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Alyssa Hoofer

Halloween Party!

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Alyssa Hoofer

It was Halloween, one of Alyssa’s favourite time of year. At home, she and her siblings would be dressing up to go out trick or treating. Sometimes, Clarissa would join them as well. Later, they would go through their candy and if it was a weekend, her parents would throw a Halloween party. This year, Alyssa was at Hogwarts, so she couldn’t join in on those festivities. For the first time since coming to Hogwarts, she actually felt a bit homesick.


That was until William wrote back to her after she’d told him about this, and he’d suggested she prank everyone in the common room. She dismissed this idea quickly, she wasn’t as fond of pranks as her brother was. Instead, a new idea came to her. Why not host her own party here at Hogwarts instead? So she’d turned to Zsu, her fellow Hufflepuff who was slowly becoming one of her new best friends and she’d asked for her help. Of course, Zsu was more than happy to help her out.


This was why they’d decorated an unused classroom with Halloween decorations. They’d also brought plenty of food from the kitchens. The party hadn’t even started yet, and Alyssa was already exhausted and she was worried that no one would show up. They’d hand out flyers (more like Alyssa had scattered hers around the castle being too shy to hand them to people in person) about the date and time of the party, costumes were optional, but Alyssa did hope some of them would dress up. She’d ask her mum to send her an old pink glittery fairy costume from the year before which still fit. The glittery wings she had her back moved on their own, but she could make them move fast or slow if she wanted to. She'd pinned her dark hair back, and had a on a pair of fluffy pink antenna.


“Do you think people will really come?” Alyssa asked turning to Zsu who she hoped wasn’t losing patience with her. She’d probably asked this question a hundred times already.


It was her first party after all, and most people really didn’t know her. She was too shy to get to know her fellow classmates. Most of them knew her just from classes or maybe from some dueling sessions. Otherwise, Alyssa mainly stuck to Gracie-Mae or Zsu.


“Do you think it looks good? Not too simple?” She added as she looked around the castle.


For two first years, they couldn’t really go all out for decorations. They’d managed to hang a banner overhead that said: “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!” and then there were many pumpkins on the walls, ghosts, and several other creatures one would associate with Halloween. William, for some odd reason, decided to be nice and send her some of his flying bats for the party. Those were currently swooping around the room as well, and Alyssa had to promise they wouldn’t get ruined otherwise he’d make her life miserable every school holiday until he started school.


She grabbed a cup of pumpkin juice and took a drink of it. The house elves had been generous with the food, and they had plenty of cookies to go around. The elves were used to Hufflepuff’s asking for cookies, so they’d actually managed to make more than enough cookies for likely twenty people! She let out a sigh. Would people show up?


Alyssa's costume. Picture as all pink and some pink antennae on her head. 

*Once Zsu posts, the thread will be open.

Edited by Alyssa Hoofer

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Zsuzsanna E. Maverick

Zsu had never, ever celebrated Halloween before in her life, so when Alyssa had come to her about helping her with a party, she’d been far more excited than the average person. Sure, she could tell you all about its origins, how it was celebrated in the various countries and cultures, and even its relations to other observed holidays but…that was it. Her family only celebrated birthdays, and if not for her own inquisitive nature, she’d have probably gone most of her life without having truly known anything about them. So trick or treating, costumes, décor –all of these were things she was uncertain about. But she would do anything for Alyssa, so she readily accepted and devoured any information she could get her hands on so that she could be of service.


It was a tireless production, but one that Zsu was extremely happy to have been a part of. She’d forgone magic for the event, putting her hands to work and relishing the familiarity of the labor. It’d been so long, and she hadn’t realized she missed more hands on things until the was indulging in them again. The House Elves had been generous with their time, but when the Hufflepuff decided she wanted to make a few things for the party, she had politely shooed them away. It seemed like it’d be fun to have a few challenges at their party (or rather, she’d come across the idea that games were supposed to be the very pinnacle of a party) so she had bounced a few things off of her friend to see how she felt.


The first thing? Well, a spice challenge of course.


