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The walk from the boathouses to the entrance hall of Hogwarts could be steep, chilly and cold if one had taken a dip during the boat ride from the train station across the Black Lake. Professor James waited in the open doorway as the soon to be first years gathered in front of her. 


"Good evening and welcome to Hog--do settle down." Exasperated before the year even began, Professor James' wand came out and with a quick flick drew up a rambunctious student by the ankle. She left him suspended in the air as she continued. "Welcome to Hogwarts. I am Professor James and just through a set of doors inside is the Great Hall where the rest of the professors and students eagerly await your arrival." Because we wont let them eat until all of this pomp is finished. The corner of her mouth lifted. 


Her speech was cut off abruptly by a series of excited honks and a terrier-sized brontosaurus galloping so fast out of the castle behind her that it skidded down several steps before racing past the gathered students and on towards the boathouses. The dinosaur was rushing off to greet Professor Althaus, who had accompanied the group on boats. 


"Once inside," she continued as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, "you will gather calmly and await your turn in the sorting ceremony where you will be placed into one of four houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin." She had gotten somewhat better at not showing her obvious preference towards her own house: Slytherin. 


"Then you will join your new houses and await the start of the feast. Let's not tarry, shall we? It's rude to keep others waiting." She turned on an impossibly thin stiletto-heeled boot and stalked into the castle to open the doors to the Great Hall. 


By the time the group made its slow, wondrous progress to the front of the room Professor Althaus had also snuck back in with Pima hugged securely to his side and was obnoxiously beaming from the staff table. Once gathered again, the students would see there stood before them a single wooden stool and very old hat that shivered to action as soon as the door closed behind the students.  It's song rang loud and clear throughout the room:


I've heard murmurs through the castle,

Of darkness and of fears,

Of tournaments to test your strength,

Of glory won and cheers,

But come good or bad, my children,

Hogwarts is your home,

And I'll make sure to put you,

Where you'll never be alone,


Lions brave and bold,

Are formidable on their own,

But when they hunt together,

There is nowhere they can't roam,

Eagles soar up high,

And see all from far above,

But they come home to roost,

To share wisdom and share love,

Badgers work together,

To dig themselves a house,

Strong and safe and warm,

Where nobody's left out,

Snakes move with cunning,

Always seeking their own ends,

But their fangs are ever ready,

To defend their own true friends,


I've seen so many children,

And I've found each one their place,

So come on, don't be shy,

Put a smile on your face,

It's time to find your house and home,

In sorrow and in joy,

For Hogwarts has a special place,

For every girl and boy!

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Sam was sort of ready. Mostly his sister had told about the sorting ceremony. Also, that his sister was fourth year. So this was somewhat interesting day anyway. Now that being say. It was time for the bow tie preppy boy to get sorting.


He was so ready and  that his best friend Hazel was going be sort later down the day. Mostly Sam knew that going be good. He decided not to wave at Tate since the brunette was probably talk to her friend and other things. Which she was and also that she probably going be over protected than him.


Now he waited with his fellow first year to see his were he was going be sorted. Now he heard the lady go threw the list of name. She finally came on the last name start with N . The boy straight his tie and heard his last name called.


“ Ng, Samuel”


“ Yes that me,” he said eagerly ready to get his sorted. He sat on the stool while the nice professor put the sorting hat on his hair.


The boy eagerly wait to hear what the hat had say to him and the boy decided a few second not hear anything. “ Hi Mr. Sorting Hat, My name is Samuel Ng or Sam. You sir ,  I think both my parents and moody sister.” He began. " I also think you met my other sister name Lettie Ng but i am not sir you met her! " he stated. “ So please can you put me in house not with my sister and just put me in house you think I belong in” he stated.


He wait to see what the hat said  to him after his final statement.

Good evening, Mr Ng! I do indeed remember your sister, and I shouldn’t have too much trouble in helping you avoid her. You value your friendships, and try to stay positive in the face of adversity. You are kind to a fault, Mr Ng, and take the purest joy in helping others – just make sure that you aren’t being taken advantage of, not everyone is as kind and purely motivated as you. You will find a home to nurture your kind nature in HUFFLEPUFF!

Edited by Samuel Ng

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Tamsin knew about the sorting ceremony of course, her parents had been through it all themselves many hears before. Her father had been a Gryffindor, and her mother a Ravenclaw. Maybe it was wrong to describe their sortings in the past tense. They may have graduated and now carved out successful careers in the wizarding world, but nobody ever truly leaves the house they were sorted into. It becomes a label which attaches itself to its own for the rest of their life.


Now it was her time She stood in line, waiting for her name to be called as she watched a selection of students before her be invited forward so that the old hat could pronounce its judgment. Students were being shipped off to all four of the house tables, and she heard lout cheers coming each table as new students joined their ranks. She wondered who would be cheering loudly when her moment came. It shouldn't be far off now.


She had an idea, a strong impression of where she belonged and she felt a constant tug which seemed to be directing her to one possibility, but she could not be certain. Nobody ever really knows where they will be sorted until her moment came, and her moment was.... now.


"Sauvigni, Tamsin"


Tami heard her name being called, and so she step forward to play her part in the game which lay before her. She stepped up to the stool, took a seat, and looked out at the crowd of students at the four house tables. It felt as though all eyes were suddenly upon her, and perhaps they were as the sorting hat was lowered onto her head.

I wouldn't go so far as to think your moment is now, Miss Sauvigni. This is but a single moment in a sequence of many to come, and I can only imagine how fantastic those moments will be, especially with where I believe you are bound. Your sense of chivalry is uncommon these days, and your convictions are undeniable. You'll be sure to find great camaraderie, and form deep bonds of kinship, with those who share your house. Go, set forth, and blaze your path! Never lose sight of what you believe in, and you shan't go wrong in GRYFFINDOR!

Edited by Tamsin Sauvigni

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Hazel clambered out of the boat, trying to not to get her robes wet, grabbing onto Julian for support. She quickly righted herself before looking up at the castle before her. The lights shone cheerily in the night sky, and Hazel let out a tiny squeal before shooting Julian a smile.


"This is going to be the best night, ever," she whispered excitedly as she followed the bobbing heads of fellow classmates up toward the castle. Hazel could dance at this point, her eyes trying to take in as much as she could as they walked through the front doors. The stone walls caused the sound of the multitude of feet to echo off of the wall. Silence was settled over the members of her class, but Hazel could feel the nerves and excitement radiating off of everyone around her.


"Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," a voice boomed when they reached the top of the steps that would lead into the Great Hall, "In just a moment, we will enter those doors and you will be partaking in the Sorting Ceremony. Please enter in an organized group and only come forth when you hear your name."


Hazel squealed again, her heart racing as people before her started to move. She was stepping closer and closer to a decision that would drastically change her life - and ultimately define her.


Unfortunately, as she came to realize, her excitement was too big for her to have a last name that started with a W. She was near the end, and she watched as friend after friend sat on the stool and had the hat placed upon their heads. Her palms were sweating and she wanted to grab onto something for support.


"Wheeler, Hazel."


There it was. Her name. Clear and precise. Hazel walked forward, suddenly feeling her excitement be taken over by anxiety. What if she didn't get in? She swallowed, hard. Her mind moving faster than she could process as she sat on the stool.


The hat covered her eyes. The view of students and Hogwarts disappearing in an instant.


Um, hello, Mr. Sorting Hat, she thought. I know you've been doing this for a while and have a lot of experience. So, I am completely trusting you with this decision. What do you think?

Good evening, Miss Wheeler! Why, I believe that trusting me with this momentous decision is the best choice you could have made, second only to enrolling in this magnificent school! I can already tell you'll be an absolute treat to those around you. A very well-rounded girl, I see, and several of our founders would love to call you one of their own. Alas, your emphasis on kindness and compassion, and your exemplary spirit of patience and loyalty, leads me to believe there is only one true place where you belong, and that is with your new family in HUFFLEPUFF!

