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Simon Reed

It was me, right or wrong... I did it.

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Simon Reed

It didn’t take long for the Ravenclaw to realize that a certain Slytherin was blatantly dodging him.


After he had watched her storm off from the platform, his anger had immediately evaporated. His fickle emotions each fleeting one after the other. Embarrassment, Resentment, Pride… regret? He groaned knowing all too well that by now she would be far gone. He had taken too long to chase after her in all his turmoil. Regardless, Simon stepped away from the platform and jogged out into the hallway. There was no way he was going  to catch her now, but he felt there needed to be immediate action for his transgression. He needed to try to do something… anything at all.


Although his own pride had been wounded that night, he cared much more about his friend to let his feelings come between them. He couldn’t recall a time where Aurora had truly been mad at him… Simon had reached a whole new level of stupidity.


The boy kept replaying their duel incessantly in his head as he climbed the stairs towards the Ravenclaw tower. He had obviously taken things too seriously. Deep down he knew that she had been trying to help him out, her response had only been part of an going repartee they always had between them. She hadn’t meant offense, she definitely wasn’t making fun of him.


He found Ash in his cage, eager to be let out for a bit of exercise, glancing at his grey barn owl sparked an idea. He found his quill and some parchment and began a note. Simon quickly jotted down an apology and asked for her to meet him in the morning so that he could properly make amends. He scrolled the note up and sent the owl on its way. He watched as Ash grew smaller and smaller, finally blending into the night sky.


--- NEXT DAY--


He watched the entrance to the Great Hall, unsure of what to say, other than to offer an apology for his actions. He spotted her notorious head of hair first, fiery in color but bearing no heat… it was as if she had brought a chill with her as soon as she had walked in. Unconsciously he shivered, but continued to follow her as she plopped down at the Slytherin table.


His best friend hadn’t even looked in his direction. Had his note not been delivered the previous night? He chewed on his bottom lip, wondering what his next step would be… he didn’t want to confront her during breakfast, it was too public. Too many peering eyes, and many variables… at this point, Simon didn’t know what would happen if Aurora chose to give him the time of day.


He waited patiently until most everybody had started heading their own way. Simon followed the Slytherin closely behind. He noticed he had to widen his gait just to keep up… which was odd, because Rory was rather shorter than he was.


Wait a minute...


He was dumbfounded, he couldn’t believe that she had been angry enough that she would actually run away from him. Simon rolled his eyes, but he knew if he didn’t fix this sooner rather than later, he would regret it always. He followed her until they reached the second floor… Moaning Myrtle's resting place, otherwise known as the girls lavatory. He stopped in his tracks, he couldn’t go in there.


He would wait her out.


The first year paced in front of the door, peering warily up and down the hall hoping not to bring any attention to himself. He wrung the strap of his pack impatiently after a few minutes passed without movement. Nobody had gone in or out in ages…


He took a deep breath and marched his way into the bathroom after making sure the coast had been clear.


“Aurora. Atticus. Andrews…” he called after her, as he slowly walked into uncharted territory. “We need to talk.” he pleaded, finally arriving at the only closed stall. Simon leaned his back against the door and waited for a reply.


What if he had chased the wrong girl?



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Aurora Andrews

After the previous evening, Aurora had zero interest in anything to do with Simon. The fire in her veins had cooled but now instead of fire she felt like they were made of ice. The only kink in her plan was the simple fact that she wasn't entirely sure how to avoid someone who was in your classes and always seemed to nearby. Still, as she readied herself for the day, Aurora reminded herself that as long as she told herself it was as if he didn't exist, she could get through the day. Or at the very least get her through breakfast, because she wasn't going to let him ruin her first meal of the day.


Upon entering the Great Hall, she realized she could feel the gaze of him on her back as she made her way towards the Slytherin table. It was unnerving to say the least but she found some resolve in her not to let it properly phase her. Still, it somehow managed to make the act of eating her fruit and toast feel very heavy, and that was enough to both frustrate and annoy the petite redhead. Aurora at first thought of waiting him out and then she'd scurry off to wherever she pleased but she soon realized he was unlikely to leave before her, particularly when she noticed others making their own departures and he stayed.


