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Kaelyn Paddock

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A thin layer of dust lined the edge of the window framing a humble display of tiny potions, each meticulously labeled with parchment and twine.  Her gaze shifted over all the bottles, as though carefully contemplating her choices, but her focus was pulled back, time and time again, to the bit of space between two amber vials — or, more specifically, to the reflection of a man in the glass.


He was leaning against the side of the building on the street corner across from her, pipe in hand, his grey collar pulled all the way up to his ears.  She’d been following him for the last four blocks and so far he hadn’t seemed to notice.  The street was crowded - far too crowded for a disillusionment charm, which was usually Kaelyn’s go-to for assignments like this - but it was easier to simply be seen, blending in with the rest of the shoppers, than fade into the air around her.  One bump and she’d be found out.


There was movement on the right, coming from a group of loud drunks singing merrily as they thumped each other on the back.  Kaelyn dutifully ignored them and her vigilance paid off.  It happened so fast she nearly missed it: a brunette witch, as she passed, exchanged parcels with the man.  The Gryffindor only faltered for a second before she switched courses, this time tailing the woman.

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Though their joint independent study sessions had long ended, Silas still went to Their Spot to study sometimes. It was telling, to him, that he never ran into her there... she had given up on their time together in favor of prefect duties, the tournament, and Toby. Silas almost never saw Toby either, largely because the two of them were always together and Silas always seemed to be elsewhere wherever they were to be found. Everything existed in a tenuous harmony. Silas never questioned anything, simply plowed ahead in his life, determined that one day, he should graduate and become a strong, wise wizard and then perhaps he could focus on matters of the heart.


On this day, he was so eager to get to his preferred study spot that he had already pulled his textbook halfway out of his bag when he stepped in the door, and spotted a familiar blonde figure slumped over a desk, her head resting on folded hands. He was reminded of the day that he found Irene drooling daintily on a pile of essays that were not her own; the day that he asked her to be his girlfriend.


Pushing thoughts of sleeping girls and girlfriends out of his head, Silas approached the Gryffindor, putting a light hand on her shoulder.


"Kaelyn?" he said softly.


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The mission was simple: find the source.  The source of what, Kaelyn wasn’t sure yet.  Last time it had been a man trafficking adder tongues, purposefully unethical in his trade, spearing them off with the end of his wand without any thought to the pain being inflicted on the still-conscious snake… or snakes.  There had been six or seven all crammed into one tiny cage, ready to be drowned after their tongues were harvested.  Her skin still crawled from the memory of it, and Kaelyn didn’t even really like snakes.  


She suspected this was a similar case but with a much bigger beast.  An erumpent, perhaps?  She’d heard their horns and tails were of great value.  Or, perhaps, it was something even more illegal this time — a non-tradeable material like venomous tentacula seeds, for example.  Kaelyn only started researching the wizarding black market after accepting her first mission.


So far she’d seen where a brown tied parcel (perhaps containing a horn, as she suspected) ended up.  That place would soon be turned over top to bottom by ministry officials, but not before she finishing tracing the galleons back to the source.  She was not about to have anyone tipping this bloke (or blokette) off.


The woman she was tailing paused to examine a shop window, perhaps to look like she wasn’t in such a hurry, and Kaelyn followed suite, tucking a few wavy blonde strands even more securely beneath her dark hood.  With her body pressed into a little nook that was the entrance to a series of apartments, she could just make out the woman’s shoulder.


Something creaked unexpectedly beside her.  A door?  Kaelyn tore her gaze away from the woman just for a second to turn, but there weren’t any doors in her immediate vicinity other than the one she was pressed against and the ones across the street — all within her view, all closed.  She turned back to see if the woman had carried on yet and that was when her heart stopped short and her blood ran cold.


Him.  It was him.  Right beside the woman, staring straight at Kaelyn, unmoving and unlaughing.


Her Death Eater.


“No.”  The words were softly uttered, nothing more than the movement of lips on the real Kaelyn, still slumped across a desk in the middle of an empty classroom on the fifth floor.  There were footsteps but they were coming from behind her.  He was in front of her, clear as day, mask and all.


Why didn’t anyone else see him?  Why did no one scream?  Why was the woman carrying on examining dress robes when he was right there beside her?  Kaelyn’s heart hammered in her chest and she reached for the box that would tell her that this wasn’t actually part of her mission, but the box itself never made it into any of her daydreams.  Her hand reached to grasp the robes she was wearing, feeling vulnerable and underarmed, and closed around the handle of her wand.


