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      How to get sorted   03/03/2018

      To find the Sorting Form, click on the "Sort Me!" tab at the top of the page.    Before you go to fill out the form, make sure that you have a username that follows our rules. If you don't, your form will be rejected. You can change your name once yourself, by going to Account Settings -> Display Name. If you've already used your one change, you can request a name change in this topic. Be sure to read the first post in the topic carefully so we can get you updated without any back and forth.   Please take your time and fill out the form thoughtfully, so the hat will have the information it needs to put your character in the right house.    Calendar: Sorting Form appears: Saturday, March 3rd Sorting Form closes: Friday, April 6th (No forms will be accepted after this date) The Sorting Ceremony closes: Sunday, April 8th, about 10am Central Time You find out your new house: Sunday, April 8th, 11 am Central Time First day of the new school year: Monday, April 9th   (For reference: Central Time Zone includes Chicago, Illinois)   How to get sorted:   1. Register with a name that follows our rules. The registration agreement explains the rules about names. You can also find them in the Rules.   2. Remember you may only send in one form total for this school year. If you send forms in from multiple accounts, we will not sort ANY of them. Then we have to feel bad about not sorting you. Don't make us feel bad, please.   3. Click on the Sort Me tab and fill out the sorting form as thoroughly as possible. The better we understand your character, the more likely we can put you in the right house. See "How to use the form" below if you're confused. For some in depth information on each house, please check out this topic on sorting. (Note: After you fill out the form, a copy will be PMed to you. Please save that because we delete them from our system after sorting.)   4. Wait for a PM from the Sorting Hat. Be patient, it could take a few days. If you don't receive a PM from the Sorting Hat within 4 or 5 days, contact one of the moderators.   5. If your form is: Accepted: Congratulations! You should now go post in the Sorting Ceremony topic in the New Member resources forum. This is very important. This post is where you'll go to find out what the Sorting Hat had to say about you. Don't skip this step! Rejected: Don't worry, you can still be sorted. Be sure to read the reasons for the rejection carefully, then edit your form (just click on the Get Sorted! link again) to fix the problem. Once you've done that, you can send the form in again. 6. That's it! Once you've gotten your acceptance letter AND posted in the Sorting Ceremony, you're all set. You'll find out where the Sorting Hat put you on Sorting day when you can check the Great Hall for the edited Sorting Ceremony.   How to use the form: The form is pretty straightforward and user friendly. Here are a couple tips: You don't need to fill the whole thing in at one sitting. You can finish one page at a time and save it. Then finish the rest later. Don't use your browser's Back or Forward buttons. Use the buttons in the form to Navigate.  If you don't fill out all the questions on a page, you can't save or move on. If you don't meet the word number requirements in the In Depth section, you can't submit the form. Use the "Check Word Count" buttons to see how many words you've used. If you fill in the wrong answers on the quiz page, you won't be able to submit the form. After you've submitted the form, you can't access it anymore. But if your form is rejected, you'll be able to see it again with your old answers still filled in. Still have questions? Ask here.    Note: Section I: Short Answer Please include a brief explanation with each answer. I'd like to remind you all to include an explanation with all the short answer questions. The answers to those questions aren't very useful for sorting unless you explain them.   Otherwise, we don't have enough information to sort you with. (Translation: we'll have to reject it.)     Many thanks as always to Arianna Wright for her hard work revising and updating the form and to Faraz Memon for initially coding it many years ago. <3
Alayna Weasley

The Spaces Between Us Hold All Our Secrets

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When they arrived at the Defense classroom, Professor James did not slow down and went straight up the small staircase to the next level where her office was located. She trusted Jake Morent to either follow or suffer the consequences of making her track him down later.


Plus he was silenced so it was not like he could ask anyone else for help - he probably needed her to remove that.


Without ceremony, Professor James sat behind her intimidating desk. She tapped her desk twice and a drawer popped open to reveal several pamphlets.  She dutifully took them all out, sifted through each of them to make sure they were the appropriate ones and sat them very purposefully in front of Jake Morent - should he choose to take the chair on the other side of her desk.


They detailed such topics as, "Wizarding Diseases and You" "Paternal Responsibility" "Death and Dismemberment in the Current Age" and Jenna's personal favorite, "Not your mum's sexual education". She smirked at herself but then realized that the particular student in front of her was just precocious enough to actually ask her questions. Luckily he was a boy so this wasn't technically her department.


"Okay then. You should take those. Read them carefully. You're male of ... an adventurous age. No doubt there are lots of ... cats... you want to try and .... find in your spare time between classes. However, it's a tricky business... cat finding. I mean not finding them, it's fairly obvious where to look." Although Jake appeared to be having some trouble... odd. 


Then again she didn't need the weight and power of the Weasley-Potters on her case.


"Sill you should be careful. There are ... dangers to engaging in active... er.. activities. Anyway it's all in the those. If you have further questions... Miss Lunes is happy to answer any medical questions you have and uh... any other questions... should not be ever uttered out loud in my presence. Ever." She waited a beat until Morent's mouth opened.


He might have been about to breathe, but on the off-chance it was to speak she narrowed her eyes, "Never Ever." She remembered to end his silencing spell and glared at him - daring him to say anything.

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