There were few things that Zsu loved more than spiciness, and when it came to her chili, well, her idea of mild was still dangerous for the common taste buds. So she had decided to make a cauldron full, grateful for having had an actual kitchen to cook it with, though she could tell the House Elves were extraordinarily amused when she had cleaned out the hearth, the cobwebs and signs of disuse unable to discourage her. She had also taken to creating Soul Cakes, a variety of flavors that ranged from dark chocolate to pumpkin.  On top of a few she had used raisins, pumpkin seeds, or chocolate chips to create crucifixes, signifying that they were filled with red wine caramel.


When the time drew closer, she had begun to carve a few handicrafts as prizes, relatively confident that those that stepped to the challenges would most likely fail. Still, she hoped any that were victorious would appreciate the small, intricate chests she’d created, each one unlike the other. Handing out the flyers had been easy enough as the Hufflepuff had no issues talking to others, starting from the Dueling Chamber and working her way through the corridors. Alyssa had been very helpful with offering her assistance as far as a costume was concerned, and Zsu hoped that it’d translate over well enough.


The day of, the two Hufflepuffs had decorated the classroom some hours before with help from the House Elves bringing the edibles a bit before the doors were to open. While Alyssa was adorably dressed as a fairy, Zsu had decided instead to base her costume on an interpretation of Hades. She had drunk a bit of the potion given to her by her mentor, this time her skin becoming a gorgeous shade of pure ebony that shimmered every time a beam of light touched down. The silver, floor sweeping robes she had on had been a fun project that Alyssa had helped her create, wanting to get as close to replicating the Greek era as possible. She had kept her signature braid around the crown of her head, but had allowed a few stray curls to drift as they pleased, having asked an older student to magic her hair into a vibrant shade of turquoise. She wasn’t sure if it was too much, but she certainly didn’t care if it was.


When Alyssa spoke, Zsu turned to her friend, reaching out to squeeze her hand gently as she smiled. “I think it looks wonderful, and sometimes simple is best.”


She laughed, her eyes twinkling as she regarded her friend. Alyssa had been so worried, and rightfully so she supposed, but that was one of the things Zsu loved about her. Zsu pulled her hood up, completely obscuring her face save for the strands of her hair and the sparkle whenever the light happened to glimpse an angle of her skin. She had confidence that their party would be a hit, whether it was only the three of them (as Zsu was very sure Gracie-Mae would make an appearance) or more than what they’d collectively bargained for. What mattered was they had fun.


And it really was as simple as that.



Playlist [ x ]


*Note: Just for a bit of fun I figured we could have some challenges (completely optional of course <3)

  • Chili Challenge: For all those brave souls, have a taste of Zsu’s chili and see if you can handle the heat. If you can, you’ll get a Zsuclusive (empty) chest! If not, you’ll get a wonderful trip to either the medical wing or the kitchen as the only thing that’ll calm the blaze is milk. Guess who doesn’t have any handy. ;D
  •  Soul Cake Challenge: If your cake has a crucifix on the top, it’ll have an extra zest to it. The person that can eat the most will probably end up as the life of the party. Have at it. <3
  • Mischief Mayhem: A secret Dare challenge. PM either of us if you’d like to partake as Zsu and Alyssa love wagers and fun. It wouldn’t be a Hogwarts Halloween without a bit of magic and shenanigans right?
    • Please just RP reaching into  the Dare box and reading your enchanted slip of paper <3
Edited by Zsuzsanna E. Maverick

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Halloween was the embodiment of mischief and mayhem and general fun. He loved it. If nothing else he felt even more alive than any other season of the year. Double the fun since he was living sorta inside a castle full of magic and students who liked to dress for the occasion. This year he had searched in advance for his costume. Since he was a poltergeist and he wasn't really good at sewing or anything, he worked something out with a couple of things he borrowed from unwilling students, mostly...some old t-shirts and socks. 

CLEAN SOCKS to be exact. 