Of course, her wand.  Even here she still had her wand.  Was she supposed to?  Kaelyn couldn’t remember - couldn’t remember if she’d laid it aside, or if it was tucked in her bag with the box, hidden from sight so, should anyone stumble on her, it would simply look like she’d decided to take a nap.


Did it matter?  He was here.  Somehow he’d managed to get in.  Somehow she’d never rid herself of him.


He stared at her, still unmoving.  Her hand lifted the wand from the folds of her robes.  There was a hand on her shoulder and she turned and she screamed, emitting a soft gasp from the real Kaelyn.  No, he wasn’t in front of her; he was behind her.  He was beside her.  He’d been there the whole time.


Kaelyn didn’t question it anymore.  She didn’t wait.  She leapt forward, pressing her wand against his throat, and let the ropes fly free.

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Silas frowned as the girl's lips moved in her sleep, but no sound emitted from them. She was dreaming. He had never made as much use of the patented daydream charms as Kaelyn had--they'd bought them, and he had a couple stashed under his bed, but they'd mostly done practical magic together and Silas obviously preferred reading to training most of the time. He wouldn't know of anything that she'd been doing on their own, since they'd agreed to separate.


So it didn't even cross his mind that she might be using a daydream charm, particularly not one of the training exercise variety. If anything, he might have assumed it was a regular old daydream, maybe she was snogging Toby in it, although she didn't really need a daydream charm for that, most likely. 


Then, suddenly, she gasped, and Silas started a bit. "Are you okay? Hey, wake up," he said with concern, giving her a little shake.


In an instant, she was up out of the desk, her eyes still closed against reality, eyelids pinned tight over otherwise bulging orbs, and he could see small, delicate purple veins in the pale skin as she pressed her wand against his neck. Unable to comprehend how quickly everything deteriorated, he found himself fixated on this impossibly small detail as she said, "Incarcerous."


The effect was immediate. The spell that they had practiced together so often, deciding it was relatively harmless to tie one another up in ropes, aiming for the legs, particularly while the other was running for some extra amusement, now used against him in the most horrible way he could imagine. The boy's hands flew to his neck, a cruel echo of that fateful trip to Diagon Alley. The choking curse, the feeling of an heavy forearm against his windpipe. He clutched at the magical ropes produced by Kaelyn's spell and broke away from her, stumbling backward.


All attempts to wake her were forgotten in his sudden, insane desire to claw the ropes away from his throat--to breathe--to live.


Pulling the ropes away from his Adam's apple with every ounce of his strength, Silas looked up to beg Kaelyn to stop--


Instead, there was light. "Shi--"

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He didn’t move.  He didn’t laugh.  The ropes had absolutely no effect on him.  Kaelyn felt her breath catch in her throat as the Death Eater reached for his wand, drawing it slowly as though the motion itself was meant to taunt her, forcing her to watch as he mentally cycled through all the possible ways to torture her.


“Confrigo!”  The spell was followed by a loud bang and a hot blast.  It blew her backwards, causing her to hit the wall of the doorway she was hiding in.  It should’ve hurt a lot more than it actually did…


There was smoke.  It tingled her nostrils, the sensation so strong, so real, it began tugging her firmly away from the street — from the woman who had since moved on with the illicit package.  Her ears were ringing.  Her vision blurred, then changed, then stilled.


Kaelyn blinked, momentarily disoriented, her wand still raised in defence.  The wall she was staring at wasn’t a shop and the person she’d just attacked wasn’t wearing a mask.  It took a moment to register where she was and who she was with— what must’ve happened.


And what she’d just done.


Silas.  It was Silas.  Even with the deep, angry streaks of red that now marred his face, that was  also turning an unnerving shade of purple, she could instantly recognized the dark, even brow of her former partner-in-crime.  Silas had been blown back by her spell - a spell she’d somehow cast for real - with ropes still tightening murderously around his neck.  Kaelyn watched with growing alarm as his eyeballs started to roll backwards, saw the hands clawing at his neck stiffen as he made one last, desperate gasp for breath, and she sprung forward.


“Finite… finite!  No, no, no, no, no, no, no!”  The spell she’d just lifted, easing the hold of the ropes from around his neck, seemed to have gotten to her instead.  Kaelyn felt her breath coming in in short, panicked gasps as she fell woodenly to her knees.


