompt, no worries... you can always 'back rp'. But this is also not a must and it is up to you!


Finally, after much planning and screaming and even more planning, Meryl had finally managed to get everything prepared for the upcoming expedition to Location Z, an unplottable Mangrove Forest located near the coasts of North America. It was chockful of magical creatures just waiting to be studied. And now, armed with an armada of underage wizards and witches, Meryl was ready to take on the challenge.


Of course, she wasn’t about to let them run amuck without a briefing first. Days prior to the expedition, the students were informed to report to the lawn early Saturday morning, where they will be given the full details of the expedition. Fast forward a couple of days and soon enough, it was time.


“Good morning, one and all. I hope you are awake and alert because considering where we are heading to today, you are not going to want to be careless and lose an arm or a leg due to a moment of inattention.” Surely THAT woke them up?


“Now then, a few pertinent details before we set off. We’ll be travelling to our location via port key.” Here, she made a vague gesture to the bird cage next to her. “And Ms. Addison Toft will be my assistant on this expedition so you should listen to her if she tells you to do something. However, considering she’s also very capable of making foolish decisions, I will also recommend using your own brains if you feel like she’s suggesting something I wouldn’t want you to do.” Mmmm…what else? Oh yes. “Everyone is given an expedition packet, which should consist of a few essentials such as multi-way mirror for effective communication and an invisibility potion for dire situations…. Don’t worry, I have extra extra measures in place to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.” And now onto the juicer bits.


“Our goals for this trip are to Locate, Observe, Collect and Report. These skills are critical if you ever want to become a reputable magizoologist. Each of you will choose a creature from the wide variety we will find in the Mangrove and study it. We’ll be doing this in groups. It’s also important to note that what you end up encountering will depend on your luck.”


After all, it wouldn’t be that much of an adventure if every single step was planned, would it?


“Ms. Toft, would you please take roll call? In the meantime, I will be over here if you lot have any other questions before we set off.”


(Please wait for Addison to post. Once she does, you can complete the first prompt. The next prompt will be posted 2 days later.)



  •  Required: Complete your roll call.
  •  Optional: Use these words in your RP for more HP: Book, snack, potion
  •  Optional: @ me a question

P.S. This is literally the most boring prompt. No worries, it gets better <3

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The day of expedition had arrived. Leading up to this grand event, Addison did her best to support professor Qin were possible, which mainly meant doing a lot of the minor clerical work - keeping a list of names of people signed up to participate, sending out notices to the students of what time they would be leaving and how to suitably dress for the climate, and so on.


Standing slightly behind, and to the left of professor Qin on the lawns, Addison clasped her hands over a clipboard and nodded along dutifully to Qin's speech. When Qin gestured to the bird cage, Addison hoisted it up, and then did her best not to look ashamed when the professor mentioned her penchant of making foolish decisions.


She then proceeded to hand out the expedition packets, making sure the groups were correctly organised and nobody was making any last-minute group changes.


"Yes professor, will do. Alright, you lot, once I call out your name, head over to the portkey by professor Qin and stand ready - stick by your groups if you can. Got it?" She waited until she saw some people nodding in response, before consulting her clipboard. "Okay, first up..."


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> DAMIEN BELLIZARE&& Book, Snack, Potion (3) && 1 post

> KACIE WEAVER && Book, Snack, Potion, Spell, Lead, House (6) && 2 posts

> SIOBHAN ARDEN && Book, Snack, Potion, Shadow, Print, Move, Limb, Sound (8) && 4 posts

> MARGARET SCHOENBERGER && Book, Snack, Potion (3) && 1 post

> RYAN ALTERTON && (0) && 0 posts



> ADDISON TOFT && Spell, Lead, House, Shadow, Print, Magic, Spell, Move, Limb, Sound, Nest, Defend (12) && 3 posts
> EKATERINA VALENTIN && Book, Snack, Potion, Spell, Lead, House, Shadow, Print, Magic, Spell, Move, Limb, Sound, Nest, Defend (15) && 4 posts

> KERMIT PRINCELEY && Book, Snack, Potion, Spell, Lead, House, Shadow, Print, Magic, Spell (10) && 3 posts

> VLADIMIR VALENTIN && Book, Snack, Potion, Spell, Lead, House, Shadow, Print, Magic, Spell, Move, Limb, Sound, Nest, Defend (15) && 4 posts