With a deep sigh of annoyance and frustration, she forced herself up and out of her seat. She'd barely made it a few steps outside the room before sensed him on her tail, part of her wanted to literally hex him to stay in place so she wouldn't have to deal with him anymore but then she figured that would get her a detention and that was the last thing she wanted.


Simon was the problem, not her!


So instead she quickened her pace, hoping that somehow she could get away from someone who was decidedly much taller than she was. Aurora headed for the staircase, hoping that it would be in her favour and take her anywhere far from the Ravenclaw, particularly somewhere like the library where she could hide out and he couldn't bother her. And while the staircase had taken her somewhere, she realized quite quickly it wasn't quite where she hoped her destination would lead but she did remember hearing about there being a girl's loo on this floor and Aurora was determined because of anything the fact that it was the girl's and not the lad's would have to keep Simon out.




Aurora had to catch her breath for a moment, because she found herself quite tuckered out. She briefly leaned across the closed doorway, hoping that if she just held out long enough in here, Simon would get the picture and just leave her alone. He couldn't possibly be that thick otherwise. Aurora quickly moved towards one of the stalls just in case he could see the shadow of her from under the door, even though it wasn't like he didn't know where she ended up. But that meant little to her, as she plopped down on the closed seat of the toilet, wondering to herself about how she'd managed to end up in the situation in the beginning.


"Aurora. Atticus. Andrews."


Aurora's eyes widened slightly as she realized he'd actually middle named her, while a part of her would have naturally been endeared to learn that he'd actually managed to remember her middle name after all these years of knowing each other, that would have been a different time because it did nothing but put the girl on edge.


After all he was in the blooming girl's loo for merlin's sake. It dawned on Aurora quite quickly that she literally had no way to escape and was truly trapped in the stall. Clearly, Simon's determination had outweighed everything in order to enter the loo but that didn't make Aurora feel any differently. So she let him stew, let him stand there and question everything while she secretly hoped he'd give up and leave.


And when it ultimately felt like she might grow old in the loo did she speak.


"Just - Just go away Simon," She let out a sigh before continuing, "I don't want to talk to you.

Edited by Aurora Andrews

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Simon Reed

Regardless of whether he had the right girl or not, he was determined to get an answer.


His eyes wandered around the girl’s bathroom, noticing that aside from not having urinals, it was hardly any different than the boys loo. It was a bit disappointing to be honest. He had been expecting it to smell nicer, maybe have some cool decor… not that he really cared, he was mainly using his observations as a distraction to his current dilemma.




He’d received the silent treatment before, but it was far more effective coming from somebody he actually liked rather than one of his pestering sisters .He was about to make a comment about how childish she was acting, but her answer was well timed… it probably saved him from further grief. He sighed in relief, even if her response had not been exactly what he had wanted to hear, it was progress. Simon was getting through to her, he just needed to persevere.


“Damn, I’m glad to hear your voice…” he snickered, “I was beginning to think I had followed the wrong girl in…” he shoved his hands inside his cloak pockets and sighed, he hoped that a bit of humor would remind her why she kept him around in the first place.


Now came the hard part.


It was hard to apologize for something he didn’t think he needed to apologize for… especially seeing as she had made him feel a bit crummy in the first place. It had taken a lot of thought on his part to imagine why she had been the one to storm off, why did she get to be the only one to be angry…Umm. Where was he going with this thought process!?


“You might not want to talk to me, but seeing as I’m already in danger of getting a detention for being in here anyway…  How about you listen.” he began, thinking he was doing quite well for his first major apology ever… although he didn’t want to get good at apologizing. “I’m sorry, Aurora.” he paused, feeling that he needed to think of something more elaborate than just the generic ‘I’m sorry’ speech.

“I’m sorry for how our duel ended… I’m sorry for being a jerk... “ I’m sorry that I’m not really sorry, but I value our friendship enough to be the bigger person… “Please forgive me?” he implored.

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Aurora Andrews

Aurora realized as soon as she spoke that she really ought to have stayed silent. She could hear the relief and the frustrating humour that came along with Simon. He was far too pleased that he had without doing much of anything, gotten her to speak when really all she had wanted was for him to leave. But that didn't seem likely, in fact he seemed far too comfortable spending all his time inside the girl's loo.