“Ren… Ren… rennervate!”  Her wand shook with every syllable and she stopped to draw a shaky breath before trying again, willing herself to believe in the power of the spell as she uttered it.  “Rennervate!”


Silas looked dead.


“Don’t.  Silas, don’t.  Silas, please…” Kaelyn’s desperate pleas were interrupted by convulsed sobs.  Everything inside her was trembling — she was unable to keep still the hand that lifted to his face, brushing back the heavy strands of dark hair that framed his too-pale face.  The wand in her other hand clattered loudly it hit the ground, and she almost dropped her mirror too as she pulled it from her pocket and flipped it open.


“Toby… Toby?” But her voice was shaking too much for her mirror to register the name.  She gently let go of Silas’ head and used both hands to pull up her contacts, fingers trembling as she punched blindly at the buttons on her speed dial.


Someone answered on the first ring and she called her boyfriend's name again, but the golden-hazel eyes that flooded the screen weren't Toby's.

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"Hu-wha-" Addison shook awake, sheets of parchment sliding to the floor from where she fell asleep on her bed. The transfiguration textbook, which was resting on her face when she dozed off, tumbled to the ground in a heap at an ugly, page-bending angle - the perfect symbol of the current state of her life. She blinked hazily, shielding her eyes from the golden shaft of light streaming in from the window, as she sought to make sense of what was happening. The last thing she remembered, she was studying while in her dormitory, and then...




She kicked aside the sheets and scrounged around blindly; her mirror was somewhere in the tangled mess, and if only she could - aha. Addison flipped open the lid, yawning. It was probably Briar.


Probably, but not actually.


"... Toby? No, this is... Kaelyn? What are you doing?" The other prefect's eyes were wild with a fervent glitter that Addison couldn't identify. Her first instinct was to grimace; was this a misdirected booty call? "Um, you got the wrong person." Fat fingers: it happened to everyone. Briar would be especially overjoyed to hear Kaelyn had a fat anything.

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“Addie?  No, Addie, wait!  Don’t hang up.”  Urgency seeped into Kaelyn’s voice as she fought to slow her breath, fighting to take control in a situation that, right now, felt beyond anything she was capable of handling, especially alone.


“It’s Silas.”  Her voice peaked at this, like she was about to start crying again.  “I- I- I don’t know what happened.  Addison, I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know what to do!”  Silas would know.  She could still remember the way he calmly took Gary’s limp body from her over a year ago.  ‘It’s all right,’ he had said, and in the end it was, because he’d been there.  And he was here now, except…


Kaelyn hand shook again as it hovered over his nose, frantically trying to assess if the unconscious boy was still breathing.


“Addie,” she said again, and this time something seemed to snap on inside of her, momentarily arresting that crippling feeling of desperation.  The moment was all she needed to start thinking rationally again.  “You’re in our room?”  She was, that much Kaelyn could tell through the slivers of background that peeked out behind Addison’s head in the mirror.


“That box I keep hats in, on my dresser? It’s got a false bottom.  There’s a green vial in there… and a purple one.  Don’t- don’t touch anything that’s wrapped.  We’re on the fifth floor, second last door on the east wing.”


Her friend faded from view in her mirror, but Kaelyn left it flipped open as she dropped it on the ground and grabbed her wand again. With some effort she heaved Silas’s head and shoulders onto her lap, bending over to attempt a few more healing spells with little success as she waited what felt like hours for Addison to arrive.


“I’m sorry, Silas. I’m so sorry.” She rocked and she murmured and she impulsively pressed her lips against her friend’s forehead.  “I’m so stupid.  How am I so stupid?  I’m sorry.”

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She stifled another lazy yawn, pressing the back of her hand to her mouth as she did so. Eyes already scanning the mess around her bed, Addison had already mentally moved on to the task of re-organising her class notes, and was snap the mirror shut - but Kaelyn said one of the few names that could get her to stop in place, and snap her attention back onto the display. She said that name in a tone of urgency that made Addison's blood go cold, and slowed her thoughts to a standstill, like a river in the deepest winter. 


"What is it? Is something wrong? What's wrong with Silas?" She snapped straight up, sending what remained of her parchment skittering to the ground. In that moment, the discomforting uncertainties between her and the Ravenclaw fell away - no more wondering about how she could have hurt him so deeply, no more questioning of whether or not he'd forgiven her, as well as whether or not she deserved forgiveness in the first place. Something had happened to him that deeply troubled Kaelyn to the point of physical distress, and that was enough to give Addison the strength to shake off her self-imposed manacles. Away went the cuffs of guilt, off went the chains of regret - Silas was in trouble.


