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Seeley Pichardo

All I Care About is You and Me and Us

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"Alright... alright, Let's go."  Seeley said, nudging Des' arm and shoving her things back into her bag.  Potion's class had finally ended and most everyone, including Juan, had already ushered out of the room as Desmond still sat, head resting on the desktop and Seeley frowned at him, worry etched on her face.  "I don't care what you say, you're going to the hospital wing." 


She knew he didn't want to go, and to be honest it was a bit awkward for her to be the one pushing him so hard to be going with the way things were but she wasn't able to bring herself to walk away if there was actually something wrong.  Perhaps the last time he'd hit his head - that time on the dueling platform - it had been just nothing, but he'd also been punched pretty hard in the jaw and she'd decided better safe than sorry for him.  


Reaching for his things, she tossed the strap of his bag over her other shoulder as he got up (if he felt obligated to take it back, she'd let him but for now she at least felt like she was being useful)  she led the way out of the classroom, making sure to tell Professor Sprout that she'd get him there safely as the woman hurried to send off a note to warn the staff that they were coming like she'd mentioned earlier in class.  


Several flights of stairs later they arrived in the hospital wing and Seeley reached for one of the forms near the desk at the entrance and began to fill it out, sitting down in one of the chairs next to him and peppering him with questions anytime she reached one she didn't know exactly how to answer.  


"You are kind of tall... you're not part giant right?" She smiled to herself, if nothing else she was making sure he stayed awake.  "And you're not allergic to anything, right?"  






OOC Form:

Patient Name, House & Year:  Desmond Potter, Hufflepuff Second Year
Gender: Male
Blood Type:   half-blood  (i think he's part giant but he says no) 
Allergies, if any:  he says school... -__-

What VH Year & Term/Week does this RP take place: VH35, Term 2, Week 1
Time of Day:  Morning I think? 
Link to Incident Thread: Potions Lesson One


IC Form:

Reason for Visit: Desmond got into a fistfight in class, because that's what all NORMAL boys do, right? and was punched in the jaw and then hit his head on the floor.  Was trying to fall asleep in class (though he does do that often) and complaining of a headache. 

Damage Location:  back of head (whole head?) & jaw/chin

Damage Type:  physical fight - he's been punched and fell on the floor.   

Other:   i don't think so? 



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Did they have to go to the hospital wing, couldn’t they just go back to their common room and get him ice for his head. “Why do we have to go, they are just going to tell me to put ice on it.” And sleep, that was the other thing that he wanted to do, just sleep for the rest of the day.


Knowing that he wasn’t going to win this fight, he was going to have to walk to the hospital wing with Seeley. It was strange knowing that Seeley was making him go, if this had been a few weeks ago, he wouldn’t be heading this way. Knowing that they were friends, this showed that she cared for him. Even if it was nothing more than just being friends.


He went to get his bag, but it seemed like Seeley got it. “I can carry it Seely.” HE told her, but she put I on her shoulder. Getting up from his seat, he knew it was time to head to Herbology. “Should my head still be hurting like this?” Not thinking that he took the hit that hard, but it was the dungeon floor.


Making there was there, he thought these stairs were going to make it worst. As soon as they walked in, he took a seat. Still holding his head.


Seeley asked if he part giant, “I don’t think that anyone in my family is a giant.” There were friends of the family that were, but no one he knew was. “School work.” Telling her what he was allergic to, “but for real, I’m not allergic to anything.”

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Assistant Post


It had been a quiet day thus far. Kermit had arrived in order to try and help out as best he could. After almost thirty minutes of sorting through supplies, the boy was just about ready to sigh in frustration. He adored being able to help people - he just wished that he would be able to learn more hands on instead of theory. Deep down he knew that everything he did to assist in the wing was helpful to Healer Lunes, which caused him joy, as she had given the assistance all a chance to shine. 


Almost as if something had read his mind there was movement from the doorway. Kermit placed down the paste he had been adding to the supply record, as he looked up and frowned. The two persons who had arrived were familiar to him in different ways. They were both hufflepuffs, both second years, and one of them he had gotten to know the year before. 


"Despot." Kermit said, the nickname they used throughout quidditch slipping out. "And you are..Seeley..." he said a little unsure he had gotten the girls name right. "Fighting? Desmond you should know better than that."

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"Oh... stop it." She shook her head and finished the rest of the form.   "You're not actually allergic to school work, no matter how much you wish you were." Honestly, this boy was going to drive her mad.  He already did, in a lot of ways.   


Sighing, she glanced up just in time to see an older hufflepuff making his way towards the two of them and she smiled and handed over the form.  "Yea... Seeley.  Hi."  


After giving fifth year the chance to look over the form she started rambling again.  "You'd think he'd know better, he's so tall that it's a long way down to hit the ground but whatever." She sighed, rolling her eyes.   "But, he didn't start it... if that means anything.  He was also, kinda lit on fire too, but Professor Sprout took care of that."  


Also, she wasn't really gonna draw any extra attention to Desmond's bum - where the fire had been lit.  If he was gonna have that checked, he was on his own.   


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“Yes I am, I get sick every time we are given homework.” Why else didn’t he ever turn it in, there was a reason behind it. Maybe he wasn’t allergic to it, but he knew that it made him sick to think that he had to do homework while living in school They shouldn’t have homework, but it seems like that wasn’t ever going to change.


His quidditch co-captain was the one taking care of them today. “Hey Kermit.” He said, still holding his hand to his head. There was now a bump on it.


“It wasn’t my fault.” He started to say, but it seemed like Seeley went along with it and told Kermit the story. At least she left out the part that it was hit butt was set on fire. Putting his head down, he just wanted to sleep. Was it that hard. Now that he was here, couldn’t he just lay down and take a nap. And he could skip the rest of his lessons.


“I do know better, than to fight. Please don’t tell Merc I want to at least play for quidditch next year.” If it was back by then.  He hoped that it was, he missed playing quidditch.

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Kermit eyed the two in front of him. He stopped writing on the parchment, and rose an eyebrow, as he wondered whether he was like that when he was in second year.


“I won’t tell Merc.” He said finally, not that he was ever going to willingly talk to him outside of quidditch. It wasn’t like their partnership had been completely smooth sailing – Mercutio still wanted to ban all the cookies in the world – but it was nice to know he had something over Desmond for a little while.


“You really need to work on your defence.” Kermit said as he brought his fingers and touched the back of Desmond’s head to check the damage. “I mean if this is what you look like… what about the other guy? Not that I am trying to encourage any fighting…”


He stopped talking as he wondered towards where they kept the everyday potions.


“A simple bruise remover paste will get rid of that nice purple spot forming on your jaw within the hour.” He said, grabbing the small pot, and placing it down on the bed. He then grabbed his wand. “This may sting a little... episkey!” he said, waving the tip of his wand at the back of Desmond’s head.

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