Edited by Hazel Wheeler

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Julian nodded at Hazel’s comment that this was going to be the best night ever, more in acknowledgement than in agreement. He didn’t think it would be a bad night, necessarily, but he had very little idea of what to expect (other than a hat that could see into his brain), and it made him nervous. He couldn’t deny the castle was amazing, though. It was huge, and grander by far than any actual castle he’d ever seen, even in films. It was also pretty clear it was no ordinary castle, full of floating candles and moving pictures.  


Just when he didn’t think his eyes could get any wider, they were led into the Great Hall, which seemed to have no discernible ceiling. Julian knew it probably did have a ceiling because it wasn’t as chilly as it had been outside and the castle was several stories high, but it still was indistinguishable from the night sky, an effect that made it very difficult to look away. When he finally managed it, he regretted it immediately.


There were so many people. All of them looking in their direction. Fighting the uncomfortable feeling rising up in his stomach, Julian squinted back at the other, older students. They were seated in four tables, each probably corresponding to a house. He didn’t know what he’d been expecting, but they didn’t seem all that different from each other, collectively. Similar only in how diverse the people seating at them looked. This only served to reassure him that his notion that sorting couldn’t be that precise a process was correct. Now, if only they could get it over with and he could find out what house he was going to be in, he would be very grateful.


But that wasn’t going to happen. Apparently, when people said ‘ceremony’, they meant ‘ceremony,’ featuring even a song from the aforementioned mind-reading hat. Julian had certainly not been expecting that. When Bryony the prefect had told him about the hat, he’d imagined a regular old wizard hat spelled to sit on someone’s head and somehow output their correct house. He hadn’t expected it to talk, or to seem so… alive.


Was the hat alive? Or was it just the magical equivalent of a really good computer program? Julian had been so absorbed by the hat that he had scarcely noticed people had started coming forward. He really should start counting how many people went into each house, to figure out if the hat really was biased towards equality, even if it meant making subpar sortings (Julian just flat out refused to believe that people were just naturally evenly distributed amongst the traits each house valued). Besides, it would be a good distraction. Thanks to his name starting with a ‘p’, it was going to be a while before it was his turn. Although it could’ve been worse. At least he wasn’t Hazel.


He flexed his palms slightly as he counted. They were getting unpleasantly sweaty.


“Pritchard, Julian!”


Finally, it was his turn. Taking a deep sigh, he stepped forward, trying his best not to trip over his brand new robes. He barely had time to think before the hat was on his head, the rim threatening to fall over his eyes.


Hello, Mr. Hat, he thought. To the hat? To himself? That rather depended on whether the hat could really understand his thoughts or just processed them somehow to get to a house. So are you really conscious? Are you alive? Do you need to eat?


He felt a little silly, asking questions inside his head. He wasn’t sure if he was expecting much of an answer since he’d only heard the hat say the names of the four houses since its song, but it was still worth trying. Although, even then, the hat could’ve been spelled to say ‘yes’ even if it wasn’t really conscious and Julian would have no way to know.

Hello, Mr Pritchard. Yes, I am very much so conscious and alive! And, thank you for asking, I am feeling a touch famished, and you've got all this lovely hair...I joke! Don't fret, I wouldn't eat your hair! My appetite is much more attuned to thoughts - not for eating, but for perusing! The mind can be quite fascinating, don't you think? Especially yours, because you've got a lot in here! You're the curious sort, always on the hunt for something new to learn. You're a deep thinker, and you value the qualities of knowledge and mental inspiration. That creates a clear path for you, Mr Pritchard, and one I think you'll enjoy in your new house, RAVENCLAW!

Edited by Julian Pritchard

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Jessie Moore yawned as she made her way up the stairs of the front entrance of Hogwarts. At the top of the stairs, the large group of first-years were stopped just at the door of the Great Hall. After a moment of listening to a teacher explaining the Sorting (during which she allowed her attention to wander freely, as her parents had already explained this process to her), the group was then led into the Hall, up to the very front, where they stood facing the students who already sat at the four House tables.


Stifling another yawn, Jessie stared at the older students, most of whom had expressions of eager anticipation on their faces. They all looked very tall, but Jessie made up her mind right then and there that she was not going to be bullied or intimidated by any of them. She turned her gaze toward the old, brown hat that was sitting on the stool in front of them. This was it...soon it would be her turn to find out which house she belonged to.


The Sorting began. Jessie waited impatiently, wishing her last name started with an 'A' or a 'B' so she didn't have to keep standing next to one student whose constant talking was driving her up the wall. After what seemed to be an eternity, her name was called.


"Moore, Jessie!"


Jessie walked calmly up to the stool and sat down. The hat was placed on her head a moment later, and she tried to empty her mind of any thoughts which might influence the Hat's decision. It didn't take long before the Sorting Hat shouted....

Tired, Miss Moore? Or, perhaps you're feeling a tad impatient? Yes, I can see that streak in you. You admire decisiveness, and confidence. You know what you want, and little will stand in your way to getting it. Far be it from me to slow you down! No point in dilly dallying, for there's no better place for you to go than SLYTHERIN!

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11th of September arrived faster than expected.  Raiden was standing with his parents amongst the other new and older students and their parents on platform 9 3/4, looking around unsure of what to do or what to say. This was it really. He was off to Hogwarts. It was supposed to be an exciting new journey, a new adventure, it was supposed to make him feel ready, excited, intrigued. He wasn't feeling anything, in fact he was feeling quite numb. As if an anesthesiologist drugged him prior to the surgery. Raiden could only feel his right hand squishing hard his ticket. It was imperative to stick to his ticket. Finally, 5 minutes prior to the departure he turned towards his parents and said "See you at Christmas?" It was quite the simple phrase/question. Like i want to see you at Christmas but i already know that you are busy and you know that students can stay at Hogwarts so if you are busy no fuss, no harm done i will stay at school. Secretly he hoped he wouldn't have to stay at school. He already missed the cherry trees of China.

When they arrived at Hogsmeade's train station nightfall had already begun. The trip was uneventful, then again he hardly spent time with anyone. He was mostly alone during the train ride, watching the scenery, sketching, writing down his imaginary characters, observing the older students and how they behaved. He got lucky enough to be a witness in one of the magic shows some 5th years Gryffindors put up. That was the highlight of his journey to the school. Now, he stood with the rest of the first years waiting for their boat ride towards the castle. From where they all stood he could see it. Standing there, candles alit, the air of magic surrounding the castle.

During the boat ride he kept checking the water surface. If he wasn't mistaken there was something in there that was following them. He couldn't say exactly what because the light from the lantern wasn't enough, but he was definitely witnessing a presence.  It took them like half an hour to reach the shore and enter the castle. It was as magnificent as described in Hogwarts a History. The stone walls, the long corridors, the torches that lit up the path, the enormous wooden doors with intricate decorative carvings, the long tapestries, the portraits and the suits of armor. Raiden felt like entering a museum. He shivered and this was the first time he felt excited.

The doors to the Great Hall opened and they were invited to go in. Students were already sitting on either side of 4 long tables while a fifth one was higher and behind it facing the students, the Headmaster and the teachers observed the newcomers. In fact...everyone was staring at them. Little pimples on foot walking towards the center of the room. In the center of the table Raiden saw the man that sent him the letter with his school supplies. So this was Theobald Gawkrodger. He was finally connecting a face to the name.

As soon as they all settled in the middle of the Great Hall, the Sorting Ceremony begun. One after the other the first years got sorted. Given his surname that meant that he would be towards the end of the list, which was ok with him. He took his time seeing who went where, check the tables, the students that clapped enthusiastically each time someone got sorted to their house.

Revere Silvius Raiden

A voice echoed through the Great Hall calling his name. Woah, that was fast. Raiden went towards the stool, staring at the sorting hat. It was only when it was placed on top of his head and dropped to the point where his eyes couldn't see anything that he felt relaxed.

