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It was that time again at Hogwarts where all the young new victims walked in a single file line for thoughts to be read by the ever so knowing hat and to be placed in the same house for the next seven years of their lives.


Allan Salvage stood in line and took a good look around the great hall. From the floating candles, the rows of students wearing their colours to represent their houses, to the old man who stood next to the hat. 


His eyes glanced at the strange girl from the train and to the other kids in the line with him. This is going to be a long seven years…


“Salvage, Allan”


Here it goes. Wait! Don’t touch me!

Good evening Mr. Salvage. Clearly, you are used to getting what you want, when you want, and how you want it. My dear boy, your sense of self-preservation is quite remarkable indeed! Yes, I can see just the right house for you, alongside individuals with the same mindset. There is no better place for you than in SLYTHERIN!

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Celeste had a bounce in her step as they stepped into the great hall, a grin on her face as her eyes moved from the ceiling to the other students to front, where the professors all sat and a particularly intimidating woman stood by the stool. 


She was the deputy headmistress, if her parents' information was to be believed. Still, she didn't want to be too focused on that. 


Thankfully, Celeste was at the front of the alphabet. She hadn't been paying much attention until she felt a hand in hers. Celeste jumped a little, but then smiled when she saw it was Rosie. She squeezed her little sister's hand lightly before turning back towards the front of the hall. The wait was awful, that was for sure, and Celeste didn't even have a name that was that far down in the alphabet. 


Then finally, finally, the Es ended. Celeste's breath hitched in her throat when she heard her name. "Ferranti, Celeste!" 


"Good luck, Rosie," she murmured to her sister, squeezing Rosie's hand and letting go. Celeste took a deep breath and headed up the steps, closing her eyes as she waited for Professor James to place the Hat on her head.

My dear Miss Ferranti, I have no doubt that you will succeed in making a name for yourself, every tool you could ever need is right here in your mind for me to see. Your ambition, determination and cunning will see you through every obstacle to claim that spotlight you so deeply wish for. I know just the thing to do with you, there’s only one house that would help you in your path to glory. SLYTHERIN!

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Maia had been in awe of the boat ride; Pre-Hogwarts Primary did not prepare her properly for what she was to expect on this initial trip to Hogwarts. There was almost something peaceful about floating on water that put her mind at slight ease after the exceptionally stressful train ride that took place. The castle was something straight out of a storybook and it was also a little intimidating that Maia would be living within these walls for the next few years of her life.


When the boat came to a stop Maia wobbled out and followed the herd of first years to their next destination. She fidgeted with her uniform to make sure that it still was on proper, she was starting to think that she had bought a size too large or that the tie that she was wearing was going to choke her. Maybe it was all in her head and Maia was just overthinking too much.


She took a deep breath as they entered the castle for the first time. It was even more amazing inside than it was on the outside. Maia waited patiently with the rest of her year as they prepared whatever was behind that giant door. She kept looking up at how high the ceilings were.


Maia’s attention then snapped to the door that was opening before her. She tripped over her feet a little bit before moving forward with the rest of her classmates. She wasn’t paying attention, distracted by everything around her. She looked at all the older students and didn’t realize that the sorting event was opened to the whole school to watch. She smiled and waved at them as she passed. If they were going to stare at them all, she might as well be friendly about it. All those people were literally waiting for her whole class to be sorted before they could eat. They were probably a little bit hangry, Maia sure would be.


Waiting is always the worst part of anything, fortunately for Maia her last name was towards the start of the alphabet. Still, it’s like when you’re waiting for the clock to tick for one full minute and it seems like it’s an eternity. Maia didn’t really know what that hat was going to say about her, but she watched as a few of her classmates went up and then were sorted appropriately. Well hopefully appropriately, Maia thought to herself.


“Brooks, Maia!”


Maia’s head snapped up! Finally, time! Maia scooted forward from the herd of classmates. There was a tinge of nervousness that had hit her, but she kept a giant smile on her face. She took a deep breath as she spun around and plopped herself on the chair to be sorted. Take it all in, she thought to herself, no need to be nervous, everyone here went through this, might as well enjoy the experience.