Anyway, what Peeves was currently wearing was A COSTUME LIKE NO OTHER. From his research here and there this, whatever this was, BB8 or something, IT WAS DOPE. Whatever that meant. Slang words. Not his forte. Point was...it was tricky. He decided that he should check it out and move around inside an unused classroom before going out to the world to do...whatever it is he was to do during Halloween. 


Once inside the classroom he clashed with something that was floating. Something black with wings. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHO DARES RUIN MY COSTUME!" oh it was a flying bat. Nothin----



And then his limited eye vision rested upon Alyssa and Zsu and.....Halloween decorations. OH THERE WAS FOOD THERE TOO. 

Picture this if you will : a floating BB8 staring down at two Hufflepuffs surrounded by Halloween decorations and food, inside an UNUSED classroom. 


Nothing suspicious. No, all good here. 

Edited by Peeves

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Clayton Stagg

Clayton was one of those people who used to have parties and fancy dinners thrown in his honour. As much as he'd hate to admit it, the male missed social gatherings. There was just something so... Wonderful about them. He rounded the corner, his black and red outfit fitted perfectly around his body. He saw two first years from his astronomy class, as well as a BB8 floating in the room. "What on earth would that be?" His eyes landed on the muggle reference unable to wrap his head around it.


Unknown devices made him uneasy.


He smiled as he turned to face the two girls. "May I help you two finish setting up? It looks lovely so far. Are you missing any snacks that I can retrieve from the kitchen for you?" He slowly skulked forwards, towering over the first years as he stopped near their vicinity. Clayton didn't need a Halloween costume. People were put off by him enough without one.

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Axel Blackwood

@Peeves was Axel’s role model. He aspired to reach the level of mischief the ghost unleashed upon the school for so many years. If he was asked to write an essay about his hero, it’d be about Peeves. Plus, Axel was lazy and @Briar Naaktgeboren's buzz in his ear about side-ways gravity took up the capacity of his brain power, therefore he thought it was a good idea to put a sheet over his head, poke holes in the eyes and mouth, and plaster a big “PEEVES” sign to his chest to show that he was, indeed, Peeves.


It was unfortunate that Peeves completely showed him up. “PEEVESY! YOU LOOK BALLER!" Pun intended. "LOOK, LOOK, I'M YOU!”


Axel broke out in a fit of laughter at the sight of the ghost. “Maaaaaaaaaaaan, how do I learn to actually be you after graduation?” He genuinely wondered as he had no idea what he wanted to do after graduation IRL.


He shifted his attention to everything else.


Food covered tables, spooky decorations weaved from walls and hung from ceilings, ghouls and ghosts and vampires, cob-webbed darkness and neon lights, eerie vibes and bursts of noise – Halloween parties were Axel’s scene. Christmas was his favorite Holiday, of course (the thought reminded him of Kaelyn and he immediately quenched it), but he liked the ambiance of all Holidays.


When he saw the chili challenge then, Axel practically launched himself over. He was formerly known as RED HOT (formerly, as in, he called himself that) so it was his CHALLENGE!


“Wicked! I’m in! Alrigh’, who wants to take me on?” He waggled his brows in friendly competition. 

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Thank the bloody lollipops the awkward didn't last long. 

He really thought that Halloween parties would start later. Guess with eager first years one could never tell. 

It didn't matter. This was bloody brilliant. 

And talking about that... The students under the Bloody Baron's wings were among his favorites. Because they had so much potential for dramatic chaos and mayhem and general evilness. Their willpower and cunning spirit was always something to admire. This one however seemed... broken. What? Help them? He wanted to suggest that he should bring some bloody lollipops just for the fun of it when his eyes found something quite literally disturbing. 

His ears exploded with the sounds of a greeting, a pun and a prompt. 

Well that was a first. Peeves took off his BB8 costume for a split second and grabbed from his pocket a purple marker. PURPLE was THE BEST COLOR ONLY EVER. He swooped down to where the Ravenclaw was. "Well...try to live a couple of uhm..centuries AND if you ever decide to die you come back here and be with me and I can teach you!" He really doubted he could do that. 

What he COULD do though was to give @Axel Blackwood his Seal of Approval. His purple marker and his... infant Picasso drawing skills did the rest upon Axel's shirt. 