"Thank Merlin you are bigger than my head. Having to see their faces staring it would have been a huge bummer. Who can relax when other people stare at them? Also, hello. Nice to meet you Sir Hat. And to think i never thought i will meet you, i thought that i would go to the Mahoutokoro school in Japan. Even my wand is made out of the Cherry wood. But you are quite famous. So i am glad that i get to meet you."


Ah, but it is I, Mr Revere, who is glad to meet you! I'll admit, I'm not the most versed in knowledge about other schools, but what I do know is that the school you've chosen today will not disappoint you! Now, let's not delay, so we can get you started on your new adventure! You'll be a tricky one to sort, I see. There are two houses that would serve you well. Your admiration of honour, strength, and chivalry would ask of me to place you with Godric's brood, but your disposition for empathy, and your awareness of those around you, lead me to think otherwise. Hmmm, yes, I believe I have this figured out, so go, meet your new friends in HUFFLEPUFF!

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The castle looked bigger up close than she’d thought. Juniper craned her neck upwards, trying and failing to see the tops of the familiar towers she’d seen every day back home in Hogsmeade. Weird. She followed the crowd inside and into the Great Hall. Man, they were really going all out with the decor, weren’t they? Floating candles, enchanted ceiling, the whole nine yards. It was pretty nice. The famous Sorting Hat, however?


The hat looked a lot worse for the wear than she'd expected and it didn't seem to be floating at all. Juniper frowned. She was sure she'd heard somewhere that the hat could float. Maybe it just didn't feel like it? The wait for her name to be called was horribly boring; a long recitation of the names and new houses of kids she mostly didn't know or care about. The long stretches of silence as the hat mulled over its choices were the worst. Fortunately, ‘Grey’ wasn’t that far down the alphabet and she didn’t have to suffer for too long before she heard her name.


“Grey, Juniper.”


She promptly walked up, sat on the stool, and plopped the old hat on her head. There. She had the magical, non-floating, mind-reading hat on her head. All she could do now was wait. And think.


You know, you’re a lot more raggedy than I was expecting. Can’t you magic yourself cleaner and… less patchy? Or get someone to do it for you? You’re supposed to be a pretty big deal, you know, you could try a little harder to look the part. Hurry up and look into my soul or whatever, I’m hungry.


Juniper wiggled impatiently in her seat. Part of her was hoping for Gryffindor like Uncle Barnaby. A larger part said that it didn’t really matter where she ended up; she’d have to take the same boring classes and tests anyway. Still, if she had to wear one color for the next seven years, red would definitely be her choice.

You cannot rush brilliance, Miss Grey, especially not with a mind as complicated as yours! They won’t start the feast without you, so let’s do this properly, shall we? You could find a home in any of the four houses, but in the end it is your curious nature that I keep seeing shine through. You are a worldly girl, Miss Grey, and you admire those who can teach you things. I assure you that you'll find plenty of those sorts in RAVENCLAW!

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Isobel had never been a child particularly prone to excitement. She was all dark eyes and seriousness, because she didn't really know how to be anything else. After all, Maman had always appreciated when she was calm and quiet -- sometimes even letting Isobel watch her while she brewed potions, which was a rare but wonderful honor that always made Isobel feel like she'd accomplished something grand. It meant Maman knew she could behave herself like an adult -- that she trusted her.


But Isobel was not an adult, and now that she was standing in the Great Hall, she could feel that new strange excitement galloping through her veins. It was overwhelming, she realized, the candles floating in the air, the night sky resplendent above her, and the attention of the entire room focused on the few of them huddled together while they waited for fate to pluck its chord. Or for the hat to stop singing, which was, frankly, a little tacky.


It was surreal. Isobel was almost afraid that she was going to wake up from a dream, like this was something that was going to be snatched away from her once she let herself relax. She was at Hogwarts, finally, finally, and though it was no Beauxbatons, her breath had caught in wonder when she beheld the glittering night castle displayed on the Great Lake for the first time. She had always been raised around magic, couldn't imagine a life without it -- but tonight was magic. This was magic, and she was a part of it. 


"Blake, Isobel."


Walking with as much grace and elegance as Maman had always taught her, Isobel felt as though she glided to the sorting hat. She knew everyone was watching her, and she sat with perfect posture on the stool, hands folded demurely in her lap. This was it. The start of her new life. The beginning of everything. 


The hat was placed on her head.


I suppose you can read my thoughts... is that how this works? You can hear me? This is very strange magic and it must be awfully powerful. Isobel was actually a little uncomfortable with the prospect that someone could read her thoughts, though she tried to hide that from the hat. She didn't always think the nicest things and she didn't need anyone to know what a brat she could be, let alone have the hat sort her based on things she couldn't help. I'd like to know how that works, if that's not too much to ask. Can anyone get into my head somehow? I really would like to keep my thoughts private. Also, um, thank you very much for your time? 


She bit her lip and clutched her hands tightly together, as if that would quell the uncontrollable, wild beating of her heart. 

Yes, I can hear you… but there’s no need to worry, Miss Blake! Your secrets are safe with me. I’m just here to sort you! Now let’s take a look in here… ahh, yes. Your friends’ perceptions of you are very important, I see, and you strive to keep yourself seen in a positive light. Slytherin here would greatly appreciate your drive to succeed, but the moral compass that ultimately guides your every step is leading you elsewhere. You have a strong sense of right and wrong and your new classmates will help stay you on the right path in GRYFFINDOR!

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Olivia craned her neck as she stared up in awe at the sparkling castle above her. Speechless moments were rare for the 11-year-old, but this was one of them. She excitedly exited the boat and made her way up to the castle with the other first years. Some of them were whispering excitedly to each other. Others looked like they might collapse from nerves or just simply couldn’t believe their eyes.


She couldn’t blame them, really. Even after hearing about it her whole life, actually being here was so different, and so incredible. A huge grin spread across her face as they entered the Great Hall—four long tables full of older students excited to welcome them, the empty plates that would most certainly fill soon with delicious food, and the floating candles that looked up into the night sky. It was perfect. 


Not even realizing how zoned out she was, taking in everything around her, Olivia was startled when the boy standing next to her walked up to the front and put on the sorting hat. Immediately, her heart started to race a million miles an hour. How many years had she been thinking about how the Sorting Ceremony would go?? This was huge. It suddenly hit her that this was happening in just a few moments. After all, they sorted alphabetically and C was not far down the list. Sure enough, it only took a few minutes until,


“Clarke, Olivia!”


Her name rang out loud and clear in the Hall. This was it. Taking a deep breath, she marched up to the stool and jammed the hat on her head. Hello, Mr. Hat…er I’m not really sure what to think right now, or if it really matters, but I’m really happy to be here and excited to see where you put me. 

Hello, Miss Clarke! I’m very happy to be here too! It’s some rather nice hair you’ve got up here… and is that strawberries I smell? Or, well, never mind. You want to see where you’re sorted and I won’t keep you waiting! Let’s see what we have… ahh, my girl! You’re certainly a mixed bag, aren’t you? Your drive and resourcefulness would do you well in Slytherin, and willingness to work hard is something that Hufflepuff would admire. But there’s more… a strong sense of justice and morals that together form a stronger pull. You may fall off course occasionally, but you’ll have plenty help to find your way back again in GRYFFINDOR!

Edited by Olivia Clarke

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It was difficult for Ilsa trying to not get carried away by the whole arrival tradition for First Years. After all, she was a true fan of all spectacles and extravaganzas. Her heart flutters for all things ostentatious, whether it'd be the start of a theatrical show, a Disneyland parade or even Sunday Church processions. But this was a different category of excitement. This entire welcome was made for her, and she loved being at the centre of it. The only problem was that there was no one she could share her enthusiasm with. If only her family were here, she could spill all excitement and actually freak out. However, being among other strangers who she knew would eventually become her friends, she had to keep her composure and maintain a proper impression. Yet internally, Ilsa was giggling with joy. 