Box. Hats. Addison bolted out of bed and started kicking around Kaelyn's end of the dormitory. Whether it was a complete loss as to the blue-eyed blonde's organisational system, or it was a system lock brought on by a rising tide of panic, Addison couldn't find the box. She threw open Kaelyn's trunk, tore through her nightstand, searched underneath her bed - where did she say it was? "On the dresser, right..." Snatching the box, she flung off the lid and turned the entire thing upside down over Kaelyn's pillow, spilling out its contents. Addison gave the bottom a sharp rap to knock loose the false bottom and everything hidden within. 


Her hands were shaking - she couldn't find the green one, or the purple. Where were they? There, right in front of her - she snatched them up and moved to leave, but gave pause. The breath was rattling in her chest, and her legs felt paper thin. Memories of her days living on scraps in the streets rose to the surface; she hadn't felt this weak in a long time. 


Returning to her bed, Addison carefully drew the fortified wand box she'd won from the first tournament challenge. The runes of protection on its underside briefly flared to life, but settled as they recognised her touch, and the polished top slid open to reveal a line of small, glass phials crammed in and stacked snugly one after the other: her supply of calming draught and euphoria elixir, the latter of which Desmond refused to brew her any further. Downing the contents of one phial of draught, she pocketed a few more, and withdrew  a squatter, fatter glass tub, which she gingerly stuffed into her pocket. Stowing the wand box underneath her pillows, she sprinted towards the stairwell. "Hold on, I'm on my way right now!" she yelled, barreling through the doorway.


Was this how he felt, back then? Sneaking out the castle, racing across the grounds, spring along the forest path, wandering the cobblestone streets, finding their bodies twisted and mangled on the floor... was this what she'd put him through? The fear, the worry, everything pounded through her chest even louder than her heart as she wound her way down the tower to the seventh floor, then from the seventh to the sixth, then the sixth to the fifth, across the fifth to the east wing, rounding corners left and right... and then she found them. 


"Silas!" Addison charged to where he lay. Her worst fears were confirmed, as she saw his head draped limply over Kaelyn's lap. Sliding down to her knees, she clasped one of his hands in hers, feeling lamely for a pulse. He was roughly the same shade of ivory as Elizabeth's best sheets, and cold to the touch. She wanted to say 'stay with me,' but was the lump in her throat was too thick for her to get any words out. If she forced her voice through, she might scream, or cry, or throw up. So she was silent as she tossed Kaelyn's green and purple phials at her, and kept her eyes locked onto his face, a trickle of dread running down her spine, an ink as dark as night that blotted out this sunny afternoon, mutating the warmth and light into a mass of never-ending nightmares.


Silas had never been hers to begin with, but she was desperate not to lose what little of him she had left.

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Kaelyn looked up with wild, red-rimmed eyes as Addison charged in, feeling as though a million years had passed since she awoke from her daydream, only to face this nightmare.  By now she’d managed to discern that Silas wasn’t actually dead, just ghostly pale and deathly still, the same way Gary had been when she’d found him.


“He’s going to be alright,” she whispered, more for herself than for Addison as she uncorked the reviving potion, carefully tipping the mouth of the green vial against Silas’ lips.


There seemed to be a need to explain to Addison what had happened, but the only explanation that Kaelyn could come up with was the truth: it’s all my fault.  I did this to him. I hate myself.


“A choking spell and a blasting curse,” she stated dully, and didn’t bother expanding on her explanation any further.  

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A choking spell and a blasting curse? What the hell was going on here that would have spurred Kaelyn on to inflict such grievous wounds on Silas, while being apparently unscathed herself? Addison didn't have time to question the situation though, because a far more pressing issue was sprawled unconscious in the space between them. She was forcing the tears to stay locked within her eyes; were it not for the dose of calming draught, she might have already broken down upon seeing Silas' current state. 


As Kaelyn poured a potion through his lips, Addison watched as the sickly striations on his neck began to fade, but the rest of him was still in tatters. The blasting curse had done a number on his hands, arms, and upper abdomen (was he trying to shield himself when it happened?). The perfect, pristine facade of crystalline ice that the Ravenclaw cloaked himself in, sixteen years in the making, was blown apart, like a thousand steel picks had ripped into him relentlessly.


