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Hazel Wheeler

stick in the mud vs pocket full of sunshine

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Bigglesworth was a hyperactive owl at any moment of the day, which was strange considering owls were supposed to be nocturnal animals. Unlike the rest of his species, Bigglesworth seemed to think that a train full of students was the perfect place to explore. Plus, maybe some of them have treats. Unfortunately, he had been cooped up with Hazel in the train compartment with some of her friends, and Bigglesworth kept hopping between her and Julian, looking for attention.


He was starting to get bored - the other owl had chosen to fall asleep - and Hazel wouldn't give him any more treats for some dumb reason. He had shut his eyes for a moment, deciding he should sleep to pass the time. The compartment door opened, and a lady with a trolly appeared. Bigglesworth fluttered up from the top of the train seat, immediately darting out through the open space.


Hazel watched, in utter disbelief and annoyance as her tiny owl made its way past the trolley lady, "No! Bigglesworth!"


She hopped up, grabbing a pumpkin pasty and slamming a few sickles on the trolley with an annoyed sigh. Hazel slid past the trolly lady as she excused herself in order to chase after her bird. Who knows where he had gone? All of the students had been visited by the trolley, so it was no doubt that he was after food. She huffed, craning her neck to peer in compartments, trying to go unnoticed amongst the older students.


Everything was loud and bright - students moving past one another, playing exploding snap, and chatting away in oblivion to Hazel's dilemma. Her patience was wearing thin when she saw a brown shape dart into an opening off to the right. She sped up, hoping to catch him before he could fly away again.


Hazel peeked into the compartment. Bigglesworth was eyeing a case of Bertie Bott's with his large eyes. She pulled open the compartment door.


"Bigglesworth! No!" A motherly tone overtook her as she swooped to get the bird away from the sweets, "You can't go wandering off like that. Especially not for food, silly bird." She was almost cooing at this point as Biggie situated himself on her shoulder.


Hazel turned to leave, ready to scold the bird some more, yet she noticed that they were not alone, "Oh - er- hi!"


Just smile. It'll be okay if you smile.


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Summer had been uneventful, but at least it wasn't Hogwarts in all its chaos. He jumped a bit at the loud noise characteristic of exploding snaps. In the months since school ended, he'd once again grown accustomed to being surrounded by s i l e n c e . The Abernathy residence was rarely lively with noise. If anyone was being loud, it was Lenora talking back to their father or Grandmother directing orders to the House Elves, but he'd learned to just tune it out. It all became background noise to flipping pages or commanding chess pieces. 


Hogwarts was on a whole different level, however. There were just as many loud noises as there were loud personalities - it was easy to decide which was worse. He gave curt nods to eager smiles and welcome backs and narrowly dodged attempts for hugs. He hadn't even hugged his family in farewell; why would he do so to a virtual stranger?


The train corridor was essentially a war zone and Casper had always been the type to flee from a fight. So, as soon as he could, he disappeared into an empty compartment. A sigh of relief. He'd had his doubts about going back to school, but maybe (just maybe) he could survive the next term. 


It was a thought that was only reinforced when the sweets trolley came by. He'd had restricted access all summer so it was only right that he indulged. It wasn't as if he didn't have money to spare, so when the woman left, he held a chocolate frog in one hand and a box of Bertie Bott's in the other.


He immensely regretted his decision when a random owl burst into his compartment and eyed the sweet as if it hadn't eaten in days. Thankfully, it's owner came quickly behind. Although, he wasn't too grateful; he had wanted an undisturbed train ride.


Eyes widened a fraction at the sudden appearance of both it and a girl. "Um, hello" he began, still feeling his heart race from the unwelcomed surprise. Wanderin' off - what kind of owl did that? He eyed the creature. "Shouldn't you keep it in a cage?" he asked, tone of voice disinterested as always yet somehow still disapproving.

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The thing about meeting new people was that Hazel tried her best to make a good impression. It was the reason why she dressed nice and always had a pleasant exterior. Bigglesworth had completely ruined her chance to do that as she bombarded into a boy's compartment. His eyes were a striking blue, and Hazel was almost silenced in his presence. Almost.


"Hi," she said again with a smile and somewhat of an awkward wave. Put your hand down, Hazel. You've already said hello. Move on.


At the boy's comment at Bigglesworth being caged, the owl ruffled his feathers and sunk down in between her shoulder blade and collarbone. She looked at the mischevious owl and then back at the boy, "Um..."


She paused and realized he seemed to be scolding her. Hazel shrugged - Bigglesworth bouncing along with the movement, "He had been cooped up in the car during the ride to the train station. Bigglesworth usually doesn't get out. He's just excited with all of the people here."


Hoping to change the subject away from her owl, she turned attention to his chocolate frog, "What card did you get?"

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Casper's only concern when meeting new people was to make a good impression. Good, of course, was subjective. His idea of 'good' was being cordial enough that he'd do Grandmother proud, but still unwelcoming enough that others got the message - Casper wanted to be left alone. It was a delicate art, truly.


Thus, the boy managed to erase his perpetual scowl. Instead, it was replaced by a slight furrow of brow. "Uh." He didn't have any better response to a second 'hi' and a wave. "Yes." Acknowledgement of the gesture. A perfect (not awkward at all) response.


Distrustful blue eyes watched the owl ruffle its feathers. His natural distrust of animals (or anything really) made the action seem aggressive, as if at any moment, the creature would pounce. Xavier, his black cat tucked away in his cage, thought the same. He hissed, but otherwise remained uninterested. Yet, Casper still took the sound as a perfect example and gestured pointedly at his pet: "But, there's no telling how... Bigglesworth," nose crinkled at the absurd name, "will interact with other animals or students."