The boat was a wondrous journey in itself. Ilsa found herself mentally screaming at her conscience, Can you believe this!, and forced herself to become aware of all her senses, the smell, the movement and the rocking of the boat, the cold air on her skin, and most of all, to capture the moving images her mind. There was no second chance for this. She could either be lost in the moment or she could capture it. Once they landed on the base of the castle and were led in a procession through the castle, Ilsa often found herself stopping mindlessly and gawking at the little details, perhaps the architecture of the castle wondering how it was built or the unusual 'muggle logic defying' occurrences which were naturally assumed as trivial fact. 


And then they were there. The Great Hall. Maybe it was smaller than she had imagined, but it still managed to leave her astonished. But the wait for the Sorting Ceremony to start was rather unpleasant for the ever-so-impatient Ilsa. It was meant to go seamlessly, not this. Ilsa watched as the older students boisterously took their seats in the hall and mucking about, a scene which only exacerbated her vexation, while tapping her feet and letting out conspicuous sighs.


Finally, the hall did eventually quieten as the Headmaster made a speech. And so the ceremony began, as Ilsa's peers were called out alphabetically one by one. All of a sudden, the nerves struck like lightning. Too many thoughts ran through her head. A... B... C... She sang to herself, not even able to sing the alphabets confidently trying to place where F for Fitzclarence was in the order of things. And then as the time came, for a moment, Ilsa convinced herself that they had skipped her name and a shot of fear shot through her spine.


"Fitzclarence, Ilsa."


For the first time, her name sounded so foreign. It was as if she had never heard of such a name before. She then felt a little nudge from a fellow student, as she gradually come to the realisation of the implication. The first steps out towards the Hat were sluggish, but as she saw the crowd in the Great Hall all staring at her, a funny kind of confidence grew and the strides became more poised and rehearsed. Sat down gracefully on the stool and the Hat was placed on her head. Anxiety over how much the Hat could read her mind was building, but Ilsa pinched herself hard to remain calm. Don't let it get inside your mind. Everyone is watching. Stay strong, stay strong, stay strong. She closed her eyes and began meditating the words over and over. 

Now, now Miss Fitzclarence, don’t push me out! If you remain preoccupied with thoughts of embarrassment, how will I sort you…? Ah yes, there you are! Strong indeed, in both mind and body! You place a lot of value in appearances, and for good reason. A well-crafted outward appearance matched with your quick wit and resourceful mind makes for a rather unstoppable force! You know yourself well, and that self-confidence is an asset you do not hesitate to use. Paired with your ambition, I say you’ll do remarkably well in SLYTHERIN!

Edited by Ilsa Fitzclarence

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Everything around the new students (and older ones at the tables) was quite astonishing and beyond comprehension. Peony had thought that Diagon Alley had been wonderous, but this ceremony set up was very extravagant. Everyone seemed to be either extremely happy and chatty, or they were taken aback simply staring at everything around them. The magical world certainly didn't disappoint of flare...except in its fashion choices. Peony made a note in her head to see what the professors would allow her to change on her robes to keep up with the muggle fashions. Seriously, if her mom caught her in the clothes she had on now, Peony felt like she just might faint.


This fear was only enhanced when the school brought out an ugly brown shabby hat that looked like it was several hundred years old and falling apart. Peony looked on horrified as it was placed on a new student's head. It clashed so much with their hair, and on top of that it was old. Sure, vintage items sometimes made it into fashion, but this hat was pushing the line. Also, Vintage was not "In" right now. On top of this glaring faux pas, the hat shouted out houses too. What the heck was with this ugly hat? She really didn't want to put it on, but Peony figured if she protested the custom she might just insult everyone there, and that wouldn't do if she wanted to make connections at school with the professors and maybe even the headmaster.


She decided to take her mind off of the oddity by taking note of the professors around, as well as trying to find badges on people's clothing. She had heard that certain students got to be in charge and have power. She wanted to be one of those people pretty badly, so the first step was becoming friends with them. By the time her name was called near the end, Peony had managed to find professors that she figured would be worth her time getting to know better. She had failed though in terms of finding badges. The older students were sitting too far away for her to see anything of value. It would have to wait for a later day. For now, she was being ushered towards a seat, the hat looming near by.


Not sure if there was another way, but REALLY not wanting to put on such a gaudy hat, Peony whispered as discretely as possible to the professor as the hat was placed over her head "Are you sure this is the only way?" Sadly enough it was. Peony cringed as the hat was placed on top of her head. She could feel her hair being messed up, and the thought of the old thing probably having bugs or lice after being on so many people's heads. Hopefully this would be over soon. Oddly enough, she felt a little comforted when the hat spoke to her. It was almost as though it were a person. Peony found her mind drifting away from fears, to ways to make the hat prettier and less old and ugly. That might impress the professors and get on their good side. Maybe some new fabric and some glitter glue for the trim would work.



I'm not quite ready for a makeover, Miss Winchester, but I will keep you in mind should the occasion arise. In the mean time, let's talk about what colour you'll soon be wearing. Your ambition and calculating approach to problems would serve you well in Slytherin, but there's the little problem of your non-magical heritage. But worry not, I have another place for you, where your incisive mind and quick wit will be best nurtured. You'll look magnificent wearing blue in... RAVENCLAW!


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They were getting on a boat. A boat. The tiny eleven year old quietly waited for someone to move so she could see the view of the lake. “E-ex-excuse me!” She pipped up, but right when someone stepped on her foot Nari lost all her patience and promptly shoved the person forward and when they fell forward she immediately regretted her actions. “I’m so sorry! L-let-let me help you!” She reached for the boy’s hand and pulled him out of the water except she wasn’t the strongest person in the world and finally when he was out of the water he fell on top of her. “I didn’t want this view!”


After reaching in her purse to pull out a giant, big, fluffy blanket to offer to him she climbed into the boats along with everyone else. “Oh I have a lifejacketvestthing.” She explained rather quickly, thankful that her father put an extension charm in her bag that let her store anything in it. “Oh d-does anyone need s-s-squid r-repellent?”  She heard there was a giant squid in this lake and Nari didn’t want anyone to get eaten or you know, die. “If you want to go swimming I have towels too!”


What kind of eleven year old carried items in her purse? Her. She carried everything. When they got up to Hogwarts however Nari was in awe. The Great Hall was so beautiful, the hat was singing and everything was right out of a storybook. This was when  her real Hogwarts journey began because not a moment later they were all being called by name to be sorted. Curses. Nari really hated having a name at the beginning of the alphabet.


Bae, Nari


The petite girl made her way to the stool but not without tripping and falling in front of it first. She was certain she heard some laughter and when the hat was placed on her head it totally covered all of her face and she couldn’t see anything. It was black. Um- h-h-hello? I-I really hope you have taken a bath. D-do they keep the food warm? If-if it isn’t warm we’ll all get sick. C-can…I…w-what am I s-supposed to call you?


Nari felt her cheeks turning red and although no one could see her, she desperately wanted to go say something to the boys who had been laughing at her when she tripped. Her stomach growled and she was reminded of how hungry she was.


Y-y-you aren’t going to t-tell my m-mum I broke my shoe buckle are you?

A bath and a shoe buckle, Miss Bae? Why, I'm just a hat! What need have I for a bath, or a shoe? I worry not about such things, just as you shouldn't worry about the food! Now, you can call me your friend, and as your friend, let me help you figure out which house you should share this upcoming meal with. Uncommonly concerned with your morals, you are, and that would serve you well with those of Godric's house, but no, your mind for fairness and justice, and your fierce loyalty and love for others have made this decision clear. Where should you go? Well, no other place than HUFFLEPUFF!

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Columbia was positively trembling with excitement as she jumped down the steps off of the Hogwarts Express. It had been a long ride, but she still didn't feel a bit tired. She was far too excited to even think about going to sleep that night. She was out on her own and about to enter Hogwarts, where the next seven years of her life would unfold. Her life. Although a part of her knew it would be very hard for her to think and live for herself, she was excited at the possibility of finding out what life could be like without her grandmother's expectations breathing down her neck. After all, how much could she really find out about what was happening while Columbia was at school?


