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Lucia Isaacs

Member Group Flood Control

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Lucia Isaacs

After shouting at my computer about this for the umpteenth time I figured I'd finally ask and see if anyone had a solution.


I was browsing a member group with multiple pages, and when clicking through to Page 2, I get a flood control error every time. Is there a way to stop this happening or is this just a quirk of the board nowadays?

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Narcissus Midnight

Without knowing exactly how the forum software works, I can only assume they have a button to turn flood control on and off and not the specifics of what flood control actually covers. It's a quirk of the board that is there for good reason. Searches are taxing and more than likely put strain on the server if people are doing a bunch in rapid succession -- much like the problems we get during Quidditch matches with the constant refreshing. Flood control is there to prevent spam and in some cases, prevent DDoS attacks from occurring with multiple processing requests (searches, refreshing, etc) from overwhelming the server and causing it to break for everyone.

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