She pulled forth the glass tub and popped off the cap. A thin amount of dark, olive-colored paste was stored within. It was a bit watery, almost balm-like in consistency; she still wasn't great at working with raw ingredients based on intuition alone, but the compound worked. Her plan had been either to keep it in reserve, to dangle as a final bit of trade-bait for Desmond - even if he insisted he wasn't going to make her any more euphoria elixir, she was hoping he could still be enticed into an extra batch. But, failing that, she could save the paste for an emergency.


But if this didn't constitute an emergency, then nothing would.


"Help me," she croaked, her fingers clumsily peeling away the frayed and burnt fabric that clung to his wounds. Addison got his arms clear and free, and left Kaelyn to work on his torso while, in the meantime, she pulled off her outer layer and began tearing it into strips. When everything was ready, the blonde dipped her fingers into the green-brown salve and began applying it gingerly to the injured areas. She was stingy with it at first, wanting to ensure that there would be enough to cover everything, but after completing a first pass and still having some leftover, Addison began a second application, more liberally this time, working it into the worst parts. A thick sheen of sweat beaded on her brow; she was doing her best not to throw up from the smell, and when her supply of paste was depleted, she leaned back and breathed. Addison nodded at the strips of what was her clothing, and muttered, "Bandages."


Together, the pair pressed the remains of Addison's favorite long-sleeve tee across Silas' arms and ribs, creating a simple, makeshift poultice, which might not even have been necessary, as the wounds were already beginning to heal over. Cold air began to emanate from the Ravenclaw - but not that of a deathly chill. It was more like a brisk, fresh winter breeze on Christmas morning, and already she could see his eyelids begin to flutter.

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Silas was in his mother's library.


Everything was total darkness, but he knew that's where he was. He could feel the cold water all around him, inside him, in his nostrils, in his throat, as the last few pathetic bubbles of oxygen tumbled from his nose and lips, escaping in a stream of tiny baubles. He knew that if there was light, he would see the sickly green striations dancing across the faces of his friends, his sister. So instead he closed his eyes, instead of trying to see. He allowed the pain of a caving chest to overtake him, the instinctive shuddering from failed attempts to draw breath.


He had spent so much time and energy fighting this fear, this moment. But at last, the darkness had come for him. This time, he really would drown.


Using the techniques he had slaved away to master for his Occlumency training, Silas tried to relax his mind, to let go, to be--as he nearly never was--at peace.


But someone would not allow it.


Suddenly there was bright light and all the water went rushing away, into nothingness, it vanished, and Silas was not wet but dry. It poured from his nose and his body responded by gasping, gasping, making horrible sounds as it sucked air without his input, regardless of his meditation. His mind and body were at odds. His mind was still in that place of darkness while his body fought unconsciousness--and was rewarded for its efforts with blinding pain.


Silas could only see light as his knuckles screamed, which was for the better because carnage made him queasy and to see the state of his own hands would have caused him to waste valuable oxygen by vomiting. His chest and belly felt bruised, like he'd taken a bludger to the ribs, then done four hundred situps through the pain. Beneath his chin there was some blistering, skin peeling away as though sunburned. He writhed from the pain of it, trying to thrash, but his body refused, shocked.


Fingers busied themselves on his body. The pain increased, then dulled, cool like mint. Silas closed his eyes and then opened them again. Then again. Then again. Two figures slowly came into focus, leaning over him. Kaelyn... Addison. He remembered Kaelyn's lidded eyes, as she cast spells at him that they had never dreamed of using on one another. The Imperius Curse? No. It didn't matter. His mind faltered; it could not compartmentalize his pain and theorize at the same time. It was lucky that Kaelyn had called Addison--in this fog, this dark ocean morning where nothing was as it seemed, Silas felt steeped in secrecy and certain of their safety. Addison, he was sure, would do anything for him.


Since when? asked a small voice.


Always, came the calm, authoritative insistence of this deeply hidden Silas, who perhaps had always known, but forgotten until it was most convenient.


So it was Addison whose wrist he grabbed, not Kaelyn's, when he rasped, "We can't--tell--anyone."