The next part of her adventure was about to begin. She barely even glanced around at her fellow first years as they were all herded towards the boats waiting at the shore. She glanced at the carriages over her shoulder, wondering just why there was a different system for the first years. Did they have to go through a different entrance to the school? Perhaps this was a final test before allowing them inside. One hand in her pocket, the young girl gripped her wand for comfort, and got into one of the boats. They moved once they were full, seemingly by magic. Columbia wondered what sort of a spell it was that made the boats glide so effortlessly through the dark water. She leaned over the side, looking into the water, seeing ominous bubbles every so often. Out of curiosity rather than any imagined bravery, she dipped her fingers into the water, letting them trail as they moved forward. She wasn't sure if she had imagined it or not, but at some point, Columbia was sure she had felt something nudge against her fingertips. Butterflies erupted in her stomach at the sensation, and she couldn't hold back a little giggle.


Before she knew it, the boat ride was over. Columbia felt a little disappointment, but reminded herself that soon she would be getting sorted. She climbed out of the boat, and followed the rest of her class into the castle. Her stomach tied itself into knots on an endless loop as they waited.


Stepping into the Great Hall was...absolutely amazing. She had been prepared for it to be more magical than anything she had seen in her life (and that was saying something, her grandmother was huge on decorating the house by way of using magic), but this was...She felt like she was in an entire other world. And this was how she felt having lived with magic her whole life! She couldn't even imagine what the ones who had not grown up with magic were feeling right now. Columbia realized she was grinning so wide that her cheeks were starting to hurt.


Which was unfortunate, considering how late in the alphabet her name was. The girl stood, her mind a whirl with fantasies of what was about to happen. Images of herself in each house color flashed behind her eyes. She was deep in daydreams of what the rest of the year would be like, when she heard her name called.


"Newton, Columbia!"


Her legs and hands shaking, the slender brunette walked up to the stool where the tattered looking hat sat. Although it was clear it was a very old hat, it only served to inspire her. This was the history that she was about to inherit. Hogwarts. A family. A home.


She placed the hat on her head, feeling it fall down around her ears, covering her eyes. Red, blue, yellow, and green flashed in the darkness.


I'm excited and honored to be here. I know you'll put me where I'm meant to be. I do wonder, though. Are you a boy hat? I feel like a lot of kids probably address you as Mr. Hat and I...just want to be sure I'm using your proper title.

And it is an honor for me to be here atop your head, Miss Newton, and while I thank you for your consideration as to my title, I'm just a thinking hat, so you can call me whatever you like! And, what better place for a thinking hat to be than with an exceptional thinker, such as yourself? Your earnestness for the truth, and your admiration of intelligence are unmistakable, and oh, that streak of cunning would make you desirable for many a house. But, I can only choose one for you, and I believe I've settled upon the correct choice. Only one would align greatly with your values, and in it, I believe you'll be both engaged and challenged as never before. Congratulations, and welcome to RAVENCLAW!

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A lake. Trust Rocket to fall into a lake on his first day at hogwarts. Only things like this seemed to happen to him. He wasn’t sure why but at this point he was convinced it had to be a curse or something.


Rocket shivered as he stepped into the boat cautiously with a blanket wrapped around him. The girl who had shoved him forward and consequently into the lake had given it to him. He’d given her his best ‘why me’ look in return as he accepted her gesture. She was short and small. So he decided not to say anything besides “I’d like a towel please,” when she offered so that he could dry his hair off.


He clenched his teeth tightly as he shivered, peeking through the gaps in his wet bangs which were now covering his eyes. He shook them out the way as they approached Hogwarts, the view had him in absolute awe. His mouth hung open, flawed, amazed, speechless. It looked so grand and beautiful. The contrast of the lights against the darkness of the sky was what really sent shivers down his spine. Except for being wet and cold, that is.


Once they reached the great hall, another spectacular sight, Rocket felt his heart skip a beat. He was in love. Never had he seen something in the magical world as grand and beautiful as Hogwarts. Maybe, just maybe, he could open his heart and mind up to the beauty of magic. His hair was rather dry now. However it had puffed up by a mile thanks to the lake water. He sighed as he waited to be sorted. Rocket was already nervous and now he looked like an absolute poof. Of hair. 


Jung, Rocket!” He suddenly heard his name out of nowhere. 


If his heart hadn’t stopped momentarily before, it sure had now. He swallowed anxiously as he walked up to the stool and took a seat. The hat felt odd on his now extra voluminous hair. He scrunched his eyes shut and hoped for the best.

Oh, what a comfortable head of hair you have, Mr Jung. Why, if I didn’t have others to sort, I might be inclined to rest a while atop this fine mane. Alas, I have a job to do, and shouldn’t hold you up any longer - you have a feast to get to. You’re a curious, clever one, a little sneaky when you need to be, and you live to be kind and keep others happy. You would flourish in many a house, it’s true, but your loyalty to others and admiration of those with empathy push one house above the rest. I’m certain you’ll feel at home in HUFFLEPUFF!

Edited by Rocket Jung

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Leila was glad to be off the train. It wasn’t that she hadn’t enjoyed their journey to Hogwarts, but rather that the monotony had been starting to drive her mad. There were only so many hours one could expect her to sit still before she grew restless and ready for the next adventure.


And an adventure it was indeed. Leila and the other first years broke off from the rest of the students to gather inside a group of boats. Of course there was always that one kid who had to be rowdy and splash water around. A few drops flew over and landed on Leila’s skirt. She glared daggers at the kid, but her annoyance soon dissipated as the castle came into view and struck her with awe. It was huge! She felt like a queen coming home to her palace. It was magical in every sense of the word, and while her father had told her some stories about his time at Hogwarts, the tales didn’t compare to seeing the castle in person. For the rest of the boat ride and through their walk into the castle Leila talked excitedly and pointed out things to her neighbors. She wasn’t sure how she felt about the dimly lit corridors and the lack of electricity at Hogwarts, but she figured she could learn to get used to it if it meant she got to live in a castle.


The Great Hall was every bit as magnificent as she’d imagine, and then some. Leila immediately noticed the ceiling and the way it was sprinkled with stars to match the sky outside. She totally needed to learn that trick so she could use it on her bedroom ceiling back home. She wondered then if the dormitory rooms here at school would have awesome-looking ceilings too and decided if they didn’t she would make them herself. Somehow. Of course she needed to know which house it was she’d be sleeping under first. The sorting ceremony began quickly as she and the other new students crowded around the front of the room, and after a handful of names were called it was her turn.


Leila’s heart raced in her chest upon hearing her name called out. She walked up to the stool, smiling without showing teeth because she was afraid if she opened her mouth she might be sick out of sheer excitement. She felt the sorting hat sink down onto her head until the room was nearly out of view and tried her best to keep the millions of thoughts running around her head quiet, to no avail.


I hope I’m easy to sort. If you’re having trouble deciding, I’d really like to be in Gryffindor. Or maybe Ravenclaw? I’ll be happy as long as I’m not in Slytherin; I don’t think my dad would like that very much. He was a Gryffindor, but I would’ve put him in Ravenclaw because he likes to read a lot and - oh, sorry, did you decide yet?


Easy to sort, Miss Bancroft? Why, your choice alone makes you easy to sort. Your choices often define you, young one, as yours is going to define your life at Hogwarts. You are brave, strong-willed, and have a fine-tuned moral compass, and all of these things will make you a wonderful lion, but more important than any of those things is that you asked. I cannot deny your request, go and make yourself at home in GRYFFINDOR!

Edited by Leila Bancroft

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Aurora climbed into a boat with several unfamiliar faces.  But then again, all the faces she had encountered had been unfamiliar faces.  As soon as the boat was full, it started to glide across the lake, rocking gently back and forth.  Normally a boat ride would be relaxing to her, but right now she was just a big bundle of nerves and the rocking sensation of the boat she was in was starting to make her feel a little green around the gills.


The queasiness subsided as soon as she saw the castle in the distance.  Her eyes grew wide in awe and wonder.  All the stories her parents had told her about this place had not prepared her for the true beauty of the place, especially as it was lit up by the light of the full moon.