> ALECIA YATES && Book, Snack, Potion, Spell, Lead, House (6) && 2 posts

> FERN BLACKBURN && Book, Potion, Spell, Lead, House, Shadow, Magic, Spell, Move, Limb, Sound, Defend (12) && 4 posts

> SEELEY PICHARDO && Spell, Lead, House, Shadow, Magic, Spell, Move, Limb, Sound, Defend (10) && 3 posts
> SELENA WATKINS && Book, Snack, Potion, House, Spell (5) && 2 posts



> CLAYTON STAGG && Book, Snack, Potion, Spell, Lead, House (6) && 2 posts
> ETHAN SMITH && Book, Snack, Potion, Spell, Lead, House, Shadow, Print, Magic, Spell, Move, Limb, Sound, Nest, Defend (15) && 4 posts

> FIONA WEAVER && Book, Snack, Potion, Spell, Lead, House, Shadow, Print, Magic, Spell, Move, Limb, Sound, Nest, Defend (15) && 4 posts

> SOPHIA HUNTER && Book, Snack, Potion, Spell, Lead, House, Shadow, Print, Magic, Spell, Move, Limb, Sound, Nest, Defend (15) && 4 posts

> ZARA ANGUARIZ && Book, Snack, Potion, Spell, Lead, House (6) && 2 posts

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Today was the day, Ethan was enjoying learning about all the different magical creatures. Sophia and Ethan decided to meet up together, being in different house can be hard. But they always found a way to meet up and do thing together. Signing up for the expedition was going to be amazing. Not knowing what they were going to learn about, he was ready to see what new creatures he can learn about. Though he didn’t know how this expedition was going to work out at all, he never done an expedition before, and they were going to be working with creatures.


Finding Sophia when he made it outside, he brought his bag with him. He had his creature bookwith him. With all the notes about the snallygaster on it. “Hey Sophia, I brought us some snacks and potions that we might need for this weekend.”


Listening to Qin talk about that their mission was for this weekend and to listen to Addison. That was not a problem to Ethan at all, but first they had to do a roll call and then head to the port key. First, he heard Sophia name get called. Letting go of her hand, he knew that he would be back with her soon. Having an S as a last name wasn’t that great when his girlfriend has a H.


When he heard his name, “Ethan here.” Smiling as he walked over to Sophia and waited till they started their expedition.

Edited by Ethan Smith
For some reasons things were bold/underline/editing about creatures <3

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Getting to go on this expedition was like a dream! Selena had never applied to be one of Professor Qin's apprentices so being chosen felt like a ridiculous honour. She was going to go all the way to North America with a bunch of older students, as well as her own year mates, to learn about magical creatures, which wasn't even a class she had taken yet. Over the course of the past two or so weeks, Selena had stayed up reading and rereading about each of the magical creatures they would see. She even pulled out the book she had bought off of Desmond Tonks back in her first year,  Dreadful Denizens of the Deep, just so she could reread the chapter on Selkies in there once again. She had an odd fascination with them seeing as she still couldn't really swim. 


There was a long internal debate about what she should and shouldn't bring with her on this expedition. Ollie's bathroom potions being one major maybe. She was really talented but some of the results she got weren't always the greatest. In the end she only brought along what was recommended, her book about denizens, and some snacks just in case. 


Selena stared over her packet, too excited to really look at it. Too excited for a lot of things really. When Addison called her name, she nearly jumped out of her boots. "Here! I'm here!" She said grinning, making a mad dash, in the most careful way possible, over to the port key. 

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prompt 1 - roll call


Fern was used to her name being one of the first to be called, given that her surname started with a 'B'. Oftentimes this filled her with dread, because it meant being one of the first to introduce herself to a new class, or to give a presentation, or other things that put her into the spotlight, but this time she was just filled with excitement. 


"Here, Addison!" she said enthusiastically as she stepped towards the portkey and taking the packet. A multiway mirror, something she'd longed for in the past as she saw her peers use them, and an invisibility potion? This was the real deal, and the Ravenclaw only hoped she was properly prepared.  She'd read many a book about foreign magical creatures in anticipation for the expedition, but when it came down to it, the only other creatures she'd worked with was bowtruckles and fairies. Anything else was entirely new territory, and could be entirely different level than the relatively harmless creatures she'd worked with before. Probably no amount of reading could prepare the muggleborn for what she was to encounter, but she was grateful she had at least some one-on-one experience with magical creatures before now. Not to mention the hinkypunk her group had ran into during the tournament last year. 