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He was spluttering back to life, like a drowning in reverse, and as her eyes silently implored him to re-gain consciousness, he obliged. His gaze was hazy and unfocused at first - so unlike the intense and critical stare she was used to - as he took in his surroundings, brain whirring to piece together what was going on. And then he moved, faster than Addison expected, grabbing her and demanding that this be kept a secret. She recoiled, snapping her hand free and backing away. Addison rubbed the spot gingerly, as if his mere touch had burned her. "I-I don't even know what happened here. You," her eyes darted to Kaelyn, a tinge of bitterness in her rasp, "called me out of the blue and didn't explain much."


Dumping the empty glass container onto a desk, Addison slowly crawled into a chair, continuing to ringing the fingers of her free hand around her wrist absentmindedly. 


"I mean, you did this to him, right? What - why the hell would you do that?" The adrenaline was beginning to run its course, and as it waned, the dark thoughts waxed, a gloomy midnight moon that crested above her head and cast a pall over her thoughts. "Were you guys dueling, or what? What kind of spells were you using - I don't think even I can mess someone up that badly unless I really tried." The tears, long denied, started welling up at the corners of her eyes. Hands were still trembling, and the wave of nausea was faint, but still present.


Still, Addison was aware she was packing her wand (thankfully, she'd tucked it into the waistband of her sweats during her doomed study session), and as a precaution, kept an eye on where Kaelyn's was. You couldn't do that kind of magic, you couldn't hurt people that gravely, unless you truly wanted to. Unless there was intention. And if Kaelyn's intentions were to finish Silas off, then Addison was damned sure to have something to say about it.


"And just so you know, I'm out of..." she tilted her head towards the hollow vessel on the desk, only small smears of dried paste remaining at the bottom of the glass husk. "So I hope you weren't planning on doing this again, whatever this was."

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Kaelyn’s first instinct was to question this olive green salve the Addison produced, not trusting the use of anything else on Silas other than what they’d learn to create together, but she was still far too shaken to protest.  Blindly, through tears she couldn’t shed, Kaelyn plastered the stuff on Silas and carefully smoothed everything over with Addison’s makeshift bandages.


At one point the reviving potion kicked in, and she startled, as she watched as Silas grabbed hold of Addison’s wrist.  "We can’t--tell--anyone."


I didn’t, Kaelyn wanted to tell him, to reassure him, even though it wasn’t her he was speaking to.  And she hadn’t.  All these months and she’d still kept their secret hidden from the world.  Even if she’d been ready to share with Tobias, she’d never betrayed Silas’ confidence.  


And would never.


Her eyes found Addison’s, wondering if the other blonde would be able to discern what Silas meant by that, but Addison’s already had her gaze trained on Kaelyn, and when she spoke there was a fire behind her words that Kaelyn could only recognized because of all the times she’d heard it in her own voice.


Her gaze dropped back to her hands, to the strip of fabric she was smoothing out repeatedly over one of the angry gashes on Silas’ arm.  The tiny purple vial was still sitting on the floor next to her, waiting to be used, and Kaelyn grabbed it, gently placing a drop of it on Silas’ lips, and then on the remainder of his injuries.


“Nobody was planning anything, Addison,” Kaelyn said as evenly as possible, although even she was surprised by how hard her voice was.  “I’m not explaining anything to you.  Thank you for coming, thank you for bringing my potions, but this is none of your damn business.”


There wasn’t any way she could think of to explain this to Addison without telling her almost everything else and for the very first time since they’d agreed to part ways, Kaelyn finally understood why Silas hadn’t wanted Toby to know.

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Kaelyn was in trouble and called Addison.


Now that he was coming to his senses a little bit, Silas began to realize how preposterous that was; although, he and Kaelyn had come to Addison's rescue in Hogsmeade. Perhaps she'd hoped the other Gryffindor would return the favor. Also, now that his eyesight and other sensory perceptions were returning, he wished they hadn't. "What is this garbage," he muttered, trying not to breathe too deeply. The paste smelled horrible, seeping through the cloth bandages (though it was mercifully dulled at least somewhat).


But nobody was listening to him--instead, they were bickering.
"I mean, you did this to him, right? What - why the hell would you do that?" 


He tried to sit up, but everything felt like crumbled poundcake, and he struggled visibly. Kaelyn came to his side and tipped a vial of purple liquid into his lips, which fortunately did not taste or smell anything as horrible as the paste.


“I’m not explaining anything to you.  Thank you for coming, thank you for bringing my potions, but this is none of your damn business.”