After a few more minutes, the boat ride was over and students started emptying out of the boats to head toward the Great Hall.  Aurora followed suit, following a group of bubbly girls who were excitedly babbling about what House they thought they would be placed in.


Aurora walked into the crowded Great Hall and looked around.  She was stunned at the beauty of floating candles that lit up the area.  But nothing could ease the anxiety that was beginning to build up inside her.  What if she was put in the wrong house and her parents disowned her?  She shook that thought from her head.  She located an empty seat at a table, her thoughts racing.  Her father wanted her to be in Slytherin, like the majority of her family.  Her mother had been in Hufflepuff, but both her parents agreed that she did not have the personality of a Hufflepuff-to-be.  


Luedeman, Aurora!


She was so caught up in her thoughts that she almost missed her name being called.  She took a deep breath before standing and making her way to the front of the room where the Sorting Hat was located.  Once the Hat was placed on her head, she tried to quieten her thoughts, but it didn't go too well.  It was next to impossible.


"Just put me somewhere where I'll belong," she thought to the hat as she closed her eyes and took a final deep breath.

Strong moral compass. Altruistic nature. Chock full of nerve! You truly possess a chivalrous soul, Miss Luedeman, and it shows in everything you do, whether it’s jumping to the defense of the defenseless or standing up for what you know to be right even when it means standing alone. You’re guided by a strong sense of justice, and you won’t tolerate unfairness from anyone, not even in the face of great adversity. I know just what to do with you… GRYFFINDOR!

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When the train ride finally came to an end, Riddik could hardly contain his excitement anymore. In the manner of most eleven year old boys, he never seemed to truly run out of energy - only to hit little lulls before amping up into high gear again. Such was the case as he stepped off of the train, practically shaking Atlas as be bounded around like an overexcited puppy. Well. One overexcited puppy in a number of overexcited puppies. He was so eager, so ready to take in everything. He wanted to do it all at once, right away!! He wanted to test out his new wand (which still felt too long, too heavy, too awkward in his hand, but man, it hummed with an energy that felt warm and correct against his skin), wanted to start flying lessons, wanted to explore, wanted to meet all the ghosts and ride the changing stairways and do everything his Pap always talked about. Even once they were in the boats, Red laughed and bounced excitedly, causing the little boat to sway and splash inelegantly in the water, virtually ruining the calm, amazed bewildered effect of most of those around them.

"Oi, At, this is brilliant!!" He pipped excitedly, nothing but wide grins across his freckled mug, eyes glinting with excitement that, for once, wasn't tinged with mischievousness. "Oh I can't wait-! 'Ere's no way we don' end up in th' same house! I'll betcha 2 sickles!" He rocked in the boat, leaning over to peer at the reflection of the castle in the water as they approached. Everything looked better reflected on the surface of water, Red felt. Even (maybe especially) himself. The water just tended to make everything better, somehow. He grinned at his own reflection, all spiffied up in his new robes, before rippling the water with his obnoxious swaying in the boat. "Where you thin they'll put us up?? My bet's Slytherin! 'At's where Mum was!" And, naturally, it was best to be put wherever she had been. Because SHE grew up to be a dragon tamer. While everyones eyes were up on the castle, Red kept his eyes fixed on its reflection in the water, lit up by the moonlight. The reflection felt more true.


Red bubbled and babbled near nonstop at and with Atlas as the first years were shuffled into the great hall. He had grown up with magic, so unlike some of the muggleborns (who gave themselves away easily by gaping at the floating candles), he wasn't terribly blown away with the basic magics of the place. But he couldn't restrain his childish fascination with the sky-enchanted roof, the tall, arching ceilings overhead, and the general, overwhelming energy of the place. Even he could feel it in his bones, how old the castle was. His parents had both gone to this school, albeit a decade apart. His grandparents had gone to this school. His aunt and both uncles, countless witches and wizards before him. And now, Red was next in line. He couldn't help but puff up his chest proudly, strutting like a rooster into the great hall, never far from Atlas' side. He at least had the decency to keep his voice low as he chattered at his best friend through the other first years getting sorted, making all manner of sordid remarks on who was placed where, why, and whether or not they were likely carries for tooties. He wasn't always so talkative, but excitement had very much gotten the better of him. So much so that he might have even missed his own name being called,


"Rhomulus, Riddik!"


At least, he might have, had his ears not been so keenly focused on exactly those sounds. He bolted upright and out of his seat at once, slapping Atlas on the back a little too roughly and flashing him a haughty grin before practically scampering up to take his place beneath the hat. Poor Atlas' silly name always got him called near-last for everything when it was done alphabetically. After yanking off his own lucky hat and placing it on his seat to keep it warm,Red strutted up to the hat and the stool, nothing but wide grins, with all the confidence of a boy who had never known pain or fear, and who had only ever had the world open up to him like a sunflower, feeling utterly sure of himself and invincible. It was with this same swaggering confidence that he plopped himself into the seat, The little poof of curly hair he was sporting at the moment kept the sorting hat from sinking all the way over his eyes (much as it did with his own hat - much too big for him at the moment). Unlike many students, he didn't deign to speak directly to the Sorting Hat. Rather, it didn't even occur to him to do so. He was much too fixated on the moment, the decision, the placement. The only hint of nervousness crossed his features when he glanced out over the other first years, mismatched eyes flicking briefly to his best friend. He and Atlas were bound to end up in the same house... right? But in the next moment it was swept away. Nah, of course they would. It was ludicrous to ever suspect otherwise. The only coherent thought that seared across the hyperactive childs mind as he wriggled impatiently in the seat was,

"Yes, let's DO THIS!"

Well, what do we have here? Good evening, Mr Rhomulus. Excited to get started, are you? Understandable, understandable...but let's not rush things too quickly, because I see much potential inside this noggin of yours. Godric would admire your boldness, but I believe another founder would clamor for you even more. Your bloodline would be enough to sort you straight into Salazar's house, as would your ability to use your charisma to your own advantage. You also are ambitious and unafraid of stepping on toes to get the things you truly want, and that is why I think you'll do fabulously in SLYTHERIN!

Edited by Riddik Rhomulus

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The sight and sounds of cheering, laughing, crying, parents and guardians saying goodbye to their students, one could just feel the love that was all over Kings Cross Station. Expect Laythan Willow the boy who had blue eyes and brown hair, was forced to walk through the brick wall by his own as his dad walked away in disgust in the opposite direction. Leaving Laythan only a few minutes to get on the train before it left to Hogwarts. “ Shocker, didn’t really expect him to say goodbye… love ya too dad.” Laythan said under his breath as he got onto the Hogwart’s express in a hurry. Laythan's father new that Laythan did not have what it took to be a Slytherin like he once was. Instead of wishing his son the best of luck he acted as if he didn't even have a child. Walking onto the train he spotted a cart that was semi empty and it had two other boys in it. Laythan knocked on the class door with his right index knuckle and smiled as he stepped in and approached the boys. “ Is it alright I sit with you? It seems that all the other carts are full” Laythan was exhausted and just wanted to get to Hogwarts and read away, but he knew once he got there he was going to change his mind and find something to do more than likely introduce himself to each of the professors he walked by.


A little after an hour and a half of crying from laughter and cheeks hurting as well, Laythan had been getting along with his new friends. It wasn’t long before the young boy dozed off. Inside his dream, Laythan was alone on the train. It was not only dark but very cold, goosebumps arose on his skin as his hair rose up from the skin. Laythan took his wand out of his hoodie and flicked his wand up and said very quietly “ Lumos” A small bright light came out of the wooden stick. Raising the wand out in front of his body swaying it from left to right looking inside each booth in hope that he could find something. Getting closer to the end of the train a brutal,blood curdling scream came from behind, it sounded like his deceased mother. Laythan jumped and turned around he ran towards the awful sound. Getting closer to the noise a man turned around and charged towards Laythan, that very man looked identical to his father. Laythan sprung up from his nightmare in a sweat, breathing heavy, Ethan looked at his friends and shook his head with a worried look glued to his faces. Laythan didn’t want to feel like an outcast so he just shook it off. “ Just must've been one of these bloody nightmares again.” Ethan hid his fear underneath his fake smile. “ I just must be nervous about the new school year.”