The third year tucked the packet in her knapsack and now she waited. The bad part of being at the top of the alphabet was now she had to wait for everyone else's attendance to be taken and she was ready to go. She bounced excitedly on her heels and anxiously twirled one of her French braids around her finger, her face lighting up after a million years had passed and @Selena Watkins walked over to join her. "Oh-my-gosh-I-can't-believe-we're-finally-going!' she greeted her as she clapped her hands together.


2/3 words

Edited by Fern Blackburn
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Fiona Weaver

Responding to: Prompt 1

   ✓ Roll call

   ✓ Use words (3/3)

   ✓ Ask a question


Fiona was pretty comfortable waking up early in the morning, and stood in the assigned spot on the lawn checking over her small bag of supplies. Most important was the hybrid magical-muggle first aid kit she had assembled, just in case she was called upon in her capacity as a Hospital Wing Assistant. Besides which, you couldn’t be too prepared when you had a younger sister and a boyfriend along on this expedition. Speaking of preparation, Fiona had also spent the previous night reviewing her Care of Magical Creatures book for information on the creatures they might be encountering. And speaking of younger sisters, there was Kacie now. Fiona waved to her sister and held out the small bag of almonds she’d brought along for breakfast.


Snack?she offered under her breath, holding out the bag.


“Present!” Fiona called when she heard her name, and shuffled over to the portkey. She accepted her expedition pack and checked it through to make sure everything was there. The Hufflepuff did, however, have a question about just what kind of situation she should use this potion in.


“Err, @Professor Qin? Will the invisibility potion be effective against all the creatures we might encounter, or can some still smell us?”


The fifth-year didn’t want to sound pessimistic, or alarm anybody or anything, but with magical creatures Fiona found it was better to go in knowing as much as possible.

((Kacie with permission))

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Sophia Hunter

Prompt 1:  Roll call, Use words (3/3), Ask a question



Rising early was no problem for Sophia even though she really did not sleep much the night before.  Anticipation and excitement about the morning's trip making it hard to fall into a really deep sleep.  Yet she awoke feeling energetic and rested in spite of that.  She was ready and waiting when Ethan met up with her before joining the rest of the expedition.


In her bag, Sophia had also packed a snack or two for them plus a small notebook and muggle pen in addition to her book about creatures.  wondered if she should have packed a basic first aid potion or two such as her container of burn salve or pepper-up potion but after the Professor's opening words, Sophia was sure anything like that was already covered.


As they were given the objectives of this expedition, Sophia raised her hand and asked @Professor Qin, "Professor, is there anything in particular for the creatures we should be looking for besides general behavior habits?"


When Addison called her name, she answered, "Here."  With that she went over by the bird cage to wait for Ethan.

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Ekaterina Valentin

Prompt 1 - Roll Call

Words used 3/3, Question asked



Arriving early, Kat watched as other members of the expedition began joining the group.  At first she was beginning to feel a bit old as it seemd Addison and her were the only sixth years going but some fifth years arrived as well and she felt a little better.  Sometimes it was hard for her to believe she was in her next to last year already.  Time had flown.


Packing was not a problem for the Hufflepuff, having done plenty of that for the summer internships with Ixion.   The important items being her book to refer to when needed and something to take down notes in were definitely packed.  She knew Professor Qin would have all of the necessary items they would need and this was confirmed when the Professor informed them about the invisibility potion.  Kat considered packing a snack but decided against it.


"How long will we be gone?" Kat asked @Professor Qin.


It was a bit of a ways down the list before Addison got to her name but Kat replied with a quick, "Here," before joining the others at the portkey.

Edited by Ekaterina Valentin

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Prompt I [ Roll Call | 3 Words ]


The idea of attending an expedition had been of utmost interest to the boy. Traveling was always filled with the possibility of new sights, smells, and experiences; to learn about creatures not native to the lands Vladimir was used to frequenting? That was even better, in his opinion. He could have poured over every book in his possession that dealt with the subject matter of creatures, be it leisurely book or a textbook required for study, but nothing would replace live experience.


As such, the boy was more than ready to proceed with the activity.


Having obtained a light snack, consisting of a solitary apple, Vladimir arrived at the location on the lawns, soon spotting Fiona and young Kacie. Nodding to them both, the boy soon had his attentions upon Qin and Addison. That they would be given packs during the expedition with everything from a mirror to a potion of invisibility was imperative, in Vladimir's opinion. After all, it was always best to expect the unexpected, and thus, be prepared.