You value integrity, fairness, and dependability, and with these traits I could see you going far in Hufflepuff, Miss Brooks. However, there are so many lovely sides to you that I can't help wondering about the other possibilities as well. Stubborn and righteous, you'd put on a right show in Gryffindor! However, there's no hiding your resourcefulness and intelligence, and paired with your wit and desire for learning, I think you'll do the absolute best in RAVENCLAW!

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If he tried to explain this experience to a single person he knew back home, no one would believe him.  Who exactly rides a train leaving a platform that you have to run through a wall to get to?  Then, once you arrive, you take a boat across a lake that isn't even frozen.  What's the use?  And now?  They were in a castle that definitely didn't look old enough to have central heat and air.

Ulysses sat where he was instructed to, not a peep out of him since he left the train.  He was still a bit traumatized from watching other kids bite the heads off of chocolate frogs who didn't stand a chance.  He took everything in and wondered if he was the only one who was completely and utterly confused and slightly terrified-- but he'd never admit that.  
The feeling of homesickness blossomed in his belly as his crystal blue eyes lifted to the ceiling.  The floating candles were definitely something he wasn't expecting-- looking around at everyone else, no one else seemed to care about the completely obvious fire hazard directly above their heads.  Reaching and tugging the boy next to him's sleeve, he only got the chance to point upward before an adult began to speak.  
Was this the part his father told him about?  Where they were sorted, and a talking hat read their minds?  Yep.  There it was.  It looked, he supposed, as a talking hat should.
"Flucker, Ulysses!" 
He heard before he knew it and was quite honestly, not prepared.  Everyone else had survived this moment, and he wondered what precisely this hat would detect about him.  If anything, his first thought was how uncomfortable the stool was and the number of arses that had sat on it before his.  Hopefully, none had peed their pants because, well, gross.

SLYTHER-- oh you wanted to know more? I can see a bit of Gryffindor in you, Mister Flucker, you admire confidence and daring and Godric always looked kindly upon those, but I don’t think the house of the lions is the right fit for you. Your ambition, resourcefulness and drive to accomplish your goals would serve you well in SLYTHERIN!

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Gracie-Mae was so excited, it was a miracle  she hadn't yet imploded from all the emotions churning inside her. She could hardly contain her glee as she stepped into the Great Hall with her yearmates. So far, her Hogwarts adventure was shaping up to be everything she'd imagined - and more! She looked every which way, trying to take in all the wondrous sights. "Look at the sky!" she gasped, unable to stop herself. On second examination, perhaps 'sky' was not completely accurate; perhaps what she was seeing was really a ceiling? Not that Gracie-Mae cared what it was called. Much more interesting was its appearance ... 


The group of first years stopped abruptly and Gracie-Mae stumbled into the person ahead of her. "Sorry!" she yelped, reaching out to steady the person before hopping back with an apologetic wince. But her attention was immediately diverted from her error by the ceremony that was beginning before them. 


A singing hat?


... Really?  All this magic and that was the best Hogwarts had to offer?


Well, okay then.


She watched intently as others were called up ahead of her to receive their new houses. After a few names, Gracie-Mae realised that the students were being called up alphabetically by their surnames. After about twenty or so - an eternity if you asked Gracie-Mae - they had reached the G's. Gracie-Mae startled when a girl named Gadot was called up, and then next ... 




Gracie-Mae practically charged forward, all but running for the stool. She couldn't stand the waiting anymore. She simply had to know where she'd end up. All of her adventures up until now had led up to this moment ... and now here it was. Her moment, the one that might determine her future here at Hogwarts. It was positively thrilling and Gracie-Mae was grinning from ear to ear as the hat was placed atop her head ...

Good evening, Miss Goodwin, let's have a look shall we? Yes, I can see a strong moral compass within you. Always looking for the most just and right course of action. Helga would love your kindness, but Hufflepuff is not the right house for you. I can see a place where your strong morals and desire to be who you are will be accepted with open arms. Take your daring young self and join the ranks of the lions in GRYFFINDOR!

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Hogwarts. Seeing the castle rise over the lake as her boat approached, Emma found herself clutching the side with such force that her knuckles had turned white. That the day had finally arrived that she would begin her time at the school was still hard to get her mind around. Every child with magical parents in Britain dreamed of this day and it was finally here for Miss Etter. And her stomach was absolutely in knots.