Ethan looked outside the fogged up window and saw from a distance was the school for young wizards and witches. “ Look like we're about to arrive soon, we better get dressed” Getting dressed in his new clothes and then finishing it by putting on the black robe, Laythan felt ambitious and excited for the school year.


Hopping off the train, they boarded into small boats that lead them to the castle. Once the students arrived at the castle they were all in single file line, they were escorted inside the castle. Jaw’s dropped, heads turned every which way, the paintings that hung on the walls moved. “My father has a painting in our dining room that moves at well, it’s quite impressive.” Laythan said as he making small talk with another student as they were walking. The huge doors opened to enormous dining hall. By this point jaws could have been dropping to the floor. “ Woah, I’ve read about this in books. Seeing proof does way more justice.” He said


Students were being called up one by one to be sat underneath a talking hat, the hat was the one who determined what house you were to be placed. Laythan was fine with any house besides Slytherin, his father was a snake. Being a snake meant that he was more like his father, that’s exactly what Laythan was afraid of.

Laythan Willow!

His name was called a sweat dropped from his forehead, he gulped, he had read about this situation but actually experiencing was breathtaking. Moving his feet felt like cinder blocks were attached. Nodding his head to the hat, he sat underneath it, waiting for it’s revil that was going to change Laythan’s life for the next seven years.


Welcome, Mister Willow! My, you have a great many concerns on this, the day of your sorting. You desire to be a different man than your father, have no tolerance for ignorance, and are worried that this day will change your life for years to come. I have good news for you, boy: you are the master of your own destiny. We can only hope that you use your knowledge, kindness, and curiosity for the greater good in RAVENCLAW.

Edited by Laythan Willow

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The sound of the horn roared as it blew back the cloud of steam. The train wheels slowly started to move faster. Smiling and waving at everyone she passed on her way to her booth.Tip toeing to put her bags up on the shelf above her seat she finally got the bags to stay put. “sigh” Skie slumped down in her seat and rest her head on the windowsill. The sound of laughter and chatter came from all over the train especially Skie’s booth, she was enjoying her time relaxing with strangers. Her eyes soon started to get heavy and her body felt light. No more than an than hour of falling asleep she awoke to the sound of a small chart an elderly lady asking if anyone wanted to buy from the candy chart. Skie waited patiently for the old lady to come by her booth. “ Mhm do I want to wait now or save my appetite for dinner tonight?” Was her last minute thought before the lady came to a complete stop. “ Would you dear’s like anything to snack on today?” The old brittle lady asked kindly. Skie return the smile. “ Mhm I’ll have a small jar of red liquorice, please. I’ll also have a small jar of Troll Bogie cotton candy.” Handing her three gold coins and a smile the old lady gave Skie her jar of red Liquorice and her cotton candy. On her way back to her booth, she ran into a boy who had pretty blue eyes, she awkwardly smiled at him. His friend called out for him to return so he did. Headed Back into her booth she curled up into a ball in her seat and started to eat her candy trying to get his face out of her head.


The sound of people's voices went down as it got later into the night, most people had taken a nap now or in the process of taking a nap. Not for Skie though, she had went through two books since she got on the train. Skie pulled out her wand and flicked at the blinds on the window. The blinds rolled up faster before she could blink, Skie looked out the window it was awfully dark but she could still make out some outlines. Every year Skie was going to look out the window for sightseeing, it was going to be more or less a ritual for her. She could see the enormous castle as they got closer and closer. “You guys wake up we finally arrived” Repeating herself numerous times until some of the what seemed to be Slytherins yelled at her to shut up from the back of the train. Not ok with that she walked back there and told the Slytherin boys how it was going to be. “ Excuse me? Is that anyway to talk to a girl? You’ll be such great men when you get older.” Cheering came from a few of the first through third years for her. She rolled her eyes and smiled as she walked back to grab her stuff. Noticing the train was almost to a stop, she hurried and put her school clothes on.


Walking up to the castle the girl with short dark brown hair couldn’t stop gazing at the castle with the twilight sky surrounding it as a backdrop. There was something that made it seem like the castle was filled with dreams. The ahhing sound from the first years made it even more special as they made their way into the castle. Seeing so many of the older students looking at made Skie feel like she was like one those famous people that muggles fantasize over at the same time she felt so much pressure on her shoulders. “ This is absolutely incredible.” Skie said aloud as she spund around in circles looking at every wall in the castle. " I wonder when I'll be able to visit the Owlery." Skie adored owl's.

Being escorted to a table with all the other first years Skie began to feel like she was already going to love it here. Sitting down with that affectious smile of her’s, she finally was able to catch her breath. After the small talk with her new friends and cheering for and welcoming the other first years that had gone up to the sorting hat. It was all exciting until her name was called,

Everson, Skie

Skie had felt like she swallowed her tongue, her feet felt like dead weight, as she got up from the table to greet the talking hat. Walking up there she gave herself a pep talk. “ Skie you got this, pull yourself together, first impressions are everything.” Smiling at the hat, revealing her white pearls, she sat down and awaited her answer that was going to determine her fate for the rest of her life.


Why, first impressions may be important, my dear girl, but I dare say they aren’t everything! It is the choices you make that ultimately make you who you are… and I see yours leading you on a path to do great things! Your intelligence and drive to learn more has Rowena itching to have you, but there’s something else… something that comes out stronger. There’s a sense of justice that pushes you to stand up for those less fortunate than yourself. Your use of knowledge to demand the fair treatment of others will fare you well in GRYFFINDOR!

Edited by Skie Terra Everson

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Akira stared in awe as he entered the great hall. It was amazing. His parents had told him little about what the school was like, so for him this was a totally new experience. Everything looked, well, magical. The first thing that caught his eye upon entering was the lighting system. No electric light here; everything was lit by candle. But that wasn't the amazing part; they were floating! At first he thought they wore on strings but he realized this was not the case when a low flying one moved past him.


The hall was already packed, but there was plenty of huge tables so finding a seat wasn't all that hard. he looked around to try to get a gist of what was going on. It didn't take long for his attention to be drawn to the front. People were being called up one at a time, and a strange looking hat was being placed on their heads....a hat that talked? his parents ha told him about the sorting hat, but he thought that there were just pulling his leg. it seems that there was gonna be a lot of new things he was going to see while he was here. As they were calling kids in alphabetical order by last name, it was a long wait until his turn. He kept himself busy by people watching.


Waters, Akira.


When his name was called he almost missed it. He got up and made his way to the front and sat down on the stool. The hat was placed on top of his head. He began to wonder what house he would be out in. He didn't really care, as long as it was a good house that he could grow strong in. He had been thrust into the world of magic without warning, and if he was going to be the best at it, which he wanted, he would need a good house. But what house would be the best for him? He was stunned to hear a voice in his head that answered that question.

Hello, my boy! Yes, sit down, sit down. Let’s take a look in that noggin. I see a lot of determination, a strong sense of self… You don’t care what anyone thinks and are comfortable with the person you are. You want to be the best, you say? To grow strong in a good house…I know the place for you, but you’ll have to cut back on the cartoons if you truly want to flourish in GRYFFINDOR!

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Bottomless pit. The lake empty of any light, looked like something would reach out, and grasp the edge of the boat. Ariel imagined pale aquatic arms pulling them all down into the small huddle of students into its waters. The boy shook his head, and the nightmarish visions were gone. He fixed his eyes on the candle lit castle, and used it as a buoy to brave the night. He never liked the the darkness. Being around others helped. Knowing the magic was real, and by extension a myriad of creatures no doubt, didn't. The boats rowed by themselves, and he watched in wonder as the embarked on shore.  