Eventually, his name was called out, and Vladimir responded to it as required. "Present."

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the mangroves



(Credits for Moodboard: My lovely assistant <3)


"Ah. Good question Ms. Weaver. The invisibility potion only prevents the creature from spotting you. They might hear or smell you still. Hence I'll be placing stealth charms on all of you once we've reached our destination. That should stop any...unwanted incidents." Or so Meryl hoped.


The Professor then turned towards Sophia, one of the fourth years. "There is actually a lot that goes under 'behavior'. For example, the creature's diet, socialization patterns as well as its ability to figure out problems are all critical information. That being said, I would like all of you to collect as many samples, such as poo and fur, as possible. Poo will tell us more about their diet and health while the creature's fur will tell us more about their magical properties." 

And then there was her own prefect. " We will be gone for the entire day at the least. We won't be camping out in the wilderness, if that was your concern."

Once all questions were addressed, Meryl gathered them around the portkey and whisked them off to their destination - an absolutely gorgeous but incredibly humid mangrove. The vegetation was unlike anything they've seen in Hogwarts and the sounds...well, it made Meryl feel like she was truly at home.

With a wave of her redwood wand, a slew of stealth charms were placed over her expeditioneers. She then prompted them all to look at the map in their expedition packet.

"Best to get this started as soon as possible. We want to get as much as we can done before the sun goes down...that'll be unwise. Now pick an area and form your groups."










  •  Required: Choose an AREA  and bold it at the top of your RP post. Remember there are age restrictions for the creatures! If you do not choose a creature/make a post for this prompt, you will automatically be assigned one based on your indicated preferences. RP wise, get into your groups. Mingle. You are to march towards the direction you/I chose for you.
  •  Optional: Use these words in your RP for more HP: lead, spell, house
  •  Optional: @ me/Addison a question

(OOC: Many apologies for the...skimpy RP. I had loads more planned but due to family obligations, I was unable to dedicate as much time as I could to this. Thankfully, the rest of the prompts were already written ahead of time and they should be more detailed <3

OH and ICly you aren't meant to know which creatures you will be seeing on your expedition so if you have assumed as much, please feel free to edit your first RP <3 You can, of course 'guess' what sort of creatures you might encounter during the trip and research from there.)

Edited by Professor Qin

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Fiona Weaver

Responding to Prompt 2

 ✓ Choose an area

 ✓ Use words (3/3)

 Ask a question

Area: WEST : a wide plain/clearing [snallygaster]


Fiona nodded understanding as Professor Qin answered her question. The stealth spells would help make her task a great deal easier, although she would still be cautious just as a matter of habit.


As the portkey arrived, the first thing Fiona registered was the humidity, an oppressive damp heat that made it difficult to breathe at first. The fifth-year immediately tugged the spare hair tie from her wrist, yanking her hair into a rough but serviceable high ponytail, admiring the scenery while she did. Once you got accustomed to the atmosphere, it was really beautiful.


Fiona turned a slow circle and let instinct lead her towards the open plain. She wanted maximum visibility—if a large magical creature came at her across that plain, Fiona would definitely be able to see it coming. The Hufflepuff waited to see who else was interested in heading towards the open ground. She didn’t need Kacie to stick right by her side, her sister was in Gryffindor house, and might have no qualms about heading into deep forest where anything might be hiding in those trees. As for Vladimir, heaven knew he could handle himself. She didn’t need to be fussing over her loved ones, even if she kind of wanted to.

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heading towards the WEST area


They were going to have stealth charms, that was going to work. Since he didn’t know what he was looking for at all. Knowing that they wouldn’t be camping that was a good sign, he didn’t know how he would feel if he had to camp somewhere with magical creatures. Even with potions and charms he was still scared to death of anything happening. Listening to all the answers, he was ready and waited till Sophia joined him. Smiling he help her hand as they were sent away on the part key.


When they landed Ethan noticed the area, it was different than what he wasn’t used to at all. It was really humid, wondering if there was a spell that they could be put under to keep the humid away. He should have thought more into this.


Wondering who was going to be his group, he knew that Sophia would be. The one person he noticed was Fiona, it seems like she was taking the lead. Holding Sophia hand, “I wonder if there are any houses out here.” Not that he would think there was any, as they were heading west, he was looking at the map. “This is the way.” Pointing as they were heading towards a wide clearing area. Noticing the trees were spread out more, and just a plan area. What were they even looking for, or what were they even going to see.