Her hands shook as she steadied herself, stepping out of the boat once it reached shore once again. Why she was so nervous she couldn’t say; perhaps anxious was more the word to use. But the eleven-year-old squared her shoulders as she joined her classmates as they entered the castle. No one needed to know that her mind was flying miles a minute and that she felt like she might throw up. No, to everyone else she looked fine and happy to be there, the anxiety on her face having morphed into a nervous smile.


When they were taken into the Great Hall, Emma was again struck with awe at the grandeur of her new school. Her mother had clearly never done it justice with her descriptions, and her father, well; he had never taken much time to tell her about his own school days. The dark sky above them twinkled with a handful of the first stars of the night and Emma found herself taking another deep breath. Everything was absolutely fine; there was no reason to be nervous she told herself. Everyone who had ever attended Hogwarts had gone through this exact same experience and they had all ended up fine. She needed to relax.


The first years congregated at the front, and as they had been told in Pre-Hogwarts Primary, there was a tattered old hat awaiting them. Emma barely heard the song it sang, as her ears were ringing like she had tinnitus the entire time. But the hat eventually went quiet and the calling of names began. One by one her fellow first years approached the stool and found themselves sorted. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin.


Which one would Emma find herself in? Her parents were both Ravenclaws, and she knew her father would be as happy as he was capable of being if she was sorted into his house. But her mother had assured her that whatever house she was in was the perfect one because it was the one that Emma belonged in. The brunette hung to that thought.


And finally it came. “ETTER, EMMA.”


Taking a quick breath, Emma went forward, her chin up and her eyes dead ahead. Inside she felt like she might throw up; outside, she hoped she looked as cool as a cucumber. She took a seat on the stool and felt the hat lowered onto her brown locks. No going back now.

Miss Etter, a good evening to you, now let me just have a peek right quick, and you'll be on your way! Oh! Your sense of empathy is most remarkable. You have ambitions, yes, and certainly Salazar would be yearning for that, but no, that is not you at the very core. Your fair and hard-working nature is much better suited to house of the badgers, my dear, and there you shall flourish, I'm sure. HUFFLEPUFF!

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If there was supposed to be some emotional response to the sorting ceremony, Wednesday wasn't having one. All she wanted was to get it over with and hope this wasn't a mistake. 


"Mortensen, Wednesday"


There was a 75% chance this wouldn't end well.

You keep a lot locked tightly beneath the surface, Miss Mortensen. More than most, I'd wager. Cool as you may appear to be on the surface, you strike me as someone whose knows conflict: who you are versus who you were meant to be. It makes the decision of where to put you rather difficult. Sociable, diligent, and unafraid to put your nose to the grindstone, you'd fair well in Hufflepuff. However, you lack trust in others, and have a tendency to put yourself first. That carefully cultivated desire to protect yourself has turned you into a master manipulator, capable of both keeping people on hand and at bay simultaneously. I reiterate: this is no easy decision, but I believe you will be both surprised and happy with the company you'll keep in SLYTHERIN!

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Alshain Sidus
Ah! A lovely mind you have, Miss Sidus, quite lovely. Why, you might ask? Well, because it is so clear to me to which house you belong, even in the few short seconds I've sat atop it! Your morals drive everything you do, down to the people you choose to spend your time with, and it is so evident to me by this trait alone that the home for you is with the other moralistic lions in GRYFFINDOR!

Cameron Miller
Good evening, Mister Miller, let's take a gander inside your head. Hmm, yes, I can see one house standing out in particular for you. You know clearly what you would wish to fight for and that, my dear boy, takes no small amount of courage. Godric would have adored this courage, my boy, with your sense of daring! With such a clear moral code, I think you will quite enjoy your time in GRYFFINDOR!

Henry Fisher
My boy, there are two founders fighting it out to have you in their house! Although, I see you don’t value social status too much, so perhaps being the center of attention isn’t your speed. You have an interesting view of the world, Mr Fisher, admiring those who are interested, rather than those who are interesting - a noble idea, indeed. You will find other interested people – and hopefully some who are interesting too – in RAVENCLAW!

