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It had been rainy all weekend, and Stella had spent most of her time on one of her favorite indoor, rainy day activities:  baking.  She loved the exactitude baking required, especially all of the measuring and stirring and kneading.  Then the mystery and anticipation of letting her creation, not allowed to open the oven, not sure until the very last second if it was a good bake.  The smell of rising dough was one of Stella's favorites, because it reminded her of the satisfaction of watching her hard work pan out, quite literally. Stella had a collection of historic cookbooks dating back to the middle ages, and loved using old and strange recipes.  Figgy and Twinkle had helped her, and by the end of the day their faces were smeared with flour and their bellies ached from laughing. 


Aside from her own natural inclination, Stella also knew that the way to people's hearts was also through their stomachs.  As she made her way to Crystal Fountain Park loaded with a picnic basket filled to the brim with baked goodies, she hoped she could hawk her wares and make some new friends in the process.  She still wasn't sure quite where she stood in the complex ecosystem of Pre-Hogwarts Primary.  She mostly kept to herself, but with 1 September approaching, she didn't want to be the only first year without a friend on the first day of Hogwarts.


Stella knew herself, and she knew that she wouldn't have the guts to approach her peers and just offer them baked treats.  Like always, she had come up with a plan: a cakewalk.  


Stella carefully laid out the baked goods on a blanket and also set up pieces of paper which she had numbered 1 through 5 in a circle.  She had even made a lovely little sign with "CAKE WALK!" written in fancy cursive and illustrations of cakes and pies.  


Now all she had to do was wait for the sweet wafting scent of baked goodness to attract some new friends!



OOC:  Stella has five baked goods to give away!  If you would like one, post a roleplay and join the fun!  Stella will interact with each person who approaches and ask them to walk in a circle until they end up on a number 1-5.  Roleplay your character performing the cake walk and landing on a number 1-5.  I'll reply and Stella will tell you which sweet treat you've won! 

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The sweet smell brought Juniper like a moth to a flame. A warm, delicious flame. She knew that smell. It was the same enticing smell that came wafting out of the kitchen when Auntie was baking pies or birthday cakes and Juniper was strictly forbidden from entering. She headed straight for it and only sped up once she caught sign of the sign. Her nose hadn't failed her yet; there was cake in the park.


She finally reached the blanket and gave the sweets a quick look over. Oh, yes, these looked good. Of course, you never really knew until the first bite, but judging by appearance and smell these would be delicious. She wanted in.


"Hi, I'm Juniper. Cakewalk, huh? Is it free to play? These look great, did you make them?" she quickly asked the girl standing by the blanket. She was clearly eager to get her hands on one of the baked treats.

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