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Seeley Pichardo

Prompt Two:  choose an area - 3/3 words - Ask a question

Area: EAST : eastern lake in the mangrove 



Locate, observe, collect and report... yes Seeley could do all those things - AND, she already knew very well how to work one of these mirrors.  See, her HBI skills were already giving her a leg up on this whole expedition ordeal.  To be honest she'd worried she'd gotten herself into something a bit over her head considering she wasn't even allowed to have a pet at home.   She'd even missed Addison calling out her name to make sure she'd arrived on time because she was so caught up in these thoughts.  Hurrying over to the older girl she tapped her shoulder to announce herself and then joined the rest of the group and grabbed hold of the birdcage portkey.   She inched herself away from Addison as much as possible, still not entirely feeling as warm towards her former teammate as she maybe should have been, and held on for the familiar tug.   


Landing in the middle of the wilderness, the hufflepuff immediately started spinning around and taking note of her surroundings, stopping to pause for a moment as Professor Qin was waving her wand over the group, casting different spells.  Thankfully, at least, Selena had also signed up for this and spotting her in the crowd, Seeley wiggled her way between two other students,  they might not have been in the same house, but she was still Seeley's closest friend.  


"So... which way do you want to go?" She asked the ravenclaw, who also happened to be standing with Fern.  Of course, she had her own opinions and would happily go her own way if Selena didn't  want to follow her lead but she really hoped they could do this together.  


" @Professor Qin, Do we need any special equipment, depending on which way we decide to go?" 

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Clayton knew he shouldn't have signed up for the expedition after meeting with Atticus in Hogsmeade. The man had given him plenty of books he expected the boy to get through since they couldn't meet throughout all of October. It was now nearing the end and next month he'd be expected to meet the man again which... He didn't exactly enjoy the idea of. Seeing Atticus was never high on his list of 'to do's.


He walked down the hallways wrapped in some of the gear his father made him wear when he was doing combative training. His vest was littered with enchanted pockets that allowed him to carry a lot more than you'd expect. One side had some emergency potions, not for him of course, but if anyone else needed some basic healing agents. He kept his wand tucked away in a special area custom designed for it as well. Of course the male made sure to pack some snacks since he knew the possibility of getting lost was always lingering above him.


When his name was called he simply responded a gentle: "Present." Which meant he would be marked off the list and officially a part of the expedition party.

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Once they were teleported, his eyes were immediately taking the area in. Always know your surroundings. The professor seemed a bit nervous something terrible would happen, so the stealth spell was quickly placed upon the group. There were no immediate threats which was nice, and his attention landed on @Ethan Smith and @Fiona Weaver as they began to pull off towards the west. Clayton turned on his heel and followed up behind the two. He didn't mind if Fiona wanted to lead the way, he'd gladly keep an eye from the back. The fourth year at least wanted to be sure they traveled as a proper group though.


"Don't go too far yet," He told Fiona as he unsheathed his wand and gently took a sturdy hold of it. His hand had finally healed up enough that he didn't worry about dropping it on a consistent basis since the throbbing pain died away. One of the boys from his house kept insisting he go to the hospital wing, but Clayton was just too stubborn. "We ought to see if anyone else is coming with us before we move out." Clayton nodded his head as he glanced back at the group.

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Prompt II [ Choose Area | 3 Words ]

Heading North - Northern Lakes in the Mangrove


Upon arrival at their destination, Vladimir could immediately feel the hands of humidity tightening around him. It was uncomfortable, to say the least, but Vladimir's face remained impassive to this change. After all, the opportunity to explore a mangrove was not to be wasted, and the boy would endeavour to make it entirely worth his while. Glancing at the professor, he was not at all surprised that the woman elected to place spells upon them for the purpose of stealth. With such a varying group of individuals, it was much better to be prepared, and safe.


In his own arsenal of spells, he could perform the Disillusionment Charm, so there was always that to fall back upon.


His mismatched eyes turned from direction to direction, carefully observing and deciding in which one he would settle upon traveling. In the end, he settled upon the lakes to the north, if only because he did have some affinity for the water. With enough tree cover to assist with the sun later, Vladimir knew it was for the best, and his instincts lead him towards the lake. However, before he turned to leave, he did nod at Fiona and express, "Ai grijă." She would be all right though, but words of caution never hurt.