Silas winced, both from pain and Kaelyn's coldness. Addison might have just saved his life--even Silas, in his desperation for secrecy and self-preservation, was not going to scoff at her efforts. He understood Kaelyn not wanting to tell her what had happened.. it would mean admitting wrongdoing, admitting all of the things they had been doing for years now. But, Silas thought, he didn't care if Addison knew, as long as she could keep it a secret. He realized, for the first time, that there was something more important to him than being found out, of having to share his new skills and knowledge.


Protecting Kaelyn was his top priority.


"It was an accident," he reassured Addison, again absently reaching for the bottle-blonde, but she remained a safe distance away. "And I--eugh--what is this stuff, seriously?"

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She bristled at Kaelyn's rebuke, a snarl curling her lips. As if she asked to be here; Kaelyn was the one who called her up, who was in disarray after half-murdering Silas. But no, she hadn't actually meant to call for Addison, had she? Toby. She'd been saying Tobias' name when their mirrors first connected. She wanted Tobias' help, not hers, and something about that riled Addison up even more, to think that Silas could be so gravely injured and someone was trying to hide it from her.


But this wasn't her place. She wasn't supposed to be here, and Kaelyn was making it abundantly clear that she could leave, that her presence was starting to border on overstaying her welcome. No surprise there - nobody ever wanted Addison anyway. Nobody asked for her, and nobody needed her. Briar, maybe, but even that wasn't a sure thing; the gloomy whispers in her head reminded her of how easily and quickly Briar had all but dumped her to the side to go on a flight of romance with Linus. Like always, Addison was left on the outside looking in.


"Yeah, an accident, I'm sure," she grunted lamely. "Sorry to have butted my head in where it doesn't belong."


She rose from behind the desk, glass tub in hand as she stared down at it wistfully. "It was phoenix, by the way. Not tears. It's... pellets, kind of. The crystals." Addison assumed he would key in on what she meant. Even though he'd been sick and didn't attend the actual class, she'd given him his notes to catch up, and she'd definitely written down the bit about concentrated phoenix crystals being discovered inside their pellets - crystals which possessed potent healing abilities. Not as strong as tears, but evidently strong enough to remedy whatever had happened to the Ravenclaw. "I got them from Qin's. Ground them up and mixed in powdered bitterroot and murtlap essence." Steady attention and application to potions over the years, with a recent boost for her OWL revision, had finally penetrated through her skull and taught her how to make something properly.


His wounds, which minutes ago seemed so dire, continued to fade, as the essence of the ice phoenix seeped into his flesh and bound it together. The paste began to crumble and fall away, losing its effectiveness as the healing spirit of the phoenix passed through the skin barrier and infused itself to him, form of boy and soul of bird becoming one.


The smell would wash out, eventually.


"Anyway, I guess I'm not needed anymore, so I'll get out of your hair."


Post 5,000 for you, my loves ♥

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All she wanted was for Addison to go, but even Kaelyn realized how selfish and ungrateful that was.  Her eyes remained averted, her attention focused instead on ensuring the effects of her spells would have no long-lasting effects on Silas.  Dark magic - spells cast with the worst of intentions - had a way of penetrating deeper than most, and although Kaelyn would never hurt Silas on purpose, she had no way of knowing how her curses had really affected him.  She could still remember the way she’d felt when she let them fly with another target in mind.


The purple vial would help with that, brewed with the addition of a single drop of a mother dragon’s blood (a vial of which she was only able to gain access to after many, many dropped hints in letters to her grandmother) that acted as a protective solvent on his injuries.  Addison’s paste, too, was doing its job, gradually fading the wounds and knitting his flesh back together in a way she wasn’t able to do for himself earlier with her wand alone - her first hint that the magic she’d used was more powerful than the kinds her and Silas once cast on each other.


Some part of her was thankful for Addison’s foresight.  Phoenix crystals and dragon blood together sounded like an unstoppable combination, and now Kaelyn was thinking that Silas was going to be alright.


But was she?


Kaelyn focused on inspecting his injuries, heart clenching every time she saw the still-purple marks about his neck.  It was clear that the way she’d shut the proverbial door in Addison’s face had hit home.  She knew it was her moment to say she spoke too rashly, too harshly - that Addison didn’t really need to go.


She didn’t.


“Just rest,” Kaelyn ordered Silas gently, ignoring Addison’s dejected tone.  He needed to hear her apology - she needed for him to hear it - but she wasn’t about to say any of that in front of Addison.

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