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Alyssa Hoofer

“This is brilliant!” Alyssa told Zsu as she observed everything her friend had set out. “If this party is a success, I think it will mostly be down to you.”


Zsu herself had come up with the games though she’d run her ideas past Alyssa first, who had instantly loved them. She was still new to throwing parties, and she wasn’t sure exactly what to do for them. She could only go by what her parents did, but the problem was that they mainly had adult parties. She was still just a kid, and was invited to their parties by default, but usually had to be upstairs to watch the younger kids when the real adult party started. Usually she had her own fun upstairs, but this was Hogwarts. Their guests would be between the ages of eleven to eighteen.


“You are officially my new party planning partner,” she told Zsu. “Someday when I am ready to tell people the truth, I plan to have parties at my house and I want your help. You know what you’re doing. You look good by the way,” she added as she looked over her friends costume that she’d helped out with a bit.


She didn’t say anything else because quite suddenly someone else, or something floated into the room. She didn’t even know what it was supposed to be, but it took her a few minutes before she realized it was Peeves the Poltergeist who was dressed up as… well, something. She felt uneasy about having him there because she was worried he might ruin the party. However, she wouldn’t say anything, at least not yet. The party was open to everyone, and that included the ghosts. So she decided he was welcome to stay as long as he behaved himself.


“What do you think he is supposed to be?” She whispered to Zsu as she stared at him. She couldn’t help but laugh a little when he flew into one of William’s toy bats. She just hoped he wouldn’t ruin any. She knew William would stick to his word about making her life miserable.


Shortly after Peeves arrived, an older boy, Clay from their Astronomy class showed up. Alyssa felt excited now. If someone older came, that had to mean something! Here they were, two first years throwing a party and someone in the fourth year had come! She grinned at him thankful for his arrival and his offer for help.


“I think we’re okay,” she said as she glanced at Zsu and shrugged. “Just enjoy yourself. You look great.”


And then after he came, a seventh year showed up! Someone who was in the oldest year at Hogwarts was at a party that they’d thrown! She grinned even more. Her excitement caused her fairy wings to flap even more quickly without her even realizing it. He actually wanted to challenge someone with the chili! Who would do it though? She wasn’t really a fan of spicy things, so instead she looked up at Peeves as she waited for someone else to take up the challenge.


“You look great @Peeves ,” she said. “I hope you have fun today.”


She moved over to take a soul cake while she waited for more people to show up. She did hope someone would challenge the older boy. Just what were these cakes supposed to do? How would it make her feel?

Edited by Alyssa Hoofer

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Stella Peabody

Stella had gone all out for her Halloween costume.  And by all out, I mean ALL OUT.  The Slytherin had been putting together elaborate Halloween costumes based on historical witches since she was four years old.  Stella was relieved when she saw invitations for a Halloween party floating around.  She wasn't sure if Hogwarts students were allowed to wear their costumes to class on Halloween, and she just HAD to celebrate somehow.  And this way, she didn't have to organize her own party.


Stella decided to go as the sorceress Circe this year.  She made an elaborate toga with intricate gladiator sandals, wrist bands, and hair clips.  She even had a stuffed toy pig, to represent the sailors Circe used to transfigure into pigs.  


As she walked into the party, Stella felt her heart drop into her stomach.  She saw a couple people weren't wearing costumes.  Oh, no.  She knew she had overdone it.  She should have just gone for something simple and understated until she got a better feel for how elaborately other people did their costumes.  Silly, silly Stella.


But then she saw two familiar Hufflepuffs, @Alyssa Hooferand @Zsuzsanna E. Maverick, both of whom she'd met in the dueling chamber.  Alyssa wore a fairy costume and Zsu wore an absolutely stunning Greco-Roman costume like herself.


"Hi, Alyssa, hi, Zsu.  Hey, Zsu, we kind of match!  Who are you supposed to be?  I'm Circe," she said, holding up the pig like it should explain everything.  Sometimes Stella was blissfully unaware that not everyone was as well-read in the minutiae of magical history and myth.