It seemed for the moment that Vladimir was the only one of his house headed upon the northern lakes, but he suspected that would change eventually. Either way, his cypress wand was always at the ready... just in case.

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Ekaterina Valentin

Prompt 2 - Choosing Area

Words used 3/3, Total words used 6/6

Question asked




Actually, when @Professor Qin, who was from Kat's own house of Hufflepuff, answered her question, it was not worry about camping overnight, it was hope.  The idea of an overnight expedition sounded wonderful.  Kat would think this even more so after arriving at the Mangrove.  The lack of such camping did disappoint her a bit.  


Collecting poo and fur?   This could get interesting but Kat was not going to be deterred.  Fur samples could be easily obtained from brush and twigs the creature had passed by and she was fairly sure that Professor Qin will have containers for the other samples for them to use.  


Once the professor had cast the spell for the stealth charms, it was time to choose a direction, Kat looked at the map, considering each area.  It seemed several of the participants were choosing a westerly direction and Kat wondered if she should follow their lead.  She decided no and went with her first impression wich was North.  


Once done, she went over to @Addison Toft and when her classmate had free moment asked, "Which way are you going to head?"

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Kacie jogged up to the group that was gathering on the main lawn.  She wasn’t sure how they were supposed to dress, so she’d gone with something that seemed practical for an expedition and was in jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt.  She had no idea what they were going to see, so she hadn’t even cracked open her book.  Not that she probably would have if she’d known… Kacie wasn’t all that into reading, and winging it was a perfectly valid strategy in her mind.


“Hey Fio, I’d love a snack.  I skipped breakfast.”  This was mostly unintentional, as Kacie had overslept… which was doubly odd since Saturday was one of the days she traditionally got up early to go for a run.  Kacie had just shoved her handful of almonds in her mouth when her name was called.  “Mhmm!”  Kacie waved her arm over her head instead of trying to mumble through the nuts.


Kacie nodded at Fiona’s question about the potion, though she had a more simplistic question.  "@Professor Qin?  What are we collecting?  Like the actual creatures?  Or something else?”


Three words used
Question Asked
Role call

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The moment that they landed in the forest, Selena began looking around at everything she could see, moving in a slow circle. This was amazing. She wasn't sure she had ever seen anything like this before, even when following her father out on his Herbology excursions. She had never even seen these kinds of plants in the greenhouse at school. It was pretty understandable that Mr Watkins never really took his family outside of the country very often and this place was nothing like she'd seen in the country before. She knew they were in North America. It had been said enough times for her to at least remember that. 


Glancing over at @Professor Qin, a slew of questions came bubbling up. "Professor? What exactly are we looking for here? I know you want us to collect samples and stuff but what do we do if we run into an actual creature? Is there anything here dangerous?" It was true that Selena's spellwork was pretty good for her year but it was mostly just charms. Her DADA skills were much better on paper than in practicality. No matter how hard she tried, she wouldn't be as prepared as Seeley was. Speaking of Seeley, when she came up to ask which way Selena was going, she began making her slow circle again. After getting this feeling, she pointed eastward. "I think I need to go in that direction." She said before turning back to look at Seeley again who was asking their professor a very good question. Perhaps she should actually look over her packet again.

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prompt 2 - heading EAST towards the lake


Fern, like many of the other students on this expedition, immediately noticed the environment they were in was quite different from what she was used to. It was very warm, and they were in a swampy coastal type of environment. The vegetation was different as well, lots of short trees with windy branches and twisted limbs. The Ravenclaw wandered closer to examine the leaves they produced- she could really stay here all day and the vegetation alone would keep her occupied, but they were here for the creatures, not the plants, so she pulled her packet out of her bag and examined the map.


East. She instantly decided that she wanted to go east. It looked as if there was a lake of sorts there, which meant there was a chance of running into water creatures, or those that chose to live near a fresh water source. Her eyes lit up as she scanned over the map a few more times, just to make sure that this was the right direction to go, but something in the pit of her stomach was urging her to go east, so she was going to trust her instinct.


She lowered the map to see the group splitting up and @Seeley Pichardo and @Selena Watkins were headed east as well and already in the lead. Though they weren't all in the same house, the three were in the same year, so it was interesting to Fern that they all chose to head the same direction. Maybe it was because the lake to the north was large and intimidating, and the thick of the trees seemed just as dangerous as the wide open space, which to Fern, just meant that there was nowhere to hide, should she need to. 