Jeremy Kershaw
Hmm... It's quite perplexing, sorting through the thoughts of a young man who'd do quite well in two very contrasting houses! On the one hand, you're a born leader: bold, decisive, and unafraid of the spotlight. Paired with your fierce, righteous, and dare I say stubborn nature, you'd be able to make a home for yourself in Gryffindor. However, your ambition and drive are equally hard to ignore. Yes, there's no hiding the fact that you're resourceful, cunning and clever, you'd do quite well in Slytherin! However, you live to embolden others, to give them the strength to stand strong on their own two feet, and it is that unshakable mindset and ambition to aid others that will see you excel in GRYFFINDOR!

Olive Grant
Hello, Miss Grant! My, what a lovely little mind you've got here! Hmm... perhaps little is the wrong word, as it's actually quite broad! Oh, dear me... one could get quite lost wandering the various channels of your noggin'. Unpredictable and spontaneous, you're not one to linger on defeat, are you? No, to you, failure simply opens up new avenues to explore! Your willingness to remain open-minded and collaborate with others is not only sensible, but strategic. I imagine this mind of yours will take you far with the right sort of nurturing, and with that said, I can think of no better house for you than RAVENCLAW!

Phoebe Khan
Ah, Miss Khan! I see you're set on giving me trouble straight out of the gate! Oh, fear not, I mean no grave offense. If anything it's a compliment! There are simply two great houses vying for your admittance into their illustrious ranks. It's that overwhelming ambition of yours, you see. Though it may be a singular entity, it's quite hard to ignore! However, one also cannot ignore the clear driving force behind that intense ambition: an unquenchable thirst for knowledge! And while you would sacrifice a great many things in your pursuit, you care nothing for power and would happily share what you know with anyone willing to learn. That makes you a rather clear and cut RAVENCLAW!

Preston Miller
Mr. Miller, your resourcefulness is quite admirable. You know exactly how to read a situation, and go about turning it to your advantage. My boy, Salazar would have loved to meet you, with such cunning and yearning for obtaining what you desire. I am quite certain you will be able to grow your skills and flourish in the house of the snakes. Off with you to SLYTHERIN!

Rosie Ferranti
You, Miss Ferranti, are a truly good and warmhearted individual! A rare quality to be sure, and you can take me at my word on that one; this old hat has sorted through a great many minds, after all! Sociable, brave and daring, I believe you'd fit in quite well in Gryffindor, but it's difficult for me to ignore your impartial and genuine nature. You place such a value on honesty that I fear you may find yourself at your wit's end in some of the more... rule-bending houses. A trusting individual like yourself is no doubt looking for peers deserving of that precious trust, and I believe you'll make them in abundance in HUFFLEPUFF!

Roxxie Meek
Miss Meek… what an interesting name for such an ambitious little girl to have! In you I see someone who will do anything but sit back and let others take the spotlight for you. You work hard for what you want and will let no one stand in the way of it - not even those you’re closest to. You care for your friends and family… but there’s something more important to you - your pride and desire to do more. Yes, I know just where to put you. You’ll find many to help you along with your dreams in SLYTHERIN!

Sasha Valentine
Why, don’t you have an interesting mind! Not to worry, Miss Valentine, I won’t be here long… I see that you’ve got quite the individualistic spirit and aren’t afraid to show your true colors. The creative talents and imagination you hold allow you to transform the world around you into another… and you’re clever. Oh, are you clever! Such a bright one as yourself will certainly thrive in RAVENCLAW!

Sayda Nieves
My, Miss Nieves, I have two founders clamoring for you and I find myself in quite the predicament. You aspire to be bold and you despise timidity, all while wishing to be seen as a challenge, and Godric knows you would find all these things in his house. But while you aspire to be those things, they are not what is currently in your heart. You are loyal, hardworking, and always seek to be fair, traits that would see you at home in a different house. Aspirations are important indeed, but I cannot sort you on them alone. You, my dear, belong in HUFFLEPUFF!

Scout Matthews
What a kind-hearted young man you are, Mister Matthews. Yes, I can see within your head that you value fairness, and you have a compassionate side to you that runs deep. You are your own self, my dear boy, and among Helga's brood, I am certain that you will grow into the best you can be. The badgers will welcome you with open arms, so go and join them in HUFFLEPUFF!

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