Ariel nearly tripped over his robes as he got off the boat. Ma thought it would be a good idea to up a size. His own father was of a respectable height, and whenever she saw him, she kept saying that he was shooting up like a bean sprout. Not that he could tell. He still felt like the shortest stalk in the class. Definitely ... shorter than some of the others. His eyes glanced to a pair of boys crowing with excitement. Unchecked envy settled in his chest. He always wanted the abstract best friend. That was advertised to him by media. Laughing, joking ... though from the side they looked like a pair of hyenas. 


He helped Olive out of the boat by offering a hand to her. Once she was a shore, he followed their guide on the path to the great hall. One could say his eyeballs nearly rolled out of his sockets they were so wide. The ceiling combed with stars, and stardust, while amidst them were floating candles. Four tables, seated with students, and a large divide in the middle to allow the new ones to pass through. 


Congregating around the stool, and ... hat? What was a hat doing there? The wonder didn't stop when he sang, and the ceremony proceeded. As if it was commonplace. Was he the only one surprised? The names called were alphabetical, so he knew he had a ways to wait. Olive was called first. He nodded to her as she went up. For reassurance. Deep down he hoped they'd be in the same house, but if the rumors he heard were true, he didn't hold much hope. 


"Meyer, Ariel." 


Stepping forward, he looked shyly around his future classmates. Got up on the stool, and felt the hat sit on his head. Drooping over his eyes so he could only see maybe half of the people around him. Ariel's hands got clammy, he decided that any way to face a test is to keep a cool and open mind. Or rather an empty one. Whatever this hat got, he could handle it. 

Mister Meyer, while I admire your ability to remain reserved and level-headed under pressure, I'm afraid your attempts at maintaining a 'blank mind' will ultimately prove futile. There's no hiding your thoughts from me, young man! Now, let's see here... Life is something of a competition to you, isn't it? But sometimes the arena you choose to fight in speaks volumes of your character. You know how to weaponize your intelligence, and it has become one of your greatest strengths, as well as the standard by which you judge others. However, beyond that I see a rather genuine desire to learn for no greater reason than that you enjoy it and find the world fascinating, and that, my boy, is what truly makes you a RAVENCLAW!

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The castle was a terrifying sight; how could anyone see it's 'wonder'? Shiloh only looked across the dark forbidding waters of the lake at the monstrosity of towers and stone that was looming dark against the thin sliver of moon. And after the lake passage there was actually walking into the castle – it was foreboding like people had died here.


Shiloh clustered against others trying to find her place, and more specifically a reason as to why she had even agreed to try out the Scottish boarding school. When they were finally ushered into the Great Hall, she was surprised to see so many students... and candles that were floating, and dripping wax everywhere and nowhere.


And there, on a stool was a hat...that sung.


It was almost enough to make her want to leave right away. This was the sort of thing that had scared her father off, and for some reason she had agreed to be a part of it. She was just wrong. ALL OF THIS WAS WRONG.


Paige, Shiloh


She had already started to turn around to leave when her name cut through everything. Wait, what? Someone pushed her forward towards the hat, and the person calling her name gestured her forward.


Shiloh audibly gulped in the quiet before making her legs move to push her towards the stool... then the hat covered her eyes.

What an ambitious young mind I have under my brim, Miss Paige! It is clear you value both drive and determination, and always wish to get ahead of others. I have no doubt you will succeed in anything you put your mind to if you utilize your innate resourcefulness, but just remember that honesty shouldn’t always be used as a weapon, and friends can help you along the way. You might even find those friends in your new house… SLYTHERIN!

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Kate literally had to tell herself to keep breathing.  Everything about Hogwarts was so overwhelming at first, that the eleven-year-old was rendered speechless.  The ride to Hogwarts had been relatively uneventful, but it was pretty cool to see the landscape of Scotland, since she had never been there before.  Everything was just so…green.  Since she had hardly slept the night before, Kate found herself nodding off at times when the train had become silent.


Smoothing out her brand new uniform before stepping off the train, Kate soon located Columbia  And since she was one of the only people that she knew well pre-Hogwarts, she instinctively followed her to the boats where they would float their way to school.  Sailing across the black lake was less nerve-wracking than she had previously thought, and actually kind of pretty at night, to be honest.  But alas, it was over just as soon as it had begun.  Carefully getting out of the boat, she followed her classmates to the castle and through the halls.


Of course, Kate knew about magic growing up, but she had never experienced it in this capacity before.  Wide-eyed, Kate couldn’t help but stare at everything and anything in the ancient castle.  Her eyes darted from portrait to painting, as they continued to walk the halls, before they came to the entrance to the Great Hall.  Being led into the giant room, she felt everyone from all of the different houses stare at her.  Well, not just her, but at everybody.


When it came time for the actual sorting, Kate knew that she would probably be one of the first ones to go.  She could feel the tension in the air as student by student was sorted by the ever-famous Sorting Hat.  Wringing her small hands together, Kate looked over shoulders of taller kids to see which house everyone would get.  But when it finally came time when her name was called, her stomach did a flip as she walked over to the stool to be sorted.


"Douglas, Catherine."


Taking a seat on the stool, the Sorting Hat was placed on her head.  It was obviously made for an adult man, and not a small girl so the brim fell slightly over her now smudged glasses.  Since her Grams and mother had told her that this particular hat could read minds, she tried not to overthink or jump to any conclusions yet.  She tended to do that, often.

My, you’re quite the thinker aren’t you? I can sense that already… there’s no need to suppress it, Miss Douglas! Your eagerness to learn is more than welcome here! In you I see a girl with a curiosity equal to that of a former student… you might have heard of her, I imagine? She’s well known for having used her mind to help her friends and you hold the same spirit. I see you heading down a different path than she, however. Your desire to better yourself and be challenged has one founder screaming to have you and I dare not ignore her plea. Yes… you’ll feel right at home in RAVENCLAW!

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The train ride had been...weird. Somehow she had become enamored with a magical singer she had never heard of, but then had soon enough forgotten his name again. Plus, it was a strangely non-magical way to get to a secret hidden castle filled with magic. But, the events of the past few hours were over. They had finally arrived at the Hogsmeade Station, and a professor was ushering all the first years towards a dock and some rowboats. Polly followed her classmates and jumped into a boat with some people she didn't know.


At first, she thought it was another un-magical way to get to the school, but then the boats lurched forward and started moving without motors or anyone rowing, which sparked a bit of excitement in her. And then they rounded a corner and Hogwarts was suddenly in view. Polly gasped. She had seen a picture of her new school, but it was truly magnificent in person. It was a huge, actual castle! And suddenly, her new reality smacked her in the face. She really was going to private school in a castle to learn magic! A huge grin spread across her face. This year was going to be awesome!


Polly hardly noticed them docking the boats and walking up the stairs to a rather impressive set of doors, because of how in awe she was of the situation. There was so much to look at that she couldn't focus on where she was walking. She accidentally walked into the person in front of her when they stopped because she was busy looking at the floating candles on the ceiling. It was only at this point that she realized they had walked to the front of what must be a feast hall or something. There were four tables filled with students, and another table with the staff. Polly blushed and shrunk down a little. She hoped none of these people noticed her.


That was when the sorting began and it became clear everyone would notice her because she was going to have to sit on a stool with the creepy mind reading hat in front of the whole school!


"Tibbetts, Polly!"


Polly gulped and shuffled forward, looking at her feet. She just needed to focus on not tripping and looking like an idiot in front of everybody. Then the hat was placed on her head. She really hoped he wasn't as scary and creepy as the phrase 'magical mind-reading hat' sounded...

Aha! Why, aren’t you a sweet little thing? I could just eat you… ahh, don’t worry, my girl! I won’t actually eat you. I’m only a hat, after all, here to find where you belong! And where that should be… it seems you have a fair bit of patience and value equality, too. Your selfless nature pushes you to put all before yourself and give your all to help others gain the rights and protections you feel they deserve. There’s someone you remind me of actually, and she’s calling loudly for you now. Yes… it’s clear you’ll feel right at home in HUFFLEPUFF!

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