As she quickly skipped after her classmates, she was making a mental list of every spell she knew that might come in handy and doing her best to not get so distracted at everything around her. "Hey, you two! Wait up!" she called out dramatically and playfully, catching up with her friends.


3/3 words

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Siobhan Arden ~ Prompt One

Roll Call ✓

Use Three Words ✓


Shiver was definitely awake. In fact, she was the definition of wired. She had stayed up late the night before, poring over a book about the creatures they might be encountering on the expedition. Of course, the fact that said creatures hadn't been revealed made this research difficult, but that was beside the point. Now, the brunette was staring at Qin with wide, excited eyes.


She may have missed the internship opportunity this year, but at least she’d managed to sign up in time for this! “Locate, observe, collect, report,” Shiver repeated this to herself multiple times under her breath, bouncing on her heels as a way of expelling some of the overflowing energy she had. She couldn’t wait to get there! As roll was called, Shiver popped a few crackers she’d brought as a snack into her mouth as she waited for her own name to be called.


Finally… “That’s me! Siobhan!” She exclaimed when Addison finally called her name, waving her hand in the air before scurrying over to the rest of the group, gathered around the portkey. She nervously touched the potion in the pocket of her expedition jacket before placing her hand on the portkey.

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Siobhan Arden ~ Prompt Two

Choose an area: SOUTHWEST - HODAG ✓

Ask a question ✓


Some people were grossed out by Qin’s request for them to collect the creature’s poo, but not Shiver. She was just excited to be contributing in whatever way she could. After all, Qin was basically taking them to observe these creatures on her own time. When the portkey finally landed, Shiver blinked and looked around the strange environs they’d been deposited onto.


“Whoa,” Shiver whispered, eyes wide as she took in the different-looking trees. She kind of wished @Anton Hunter was here so that they could talk about what all the different vegetation was. But, she needed to focus. Qin was all business, and Shiver was eager not to let the woman down.


She meandered mindlessly towards the southwest, drawn towards a very interesting plant, and unwittingly grouping herself along with some others. Really, Shiver didn’t much care which creature she wound up seeing, but she was curious. “Um, @Professor Qin… do we get to know what creature we’ll be observing soon?”

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Sophia Hunter

Prompt 2:  Choose direction, 

Use words (3/3) - Total words used 6/6

Ask a question




Well, Professor Qin's answer to her question made it simple.  Anything and everything.  Depending on the size of the creature, collecting poo specimens might be rather -- interesting?  We'll go with interesting for now and how bad could that be.  She'd cleaned up after the kneazle kittens often enough.  


Taking Ethan's hand, she reached out to the portkey and soon found herself in the middle of a place like none she had ever seen before.  She looked around in amazement at sight.  No house to be seen anywhere.


Once Professor Qin cast the spell over them, she looked to Ethan's lead and headed west.



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Addison Toft

Prompt 2: Heading NORTH/the northern lakes

3 Words Used


They'd successfully arrived at the mangroves, and were well on their way. Addison already had her work cut out for her, trying to be her own member of the expedition while simultaneously keeping track of the rest of the group, so that nobody got lost, separated, or left behind. The younger ones were especially important to watch over, because they hadn't even officially started the care of magical creatures electives yet - they were more apt to investigate things that older students would recognise as danger signs.


As professor QIn took the lead and cast spells of stealth over them, Addison made sure to flag anybody who hadn't yet received such enchantments, so that no one got missed. And then it came time to split up and begin their own work.


"I was planning to go north," she replied to @Ekaterina Valentin. "Based on some of professor Qin's stuff I saw, there are some lakes up there that could house some neat wildlife."

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Kermit Princeley

Prompt One - Roll Call

Words Used: Three


Kermit had been looking forward to the expedition from the moment he had signed up. He did not know how many others had signed up. He did, however, know that Kat would be there. This caused him to feel a little more relaxed, knowing that a friend would be right along side. The hufflepuff knew that he needed this to go well. There could be no messing up if he wanted to complete his internship and be considered for another one in the future.


He had packed the night before just to ensure he had everything. His favorite book about magical creatures had been included right after a spare jacket. He had even managed to add some cookies for a snack - there would be no one who could take them from him. Kermit was daydreaming as he heard Addison speaking out the names. It was only broken as he heard a familiar name, before realising it was his own.


“What? Oh. I mean… i’m here, Addison.”


He moved towards the portkey, hoping that the landing on the other end wouldn’t smash the potion vial with his bag.


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