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Gryffindor Mentoring Picnic [DJ Song Requests]

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Sonny had been put in charge of music for the mentoring picnic. He wasn’t sure how that had happened but he was going to do his best! He had asked around and gotten a DJ set up so that he could take requests for songs. Everyone liked different music so he wanted everyone to be able to enjoy themselves. Once he had gotten set up, he made sure that his sign saying “Submit your requests here!” was blinking and ready to go. “Come to me, my people!” he called out.





Roleplay your character coming to Sonny (IC known as Drake Archwood) to submit a song request (50 words +).

In your post, bolded at the bottom, make up a song title and an artist/band/group name (lyrics are an added bonus and not required).

Prizes will be given out for creativity, hilariousness, and even just participating! Have fun!



My example:

Hot Line Dazzle by ManDrake

“You used to call me on my two-way mirror…”




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