Animals. Students. There was really no difference at this point.


He flipped the chocolate frog over in his hand, slowly, as if he'd forgotten there was even anything written on them. Collecting things seemed like such a waste of time. "Rowena Ravenclaw." The history lover already knew all there was to know about the Hogwarts' founders. "You want it?" He had no use for memorabilia of other houses.

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Hazel blushed when she realized that she had made the forced interaction even more awkward with a second greeting. She fiddled with her fingers and swallowed, trying to alleviate the sick feeling creeping into her stomach. This was off to a great start. 


However, when the boy mentioned her owl - as if it was some pest, Hazel's eyes went ablaze, "Bigglesworth is friendly. He's just a little hungry. He wouldn't hurt anyone. My dad works for the ministry in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, and he says that Biggie is the nicest owl he's ever met. We have three."


It was strange having to try and defend her own pet to someone, and Hazel felt foolish standing in front of this boy. She had already managed to embarrass herself. and Bigglesworth had tried to steal his food. Maybe they had just gotten off on the wrong foot?


When he offered her his chocolate frog card, Hazel smiled, "No, that's okay. I don't collect them. My brother, Charlie, who does, already has her."


Hazel moved a strand of hair behind her ear before filling the silence as quickly as she could, "By the way, I'm Hazel. It's nice to meet you!"

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He arched a single brow at the fiery response, before shrugging. "My father works for the ministry in the Wizengamot. He says 'sometimes even the most innocent of people can surprise you'. I suppose that also applies to animals." Then again, perhaps that was Casper's fear of animals seeping through. Xavier hissed as if he could hear his owner's thoughts.


The cat continued to mewl in his cage - a sign Casper had come to associate with the kitten's desire to be held.


"Did you want to pet him?" he asked, because Merlin knows he didn't want to. There was always the intrinsic fear that Xavier might claw at him, which the cat had done on numerous occasions before. His sister speculated it was because the animal could sense his fear - bullocks. The girl, at least, seemed to be a lover of pets if her father worked for such a department. "Xavier loves meeting new people," he lied, or maybe it wasn't a lie; he just didn't know that much about the kitten.


With the girl's declination of the chocolate frog card, he simply slipped into his pocket so he could toss it into the rubbish later.


"I'm Casper. Nice to meet you, Hazel," he nodded. "You're a first year." It was a statement, not a question.

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Hazel decided that she might as well take a seat so she wouldn't have to awkwardly stand in front of the boy the whole time. She seated herself across from him, pulling out her cauldron cake and tearing into its packaging. 


His father seemed like the type of person to always think that someone was guilty until proven innocent, at least to Hazel. She always assumed that people were naturally good. Hazel didn't think anyone could be born evil, it festered as one grew up. However, she simply shrugged in response to the boy's comment - tired of trying to prove that her owl wasn't a monster or anything.


A hiss from the boy's cat drew her attention almost immediately, and as the boy offered her a chance to pet him, Hazel's eyes lit up, "I would love to!"


Biggleworth nipped at her collar softly, and it reminded her why she never pet cats, "But I shouldn't. Cats and I don't seem to get along very well. I tried to pet my nan's once. It ripped into my favorite stockings. Thanks for the offer though."


Casper. The name fit the face rather well, and Hazel repeated it in her mind - trying to make sure she remembered it.


"I am," she responded, "It's my first train ride." That's obvious, Hazel, she thought.


Hazel moved to make herself more comfortable in the seat before moving the conversation along, "What year are you?"


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He supposed the company wasn't entirely unwelcome. Hazel was... pleasant. She didn't combat his point about ' guilty until proven innocent ' (that was the saying, right?) and if Casper liked anything, it was being correct. A silent shrug surely counted and it was better than continuing the back-and-forth about the merits and wildness of animals.


Although, he wouldn't have minded the fight much. For a boy who held little interest in the affairs of, well, anything, he sure managed to fixate himself on the competition; unrelenting until he sneaked the final word in.


It was really a problem, but oh well.


"Hmm, funny, I don't get along well with cats either." Xavier hissed. A dry smile was directed toward the kitten. "I bought him for my birthday... This girl convinced me... and I'm certain he's defective," he trailed off into a mumble. "Xavier only likes my little brother, but Tobias is good with all animals," he offered, sharing the fact proudly. He always much preferred to speak about his family than himself.


"You seem to be good with animals though." Bigglesworth did seem less intimidating when the animal wasn't bursting into his compartment unannounced.


"Um, well, hmm, how are you enjoying it so far?" Wasn't it the unspoken job of a second year to ask? "I'm a second year. Gryffindor," he added.

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Hazel looked through the bars of the container when the cat hissed, and she was utterly thankful that Casper wasn't going to let the cat out. Her tights would live for another day. Casper admitted that he didn't care for cats either, and Hazel was instantly questioning his question in pets. The follow-up explanation didn't seem to help much either.


"I want to try and convince someone to let dogs come to Hogwarts," Hazel stated after hearing about Casper's cat problem, "Or at least to add more options than a cat, owl, or toad. Some people may not like any of those."


She looked over at Bigglesworth when Casper nodded toward him, "Yeah, like I said, my dad works for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. His job comes with a lot of taking care of some animals. We've also adopted quite a few. I'm used to them at this point."


Hazel was about to answer his next question when the compartment door slid open to reveal a very familiar face, "Julian? Oh! Hi! I found Bigglesworth."


She realized she must have been gone for so long that the others must have gone to look for Bigglesworth too.  Hazel stood to join him at the door, "I should probably go... I need to take Biggy back to his cage and hopefully catch the trolley lady."


Hazel smiled at him as she picked up the wrappings from her cauldron cake and slid out of the compartment with Julian.

exit Hazel stage right

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