Aurora crossed her arms even though she gave no indication that she was inclined to listen to him, but at the same time realized she was essentially trapped. Why had she thought hiding out in the loo would be a smart move because in true fashion all it had done was completely and utterly backfire on her. Even if she were to leave what was to say Simon wouldn't follow her elsewhere, or resort back to sending more pieces of parchment that would ultimately meet the same cruel fate as the previous ones had.




Aurora snorted in disbelief as she untangled her arms from her chest, promptly rising to her feet. She quickly shoved the door open not giving much care of the fact that Simon was just on the other side, as she moved out towards the sinks, desperate to put as much distance between herself and him.


"Sorry? You think you can just say sorry and I'll fall over myself to accept? Do you know me at all?"


Aurora spun around once she reached the sinks, her mouth getting the better of her in a rare moment. Her hands hung at each side of her, clenched in something akin to frustration, or some other emotion the petite girl couldn't fully process in that moment.


"I just - do you think I'd just offer to listen to anyone go on about their feelings? I thought - I offered to listen and help and you acted like you couldn't be bothered about me or anything. I just thought I - I..." Aurora trailed off, frustrated with herself and with Simon and the fact that she was unleashing every unwanted thought about their friendship that she usually shoved into the back of her mind because it far too confusing for her. Her cheeks had turned a brilliant shade of red in a mixture of embarassement and frustration. Aurora ran a hand through her hair as she realized she desperately needed to escape this situation.


"Forget it. Never mind. I'm never doing anything nice for anyone ever again."

Aurora turned on her heels, and headed for the exit. 

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Simon Reed

He hadn't been expecting a snort as a reply.


Simon expelled a sigh of frustration as he dropped his gaze to the floor. Had he not done that correctly? He started to repeat the apology in his head, hoping that he could find his mistake but was interrupted by a harsh force coming from within the stall. The Ravenclaw struggled with his footing momentarily, before turning his attention to his so-called-friend. He scoffed.


His eyes narrowed at the fact that she had resorted to violence (although it hadn’t actually physically hurt him, however it had seemed like a pointed act), and had proceeded to question their friendship… finishing it all off by finally putting all the blame on him.


As if she had nothing to do with the current state of their friendship. As if she were blameless in all of it.


The boy rushed to block her from escape, cutting her off and putting himself in front of the only exit. He shook his head trying to keep up with all his feelings, and all the words that were wanting to purge themselves from his mouth, “I thought I knew you…” he finally started, no longer wanting to be the bigger person.


“You practically laughed at me… and you knew I wasn’t comfortable talking about that stuff…” he wrung his fists around his pack tighter, “It’s not fair of you to put this all on me Rory.” he countered.


The Ravenclaw would have had continued to apologize, had it not been for her holding him accountable for everything. He had gone in, hoping to restore their relationship back to its former glory, now he was scared that their pride would get in the way.


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Aurora Andrews

So close.


Aurora had been so close to making an escape before Simon quite literally launched himself in front of her. She blamed it on his annoyingly longer legs because he could out move her far too easily for her liking. Everything in her body, in her soul was screaming at her that her and Simon were heading down a very bad path, but it was beginning to feel like there would be nothing to change that. It created a very uncomfortable feeling in her chest that she was not a fan of at all.


He thought he knew her? Those five words had somehow managed to ruin Aurora faster than anything else had before. Perhaps a thought like that would have seemed a bit dramatic for an almost twelve year old but this was Simon and even though she could never seem to verbalize it right, he really meant the most to her. And in spite of that, it felt like everything was falling apart between them all because of one little moment.


The stinging of her eyes brought her back to reality as she looked away from Simon's face, hoping to quell the numerous emotions that were swirling inside of her. Aurora had always focused on keeping herself composed, that being overwhelmed with them had left her at a disadvantage. She forced herself to take a quiet, but deep breath in order to instill some of her old self back into her.


Aurora Andrews was absolutely not about to cry in front of Simon.


"I - I was not laughing at you." Aurora defended venomously. "You're the last person on this earth I'd ever laugh at." Her hands clenched into fists at her side the second her voice started to waiver. This was not going to plan at all, and her fight or flight instinct was at its peak for flight.


"Yes, I'm awful but I thought you understood that and would accept me the way I am and know I would never do you w-wrong."

Aurora furious with herself but desperate to keep herself in check, she hastily wiped at her face as she refused to look at Simon directly. This was messy and unpleasant and she couldn't believe that everything about her was bubbling to the surface and she couldn't seem to stop it.