"Everything looks great!  Especially the food."  She caught a whiff of the chili and decided to take @Axel Blackwood up on his challenge. 


"Sure, I'll eat some.  As long as there's punch or something cool to wash it down!" She gave herself a conservative portion and hoped she wouldn't regret it.  She didn't want to ruin her appetite before she got to see everyone's costumes, and maybe there'd even be a costume contest!

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Zsuzsanna E. Maverick

She couldn’t help the laugh that escaped her as she listened to her friend talk, Zsu was definitely happy that Alyssa was relaxing a bit more. She hoped that when people began to show up, all worries would completely melt away from her friend. She tossed her year mate a smile, “Not if, the party will definitely be a success and it will be because of us. Although I’ll go ahead and accept the position of co-party planner, it has a lovely ring to it. I’ll admit that I have no idea of what I am doing, but I’ll accept that as well!” She did a small spin at Alyssa’s compliment, a few more notes of laughter slipping out, “Why thank you! I had to make sure to keep up with my lovely, co-hosting fairy!”


When their first guest arrived, Zsu felt her lips pull into a crooked grin, her eyes flashing momentarily with a bit of mischief. She was unsure of what @Peeves was dressed up as (considering her pop culture references were quite literally zilch), but it was adorable nonetheless. “Welcome Peeves, it would not be a party without you in attendance.” When Alyssa whispered to her, she shrugged her shoulders, being as clueless as her friend, “Your guess is as good as mine.”


As the slow trickle of bodies made their way in, Zsu began to relax herself, lightly brushing her shoulder against her fellow Hufflepuff. When @Clayton Stagg approached and offered his services, she craned her neck and flashed the whites of her teeth. “Actually,” she held out her hands, summoning a medium sized box she had enchanted earlier to serve for any possible Dare takers, “would you mind placing this on the table closest to the door please? I’ve designated a spot for it already, so the small nameplate reading ‘Dares’ should let you know where to drop it. Thank you, I greatly appreciate it. And you do look wonderful, the colors really complement you.” She made to hand the box off to the older Slytherin.


Her ears perked when she heard @Stella Peabody’s voice, and she eagerly hummed when she noticed the girl’s costume. The Slytherin looked absolutely fabulous. “Hello Stella and you’re right –we do! Circe seems very fitting; you look every bit as enchanting as your namesake. I’m Hades,” She made a dramatic bow, laughing as she straightened up, “at your Underworld-ly service. I’m happy you decided to come and hope you have a wicked time!” She watched as her year mate bounded off to accept @Axel Blackwood’s challenge, folding her arms as she watched them both. She was rather curious to see who would be the victor, and even further still, if really the victor could abstain from needing a cool down.


“Good luck to you both!”


As you may certainly need it.



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Gracie-Mae Goodwin

Gracie-Mae's friends were hosting a party! She wouldn't miss this for the world. And it was a Halloween Party which meant there were costumes and everything and Gracie-Mae was just so excited! This was going to be the best! Sure, when she had left home for Hogwarts, she hadn't exactly thought ahead to pack a Halloween costume, but that was fine! She knew just what she was going to do.


On the way to the party, she borrowed a sword and shield from one of the suits of armor. She thought they really completed her look, or rather, they were her look. She was still wearing the standard uniform otherwise because she hadn't had anything else and it hadn't occurred to her for ask for help or magic to change that. Gracie-Mae fully intended to return the objects afterwards, assuming that she would be able to find the suit of armor that she'd taken them from. There were quite a few of them so she didn't exactly think her odds were that good, but what else was a girl in need of a costume meant to do?


By the time she arrived, several others were already present. Gracie-Mae realized quickly that she had made a mistake - she was carrying a sword and a shield which meant that she didn't really have a free hand with which to eat. But no matter, she wasn't here just for the food, she was here to see her friends!


"Hey you guys! Awesome party!! Lookit, I'm a warrior!" She briefly brandished the sword and shield, which were the extent of her costume. (Maybe next time someone shouldn't let her do her own costuming?)

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