"I'm sorry I'm so awful and I'm sorry you clearly don't want to be my friend anymore. Can - Can you please just let me pass?" Aurora kept her head down because she no longer could keep up the charade of pretending like she was fine.

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Simon Reed

His words had affected her.


Simon could tell something was off… the fact that they were fighting at all was wrong. His whole body tensed up as she quickly defended herself. His grip loosened on his knapsack as he slowly came to terms with the fact that Aurora had been right all along.


He should have known better. He should have given her the benefit of the doubt. She went on to attack her own person, instead of insulting him for being the crap friend. Merlin, he was an arse. He was legitimately the worst person at Hogwarts at that very moment. His face blanched as he watched her wipe away what could have only been tears.


He had made a girl cry.


Not just any girl. This was Aurora Andrews for Merlin’s sake… he had known her since they’d both been in their nappies. They’d literally been friends for as long as he could remember, and he could honestly say he had never seen her cry.


Sadness clouded his features before he began acting out of instinct.




The Ravenclaw dropped his bag on the floor and closed the gap between the pair. His own eyes watered a bit with the knowledge that he had caused her any kind of pain. Without warning he found himself wrapping his arms around her small frame, burrowing his head in shame inside her flowing ruby locks.


“Please don’t leave me.” he murmured as he squeezed his eyes shut tightly, hoping that by some kind of miracle this would work out. “I-I was wrong, Rory. This was all my fault… I blew things out of proportion… You were only trying to help in your own way.” he babbled, his words pouring out in hopes that they would somehow combine into something coherent. “I’m an idiot and I don’t deserve a friend like you…” he tapered off feeling emotionally exhausted.


He sighed pulling his head out of the comfort her hair and attempted to lock eyes with the Slytherin, "You're not awful. You're amazing... and if you'll still have me, I'd still like to be your friend." he finished, knowing full well he was putting himself up on the chopping block.

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Aurora Andrews

Simon didn't leave much time for Aurora to question why he wasn't letting her pass when he went and did the unexpected - he hugged her. He had actually initiated any kind of physical contact with her, when she'd always been the one to hold his hand and not the other way around. Her heart swelled at the action, partly because she was upset and the hug managed to sooth her and the rest because she just enjoyed the fact that they were hugging.


Aurora had been furious with him, she'd been hurt, and she had plenty of other feelings still swirling around inside of her, but this one act let her think at least even for a second that maybe Simon didn't hate her and still wanted to be her friend. And as pathetic as that might have sounded considering the kind of person she prided herself on being, having Simon as her friend no matter what was always the most important thing to her because he was the most important to her.


So the petite Slytherin returned the hug, letting her arms tighten around, with a part of her never wanting to let go. Even though she couldn't seem to stop the tears and was undoubtedly ruining Simon's shirt. It didn't help that everything he was saying happened to soothe her soul, and reminded her of why they'd always managed to stay friends. Aurora knew she couldn't let their friendship just end no matter how much it had seemed to hurt both of them in the end.


Aurora knew they could find a way back from this, and that everything would be okay in the end. She sighed as Simon released her from the hug, as soon as she was free, she wiped at her face to remove any remaining traces of her emotional downfall. As her eyes met Simon's and she could see his sad puppy dog eyes looking down at her's, she could feel the remains of her icy exterior melt away.


They'd both hurt each other and that wasn't okay.


Aurora reached forward and grabbed each of Simon's hands, squeezing them as she did. She knew she needed to reassure him before she spoke, because he looked so miserable and that alone made her chest hurt.


"You and me are always going to be friends Simon. I'm sure of it but this was a bad patch and we just have to work on it and everything will be okay in the end. I promise."


Aurora gave his hands another reassuring squeeze as she eyed up the bag on the floor that she'd truthfully never noticed until that moment.


"I'm obviously keeping you from something, so how about we meet up later for some hot chocolate in the kitchens?"


Aurora found it difficult to allow herself to let go of Simon, as if the moment she did everything would shatter and she'd be right back to where they were before, like this had all been a dream instead of a reality. Instead, she slowly let her fingers slip out of his, and pulled herself away as she finally had an available exit.


"See you around." She called out as she exited the loo.


Aurora had a lot of thinking to do about what had transpired between the two of them.



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